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12:35 AM
I just got 14th in hypixel uhc by doing nothing but getting materials
4 hours later…
4:35 AM
@Lyxal Are there any good resources for learning Keg?
@RedwolfPrograms The tutorial is the first place to start, then reading the name of each command in the main file, then asking any questions
that's how I reccomend learning
Also, 21 minutes left until day 3
@RedwolfPrograms the esolang page is very comprehensive
yes, there's that too
input methods are a bit weird in keg
yes they are
but not really
4:42 AM
I am going to learn this language simply because of the \!^(!| face in the hello world program
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me
Ten minutes to AOC.
You beat me to it :(
4:52 AM
8 minutes till my practical gets over
speaking of Keg, someone should probably make some kind of legacy Keg fork
an older version from before all the massive non-backwards-compatible changes
as its own thing
oh ok
you mean before all the unicode?
4:56 AM
before whatever happened that broke my shitty quine (and Jo King's less shitty version thereof) lol
ah yeah i see
that's probably the only Keg program I've ever written
Hey, what happened to the countdown?
ah writing a quine as your first program
4:58 AM
dang it i missed it
Stupid 1m delay!!!
I did it!
rank 82 for part 1, 46 for part 2
5:06 AM
Rank 486 for part 1, 191 for part 2 :/
153 :-(
I fucked it up too
I got it wrong in the stupidest way. I was using the console like a REPL and it turns out the last variable returned from my loop was the number of iterations instead of the number of trees. That cost me a whole minute delay.
Oi I got 690 for star 2
I basically started one cell too high
350 and 690
5:09 AM
In hindsight I probably should have noticed that there wouldn't be 323 trees in a slope 323 spaces tall
It doesn't help that the readlines() method in python keeps newlines
laughs in iter(input,'')
What did y'all do for the repeating horizontal stuff? I just repeated each line 2000 times and that seemed to work.
I used a modulo operator
I just pretended I was using a golflang with modular indexing
5:11 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I multiplied each line by the number of rows
Welp, my solutions are on GH for anyone curious
Dang, seriously fumbled part 2
I fumbled the shit out of part 1 but part 2 was smooth sailing
Same here
Now you see, I was the other way around
Part 1 was pogchamp but part 2 i screwed up for a bit
5:16 AM
What's so hard about part 2
forgetting to remove parts from part 1
and forgetting to reset the values of part 1
I didn't have to remove anything. I wrote part 2 as a function than called my part 1 code.
Having to deal with 1/2 slope with a language I don't know very well
now you see, I placed everything in a while loop for part 1 and then placed that into a for loop for part 2
5:18 AM
My solution was just:
I wish python still had explicit reduction
since I used a really goofy for loop to begin with, adding the down movement was just a matter of changing a slice
while (y <= 322) {
    t += s[y][x] == "#"
    y += 1;
    x += 7;
7 is one of the slopes in part 2
5:18 AM
Oh, that's a copy from part 2
@UnrelatedString I know. But does that mean you had a loop for each slope?
def advent3a(data,dx=3,dy=1):
    data = data.splitlines()
    x = y = 0
    trees = 0
    while y < len(data):
        if data[y][x%len(data[y])] == "#":
            trees += 1
        x += dx
        y += dy
    return trees
def advent3b(data):
    for deltas in ((1, 1), (3, 1), (5, 1), (7, 1), (1, 2)):
        z *= advent3a(data, *deltas)
    return z
I factored it all into a function
and then just called the function a few times
from itertools import *
from string import *
from math import *

i = open("input.txt").readlines()
i = [l.strip("\n") * len(i) for l in i]
o = 0
B = []

slopes = [(1, 1), (3, 1), (5, 1),  (7, 1), (1, 2)]

for slo in slopes:
    row = 0
    x = 0
    o = 0

    while row < len(i):
        if i[row][x] == "#":
            o += 1
        x += slo[0]
        row += slo[1]


