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12:09 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing ok 2 people use me and @lyxal
@RedwolfPrograms no you're redwolf
No he's Redwolf Programs
No He's Whitewolf Programs
@lyxal Can you explain me how to make 2d programming lang?
Uh-oh, looks like Github's down again nvm I just deleted my own repo
@user LOL
i checked github
and is up
12:19 AM
@Fmbalbuena basically you just need an instruction pointer to keep track of which command is being executed, ways to move that instruction pointer around and a way to manipulate data
@lyxal is there red @RedwolfPrograms pfp?
Why black?
It's transparent
i know but
is there way to convert transparent (black) to white
12:28 AM
I don't know
filling black to white
@lyxal Correct?
that doesn't rhyme tho
@hyper-neutrino ?
@hyper-neutrino what do you mean?
12:48 AM
Red, lead, and bread rhyme with each other, but rust doesn't end in "ed"
[pursued by a bear]
@cairdcoinheringaahing Error at line 2: 'enter', 'exit' or 'exeunt' expected
1 hour later…
2:19 AM
@NewPosts status
@NewPosts status
2:36 AM
only mods and ROs can do that, there's nothing wrong with the bot
if you notice a new post wasn't posted properly by the bots let someone know and they can check the status and ping redwolf if needed, or I can start the backup
2:49 AM
why did y'all end up with an actual bot not just the default rss feed bot?
Rss slow new bots instant
y'all really need new post feeds in under 15 minutes or so? lmao
Q: Should we replace The Nineteenth Byte's feeds?

Redwolf ProgramsThe Nineteenth Byte, our main chat room, has some feeds. These post new challenges, meta questions, sandboxes posts, and some other assorted things. Unfortunately, they're kinda slow. New Main Posts and New Sandboxed Posts often take between ten and twenty minutes, and New Meta Posts can take up ...

Them do be the facts
2:56 AM
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ We want it now
New posts is freakishly fast
its speed is ungodly
i've deleted spam faster than smokey can even report them lol
it really do be like that sometimes
gonna make throwaway accts and resurrect avocad from the unholy depths to which it was sent just to see how fast ur spam deletion powers really are :)
3:09 AM
that reminds me of the time I found an avocad in the juic isle
Aug 6 at 8:13, by exedraj
user image
Aug 6 at 8:13, by exedraj
The poor soul must have tried for thirtee minut with no results. Very sad.
Is the orange stuff next to it avocad juice? Surprising color :p
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ Did you post the original advocad?
@user bruh you really think someone managed to figure out how to produce that much avocad juic?
@Fmbalbuena Rustwolf is actually a name I use on some sites :p
I saw someone write here that the person who posted it was probably a Tnber and not sn idiot
alex is long departed from this site unfortunately
3:12 AM
@lyxal Simple, you figure out how to extract one molecule of juic from one avodad and then you buy a hundred avocads and juic them until you have enough
@user that assumes you know how to juic avocad
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ The former mod?
@lyxal I know tge secret 😎
the guy who made the joke in the first place :p (yeah, alex a.)
If anyone can juic avodcad (an NOT puray) i will pay $
3:15 AM
what kind of $?
Monopoly or KROMER?
Buddy Bucks
Conversion to usd?
One per purchase
But you can win cool prizes
(It's a thing from a grocery store in Texas :p)
3:19 AM
@RedwolfPrograms okay spamton.
3:44 AM
@Fmbalbuena whatcha need help with
seems like i got ghost pinged
1 hour later…
5:13 AM
@Razetime whats ghost pinged?
5:38 AM
Q: Even sum subarrays

dingledooperGiven an array of integers, count the number of contiguous subarrays with an even sum. You may assume that the array is non-empty, and contains only non-negative integers. This is code-golf, so the shortest code in bytes wins. Test Cases Input -> Output [7] -> 0 [8] -> 1 [3, 5] -> 1 [6, 2] -> 3 [...

