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12:48 AM
CMC: Given integers x, y > 0, output their times table (products of all pairs 1..x and 1..y)
1:00 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Vyxal: ?£z?ɾ(¥zɾ(nXnx*,` `,)`\n`,)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Vyxal, 22 bytes: ?£z?ɾ(¥zɾ(nXnx*,ð,)Ĺ,)
Much better
@cairdcoinheringaahing Charcoal, 12 bytes: NθIENEθ×⊕ι⊕λ
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2:24 AM
Q: Calculate COVID spread

applemonkey496Because the coronavirus is still at large, I thought it would be fitting to have a epidemic-themed challenge. Challenge You are given a 2D array of people, where 1 represents someone with the virus, and 0 represents someone without the virus. Every day, the people with the virus infect their neig...

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3:36 AM
Q: Shortening alternate function calls in JavaScript

AnonymousI have a condition named a and I want to order the parameters b, c based on this conditions in 2 parameters alternating the order. Currently I have: foo(a?b:c,a?c:b) // 16 bytes I was wondering if there would be a shorter way of accomplishing this since the tenary seems to be a bit repetitive.

2 hours later…
5:21 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Husk, 4 bytes: ¤Ṫ*ḣ
5:34 AM
Of the people in this room, only 2 have SE Chat bios
Me and you :P
exactly. ;p
I really should update mine
holy heck you have a lot of rooms open
CMQ: What should I change my chat bio to? :P
5:36 AM
"Lyxal wrote this chat bio"
@Lyxal I'm only really looking at one at a time
Aside from here, JHT and talk.tio are pretty much the only ones I regularly chat in
6:00 AM
@dzaima how do empty drawing objects work in Canvas?
@Lyxal wow lol
I'm considering a challenge idea, similar to , but rather than working in single answer increments, it works on time-based increments. For example, the challenge is posted on the hour at 12UTC. Answers posted between 12 and 1 have to comply by the first restriction presumably set in the challenge. Each of those answers sets a restriction that only comes into force when the clock hits 1UTC and new answers are posted
make it time related , maybe?
parsing/ using time
@cairdcoinheringaahing but then if there's a really annoying restriction, people could just wait until 2 UTC and post then
For example, the first group of answers all have to include the byte 0x53 in their answer. 3 answers get posted within the first hour. Each of these 3 includes a restriction that the next group must go by, let's say "code length > 10", "use 0x00", "has the word 'orange' included". For the next hour, answers posted must follow (all? one? some?) of these restrictions
And that keeps going until an hour passes without answer?
6:05 AM
@Lyxal I'm thinking it works on a larger scale than an hour (say a day), and the challenge dies if/when an increment passes with no new answers
@cairdcoinheringaahing but I mean circumnavigate the restrictions by waiting an hour
Add in the rule that you can only post one answer per group
@Lyxal Well, if everyone waits for an hour and no new posts get posted, the challenge dies
Daily sounds good
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh
then who wins?
everyone who posted in a period?
So someone could kill it in the first group if they wanted to
@Lyxal I like most answers for answer-chaining style questions
@cairdcoinheringaahing but that doesn't objectively tell me who wins
6:07 AM
And because you can only post one per period, there's no benefit to killing it early
@Lyxal Whoever has posted the most answers when the challenge dies
@cairdcoinheringaahing i see
hey why don't we give it a go here
like a test run
and the increments could be 2 minutes
Well, I bring it up because I wanted at least one other input before I decided to write up a Sandbox post
I like the sound of it
The only thing I need now is the "task" that every answer has to do
@Lyxal The chat room isn't very active, I doubt it'll work :(
discord then?
6:10 AM
@Lyxal same problem
I was thinking that each answer posts a task or a restriction, and the new answers have to choose one of the tasks and one of the restrictions, with no two answers choosing identical ones
so lets say
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingPrefix divisibility Inspiration Given a positive integer \$1 \le n \le 9\$, output all positive \$n\$-digit integers \$i\$ for which the following is true: Each digit from \$1\$ to \$n\$ appears exactly once in \$i\$ \$i\$ is divisible by \$n\$ Removing the rightmost digit from \$i\$ yields anot...