f = B[0]
for m in B[1:]:
    f *= m

that's part 2 lol
How are y'all writing full programs and I'm scrambling to make one liners with random letters for variable names :p
5:20 AM
one liners are
No idea.
a bit slower to write
in my limited experience with not-JS
fast thinking and typing i guess
I'm editing my code while in Chrome console, so it's faster than hitting Shift+Enter every time :p
lmao what
5:21 AM
Every day so far I've opened a text editor but forgot to use it
All of my solutions so far are 3 lines at most per problem
because the language is Stack Based (TM)
that sounds like a Factor thing
and no variables
I had 9 lines if you ignore empty lines
not sure what I'm messing up in part 1
5:25 AM
What are you getting?
today was my best day yet
even if i didn't get any points
I somehow did twice as bad in #1, but 3x better in #2
getting 24
Are you going down by 3 instead of right?
+/2=('.#'⍳↑⊃¨,/¨323/¨⊂¨'|'(≠⊆⊢)a)[{⍵×3 1}¨⍳107]
i think I've read the question right
5:29 AM
I got a way lower number with my error too
but I doubt that's your error
and i'm going 3 right 1 down
make sure you go down before checking anything
just in case you somehow did what i did
it makes a huge boolean array and sums it
the first row of the input should not mean anything at all
yep it doesn't
5:31 AM
{⍵×3 1}¨⍳107 generates a bunch of coordinates
and then I just the the required things at those coordinates
maybe I didn't copy the input correctly
Did you make sure it's properly wrapping/repeating horizontally?
fuck it let's see if I can write an APL answer
yep it's repeating correctly
What does the 107 at the end of that part do? (I don't know APL)
5:35 AM
@RedwolfPrograms ⍳107 is a range 1 to 107
Aren't there 300 something lines?
Or is that for something else
there are 323 lines
...I don't even know how to get the multi-line string
into the APL
@UnrelatedString I just store it as a variable
that's what I'm trying to do
5:39 AM
Convert the newlines to a different placeholder using golflang of choice
↑'|'(≠⊆⊢) makes the matrix
I use | lol
golflang of choice: python
Wait sorry if this is a stupid question, what's the range from 1 to 107 for?
@UnrelatedString bah, you choose python? Real golfers use brainfrick
5:40 AM
python of choice: not my local idle
that was a mistake
@RedwolfPrograms ok I think this was the problem
but now I'm getting 62?
How did you all handle 1/2 case?
what do you mean?
Just index the input
keep track of x and y
Without an explicit loop
with an explicit loop
but it was over a Python slice instead of using a y-index variable
the slice was [y::y]
5:43 AM
Considering trying to solve tomorrow's AOC with dotcomma :p
Any ideas what would happen if we submit wrong answer? Just curious..
Doh, I could use range function, which works exactly the same as Python's
time out for 30 seconds
@RahulVerma you get locked out for a minute
5:44 AM
@RahulVerma just did that lol
@Razetime a minute
not 30 seconds
oh ok
I would know :(
same. i know from previous years
a full minute is kinda brutal but will teach you fast not to get overconfident lol
5:44 AM
It's too brutal IMO
also, my first answer to part one was 69. unfortunately, it was incorrect.
hmm, not sure what's wrong even after the fix
@Razetime are you taking % correctly?
Does {w×3 1} generate some sort of tuple or list?
5:47 AM
its a list of coordinates
@RahulVerma %?
must be a part 2 thing
↑ that's my program
Does the 1 represent a constant 1 or the actual y value?
constant 1
generates this:
│3 1│6 2│9 3│12 4│15 5│18 6│21 7│24 8│27 9│30 10│33 11│36 12│39 13│42 14│45 15│
but flipped
oh wait..
everythings offset by 1
