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12:17 AM
relu activation
12:35 AM
@Bubbler ?
In the context of artificial neural networks, the rectifier is an activation function defined as the positive part of its argument: f ( x ) = x + = max ( 0 , x ) , {\displaystyle f(x)=x^{+}=\max(0,x),} where x is the input to a neuron. This is also known as a ramp function and is analogous to half-wave rectification in electrical engineering. This activation function was first introduced to a dynamical...
12:49 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

a'_'Powers and Squares code-golf math It is a widely-cited fact that 69 is the only number that uses up all of the decimal digits of 0 to 9. 69² = 4761 69³ = 328509 A possible input to find this number is 0123456789, because it at least has one occurence of every number in this number range. The...

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2:10 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerIs this a circular step sequence? code-golf decision-problem sequence Background We define a circular step sequence of order \$n\$ as follows: $$ a_1, a_2, \dots, a_n = \text{Permutation of } 1 \dots n \\ b_i = \min ( |a_{i+1} - a_i|, n-|a_{i+1} - a_i| ), 1 \le i < n \\ \text{Circular step seq...

2:48 AM
Curious - on the meta post meta.stackexchange.com/questions/343890/… can anyone see the breakdown of up/down votes?
3:00 AM
+232/-20 atm
6 hours later…
9:16 AM
hi all
9:45 AM
HI'll try to pay attention to your questions this time.
10:06 AM
Q: ASCII art is ready for take-off

RGSTask Given a positive integer n, draw the corresponding rocket. Examples From n = 1 to 4 the rockets are below. For your program's output, the trailing newline after a rocket is optional. | / \ *---* | o | | o | *---* /_\ | / \ / \ *-----* | o o | | o o | | o o | | o o | *-----* ...

@a'_' which questions?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RGSTIO-awareness code-challenge Context TIO is the website we usually use here at codegolf.SE to host our answers to the challenges posted. One amazing feature TIO has is that you can get a link to TIO that already has the code you wrote and the input, output, headers, etc. Task Write code on TI...

10:27 AM
@Anush All of them - just experimenting with the Hi I will contraction.
hmm :)
I know it's just only over 24 hours since I posted this to the sandbox (string calculus), but are people really sure there's nothing wrong with my explanation?
Because I've used the sandbox plenty of times
And there's always something to improve upon
I did, and I fixed that
And I realised I had forgotten that part
traffic is slow on sandbox
10:35 AM
But i more mean in regards to my theory in general
so the number of eyes per day is low, sadly
if you have the patience, I would leave it for a week and mention it every now and then
also, I think the chat room has more people in about 10 hours time. That is the number of people here changes by time of day
I was going to leave it for the usual recommended 72 hours, but I think I will leave it for a week then.
you are very patient :)
Hey, how do you think string integration would work?
I always sandbox for a week, just in case someone stops by on a weekly schedule, e.g. only on weekends.
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12:07 PM
Q: First forkbomb in dart lang

0x45Let‘s golf it to the max! So I wondered why there is no forkbomb on the web for dart... so I created one. I started to golf it to: Dart, 99 bytes import'dart:isolate';class f{static k(o){f().r();} r(){for(;;)Isolate.spawn(k,0);}}main(){f().r();} Try it online! Any suggestions or golfing ev...

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1:29 PM
It happens again - after outgolfing Arnauld, I suddenly felt that CGCC is so boring ...
@Lyxal Is it because your previous challenge was a dupe ...
^^ (That's right, it's the top-golf syndrome.)
I feel that the reason why Dennis is feeling unwell is that they are always the top-golf for every challenge ...
It's lonely to be the best
But the problem is, I tried to find more new challenges that I can answer - it turns out that there's none!
@a'_' what sort of challenges can you answer?
@Anush Just pretty much every new challenge. If I didn't answer a question, it was either because 1) it's asking for solutions to be posted in a specific langauge or 2) I basically had an overly dense schedule to pick out time to answer it.
@a'_' how about my challenges?
I am not sure you have answered any of those
1:39 PM
(Continued) Or the question is a very old question. I don't answer old questions in the sense that I don't get any upvotes from it.
mine are not all very old
but they aren't new either
@JohnDvorak Dennis is the best, therefore Dennis is lonely.
@a'_' how old is too old for you?
@Anush It doesn't go up on the first 4 of the top questions.
@a'_' If I'm bored... I'd say I'd answer this one.
Wait, why did so many users come here all at once? Did I mention the sensitive data?
how many people are currently in this chat room? I can't see the number
1:50 PM
I guess you need to count them.
that histogram suggests lots of people arrive around now
@a'_' I got It's as easy as 1,2,3 (except you have to add them up) on Page 7.
is there a risk of getting banned for doing this?
I guess not really, because this action doesn't really get detected by the sockpuppeting filter. (After all, gnat cast so many votes and is still okay. :) )
but you are announcing it to the world
any mod here could ban you
2:05 PM
@Anush I don't think so, SE provides so many votes to a single user for a special purpose: to upvote questions.
But upvoting answers are likely to get you banned because it isn't what votes are designed for doing.
luckily I am not a mod :)
@Anush Being a mod requires special badges, i.e. Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy, Convention. -- Redwolf Programs
I don't but thank you
what I want is more awesome answers from people like Christian Seviers and Peter Taylor :)
2:23 PM
Whew, I feel much better after being outgolfed. Thank you AdmBorkBork!
It's not really outgolfing if it's in a different language
2:39 PM
A: Halloween Golf: The 2spooky4me Challenge!

Lynngs2, 15 bytes I outgolfed Dennis! CP437: spooky•me♣╨V↕0B Hex dump: 73 70 6f 6f 6b 79 07 6d 65 05 d0 56 12 30 42 At the start of the program, STDIN is pushed (e.g. the string "3") and stored in variable A. The first ten bytes of the program push two strings, "spooky" and "me", to the stack...

In this case gs2 (which is a different language) is shorter than GolfScript. "I outgolfed Dennis!" -- Lynn
2:54 PM
@Veskah Gotta go fast. ;-)
I hadn't optimized it all that much so I was sitting at 145b
3:19 PM
@a'_' I have a new question up with a bounty, and no answers, if you want a challenge.
@DonThousand I do like the look of the challenge but have no time for it. My experience tells you will get an awesome answer in the next 7 days :)
@Anush I have no problem with having no answers (It's a hard challenge, I get it, it took me a while to even get a working solution), but the low view count is a little sad.
@DonThousand Yes. The whole site is less popular than it used to be I am told because of the SO controversies
3:43 PM
@Veskah I still feel that there's a couple bytes to be save somewhere. Sub-130 seems doable. I'll wait for mazzy to see it, lol.
Pretty much how I feel most times I post an answer
4:18 PM
anyone here know latex? How can I get this to render? bpaste.net/VKWA
ah.. the \to should be to!
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5:52 PM
Q: Find self-locating strings in a number

Geza KerecsenyiBased on this Numberphile video A self-locating string is a number (or set of numbers) in a decimal expansion which corresponds to its location, from the start of the decimal. For example, take the number: 0.2734126393112 Here, we can identify certain items quickly, e.g: 0.27 _3_ _4_ 1263 _...


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