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12:10 AM
GH: Canonical stress releaser
12:57 AM
CMC: Find the reverse-factorial of the input. E.g. 24 -> 4, 60 -> 5.
@petStorm Shouldn't it be 120 -> 5?
@petStorm APL, 4 bytes: !⍣¯1
1:19 AM
My maths is terrible. 24 -> 4, 120 -> 5
1:55 AM
So apparently, I visited for 238 consecutive days
And, uh, that's 7 months
So, uh, yeah.
I may spend too much time here
But it doesn't concern me
2:08 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

petStormSolve X in X Bytes code-golf self-referential stack-exchange-api Your source code has to fullfill the following rules: Your code has a length of X. You need to solve the challenge https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/<X> (<X> is replaced with your length). This is code-golf. Your score...

2:32 AM
Challenge debunked!
2:55 AM
I clearly didn't think about it before posting.
CGCC is the cure of my anxiety.
5 hours later…
7:56 AM
Any feedback for this, this, and this?
8:44 AM
@Bubbler I like your questions!
Idea: The program's forward differences of codepoints should get further away from each other after every character.
However, I'd better focus on my current one instead of that.
9:21 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

petStormSum in 2540 Sums code-golf pristine-programming code-shuffleboard This is my attempt to pair code-shuffleboard with code-golf. You need to write a program that sums all codepoints of the input string. Rules The input will always be in printable ASCII. The sum of the codepoints of your source...

So. Any feedback for this?
9:59 AM
@Bubbler out of curiosity, how long is your own apl solution (if you have one) for the queen's paths?
10:28 AM
Q: Primes in Space

cyberixaeA prime number is a positive integer that has exactly two divisors 1 and the number itself. For example number 7 is a prime since it is divisible by 1 and 7. Number 1 is not a prime since it has only one divisor. Write a program or function that produces all even prime numbers. This is a code go...

@NewMainPosts Come here! It's extremely easy!!!
@Lyxal I'm back up to 377 after missing 29/12/2018 and 30/03/2019
@Neil now that's dedication!
I hope mine gets that large one day!
Whenever I learn to use a new esolang, I star the GH repository.
11:32 AM
@ngn I haven't got any solution yet.
12:02 PM
Q: Modify The Stack

Command MasterLet's say you have a stack, which at the start contains a b c in this order (a is on the top). You are given the required output stack, in any reasonable format (a list, a string, etc.), e.g. [a, c, b] (here a is on the top, below it c and below it b). You can also take the input reversed if you ...

2 hours later…
1:37 PM
@Bubbler i have 30 bytes recursive and 57 bytes dynamic programming
1:55 PM
After I've followed 11,600 people, things get a lot more different. I get more stars in my repositories, lots of people are following me, and etc.
So, what's going to happen when I followed 20,000 people?
2:16 PM
Q: Make your code error, but only sometimes!

Redwolf ProgramsYour task is to create a program or function which randomly errors. Specifically, there must be a nonzero probability of erroring, but also a nonzero probability of running without error. An error is anything that causes a program to terminate abnormally, such as divide-by-zero or using an unini...

If you have n binary strings of the same length. Is there a smarter way to find a the closest distance between any pair under the edit distance,than just comparing every pair?
2 hours later…
4:11 PM
@Anush I only know that once you've found an edit distance of d you can use the faster algorithm that only tells you the exact distance if it is less than d for a given d.
@Neil ah yes. I should definitely write a challenge about that. I just fear people downvoting any new edit distance challenge from me :)
4:46 PM
maybe I should nor fear people's condemnation :)
3 hours later…
7:37 PM
Q: Check if hand from card game "Rooster" is valid for the second stage

DionHere in Russia, we have a little-known card game with the name, when translated directly, means Rooster. The cards used are two full 54-card decks of playing cards from 2 through aces, with jokers. The game for each player divides into two stages. In the first stage, each player has 14 cards dea...

3 hours later…
10:12 PM
@Bubbler I know, but this was still surprising
@Lyxal Oh yes, that is possible, thanks for that idea. That has happened to me, too...
@ChristianSievers You mean the part where you accidentally downvote and panic while quickly changing it to an upvote? :P
Or the part where people accidentally downvote you?
Because I think I've done both
@petStorm I had the same idea, but the first other answer I checked was not downvoted
@Lyxal I accidentally downvote (and only notice much later...)
@petStorm Your cartesian product doesn't work: when both sets are equal (or share some elements) you can't decide which element is first and which is second

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