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2:28 AM
I'm back again
2:43 AM
Hello there undertale
Hehe... You know what's going on here, don't you?
You just wanted to see me suffer. DIE ~ut quote
2 hours later…
4:21 AM
Good to see more undertale here
you made any undertale challenges?
maybe drawing sans or something
I was thinking of creating one where the aim is to encircle text with "friendliness pellets"
@RaghuRanganathan I tried that once
or bullet hell
got downvoted
never again.
4:30 AM
af friendliness pellets
I love those
NEarly died from an overdose
Well try putting it in the sandbox
I would, but I've got a lot of study to do for a while
I wanna try it
You mean the challenge I posted and consequently deleted?
4:32 AM
Turns out I've lost it
It's gone from my recently deleted challenges
I'll try again when I have 10k rep
I'm only at 7.7k rn
Or can I post it on Sandbox
You can write one if you want.
Because I have to go do said study
Bye for now
2 hours later…
6:58 AM
@Lyxal If you want to test an integration engine on problems you've invented, how about Wolfram Alpha? For example wolframalpha.com/input/…
@Lyxal BTW in your integration problem's answer, I think you need 9, not 6 in the denominator.
1 hour later…
8:20 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Raghu RanganathanSurround a string with "friendliness pellets" code-golf Input a String and surround it with a ellipse of alternating "friendliness pellets"(0) Idea originally from Lyxal. Challenge Given a single line String of length lesser than your console's width, print the string with an ellipse of alternat...

9:08 AM
@Adám is there a short way to print all the stations on the London Underground Network?
Because that'd be epic
@Lyxal Is 44 bytes short enough?
@Adám that is well and truly the most amazing thing I've seen all day
Thanks for that!
Oh well, my code chops any trailing ) off. ¯\_(⍨)_/¯
Paddington(N: It seems to keep (s
Still, it'll greatly help with my games of Mornington Crescent
Hi. I’d like to explore Code Golf and this site a bit. What is the best language to learn and where can I get started?
9:21 AM
@Daniil Do you already know any programming language?
@Adám I know a few but I don’t think they are good for Code Golf. I know Python 3, JavaScript and a bit of C#
@Daniil Python 3 is very good for golfing
although I prefer Python 2
A: List of bounties with no deadline

Dion50 rep for a quine in MAWP I'm very interested in seeing how a quine could be made in this language. I will award 50 rep (may be increased later on) to anybody who posts a valid quine submission here in the language MAWP. Any version may be used.nLink to online interpreter here.

It's probably the second golfiest commonly-used language after Perl
(I mean, APL and J are not too common)
Ok, is there any tips for golfing with Python? Anywhere I can practice?
9:27 AM
Q: Tips for golfing in Python

moinudinWhat general tips do you have for golfing in Python? I'm looking for ideas which can be applied to code-golf problems and which are also at least somewhat specific to Python (e.g. "remove comments" is not an answer). Please post one tip per answer.

One thing to note is don't be frustrated when others beat your answer in a different language
@Daniil For practising, just try to solve problems on the site, even if they already have solutions, even in Python.
@Lyxal 50 bytes for a more robust version.
@Daniil JavaScript can also be quite good for golfing, and occasionally .NET has a built-in that beats all other approaches.
2 hours later…
11:37 AM
another new person
1 hour later…
12:40 PM
I finally golfed in an esolang
It's a bit hard to wrap your head around
3 hours later…
3:24 PM
Q: Interpret ><> (Fish)

Kevin BrownWhile ><> is not a popular language, it can be good for golfing and has been used on this website. It was inspired by Befunge and has some similarities in its instructions. Required Commands: > < ^ v Changes the direction of the instruction pointer (right, left, up, down) / \ | _ # Mi...

It's almost a decade old, but I'm now convinced ><> can be implemented in ><> with at most a few weeks of effort.
Writing the interpreter like an old-style debuger, one may simulate the instruction pointer, effectively sandboxing ><> execution, making it possible to do enough memory protection to accommodate the interpreter itself.
3:58 PM
the way I'd approach it: find a tool that can compile a ><> interpreter to brainfuck and the problem is reduced to interpreting brainfuck in ><>.
4:14 PM
Any feedback on this challenge? Any glaring issues?
7 hours later…
11:23 PM
Q: Find the maximum flow

caird coinheringaahingGiven a directed network, with a single source and a single sink, it is possible to find the maximum flow through this network, from source to sink. For example, take the below network, \$G\$: Here, the source is node 0 and the sink 5. We can see, from the minimum cut-maximum flow theorem, that...

11:48 PM
Q: Maximum cap set in ASPIF (clasp grounded input format)

dspyzWrite an ASP program to find a maximum cap set (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cap_set) for n dimensions. Winner generates an instance for maximal dimensions that grounds in less than a minute on your computer (I don't think processor speed differences will matter for much here, but feel free to r...


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