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12:36 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dannyu NDosParse a nested parentheses Objective Mimic Haskell's reads :: ReadS (). Or in other words, parse a nested parentheses. Valid Input "Nested parentheses" means (), (()), ((())), and so on. But there's a twist. The parser must munch also leading or intercalated whitespaces. So for example, the follo...

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1:37 AM
Q: What logic gates work given the input?

Rocket Jumping OtterIntroduction Logic gates! Everyone knows them, everyone loves them (unless you're starting to learn them). Take two booleans, compare them, get a single boolean in return. AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR. Fun! But, what if you only had the inputs and output, but not the operator? Challenge Given a...

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2:45 AM
Today I realised just how broken the "number of people impacted" feature actually is
Just a few days ago, it was saying I'd "impacted" 141k people
But now it's suddenly 191k people
I strongly doubt that 50k people viewed my posts over the course of 2-3 days
Especially given that it stayed at 140k for a few weeks
3:12 AM
Maybe it only updates very rarely?
Or maybe you posted answers to some questions that got super popular, I think that counts toward it
2 hours later…
5:23 AM
Q: Circumference of an ellipse

BubblerChallenge Unlike the circumference of a circle (which is as simple as \$2\pi r\$), the circumference of an ellipse is hard. Given the semi-major axis \$a\$ and semi-minor axis \$b\$ of an ellipse (see the image below, from Wikipedia), calculate its circumference. By definition, you can assume \$0 <...

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8:24 AM
@Lyxal It’s saying I impacted 1.2 million people. I seriously doubt 1.2 million people read Brachylog and golfed Prolog code
Would be interested to see how that indicator is computed, but I doubt it has any accuracy
1.4m by me! :-O
Yet you have 5k less reputation
Really interested to see how they compute this :p
8:43 AM
> page views of your questions and questions where you wrote highly-ranked answers
So the bulk of my score comes from this answer
not sure I’m too proud of that tbh :p
9:06 AM
...that's how it goes I suppose
9:59 AM
Q: Create current year as seven segment display

BooleanHere is your task - Write a program to write the current year (as of writing 2020) as a seven segment display. For example, for the year 2020 would be displayed as: ---- ---- ---- ---- | | | | | | ---- | | ---- | | | | | | | | ---- ---- ---- ---- Conditions of code You may use...

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11:45 AM
TIL about this subreddit: reddit.com/r/…
12:04 PM
it's truly vile
12:28 PM
@Lyxal they just... hate on onions?
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2:10 PM
Q: Deserialize a binary tree breadth-first

userDeserializing binary trees depth-first is pretty, but doing it breadth-first is (hopefully) harder. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do the latter. The input will be a 1-D list of positive integers representing node values and some other consistent value representing the absenc...

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5:08 PM
22 hours ago, by caird coinheringaahing
I've added the 4 questions to the FAQ that weren't there (per the last bullet point), but I'm a bit apprehensive about doing points 2 and 4 unilaterally. Thoughts on whether those should still be done, and how should we space point 2 out to avoid making Meta slightly cluttered (or does that not matter given they're FAQ questions)?
6:03 PM
Q: Should I upvote an answer based on how much it was improved?

userShould I hold how much an answer's score increased/decreased (depending on the winning criterion) as an indicator of how good it is and whether or not I should upvote it? I used to see answers golfed by a hundred bytes as better than others even if they were longer because it seemed they were wor...

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7:21 PM
Why does close voting require more reputation than editing? I'd think there's much more potential for (albeit temporary) damage with the ability to edit any post without peer approval than casting 1/5 of the vote needed to (also potentially temporarily) close a question.
I'd put the required rep amounts as 1500 for close voting, and 7500 for editing.
@RedwolfPrograms VTC/VTRO are much more difficult to reverse than edits. We'll get the occasional meta post asking how to get a challenge opened, but IIRC we've never had a meta post asking how to undo an unwanted edit
Also, until you have the required rep, edits do need peer approval (namely the Suggested Edit review queue). SE is telling you when you reach 2k rep (IIRC) "We trust you enough to not need explicit review when you edit"
I think a lot of the challenges that get closed wrongly aren't the fault of new users or abusing privileges, though. You typically wouldn't see meta posts about abusing edits because they're so easy to reverse, but there's still a lot of potential for abuse there.
I also believe that malicious edits always warrant a mod flag?
Even furthermore (:P), edits bump a post to the front page, meaning that harmful edits are much easier to see and fix. E.g. took me ~1 minute to rollback the vandalism someone edited into a question about a week ago
@JohnDvorak If the system catches it as potential spam, yes, I believe so
I think it'd be cool if the reputation it took to edit a post was higher for more popular posts. Editing an important meta post, for example, could cause a bit more damage then some random challenge.
7:33 PM
Interestingly, because you get +2 rep when your edits are approved, you can get the Copy Editor badge and still not be able to circumvent the review queues
7:52 PM
Any feedback on this?
8:09 PM
Q: 2020 Community Moderator Election Results

JNatCode Golf's third moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and the three new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly—please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! For details on how th...

