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1:45 AM
Q: Sparse Subsequence of Primes

SisyphusChoose any sequence \$a_n\$ that has the following properties: \$a_n\$ is prime for all \$n\$; \$a_n\$ is strictly increasing; \$a_n\$ has an infinite number of terms; \$a_n\$ is sparse with respect to the primes. For the purposes of this question, we will define sparseness as follows: let \$A(...

@NewMainPosts @Sisyphus This is exactly why we have a sandbox.
Yep, my bad. I had written a preliminary Python solution and everything, usually I catch these things...
I'm not sure the challenge is rescuable without introducing a non-observable requirement.
Something other than primes might work, though you'll have to be creative about that
@Sisyphus Btw, I'm curious, what kind of primes does your Python implementation use?
2:10 AM
@Bubbler Mine was just Mersenne + Lucas–Lehmer, which is longer because it includes a prime check in it (but can't just be a prime check due to the asymptotic density requiement)... my hope was that there would be a shorter approach, possibly based upon a clever set of numbers that satisfy Wilson's theorem that you can encode in an easy way
Ie you could get the asymptotic density requirement 'for free' by choosing a clever subset of the natural integers to check
And (as you pointed out) it doesn't work because there are very little results on the infinitude of subsequences of primes
Speaking of sandbox, any feedback for this? Been there a couple of weeks, feels like a challenge that could have a trivial flaw, but I can't think of one
@Sisyphus Didn't have time to read carefully, but it looks good and interesting to me
2:40 AM
@NewMainPosts Raku, 31 bytes
Well, a factorial-th prime is 4 bytes in J: p:@!
Primality test is a builtin in too many languges these days :p
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerCircumference of an ellipse code-golf math geometry Challenge Unlike the circumference of a circle (which is as simple as \$2\pi r\$), the circumference of an ellipse is hard. Given the semi-major axis \$a\$ and semi-minor axis \$b\$ of an ellipse (see the image below, from Wikipedia), calculate ...

3:04 AM
ellipse eh
didn't know it was that difficult
3:42 AM
How long is the delay for badges? I edited my first tag wiki about twenty minutes ago and still no badge.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Won't the "edited to reduce size" pop the posts to the first page, thus clutters the first page more?...
Oh nvm, tag wiki edits need to be peer reviewed.
A: List of bounties with no deadline

Redwolf Programs50-100 rep for good answers in interesting new languages This is a bit subjective of course, but here are my criteria: The language is fairly new, and is interesting (in my opinion) The answer is clever, shows a lot of work put in, and shows off many features of the language (so no trivial posts...

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5:43 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerSolve 4x4 Mastermind in exactly 5 steps code-golf puzzle-solver Background Mastermind is a game of code-breaking for two players. One of the players is codemaker (Alice) and the other is codebreaker (Bob). 4x4 means that the player should guess the length-4 sequence made of four alphabets (say RG...

6:40 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing What's a 'JHT rating'?
6:52 AM
@Razetime something to do with how a language performs when completing the tasks found in the JHT room.
7:13 AM
oh jelly hypertraining
7:58 AM
Q: Cat a mouse: ASCII art pointers

DingusThe Xerox Alto, originally released in 1973, was the first computer to feature the now-familiar angled mouse pointer. The Alto's bitmapped pointer looked like this (redrawn from Fig. 2 here): Your task in this code-golf challenge is to write a program/function that generates an ASCII art represe...

5 hours later…
12:32 PM
in Jelly Hypertraining, Aug 20 '19 at 18:50, by caird coinheringaahing
I've come up with a new measure of how capable/golfy a language is, called its JHT rating. It consists of a-b, where a is the number of these challenges that can be done in the language, and b is the combined length of all the solutions to those challenges. For instance, Jelly has a JHT rating of 31-89
1:23 PM
Is anyone else slightly satisfied whenever their reputation is a multiple of ten?
Wait, how do I have even reputation if I have only downvoted two posts? Are there any other reputation events that give or take odd amounts of rep?
Accepted answers give you +15
Yeah. Not any of mine are though. Do votes on deleted posts still register somewhere?
This details all the possible ways you get/lose rep
Strange. I haven't received any automatic bounties, or any answers of mine accepted, so I guess there's a difference between how reputation is counted from downvoting, and how it shows up in the activity page.
Item #5849 on my list of things I probably shouldn't do but would be fun anyway: Post a code bowling challenge, wait for a bunch of really big answers to be posted, then switch it to code golf and flag all the answers as low effort
That's a very efficient way to get a lot of people annoyed at you
1:52 PM
@RedwolfPrograms name it "bait and switch" for the lulz
It's annoying that one of the candidate score badges is Electorate...it requires 25% of your votes being on questions and like 15% of mine are. I guess I won't be upvoting answers any time soon...
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3:40 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

userDeserialize a binary tree breadth-first The task here is to deserialize a binary tree breadth-first. You probably know how to do that already, but here's an example: Input: [1, 5, 3, #, 4, 10, 2] Tree List: [5, 3, #, 4, 10, 2] 1 Tree List: [3, #, 4, 1...

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6:25 PM
Anyone else (interested in) using Rockstar? Wanna open a question but not much point if I'm the only one.
@Shaggy You could nominate it for Language of the Month if you want to get more engagement
7:15 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing good thinking, I might just do that, alright.
8:04 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing In the future, please don't edit so many sandbox posts at once since it really clutters up the active view (even if they are deleted).
@FryAmTheEggman Yeah, I didn't realise until afterwards that it bumps them up to the top when sorting by active :/
I'll give it a week or so to properly settle then limit myself to a couple or so now and then
No worries, it'll be back to normal soon enough :)
Yeah, that's a good idea
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingPeel away the layers Meta: A rework of this proposal In this cops-and-robbers challenge, robbers must work together in order to crack cop answers by finding out which languages the cops used. Cops You are to write a program, which, when executed in a specific language, does one of the following:...

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9:14 PM
Any feedback on this?
Would you be ok with solutions that just match the 4 sides of the missing tile to the adjacent tiles? I think then the only data about the game they'd have to know is whether the resulting tile has the right # of cities?
Since right now I think your output rules allows for that
If that method can be proven to work for all valid cases, I'd have no issue with it. As far as I can tell that doesn't violate any rules (or try to twist them into "technically" allowing it)
My last Carcassonne question is still unanswered, so I'd welcome this one getting at least a few :P
Very fair :P
I think it isn't immediately clear whether I can answer a tile that is already in the input? Unless I've missed something
As in the output may already be one of the tiles in the input matrix?
(You say you won't have to but I don't think you say I can't, if e.g. the 2 cities vs 1 cities tiles that are otherwise identical could work and only one is used)
Yeah, you say it won't have to be that but I don't think you say it can't/can explicitly
9:25 PM
I'm not sure I fully understand where I say anything about the output already being in the input?
Oh, I think I actually misread another line, sorry
No worries :)
I do think, because of the board game tie-in, that it would be good to say if tiles can appear more than once, otherwise I haven't noticed anything out of place
1 hour later…
10:56 PM
Q: Biggest Irreducible Cat

MasonI guess you could call this the next challenge in the "Irreducible series". Hello World Challenge Create a cat subject to the constraint that it is irreducible. A cat program C is considered irreducible if there does not exist a cat (in the same programming language as C) that can be constructe...

Hmm, I remember spending quite a while on this KoTH idea a few years back. It seems a little too complicated, what do you guys think?
11:56 PM
Can we get a 5th close vote on this meta post?

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