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5:01 AM
Q: Maintain diagonal symmetry by placing N items on a square grid

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program that takes in two non-negative integers S and N in that order. S represents the side length of a square grid of . characters. N represents the number of those .'s that need to be changed to x's. You may assume N is no greater than S squared. Your program needs to output this S×S ...

5:57 AM
Q: Convert to and from Base 94

PkmnQI can't put this in sandbox, because for some reason the question wasn't loading. Anways, onto the challenge. The challenge Make 2 programs which convert decimal to and from base 94. Base 94? Base 94 is like any other base, but instead of 0 to 9 and letters, it uses ASCII characters 33 to 12...

2 hours later…
7:38 AM
@flawr I installed 3.8 and it does run. Sadly it’s not linear time
2 hours later…
9:52 AM
@Adám thinking about it H.*O is definitely wrong, although you could make a case for H.*?O
9 hours later…
6:59 PM
hi @Neil
three awesome answers to my challenge.. but I was hoping for more!
2 hours later…
9:07 PM
Q: Triangular code, triangular output

Redwolf ProgramsFor this challenge, submissions should be a full program shaped like a right triangle, which produces a right triangle of the same size. What is a right triangle? For this challenge, a right triangle consists of 1 or more lines, each containing a number of characters (assume all non-newline cha...

@Neil Whether to count the 2 argument bytes or not.
@Neil Ah well, the required change for that should be obvious ;-)
@Adám huh, why does the other version need an argument?
@Neil Because d to match across line breaks, and a to make . also match line breaks.
@Adám I wasn't counting line breaks as printable ASCII
Ah, then it doesn't need those

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