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4:23 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Mukundan314Are they collinear code-golf decision-problem math geometry Task Write a program/function that when given three 2d points as input outputs a truthy value if they are collinear otherwise a falsey value You may assume that the coordinates of the three points are integers. Scoring This is code-golf ...

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7:11 AM
Everyone be using python while no one using pythoff
This is so sad. Alexa play despacito.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

golf69Split a Long Tweet When writing something long on Twitter, the usual method to circumvent the length limit of 280 characters is to split the tweet across multiple while putting a fraction at the end of each tweet (e.g. "(3/4)" means the tweet in question is the third in a series of four). The Cha...

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8:21 AM
Q: Why isn't it ending?

Number9Your task: To write a program that should obviously terminate, but it never (to the extent of a computer crash) does. Make it look like it should perform a simple task: adding numbers, printing something,... But it just gets caught in an infinite loop. Try to make your program very clear and si...

My solution to this question, because this question is locked:
8:40 AM
uint16_t f(uint32_t x) {
    uint32_t c=0x07861F80,d=0x01E13380,l=x%c,y=1970+(x/c<<2);
    return l<0x01E13380?y:l<2*d?y+1:l<3*d?y+2:y+3;
this tiny little C formula should do
What should it do?
calculate the year given unix timestamp
it should work exactly like the machine code I posted above
9:20 AM
I don't think it gets leap years right; 1973 wasn't a leap year
I would write it something like x/=86400;x+=365;x-=x/1461;return 1969+x/365;
1972 was
so I believe the C code is a bit bugged
but assembly should be right
ah, this one is cool too
How do UNIX timestamps handle leap seconds?
@mypronounismonicareinstate By ignoring them. It is an absolute count of seconds. No connection to any date or time.
9:39 AM
also, maybe someone is up for giving this a shot: kspalaiologos.now.im/doc/contest.zip
I prepared this bad boy for esolang reverse engineering contest
and obfuscated it using my homebrew x86 obfuscator
the challenge is to understand the underlying langauge the interpreter executes and write a program in it (cat, hello world, fizzbuzz, whatever)
10:04 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DingusFind me a Tinder date! code-golf kolmogorov-complexity Ah, Tinder... the app that takes the code golf approach to online dating. With just a few well-chosen right swipes and a bit of luck (or a cute puppy), you too could have more matches than /(?!)/. This is a Tinder dating challenge of a differ...

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12:41 PM
Q: Shortest python code for: Find the difference between a number and a power of two not exceeding a given number

EvgenySo, this is a task from one very popular educational site in Russia: https://acmp.ru/index.asp?main=task&id_task=786&ins=1 Mathematically, you need to find the power of two not exceeding the given number, read from the standard input stream, and output their difference in the standard output stre...

1:17 PM
Did closing and locking Tweetable Mathematical Art really improve the site in any way?
@mypronounismonicareinstate it sets a precedent that more questions like it probably won't be well-received
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2:49 PM
Q: Is it an Arithmetic Sequence or not?

TanmayChallenge In this challenge, the input will be an ordered set of numbers and the program should be able to tell if the list of numbers is an Arithmetic Sequence. Input The input will be a list separated by ,(comma) or , (comma+space). Output The Output can be a Boolean (True or False), or a n...

I'd thank a million to whoever re-opens this! It's dangling from 4 re-open votes.
(I really want to post my solutions)
You are not OP, and (probably) should not have edited the examples, and it is still unclear why is 5,3,1 falsy, and given that, I have no idea how the question reached so many reopen votes.
3:52 PM
@mypronounismonicareinstate One of those RO votes is mine, which I cast before seeing the 5, 3, 1 test case
Once you nominate a question for reopening, you can't retract your vote
There's a meta proposal at meta.stackexchange.com/questions/193061/…; I think it might get some attention soon because it was tagged as [status-review] and therefore somebody will probably review it.
I'm pretty sure that you can still VTC a question after being reopened, even if you VTRO
So if it gets reopened before the 5,3,1 test case is fixed, I'll just VTC
@mypronounismonicareinstate I've never trusted in SE's ability on stuff. Until it's actually implemented, it's as good as non-existent
@dzaima The 2014 question and the Showcase of Languages have warnings against creating similar questions, and I think these warnings work.
4:07 PM
@mypronounismonicareinstate 2014 is a perfectly valid question under our current rules, and there was a whole meta discussion about the Showcase
Tweetable Mathematical Art is a pop-con and we have much higher standards for their quality now than when it was posted
4:58 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

my pronoun is monicareinstateCount faces in an image code-golf ascii-art Here's a 2x2 ASCII art face: oo __ Here's a 3x3 ASCII art face: o o ___ Here's a 4x4 ASCII art face: o o ____ Your task is to count faces in an ASCII art image. Here's something closer to an actual specification. The bottom of any face...

5:34 PM
Q: Is it a geometric sequence or not?

TanmayWell, last time I asked for an arithmetic sequence, now comes the geometric sequence Challenge In this challenge, the input will be an unordered set of numbers and the program should be able to tell if the set of numbers is a Geometric Sequence. Input The input will be a set separated by ,(comma...

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11:15 PM
Q: Lumberjaxe Code Golf

Nip DipTom the lumberjack is going to do his daily routine: chop trees. After all, it's his job to do so. His boss has ordered him to chop trees in a straight line marked with a special tape to identify them, so he knows which trees he is going to have to chop. However, Tom quickly realizes he has a pro...

11:37 PM
Any feedback for this?
@cairdcoinheringaahing 15? it could probably be done in C for 15...
11:49 PM
checks if the binary form is all ones followed by all zeros, which is equivalent to "it is invariant under AND-scan"
Golfed to 6 bytes
@Neil It’s been a while since I Jellied
I‘m more used to 500 Byte long Whispers or Rutger answers

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