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12:29 AM
A shout out to gnat for being the most prolific voter of all time on CGCC, with 18267 votes, despite never having posted here.
12:41 AM
cheers gnat
1:12 AM
I'm thinking of self-nominating my JS answers to N-mover or Euler numbers for BoPPCG mathematical insight category but I can't decide which to nominate
2:00 AM
@ShieruAsakoto I guess you can nominate both and let people decide.
1 hour later…
3:07 AM
who would be interested in participating in a bot competion along the lines of el'einda starman's spacewar, but for a much more complex game, and more competitors?
problem is, the game competiion is outside of ppcg
4:05 AM
Is it just me or is Gravatar being insanely slow?
4:25 AM
Q: Visual Basic Arrays

AlexI need to design and implement a program in visual basic that will take in records and display records using a two-dimensional array. The array must have at least 3 columns. One of those 3 columns must contain something of type integer or double (like an age, salary, etc.). Besides entering reco...

4:36 AM
@a'_' Can you stop adding leaderboards to challenges? Especially ones with only a few answers
It's not really necessary, plus it makes looking at questions on phones more annoying
Hiya Golfers :D
heyo Catija, what's up?
@JoKing What edits to posts get onto the Editors tab?
I was wondering... ... are there clever "code" ways to say 100000 or 100k ?
4:44 AM
I was thinking about things like the pint glasses that say #include <beer.h>
@Catija Easy: 1e5.
10⁵? We're more concerned with shortening stuff really
@Catija It's just 5^ (in my language though)
So, if I wanted to celebrate someone reaching 100k rep ... would there be ways that a programmer might recognize. It's funny, the suggestions y'all have almost seem more like math. :P
If you want something more "geeky" than just short, maybe 0x186A0?
4:48 AM
@JoKing Well, yeah... I came here cause y'all probably at least recognize me somewhat more than the SO people... and I like SE chat bettter. ;)
Easy: 11110100001001000000
@Bubbler Hex?
@Lyxal Binary?
@Catija exactly
Yeah, I've been thinking about those.
Anything more convoluted will be hard to recognize even to programmers, I guess.
4:49 AM
Mmm. That's fair.
Or /^10{5}$/.
Sorry: ++++++++[>+>++>+++>++++>+++++>++++++>+++++++>++++++++>+++++++++>++++++++++>+++++++++++>++++++++++++>+++++++++++++>++++++++++++++>+++++++++++++++>++++++++++++++++<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<-]>>>>>>+.-<<<<<<>>>>>>.<<<<<<>>>>>>.<<<<<<>>>>>>.<<<<<<>>>>>>.<<<<<<>>>>>>.<<<<<<>>>>>>.<<<<<<.
bleh, that's some awful brainfuck
4:51 AM
???? It's getting too confusing.
Seriously, all those >s can get cancelled out by the <s
That's just a box.
That's the unicode char with code point 1000000
4:52 AM
I just came up with +++++++[->+++++++<]>.-.....
nah, you want 𐧭
but Jo King is just too good at BF
I just got that off the constants page
@JoKing That does, in fact, seem to work... based on the interpreter I just used.
Then I was just too lazy.
4:55 AM
Yeah, depends on the interpreter. Most interpreters allow wrapping cells, but Bubbler's code is more dependable and should work in all brainfuck interpreters
I guess I've got the same solution... I need to blame my browser.
I used copy.sh ?
Er, in regards to my suggestions, I may have accidentally used values of 1,000,000 instead of 100,000
There we go
Character with code point 100k
... am I supposed to be seeing something other than a little square?
Nah, that's just the nth codepoint, which is just some random character that probably doesn't render on your machine (it doesn't on mine either)
4:58 AM
That's the character TANGUT IDEOGRAPH-186A0
@JoKing Ah. OK. That's what I guessed.
I assume this is a box too? 𐧭?
Pity. At least that character has the numerical value of 100000. Try it online!
5:00 AM
That's why golfing language creators should carefully choose the chars to use, so that they're at least recognizable in common environments.
@Bubbler Not really
The language is designed to make every valid instruction unrecognizable.
Does it have to be exactly 100000? You could go for the round number 131072 (2**17)?
@a'_' 10^5, score 0
Like 10 **5?
damnit, ninja'd
(I shouldn't have posted it as it is a subset of Catjia's CMC.)
5:05 AM
I'm hoping to get new 100k swag done and I'm trying to find ideas for how to say 100k... so it's kinda got to be exact.
@Catija I thought swag was cancelled?
