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12:00 AM
Q: AoCG2021 Day 4: Infinite Elves and infinite houses 2

lyxalPart of Advent of Code Golf 2021 event. See the linked meta post for details. Related to AoC2015 Day 20, Part 1. Here's why I'm posting instead of Bubbler and why not emanresuA To keep the Elves busy, Santa has them deliver some presents by hand, door-to-door. He sends them down a street with in...

12:41 AM
Nice, Windows 11 will have a Windows Subsystem for Android
12:53 AM
CMP: Has anyone here tried Opera or Vivaldi? Are they worth switching to from Firefox?
I really like the little of Vivaldi I've seen so far, but it feels very laggy and I don't know if it's possible to more productive with it in the long run by learning the keyboard shortcuts and stuff
@rues I would recommend Vivaldi
@rues in reality, you don't actually use the keyboard shortcuts very much, but I don't find it to be laggy
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Baloney Sandwich KOTH
@OldSandboxPosts aw dang those don't have any easy antonyms
@lyxal I do find it to be laggy because I'm used to more minimal browsers such as Chrome and Firefox (okay, Chrome and FF aren't all that minimal, but compared to Vivaldi, they're pretty lightweight)
I imagine this is what a Vim user feels like when they see someone using VS Code. Sure, VS Code is totally manageable to people like us who are used to that, but the Vim user will keep complaining about how long it takes to do anything
Honestly it might be worth waiting for duckduckgo to release their desktop browser
1:01 AM
I need a shiny new browser until then :P
Vivaldi should be a good bridge
Plus you can have 3d scrolling :p
Always a good feature :P
@lyxal May I ask why? I like the whole privacy aspect, but their desktop browser probably won't be as good as, say, FF, right?
Mostly brand loyalty
But also maybe email protection for desktop
Which would be nice because it's currently only on mobile
@rues also, tab stacking
tab stacking is cool
say you want to have all your code golf stuff open while doing AoC
sure you could have all separate tabs
but you could also do this:
1:08 AM
Oh yeah, love that feature
then when you switch to the AoC tab collection:
I tried out the Tree tabs extension in FF but it just isn't the same
Tab tiling is cool too
then once you're done with AoC for the day, you just close the collection instead of each separate tab
You can also get a Vivaldi email address too
But idk if they work properly, because my account didn't receive some emails last year when I was helping proofread and "play test" the APL problem solving challenges
2:01 AM
btw who's posting on 4th
ah lyxal
1 hour later…
3:23 AM
So I went and installed Windows 11 anyway despite the risks and it feels so alien
i remember i installed it by accident a few months ago and immediately went back because it moved my taskbar
It's like a Windows laptop and a Mac had a weird-looking baby
looked like it had other problems too
@UnrelatedString You can align that to the left lol
@rues i couldn't then
3:24 AM
But the icons, theme, everything is so different
@UnrelatedString Imagine using Insiders builds
i fucking hate this insider shit
every time i reboot i have to bump my system date back to open wsl
Why'd you install it then? :P
because i thought i'd end up using some cuda driver thing that i never ended up using
Can't you get back to normal builds?
i thought so
but i can't find any option to
3:27 AM
Oh no
...not that i actually searched
i think i already opted out of flighting
Y'know, I could get used to these rounded corners
okay yeah i'd actually have to just do a clean install of windows 10 to get out of insider
Oof, can you preserve your settings if you do that?
probably with some kind of cloud sync thing maybe possibly
3:31 AM
Ok, I take back Windows 11 looking weird, it is weird, but not in a bad way at least
Have you come across any particularly annoying bugs so far?
i'm honestly not sure
i think i got on insider relatively soon after moving off my 6 year old macbook so my baseline expectations for things are a bit lower than they should be
Wait no this update installed frickin' Tiktok and Instagram and tons of other bloatware
what the fuck
why does tiktok even have a desktop app
idk lol
the instagram logo looks so wrong there
3:34 AM
(Spotify and Tiktok are now gone, thankfully, now for the rest)
and... disney+ and prime video? the hell
@rues would you recommend windows 11?
lol I've spent like 15 minutes on it so far, I have no idea
Is it true you can use Android apps on Windows 11?
3:38 AM
I wonder if you can use sideloaded apps on win11
That would be amazing