@PyGamer0 pinged and ping deleted or edited away after. leaves a notification but no clue to who/what pinged you often
(Not to be confused with stealth pings, a now-removed glitch that allowed you to invisibly ping someone)
6:08 AM
@RedwolfPrograms ooh stealth pings sound cool
They were not cool for people getting stealth pinged though, apparently
TNB policy was to kick-mute anyone who used them IIRC
Nov 29 '15 at 19:53, by Dennis
Stealth pings are henceforth forbidden in this chat room. Their use may result in a suspension.
how would they work?
with a zwsp in it
Chat wouldn't check if the @user part was in a link, so you could do [](https://@user) (where the [] has a zero width space or other invisible character)
@RedwolfPrograms did you just ping user?
6:16 AM
I don't think so, but if so it's their fault they have such a generic name :p
*original and creative
let me try @RedwolfPrograms does this ping you?,
Sorry for the ping @user
yeah @user
6:19 AM
there is a reason i did @someone ಠ_ಠ
I need to make a userscript for quickly renaming and logging into my sock
Pings in code blocks can make for fun times in Vyxal chat given that function definitions and calls are done with @
Aww man
I had one of those exact same creepers as a kid
Not sure what happened to it
Lyxal, did you steal it?!
Well I can confirm that after 9 years, it doesn't make its original noise any more
@RedwolfPrograms well did you ever attach it as a limb?
No, my limbs use a proprietary connector
6:23 AM
Then no
If it'sn't a limb, it'sn't of interest of being stolen
CMQ: Give me a TNB conversation you want continued by gpt-3