8:52 PM
Q: Compactify the query string

mschauerIntroduction Just on Hacker news, John Resig contemplates transforming a query “foo=1&foo=2&foo=3&blah=a&blah=b” into one that looks like this: “foo=1,2,3&blah=a,b", https://johnresig.com/blog/search-and-dont-replace/. He claims "being 10 lines shorter than Mark’s solution". Query strings consist...

9:13 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing That actually happened to me on Arqade.
Actually, it looks like it didn't quite happen, since most of my edits were tag-only, but I managed to end up with 1,312 approved edit suggestions.
@pppery Impressive :P
TBH I was thinking of this user when I realised that, because if anyone had done it, it'd expect it to be them
I also have 1,292 helpful flags there, and only 2,637 rep.
You've got the same number of gold badges there than I do here :P
9:28 PM
We even have two of the same badges (Electorate and Marshall)
But you have two "Famous Question" badges, whereas I've only asked a grand total of 3 questions on the entirety of the Stack Exchange Network
And all of them were self-answered canonicals.
@pppery Wait, I have Marshall?
No, I meant Fanatic but got confused
No, my second gold badge is Fanatic Beat me to it :P
@pppery Fun fact, I have 6 gold badges on Movies & TV, and all of them are Famous Question
My 2 "Famous" PPCG questions have scores of 98 and 62. My M&TV questions have scores of 5, 35, 18, 27, 30 and 39
This is the one with a score of 5 (+7/-2). None of the posts about it (question/answers) scores in the double digits, yet it has 10606 views ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
9:35 PM
You've almost got another gold badge, then. Isn't it 100 score for "great question"?
Yep, the One OEIS After Another question's pretty close. IIRC the vote tallies are +103/-5, so if I was lucky the timing could've lined up :P
Given that I just got an upvote on that challenge, I just wanna make it clear that I'm not asking people to upvote it (or downvote it for that matter) :P
Give it a vote if you want, but not because I said so :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing jokes on you I snagged the 100th up vote!
downvotes my own post
Well, I made the score 100
If a post gets downvoted or deleted after getting the badge, do you keep the badge?
9:45 PM
Badges can't be revoked
In fact, we have 3 retired badges, which people got but can't be achieved any more
I think the Electorate badge should be retired or changed
It discourages voting on answers
Because if more than 75% of your votes are on answers you can't get it
Unless you're already below that threshold, it's pretty tempting to just go upvote every challenge on the front page
9:49 PM
If you go a particular amount of time only upvoting answers (can't remember exactly how long), you get a little message pop up at the top saying something like "You've been upvoting a lot of answers, Remember, questions need votes as well!"
I fully agree with that
@RedwolfPrograms there was once a user who dedicated their account to getting the electorate badge
@hi.'s 2nd account
Also, keep in mind that the standard SE site has a standard Q/A ration of about 3-6, rather than our 20-30
Yeah, that's the main problem I think
They up voted every front page question and posted their progress in here
That's an issue, but there's always going to be people trying to game the system
Doesn't mean you should shut down the system because of them
9:52 PM
Fair point. I wish we could get rid of the 25% restriction on this site, though.
It's something that keeps needing to be said: we aren't special. SE isn't going to implement any special features just for us, and we have to live within the system restrictions of a QA format when we're most certainly not a QA site
Besides, it's just a badge
10:22 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

userParse a Scala expression code-golf Scala isn't a very commonly used language around here. Most of those who know it like it[citation needed], but some think :\ when they encounter its user-defined operators, saying they're too complicated. However, they're governed by a very simple set of rules, ...

@Razetime we do. Onions are really bad.
11:02 PM
the saddest almost Famous Question is Write an Interpreter for 99, which has, you guessed it, exactly 99 upvotes (and also exactly 9 answers)
@JoKing I want to upvote it but I don't want to ruin the score at the same time

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