---Then I can get my laptop to pretend to be 5 devices at once using the laptop itself, WSL, a VirtualBox VM, Android Studio's Android emulator, and WSA :P
@UnrelatedString Christmas spirit?
Can I get some presents, Santa?
3:49 AM
Dang, so now Windows and Chrome OS can both run Android apps?
If Android's the magical solution that fixes all cross-platform compatibility issues a century from now, I called it first
I just committed democracy for the first time
I'm just hoping I didn't accidentally screw anything up while voting lol
very well
4:08 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Noooooo
That sounds like the worst solution ever lol
Hmm, you could run WSA on Wine on Linux
@RedwolfPrograms that would be dumb
@rues technically android is linux, but you can't run android apps on linux
which doesnt sound right
4:24 AM
4:41 AM
Dang it, some of my voting was counted as serial voting
Oh well, I'll leave it for now
> A congressionally mandated commission recommended in March 2020 that women should be eligible for the draft.
Why not just...not maintain the infrastructure for a draft lol
4:56 AM
how tf did the system invalidate 3 votes
how is that enough to count as serial voting 💀
@RedwolfPrograms Context?
A law's possibly going to be passed making so women also have to do the Selective Service thingy
Where you give the US your name and address and stuff in case they go to war and need a draft
Glad to know both sexes will have an equal right to be sent to war against their will
(Not that I really expect another draft, or even major war, will ever happen)
> “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” - Albert Einstein
5:24 AM
@DLosc Well, I was wrong. The actual problem: when you're viewing a local HTML file, Firefox sets location.origin to "null" (that's a string, not an actual null value, BTW). This meant that my permalinks started with null instead of file://, which (understandably) caused pushState to error.
That's pretty janky
Fortunately, it works as expected when it's not a local file, so once I pushed the code and tried it on GitHub pages, it was fine.
@RedwolfPrograms It sure is
Can you not use relative URIs?
Haven't messed around with pushState in like 4 years lol
Probably, but once I realized my current code would work on GH Pages, I decided to leave it as-is at least for now.
5:28 AM
@DLosc This is still a thing, though. :/
i made another userscript
5:42 AM
@DLosc Here's a JSFiddle. The cursor type doesn't change while the button is disabled in Chrome, but it does change in Firefox.
CMQ: ok for flax do i add another tacit dyad rule?
what rule are yout hinking of
here is the rule: + F | λ + F(⍵) | 2, 1
well that would definitely fuck a lot of things but it's not an entirely bad idea either ig
is that in dyadic or monadic
5:49 AM
there have been times where i've wanted that
but you can always use }
inspired by:
14 hours ago, by pxeger
How do I get F(x) + G(y) for monads F and G and dyad + (basically an APL fork) in Jelly?
it's good to be able to count on monads just completely separating patterns in dyadic chains
so do i take that as a no?
well, it's up to you
in some places it'd save a byte. in other places it'd waste a byte. it's really all a tradeoff
5:51 AM
all i'll say is if you make it fork like this then you'll need an identity atom to get it to not do that, and that adds another atom so it might screw with chaining
whereas if you don't fork, it only takes 1 quick to make it fork, and so you don't need more combiners or to move things around and it's overall simpler
seems like i wont add it then
for the issue with FG+HJ$} in particular you could introduce a quick to pop monads until you hit a dyad then right-compose the monads onto the dyad
i was about to mention something i had thought of for perhaps but then i realized i could rip off ¤ instead
so what will +FGH<quick> evaluate to?
hard to say if there's anything sensible it could do with nilads but that's just a pervasive issue
6:00 AM
@UnrelatedString so λ+F(G(H(⍵))))?
cool i can understand jelly now
with the help of the wiki
@UnrelatedString ez
®Ṭ€z0aḷżṚ⁸ṭṚŻ€4¡o⁶ð“                           No Operation
                    >                          Move the pointer to the right
                     <                         Move the pointer to the left
                      +                        Increment the memory cell at the pointer
                       -                       Decrement the memory cell at the pointer
                        .                      Output the character signified by the cell at the pointer
6:04 AM
@lyxal thank you lyxal very cool
@hyper-neutrino just doing my part by making the obvious joke
@lyxal Approved by FDA
@pxeger v

Flax new dyad rule?