what the actual hell

Aug 3 at 23:25, 9 minutes total – 42 messages, 7 users, 12 stars

Bookmarked Aug 3 at 23:35 by lyxal

^ do this one
oh boy
hang on just gotta do some formatting of the transcript
because that javascript thing you wrote no longer includes the usernames
Oh huh, lemme debug it
console.log([...document.querySelectorAll(".message")].map(c => c.parentNode.parentNode.querySelector(".signature img").title + ": " + c.textContent.trim()).join("\n"));
that's what it was
Oh thanks! I was just about to ask lol, I couldn't find it anywhere
console.log([...document.querySelectorAll(".message")].map(c => c.parentNode.parentNode.querySelector(".signature a").title + ": " + c.textContent.trim()).join("\n"));
Seems to work for the most part
You'll need to remove the star counts manually
Hang on wait
console.log([...document.querySelectorAll(".message")].flatMap(c => [...c.querySelectorAll(".content")].map(g => c.parentNode.parentNode.querySelector(".signature a").title + ": " + g.textContent.trim())).join("\n"));
This works much better
The old one was meant for search results, not bookmarks, which explains why it was behaving so weird
6:40 AM
it's returning a weird mix between horribly cursed and completely unrelated normal text
(so I can find this in the future) this is the javascript snippet for formatting bookmarks for GPT ^^^^
Like for example:
Adám: > CMC is the set of all well-typed programs in APL that can be interpreted to return a single value.
Redwolf Programs: ?x←3y _________ {↑ ↓ ↑}+/\2×∊?(#) ∩+/\1×∊?(#) ∩+/\2×3y _________ {↑ ↓ ↑}+/-({←-})
@RedwolfPrograms I'll just pin it in the edge of propinquity
that's how I found it so quick
> Maybe we should call it "funky" instead of "kinky"?
any other conversations?
@RedwolfPrograms Hang on, the context of this is that Adam's planning to use APL to get rid of monads, as the Code Golfing Kinkster
6:49 AM
@RedwolfPrograms oh boy that makes pxeger's recent changes to the vyxal flask app sound really weird
I thought of something today
We could make clocks that have hands that move backwards
And they'd work perfectly fine as clocks
11 o'clock could be to the right of 12 o'clock
And we'd all be fine with it
that's just called using a mirror
and what even led to that thought?
were you that bored that you had to stare at a clock ?
@lyxal Trying to unscrew something for a couple minutes straight then realizing how ambiguous "lefty loosy righty tighty" is
seems pretty straight forward to me
left = loosen
right = tighten
Yeah, what's turning left?
6:52 AM
rotate left
From the top you go left, from the bottom you go right
You have to remember "lefty at the top loosy, righty at the top tighty"
just picture a wheel rolling or smth lol
Clockwise = tighten is so much easier
@RedwolfPrograms tf do you mean from the bottom?
If you're unscrewing it from the bottom, it'll look more like turning the opposite direction
6:54 AM
@RedwolfPrograms ^?
@RedwolfPrograms what tf are you unscrewing upside down?
But anyway yeah, that whole getting-directions-backwards thing sort of muddled with the idea of clockwise in my head, and I came up with backwards clocks and hated myself for ten minutes straight
only 10 minutes?
@lyxal Doorknob
A doorknob, not the doorknob
6:56 AM
@RedwolfPrograms why tf were you unscrewing it from the bottom?
The lock was in the way of using one of those L-shaped hex wrenches from the top
So I had to push the wrench to the opposite direction to the saying
wait like
No no no
Here, I'll draw a diagram
yeah i don't get what you mean by top
or rather the direction of anything else; top is top but like
I know the diagram looks more like eye surgery being performed on a mutant duck, but it's the best I could do on this laptop lol
7:04 AM
i think this reflects what you meant? :p
well ok but the whole "counterclockwise to unscrew" thing doesn't always work either because the thing might be on the opposite side as you, thus inverting the directions
there will always be a case where it doesn't quite fit the mnemonic as well
you just have to like
have spatial awareness
But I don't like having to think D:
@hyper-neutrino but then who tf even has spatial awareness these days?
7:06 AM
ok but how did you spend a couple of minutes trying to unscrew this
surely you'd realize after like 5 seconds that it's not getting looser?
Counterclockwise is at least a bit more accurate than left-vs-right, because it works in more situations (still not all as you pointed out)
@hyper-neutrino It was extremely tight, both directions wouldn't budge without lots and lots of force
It had rusted a bit I think
can't say i've ever run into this issue before but like, understandable
Well it was worth it, putting locks on doors which previously did not have locks by taking locks from doors which previosly had them never becomes less fun
This conversation is bizarre.
Redwolf goto sleep
Oops it's way too late, yeah
7:13 AM
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ Helps with spam handling
I can't wreck my sleep schedule before AoC's even started...
isn't this beneficial
or do you mean like
AoC will ruin your sleep schedule so you should try to keep it sane until then
7:16 AM
@lyxal uh
i have not had a normal sleep schedule in years
> theres a reason it's called jelly, you know!
Also bronze
maybe the day will come when i try to fix it
You might actually be the first to get a tag badge in instead of
7:17 AM
the amount of time i sleep for isn't actually that bad like i went to sleep at like 5:15 yesterday but at least i got up at 11
See y'all tomorrow o/
Hmm, wonder what o. would be as an emoticon
Person with stump remaining after an attempted limb theft gone horribly wrong?
One eyed variant of o.o?
it's just o/ after putting its arm down
7:22 AM
@emanresuA Next is with 98/100
@RedwolfPrograms wasn't us
@RedwolfPrograms When did we change?
(Redwolf don't answer that, goto sleep)
Ok, I'm the second to get an badge. This was the first
7:40 AM
I do like it when js turns my single quotes into double quotes
Very cool
interesting that it tracks it like that when the tag rename itself notified badge-holders that they just got a shiny new badge which is still my most recently earned badge
oh nvm it does work the way i thought
8:16 AM
@lyxal wut
@Razetime hey don't blame me blame the people who had the original conversation
8:34 AM
Q: Bubbler and 3 others are typing․․․

BubblerTask Implement a kind of "some users are typing" system, which can be found in Discord and some other chat clients. If 1 user (say, Bubbler) is typing, output Bubbler is typing... If 2 users (say, Bubbler and user) are typing, output Bubbler and user are typing... If 3 or more users are typing (...