1-indexing moment
5:57 AM
Did it work?
it's my revenge from last night, that's what it was all along
If it still doesn't work try dividing it by two
getting 181 now
yepit's right
@UnrelatedString AAAAAAA
That's why some APLers lock ⎕IO to 0
6:03 AM
Wait, really? I got 178 and it said that was right.
Testcases can be different between users
different inputs probably
@Razetime So, that means everyone has diff input?! didn't expected as the url was pretty plain..
yep there's probably some 100 different testcases
shouldn't be that hard to make
Not everyone has different input, but yeah
the testcases are various enough to discourage cheaters, and they're designed to take similar computation time
6:07 AM
second one was quick
first try babbyyyyy
Apparently this one must be hard, it's only at something like 10k people.
facepalm wasted 15 mins without considering 0-indexing
If a steady 22% of people drop out each day like between days 1 and 2 (unlikely, but eh), we would be down to only 224 completions on the final day. Probably off by a factor of 10 to 100, but interesting to think about I guess.
At least it looks not so easy in functional languages
or some people are just put off by the wording that the grid extends to the right indefinitely
so it starts to require at least some mathematical thinking
Or wasting 20 MiB of memory like I did :p
Ooh, I just came up with a cool idea for a SE badge: "first upvote on a post that goes on to receive +10"
6:19 AM
Not sure.
If that post is a question, then maybe hot network voter?
"Investor" or "Believer" or "Genesis"
Or maybe "FVITW"
I think "investor" is taken, but that's probably the best one
Or perhaps "OG Supporter" or "influencer" or "Trend-setter"
6:23 AM
> First bounty you offer on another person's question
Ooh, I like "Influencer"
@RedwolfPrograms just name it "First!"
@Razetime Lol
Can it be awarded multiple times?
Maybe there could be a bronze variant for +10 and a silver one for +25
Woo #id-get-all-the-bronze
@Lyxal Probably not more than once, then you could just upvote every new post and have a fair chance of getting a bronze badge every time
6:25 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I've voted 4k times this year, and I'm almost at 5k
Yeah, once seems fair
I spent a few weeks voting 20-40 times a day, but kind of slowed down after I got Electorate
I usually vote cap everyday
I try not to since it means I can't review first posts
@Lyxal dedication right there
Anyway I just noticed it's really late in my timezone, talk to y'all tomorrow morning/afternoon/evening/night :p
6:29 AM
Okie doke. Bye for now! O/
@Razetime honestly, it gives me a way to not feel bad for not upvoting answers
"Bah, I'm out of votes"
"can't upvote until tomorrow"
Because I'm use to reddit where you can just upvote everything
And where sorting by new and voting is critical for the ecosystem of subreddits.
I'm just really great at naming bookmarks
As in, the bookmarks for this chat room
ok see ya guys
6:47 AM
4 hours later…
10:26 AM
for code bowling, what's to stop you from using ucs-32 as your character encoding, thus inflating the size of your answer?
@Neil Your language not being able to run such a file?
@Neil okay imma need some clarity here. Is ucs-32 just utf-32? A quick google search doesn't provide many explicit results except utf.
@Lyxal sorry I meant ucs-4
Wait are they the same thing?
Because Wikipedia seems to say that they are the same thing
10:51 AM
oh they might be, I guess
11:17 AM
@Razetime Nice, I'd never heard of each_cons before!! Also, 29 bytes with map &:sum
11:43 AM
1 hour later…
1:05 PM
Q: Rocket Liftoff!

