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1:06 AM
That's a very good point that an alternative community will never be the same as CGCC. I hope things work out around here. — Lyxal 4 mins ago
@Lyxal Yeah, I hope that too!
1:21 AM
@LuisMendo I've only recently started to feel like I'm fully involved with this community, and I don't want to give that up yet.
1:34 AM
Jotlin is shortened Kotlin which is Google's answer to Apple having swift which directly relates to objective c
@Lyxal There are in fact two languages: JSmash and Glava
4 hours later…
6:01 AM
Q: Why are you wasting your time and brains on made-up nonsense problems like "code golf"?

Ruben TaylorI must seriously say that I'm appalled by what I see on this "code golf" category of Stack Exchange. Some extremely smart people are sitting here solving made-up nonsense "problems" when there are a trillion extremely challenging real problems to fix in this world. The entire ecosystem of non-pa...

6:44 AM
@Lyxal Either that's a ketchup stain, or you forgot to update the explanation in codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/198432/17216 when editing it for -1 byte.
7:02 AM
@Deadcode oops, I've smudged my sauce everywhere
I'll have to clean it up with an updated explanation
Is it normal for reputation increase to be truncated to 200 per day? (260 got discarded)
@Deadcode yes, I got rep capped yesterday
200 rep per day
Excluding bounties
@Lyxal Right, I noticed that.
7:35 AM
CMQ: how many of y'all around here are left handed/cross dominant/ambidextrous?
Right-handed, right-eyed, and right-footed, here.
8:26 AM
@Bubbler I've added you to the access list, thanks for giving TopAnswers a go :)
@Jacksaystrytopanswers.xyz Wow, that's fast.
@Bubbler pure coincidence, I happened to just get up ;)
8:43 AM
@Jacksaystrytopanswers.xyz Btw, just one small bug: the "log in" button isn't working on the "Main" site (what you get when you access topanswers.xyz without being logged in).
@Bubbler thanks, we'll get that fixed!
I've added it to the issue tracker: github.com/topanswers/topanswers/issues/7 β€” please feel free to add bugs there (or ping me, I don't mind which)
3 hours later…
11:34 AM
Q: How does one calculate bytes for a solution to a Code Golf scenario?

GipsyDI am new to Code Golf, and would like to start answering questions/scenarios posted on this Stack Exchange Site. I have seen many scenarios posted before, and have come up with solutions for said scenario, as well as seeing how a answer is submitted for a given scenario (i.e. the language name, f...

11:48 AM
Q: Super permutations

InxaneNinjaSuper permutations Input: A string The program should loop through all lengths of the input (decrementing one each time), generate all combinations with replacement of the string, then make permutations out of the generated combinations, and display all of the strings. They can be separated wit...

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1:51 PM
Q: Choose unconsecutive files

a'_'Given a positive integer and a file-clicking sequence, provide the files resulted from the process. (I hope there isn't a formula for this.) What does shift & ctrl do? Given a selected position, Shift selects all the files between the starting position (the initially selected position) and the...

2 hours later…
4:32 PM
hi all
5:01 PM
If no one minds, I will try my CMC again
CMC Write code to construct a nondeterministic finite automaton over the alphabet of pairs of bits that accepts the word (π‘Ž_1,𝑏_1)(π‘Ž_2,𝑏_2)…(π‘Ž_𝑛,𝑏_𝑛) iff the binary words π‘Ž_1π‘Ž_2β€¦π‘Ž_𝑛 and 𝑏_1𝑏_2…𝑏_𝑛 have Levenshtein distance up to two
1 hour later…
6:16 PM
Q: Residue number system cryptography source code

HabibPlease i need residue number system encryption and decryption source code using matlab

6:33 PM
@Anush are you thinking of posting a generalised average levenshtein distance challenge, along "average number of strings with distance up to D" given D and the string length n?
6:51 PM
Yes I was
What do you think?
what's the winning criterion, fastest-code or code-golf?
I am ambivalent. What do you think?
I guess fastest code might not make sense
But I am not sure
@KritixiLithos do you understand how to do it already?
7:14 PM
if the NDFA is an important part of the challenge, I would have it be code-golf with respect to it somehow, ex. least states? I feel like the coding part is not the interesting part @Anush
7:25 PM
@Quintec you could be right. I gues
s . I don't have code to do it currently
Are you able to produce the results for k=5 for n up to 30, say?
I don't very I can write a challenge unless I have the exact values really
2 hours later…
9:09 PM
CMC: Output an infinite list of those positive integers which are greater than or equal to the value of the reverse of their binary representation (so I think 11 is the first value you skip as 1011 < 1101).
9:26 PM
@Neil Infinite listβ€½ Wouldn't it be more reasonable to output the Nth?
9:50 PM
possibly dim question.. how many different binary strings have hamming distance <=k from a binary string of length n?
10:13 PM
$S = \sum_{x=0}^k {n \choose x}$
pretty easy in the end
2 hours later…
11:57 PM
Hey @Adám, I've been thinking recently, and I think it's pronounced yawl-dint-tive
@Lyxal I understand what you're responding to, but this isn't really the right place. It should have been as a comment (or an answer, really).

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