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12:52 AM
In other news, I've listed to the track "Steamed Hams intro but it's 8-bit" 1180 times.
It lasts for 13 seconds, meaning I've spent 4 hours 15 minutes and 40 seconds listening to it
Not all in one go obviously
but still, who's proud of me?
I know I am!
1:09 AM
Q: Antisymmetry of a Matrix

golf69A matrix is antisymmetric, or skew-symmetric, if its transpose equals its negative. The transpose of a matrix can be obtained by reflecting its elements across the main diagonal. Examples of transpositions can be seen here: \$\begin{pmatrix}11&12&13\\21&22&23\end{pmatrix}\rightarrow\begin{pmatrix}11

1:35 AM
@Lyxal /list/listen/
1 hour later…
2:50 AM
Q: Fastest prime printer up to 500,000,000

Ilya GazmanWrite a program to print the first 26,355,867 prime numbers, from 2 to 499,999,993 inclusively. Or in other words, print all the prime numbers smaller the 500,000,000. The fastest code wins! The program must not use any preprocessed input. The results will be tested on my machine

3 hours later…
5:55 AM
Asking for last feedback on this (changed the task to not require outputting initial terms) cc @mypronounismonicareinstate @user202729 @xnor
6:25 AM
@Bubbler I suspect that there might be some way to cheat if initial terms are not required.
@AviFS The "3 days" rule is only specified in a post in the sandbox FAQ. If most people agree that it's important enough to be in the main sandbox "question" post then it can be moved there (someone may want to make a meta post about that)
Although (I suspect that) some users active on main already-never visit the sandbox (or review the sandbox posts not as carefully), so longer might not be better.
@user202729 How? It is my intention to give some room for finding the recurrence without the terms.
@bubbler ... thinking about it again, it's not that easy. But it's still possible to output the product of every candidate polynomial.
For example... if I somehow can prove that the length is <= 2m , all coefficients are integers, and abs(coefficients) is <= 2^m then the program can output the product of every such polynomial.
6:45 AM
@user202729 Then I could limit the order k to 2^m or something
Or polynomial in m.
I don't think polynomial will work, because empirically the minimal order for small m looks like O(2^(m/2)).
But the matrix size is polynomial in m.
And the minimal polynomial degree has the size <= matrix size?
To me it's 2^m rows/columns, and I don't see any trivial way to shrink it other than vertical mirror images
... right.
Then exponential in m.
2^m is better, I guess.
7:10 AM
Good, now it's limited to k<=2^m.
1 hour later…
8:32 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerMinimal cost path in wall-breaking maze code-golf grid maze puzzle-solver Inspired by this Puzzling challenge. Challenge Given a 2D rectangular grid where each cell is either an empty space or a wall, find the path (or one of the paths) that satisfies the following: The path breaks (or passes th...

Q: Optimal Games of Tic Tac Torus

JakubeThis challenge is about the game Tic Tac Toe, but it's played on a torus. How to play To create the necessary game board, you start out with a regular Tic Tac Toe game board. First fold it into a cylinder by joining the left and the right edge. Then fold it into torus by joining the top and th...

1 hour later…
9:51 AM
Help! I have a natural conflict against challenges!
10:15 AM
This meta question by @xnor addresses allowed outputs for [tag:decision problems]. But in that question the goal isn't to make a policy, but to help with a decision I often have to make when writing challenges
I think we do need a policy, so that when people don't specify we can assume some default output allowed in [tag:decision problems]. Should we post a new meta question and answers so people can vote? Or do we use @xnor's question and its answers to decide the policy?
10:47 AM
Implicit rule: If you downvote Dennis, you are evil.
Why doesn't my badge system work?
Next badge
Vox Populi
Despite I already used 40 votes today.
@HighlyRadioactive Refresh the page the next day.
(Did you only upvote question today?)
@HighlyRadioactive You need to upvote questions only, in order to get the maximum 40 votes.
Why is there this restriction
No I upvoted almost questions only
But with the exceptions of your few answers LOL
Why don't everyone upvote my turth truth-machine?
11:04 AM
@HighlyRadioactive Is there some in-area joke I'm missing here?
2 hours later…
12:43 PM
@Third-party'Chef' What you forgot your own language?
12:56 PM
@HighlyRadioactive I created so many languages on esolangs.org such that I forgot almost all of them...
You should've make a list.
I like to surf on the internet language lists
That's how I found 1+
Including normal language list, stack-based language list, joke language list, and many more
1:31 PM
@LuisMendo Third option: Post answers to the existing Default I/O post and let people vote.
1:54 PM
@Bubbler Yas, sctually that's what I meant with my second option: use its answers, including new ones
2:35 PM
But that would require @xnor's transforming the original question into a policy question
1 hour later…
3:53 PM
Q: Draw an ASCII-art rainbow

nphDraw an ASCII-art rainbow! Input An integer between 0 and 1000, inclusive. Examples Input 0: /\ || Input 1: _ / \ | | Input 2: __ / \ | | Input 3: ___ / \ | | This is code-golf. Shortest code wins.

Q: Fastest prime printer up to 500,000,000 [to be reopened]

Ilya GazmanI would like to edit my question here, so it can be reopened. Here is the new body of the question, please tell me what do you think? Write a program to print the first 26,355,867 prime numbers, from 2 to 499,999,993 inclusively. Or in other words, print all the prime numbers smaller the 500,000...

4:19 PM
Q: Cat, Quine, Hello World

BeefsterWrite a cat program, a quine, and a Hello World in the same language such that when two specific programs of the three are concatenated in a certain order, you get the third program. It does not matter which program is the first, second, and third are as long as all three types are represented on...

4:32 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Ilya GazmanFastest prime printer up to 500,000,000 with gapes Write a program to print the first 26,355,867 prime numbers, from 2 to 499,999,993 inclusively. Or in other words, print all the prime numbers smaller the 500,000,000. The fastest code wins! Since it will take a long time to print all the number...

3 hours later…
7:22 PM
Q: Unable to Delete and Unable to Close Vote

golf69I've got a question that I really don't like (does not meet my standards, has repetitive answers because I did not realize how many languages had built-in functions for transpositions, etc). I would edit to fix those things but that would bump the question to the top of the page, and besides, I w...

2 hours later…
9:35 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SomoKRoceSSource Code Character Frequency code-golf Write a program using SBCS that get a single byte character as an input and prints the frequency of that character in the program's source code (percentage format) as an output. Example: Assuming my program is: ab#cd%b then the output of the program shou...


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