the restrictions accumulate
so you can choose any number of restrictions
and based on that you get more points
or something like that
@Razetime hmm no
that'd be a dupe of those ones where restrictions accumulate
all that'd be different is time
6:13 AM
just throwing ideas around
How about the new answers can pick between 1 and all the previous group's restrictions, and they get a point for each one
If you choose 5 restrictions, you get 5 points etc.
yeah that's what I was thinking
it would encourage more answers and you can decide exactly how difficult you want it to be
6:32 AM
uh this is embarrassing but uh
today i realised i forgot to put the space character in my esolang's codepage file
so uh don't do that
7:00 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingQuickly! Group together! This challenge will function somewhat like an answer-chaining question, in that new answers will (somewhat) depend on old answers. However, this is (as far as I can tell) a unique form of answer-chaining, so be sure to read the entire challenge if you'd like to take part....

Thoughts on this? I think it's fully doable given enough time, but I'm not sure if a month is "enough time". I'll settle for doing it next year, but it'd be cool if we could arrange it this year
7:16 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing but we're already sandboxing 25 challenges for this year
@Lyxal Well, you and HN are. Doesn't stop us from cleaning up the Sandbox (even a little) and posting something Christmas-y (especially as this would be community based)
Okey doke then
7:31 AM
@Razetime they're just a 0×0 canvas object. shouldn't be anything special
8:05 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing 1) Are we allowed to output to somewhere in the hardware memory? 2) Is a separator mandatory between lines of the table?
@2x-1 Any kind of 2D array/grid/whatever works and I have no idea for 1)
If it's site allowed, then sure
@cairdcoinheringaahing Can the output be flattened?
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1:29 PM
TIL that out of 12k questions on the site, 10k have been tagged
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4:53 PM
Q: Bi-directional translator

AnonymousBi-directional translator The challenge is to create a translator that can translate a [a-zA-Z ] string into another string according to the mappings below. The translator should also be able to translate translated text back into its normal form (hence bi-directional). Case doesn't have to be ma...

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9:11 PM
@Razetime I think it's timed out, but it's not frozen yet, there's no Incident answer
I created Incident the last time I saw that sort of question get stuck, to ensure that (until Incident was used again) it would always be possible to continue
but, I'm not particularly sure I want to continue it myself because I'm not sure what sort of restriction would be fun to continue with, and you need knowledge of all the previous answers to write a new one
also I was worried it might be too early, but at least the low unique-byte counts have been done already
actually, screw it, if I can write this program I'll submit it
(Incident answers take a while to write, though)
(it's one of those puzzle esolangs that's intentionally hard to program in)
9:45 PM
oh gah, I've been writing this program in UTF-8 and then realised the example is using a weird codepage
what character encoding has at codepoint 156?
looks like some CP437 variant, I couldn't figure out which one
anyway, let's try to submit this
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dannyu NDosWuxings in Positive Action Background Wuxings(五行) are the five "elements" in Chinese philosophy. They are Fire(火), Water(水), Wood(木), Metal(金), and Soil(土). You can find them on East Asian calendar, where some days (Tuesday through Saturday) are named by the Wuxings. Some Korean names are given a...

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11:16 PM
I wonder how many finite state automata would be Turning complete if you had two of them with the first's input being piped to the second's output, and vice versa.
(Or maybe not FSA, I don't know the terminology exactly. But a language that can store a bunch of different values but doesn't have the ability to move them around in a way that allows it to be TC)
two FSA connected to each other is basically equivalent to a finite state automaton + a queue
in fact, you can do that with one FSA connected to itself (assuming that it can produce output faster than it reads input)
and finite state control structure + 1 queue is enough to be TC, although I'm not sure what the probability that a randomly selected program will happen to implement a TC language is
(if you select the automaton intentionally, though, it's easy)
Oh, that's cool.
@Razetime and it's unfrozen; make the most of this opportunity because I don't have any languages intending for unfreezing challenges left
@cairdcoinheringaahing it seems possible that in many languages, hardcoding the output to that may be terser than calculating it, although I'm not sure
How do you add a page to the esolangs wiki? The only way I can figure out is to search the name then click "Create the page <name> on this wiki!", but it auto-capitalizes the name incorrectly
the first character of a page name is case-insensitive
(the other characters are case-sensitive)
you can write {{lowercase}} at the top of the page if the first character is meant to be rendered as lowercase
11:30 PM

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