@pajonk Looks good! I wouldn't ban bruteforcing, but your choice.
8:56 AM
@emanresuA Thanks for the input!
9:21 AM
> Hencequently
I do a little word creationing :p
9:44 AM
10:19 AM
I think Scala is a great language
its so cool
CMQ: Have you ever made a game using Unity?
@PyGamer0 laughs in scratch games only
@Milk okay user
10:51 AM
user image
@lyxal @RedwolfPrograms
@PyGamer0 Unity costs.
11:15 AM
why do we have a tag when there's only one question and we don't want more?
historical reasons probably
@royal Hey lyx royal
11:31 AM
y'all ever just go to write something important like release notes for the rewrite you and others have been working on for 5 months only to not be able to do so because you can't find the right background music?
because right now that's me
This is the secret Anguish code.
just only one zero width space
hi all
@Anush Hi
11:37 AM
CMC for each a list of start and end times in the 24 hour clock, output the number of hours and minutes for each. E.g bpa.st/FX5Q
@Fmbalbuena hopefully a more doable challenge!
@Anush what?
@Fmbalbuena what is unclear?
@Anush ???
@Fmbalbuena is my CMC unclear?
11:40 AM
vote to close because N?
no, VTCBN is Vote to close but not.
that is confusing :)
huh, random downvote for some reason
@Neil random?
@Neil I hate that!
11:43 AM
what question?
alienese cycles
@Anush hell\
@Anush Always the same day?
12:15 PM
@RedwolfPrograms 😡
@Anush dzaima/APL, 7 bytes: -⍢(60⊥) Try it online!
12:28 PM
After 113 days of rewriting, we've finally released Vyxal 2.6.0
just thought I'd mention that here because it's something that quite a few people here have also worked on lol
@lyxal 113 days?
113 days
ok 113 years.
@pxeger Historical reasons, like Lyxal said
I mean why does that tag, which is only used once, exist at all?
12:38 PM
Essentially, it's to separate the question into its own category
oh ok
> [Making it a non-challenge question] should encompass unaccepting the answer with the highest vote count, removing the popularity-contest tag, and adding a dedicated showcase tag which makes clear that this will be the only question of its kind, at least without a preceding meta discussion.
@Fmbalbuena Yeah?
What's the point of the tag? I can't really see any obvious link between questions that are tagged with it, and the tag wiki extract is incredibly vague
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think so too.
1:16 PM
@Adám yes!
@Anush OK, then my solution is right.
@Adám cool although you avoided the parsing
@Anush Ah, I see, I was to take a single list of start and end times?
@Adám yes. Exactly like in the link I gave
Ah, so it has to be like that, with spaces and colons?
1:31 PM
@Adám yes
I'd discourage mixing a parsing problem with a computation problem.
But it's so simple!
particularly when neither are particularly interesting
neither is :)
@Anush Does that mean we have to return h:mms too?
1:39 PM
@Adám no that would be too much
OK, then a whopping 34 bytes in dzaima/APL: ' '(-⍢(60⊥)⍨⍥⍎/=' '@(':'=)¨⍤⊂,)¨ Try it online!
The parsing would probably be easier in Dyalog, but the computation more involved.
@Anush Alternative approach in dzaima/APL, 35: 60⊤¨⍬2-⍨/⍤⍴60⊥⍬2⍉⍤⍴1⍎⍤↓¨∊∘" :\n"⊂0, Try it online!
damn, GitHub codespaces are fast
2:29 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I forgot
2:47 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Hey i have a question
@Fmbalbuena If you've got a question for me, just ask it
No need to let me know that you have a question
@user No, neutrino gave me nohello.net
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is this TC?
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