ExplorPythonThis code golf challenge is about making a rocket liftoff sequence. Your output should be similar to this: Liftoff in T-10 Liftoff in T-9 Liftoff in T-8 ... Liftoff in T-2 Liftoff in T-1 LIFTOFF! Rules: Your output MUST print to STDOUT. Person with the least bytes wins. Also, submissions sho...

1:42 PM
Can moderators add custom regexes/warnings to the review tab?
1:54 PM
@NewMainPosts How were both answers posted after this was closed?
@Adám i am confuse
1 hour later…
3:10 PM
What do y'all think about reopening this? It seems clear enough to me.
@RedwolfPrograms It hasn't been edited in any way since it was first closed. It could do with a dust up before I'm happy to VTRO
1 hour later…
4:13 PM
I'm trying to figure out how many badges it's possible to get without ever posting a question or answer
There are some interesting ones that are possible, but would require site-wide cooperation to achieve
Unsurprisingly most of the question/answer badges are out
Except two of the question ones
The bounty ones?
Yeah, Altruist and Investor
As for Participation Bounties, Precognitive is technically possible (but I doubt any users with that badge haven't posted anything yet), and Beta is impossible. Not sure if Quorum and Convention would require meta posts, which is still disallowed I guess.
All the rest in Participation should be doable
Caucus requires 150 rep
If you allow edits, that's doable
4:17 PM
Yeah, edits are fine. I have an idea that could make some like Synonymizer possible
You can't get Legendary
Why not?
If you only get rep through edits, you can make 100 edits a day to get +200. 150 days puts you at 30000 rep, and you can no longer get rep from edits after 20k
You could use bounties to get back down to 0 rep
Ah, didn't think of that
4:20 PM
The only Moderation Badges that are impossible are Disciplined, Peer Pressure, Sportsmanship, and maybe Taxonomist
No, Taxonomist is possible
Synonymizer, Tag Editor, and Research Assistant would require the help of almost the enitre site, though.
Constable and Sheriff are (practically) impossible
"Vote me as Mod, I'm so determined all I do is fix posts!"
Synonymizer shouldn't be too difficult
Doesn't it require 2500 rep?
If you're getting rep from edits, that isn't an issue
Legendary is harder than Synonymizer
4:24 PM
At 2000 you'd lose the ability to make rep from edits, requiring a more complex strategy
You can edit tag wikis for rep up to 20k
> Users with this privilege and a total answer score (total upvotes minus total downvotes) of 5 or more on the tag, can suggest tag synonyms
Wait, you can't get Synonymizer
And of course, all the tag badges are impossible
Tag Editor/Research Assistant should still be possible, just super hard
No harder than normal
No, you'd need to get from 2000 to 2500, without any way to make rep.
The only way is making 250 edits, and having the whole site wait to review them until you're done
Or potentially downvoting 500 answers, getting 500 more rep, and getting all 500 answers deleted
Wait, what's the privilege to edit tag wikis?
2500 is tag synonyms
4:28 PM
Wait, can any user make tag wiki edits?
The faq doesn't mention a rep requirement
Ok, I just created a sockpuppet to test it, and yep, I can edit it from 1 rep, it just needs to be approved
5:15 PM
I think I'm going to start on a new Plumber interpreter, with an editor and debugging features. Maybe that would make it slightly less painful to use.
@RedwolfPrograms something like the bitcycle one I suppose
Not sure, I can't find a link to it anywhere
It's restricted at my school for some reason :/
I think I have an idea for what to do, though
5:32 PM
hmm odd
good luck anywa
and good night
Good night o/
5:47 PM
They're giving us markdown tables!!!
Oh thank god
Just going to drop this link here for no reason whatsoever though
6:04 PM
I thought "GitHub Arctic Code Vault" was just a clever title, but it turns out they actually archived a bunch of code on magnetic tape in a vault in Svalbard...
6:26 PM
1 hour later…
7:43 PM
Q: Number of words between pages in a book

dorafmonYou are given a list of tuples like this: [(1, 5, "even"), (5, 15, "even"), (1, 15, "odd")] The first number in the tuple is the start page, the second one is the end of the page, and the last string means if the number of words between these pages is odd or even. We want to return if this seque...

1 hour later…
9:07 PM
You just need 2 more bronze badges :P
The comma kind of ruins it :/
Actually, I can get two bronze badges in about five minutes. BRB.
I could get Investor and Altruist, but I just realized it would ruin the 6969 reputation.
As does getting any answer/question score based ones
9:15 PM
I'll wait a few days for another 50 or 100 rep, and give it to one of the answers on the quine challenge.
Q: Operational countdown

AZTECCOGiven a non negative integer number \$n\$ output how many steps to reach zero using radicals, divisions or subtractions. The algorithm Get digits count ( \$d\$ ) of \$n\$. Try the following operations in order: $$\sqrt[d]{n}$$ $$n/d$$ $$n-d$$ Take the first integer result not equal to \$n\$....

9:33 PM
Chat summary for those like me who have only just read the conversation above: we're getting md tables, a post was reopened and gnat could get 60 badges if he wanted to.
10:09 PM
There was some discussion above about getting rep from edits, so I should probably point out that a user can't earn more than 1000 rep from edits, regardless of how many edits they make
@pppery Why not?
Um, what do you mean?
Approved edits past the first 500 don't give you any rep.
Why can't you get more than 1000 rep from edits?
This actually happened to me on Arqade
Didn't know that. That means your badges are much more limited :/
1 hour later…
11:32 PM
CMP: Do we need a new consensus for this?
Can our solutions work "in theory" but fail due to floating point issues? — caird coinheringaahing 2 hours ago
11:51 PM
@Bubbler I realised after Shaggy asked that we didn't have anything explicit, so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask :P
Of course, NewMetaPosts is being slow :/
Q: What is our consensus on floating point issues?

caird coinheringaahingAs far as I can tell, we don't yet have a definitive Meta consensus to the following question: Are answers allowed to work "in theory" but fail in practice due to floating point issues? For example, in this recent question, answers that attempt to find the answer by calculating \$\sqrt[d]n\$ wi...


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