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@pxeger ^
the double ping point to message lol
sounds pretty unnecessary 💀
6:09 AM
wait that's its output on itself
i think that actually breaks the spec
uhhhhhhhh rip
@UnrelatedString F
hey lyxal your meme contributed to discovering a bug :p
5 mins ago, by lyxal
@hyper-neutrino just doing my part by making the obvious joke
for a second my eyes broke
and i saw a diamond next to lyxal
6:15 AM
i'm not sure how i can make it handle trailing noops because i'm not sure how it handles noops
wait i think it literally can only handle one block of noops
and that just didn't come up in any of the test cases
how did i even think of using ŒQ in there in the first place
huh. weird
6:46 AM
and my attempts at fixing it were thwarted by forgetting that it's Ż to prepend 0 and not
which is funny because i tried it first
but then i tried the other one to see if that worked, it didn't either, and i just stuck with it lmao
...that doesn't work either
@PyGamer0 you could just add a version of } which just collects all monads to its left (keeps going until it finds a dyad that isn't paired with a nilad)
maybe it's something to do with the other ŒQ which i genuinely have no idea about
@pxeger you just said what Unrelated said
58 mins ago, by Unrelated String
for the issue with FG+HJ$} in particular you could introduce a quick to pop monads until you hit a dyad then right-compose the monads onto the dyad
oh I didn't read ahead in the transcript lol
tbf i didn't consider the dyad0nilad pair aspect
6:55 AM
i just spent nearly 20 minutes translating a social credit copypasta from chinese to japanese
wtf am I doing with my life
do you want me to answer that?
good things
@hyper-neutrino 你散发着资本主义的气息
whats the difference between links and chains?
not much, really
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ 你为什么这样子认为呀
7:05 AM
"link" means any of 3 different things, out of the 5 things that Jelly has; "chain" means a different subset of 2 different things out of those 5
@hyper-neutrino 不要侮辱你的上级! -124分。
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ 11115点数があなたの個人的な社会信用得点に差し引きました
@hyper-neutrino 坏公民! -17个社会信用
can we stop with this now?
7:48 AM
how do i do a windowed reduce in Jelly?
just slap a nilad before /
there's also Ɲ for the specific case of `2` (might vectorize differently too, i forget)
also can map over the slices from s
8:07 AM
in Advent of Code, 5 mins ago, by emanresu A
CMC: Given a bit matrix, check if at least one row or column has all items truthy
(I have 48 in JS)
Dyalog APL: {l←≢⍵⋄a←+/l=+/⍵⋄b←+/l=+⌿⍵⋄a∨b}
CMQ: Should I yoink all Jelly quicks?
Vyxal: ∩"ƛvAa;A
@PyGamer0 i mean you could but why make a new language then lol
don't yoink ƙ
@hyper-neutrino so is my list of quicks enough?
8:22 AM
that's up to you to decide lol
like the thing is it's practically impossible to create the perfect golfing lang
every built-in you add is another one you can't (for 1 byte i mean)
perfect golflang is when all problems can be solved in zero bytes
it's all tradeoffs and so jelly is much better than vyxal for array stuff but vyxal can easily beat jelly on a lot of string stuff due to jelly trading off strings entirely to be good at array/math
8:44 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SaphereyeOutput sequence from a name You are given a sequence of numbers(0-9) which you have to convert to its literal form. Example Input : 1246 Output : 26666 We interpret the input as one 2 four 6, thus giving the output 2 one time and 6 four times Testcase Input Output 1234567809 2444666668888...

9:29 AM
tweepy is driving me mad. Any competent at coding see the stupid mistake I must be making? I think I am getting 100 tweets at a time up to a limit of 200 tweets bpa.st/TSJA . But in fact I seem to be getting two tweets
tweepy has a discord chat you should ask the same question on
@Razetime thanks
@Razetime but I just feel I must be being really stupid
is it blindingly obvious?
being stupid isexactly what help forums are for
don't let stackoverflow tell you otherwise
@Razetime :)
@Razetime the only person on the discord channel seems to be the lead developer!
9:55 AM
10:18 AM
@DLosc why do you need the origin anyway?
oh, Redwolf already asked
2 hours later…
12:15 PM
is the index origin in jelly 1?
yeah behaves like what it would do in python
so i guess its only with ⎕IO←0
12:38 PM
ok so i have (probably) finished the basic element list
did that ping?
wow how does flax have 40 revisions
1:31 PM
It did ping
@PyGamer0 How?
1:46 PM
Oh, I read that as versions, nvm
@tjjfvi Btw, just wanted to remind you your bounty's ending tomorrow if you want to award it
2:18 PM
wtf i just saw a users bio
What was so special about it?
it lists their favourite users and users they dont like
...that does not sound very nice
2:50 PM
@rues make your own, ez /s
@RedwolfPrograms yes
1 hour later…
4:12 PM
@PyGamer0 ping
Do you understand langjam?
I don't
@AlanBagel i was pinging on @PyGamer0
4:27 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Alan BagelFastest Sorting Algirithom fastest-code sorting Given a list of integers, sort it in ascending order, as fast as possible. Test cases [4, 9, 2, 1, 5, 7] => [1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9] [-1, -7, 4, 5, 2, -6] => [-7, -6, -1, 2, 4, 5] [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ..., 1000] => [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ..., 1000] Scoring You...

Any feedback on ^?
@AlanBagel I commented 2 times
> use fastest-code there are few questions with both tags. – Fmbalbuena
> time spent on what interpreter? can you say TIO? – Fmbalbuena
Don't use TIO for testing .
@hyper-neutrino why?
Q: Is TIO acceptable for fastest-code questions?

user9206I like to ask fastest-code questions. However, I don't want to run everyone's code on my PC, partly because I only have access to a slow Windows laptop at the moment and I can't imagine I could even run most code in most languages. Is it acceptable to ask people to include a TIO link in their...

4:33 PM
@hyper-neutrino what should i use instead?
typically people just time on their own computer and include their specs in the challenge details
@hyper-neutrino i have a bit better computer.
@pxeger None
why do i always click on downvote instead of upvote (although it doesn't matter on meta)
4:38 PM
i think it looks good
looks good and fun
@SandboxPosts Honestly, this doesn't seem like a good idea for a challenge. Fast sorting algorithms are builtin in most languages, and I think that most solutions will lose to things like timsort. The only place that looks like there's room for improvement is in identification of the array to see whether, in that particular case, there's a better algorithm
@cairdcoinheringaahing I got the idea in my sleep :P
Hell, we even have a Fastest Sort in brainfuck challenge
CMQ: guess what happened This
but This Works
4:58 PM
are you confused by this or are you trying to see if we know?
trying to see if we know.
oh okay. yeah it's cuz leading __ obfuscates the method name, so for class std the method __out becomes _std__out
or something like that
but how to fix that?
just don't name it like that?
@hyper-neutrino but... i need to fix
5:02 PM
what do you need to fix
just don't put __ at the beginning of your method name
@hyper-neutrino ... i need to put for some reason.
@hyper-neutrino for definitions of user input
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh, to add a little bit more info to this: the calendars cost $45, but you can choose to "contribute" more to get one
Who on earth is spending $45 on a calendar?
5:31 PM
O.o I doubled my reputation this year. At the start of the year, I had 21700 rep, and I've just gone past 43400 in the past couple of days
@cairdcoinheringaahing congrats. now try tripling it in 5 months
Tripling my current rep would give me 130,563 rep, putting me just behind xnor :P
how much does xnor have
@cairdcoinheringaahing In fact, to get to the amount, it would take me 435 days of repcapping non-stop :P
5:36 PM
if dennis had ten times his current rep he would have 2 million
@cairdcoinheringaahing Alternatively, if I had to get to 130,563 by the end of April (5 months from now), I'd need to get 576 rep per day :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing wut
In comparison, this year, I've earned an average of 64.5 rep per day :P
5:51 PM
Assuming I earn no rep today, I'll have 27.1 per day, this year
how many days has it been, 338?
@pxeger and 21.1 per day, overall
i have 30.7/day this year right now which is higher than I thought
CMQ: Which characters other than printable ASCII + newline are the most useful for a golfing language to support in its strings? I have four slots available.
5:56 PM
@DLosc null byte?
Box drawing characters maybe?
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't think you'd get a good enough box with only 4 characters to choose from
@DLosc backspace and carriage return, to support interactive text overwriting in terminals?
Is Doorknob active user?
not anymore
He may still be active on the mod dashboard side of things, but he doesn't post anymore

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