... we're... trying to convince TPTB that it's important to continue.
Anyway, thanks to all of you for your help. :D
100 Kelvin is -173.15 Celsius or -279.67 Fahrenheit
@Catija Good luck!
Nice pun on 100K
5:22 AM
maybe in Wenyan 十萬?
6:18 AM
@a'_' The 122 needs to be changed to 123.
6:35 AM
@Deadcode What do you mean? ASCII codepoints?
Yep, it's an exclusive range, so you need to go 1 past it at the end.
This puzzle is extremely difficult.
I thought since it was only an hour ago, you'd know which thing I was talking about ;)
Oh, I thought it's about the conversation that is closer than an hour ago.
@a'_' The TIO too...
7:00 AM
Hi @Deadcode!
Hi @a'_'!
How's things going?
@Lyxal What stuff specifically are you trying to discuss?
Hmm. CMQ : What is the length-3 string that is (in your opinion) the hardest to type?
(I have wrote A_z, taking me 6 times initially to type correctly using my normal speed)
(BTW you know that everything on Stack Overflow is an OP-decided popularity contest?)
Hi @Lyxal :) Going okay. I'm thinking of revisiting a regex project from a year ago, and porting it from ECMAScript+molecular lookahead to plain ECMAScript.
How're you?
Noticed you changed your name. How long had you had the previous name?
@Lyxal Getting the silver code-golf badge isn't worth mentioning.. it makes me feel nervous.
I was thinking when I write 1,000 answers I will be able to get the gold badge and 10k rep.
@Deadcode 1 year and 10 months
@a'_' I was going to say qea: I'm always typo'ing ea as ewa, and the q makes the pinky, the weakest finger, need to go up and down. This is assuming normal typing stance, of course... if I use other fingers it's not hard. But of course the real answer would probably be three U+10xxxx chars, because you didn't specify directly typeable characters...
7:12 AM
@Deadcode (still wants to answer) 11 months
And qea isn't actually at all hard even with normal typing stance.
It's hard to test... sequences maybe need more context to be hard :) isolated they're easier...
@a'_' nervous?
@a'_' Oh cool, congrats!
I'd kinda like to rename to Davidebyzero, because I've been using that name in more contexts... but it'd break all the previous times I've been @referred to, so I won't do it.
I wish the system had been designed not to hardcode those @references to names. On the other hand it's a bit interesting seeing what people's names used to be. @MartinEnder used to be @MartinBüttner. And @Grimy recently renamed to @Grimmy. I wondered why he had chosen a name with typically negative connotations – but probably he meant it to be pronouced "Grimmy" all along.
7:42 AM
@Deadcode it'll be fine if you do so. I mean, SE mainly refers to things by id rather than name
2 hours later…
1 hour later…
10:41 AM
Currently adding an explanation.
@a'_' well done.
Interesting challenge idea 719: Create a interpreter that creates other interpreters
@Lyxal Define "creates".
10:58 AM
@a'_' Leaderboard would be a useful thing, but I've never been able to view them. They look like this: leaderboard-jumbled-example.png
@Adám given a language N, output an interpreter for that language
@Deadcode Looks like that for me on desktop FF too.
@Deadcode This is how I do it: Inspect the leaderboard's source code. Delete the node of either "Leaderboard" or "Winners by Language", based on what you are trying to see.
@Deadcode that's pretty much the default look
@Adám Looks that way for me both in Firefox and Chrome.
11:01 AM
@Lyxal So it'd have to be scored by bytes÷languages where languages must be ≥ 2?
@Adám sure. I mean, I wouldn't actually post it, as it's more of a concept.
def make_rubylike(code); "eval #{code.inspect} + $stdin.read"; end
@Deadcode but if you use this userscript, it gives you a nicer leaderboard on each page
I'd like to see per-language with all runner-ups, not just the first place in each language
11:04 AM
@Deadcode Usually there's only one answer per language.
It's funny that you should say that, because you just posted a CJam answer that beat the existing one :P
That same question also has two Retina answers
@a'_' (⩺ ͟ʖ⩹) how is PHP only 1 byte?!?
and 3 Python 3 answers
@Deadcode I mean, that was back when the Leaderboard snippet was written.
@Lyxal Because the top says 63 + 1 (the length of the flag), and the snipped misidentified it as 1 instead of 64.
@a'_' then the flag penalty should be placed first
11:07 AM
@a'_' Anyway, the script is trying to show a "Winners by Langauge" column, but it overlaps with the main "Leaderboard" column. However, when not viewing full-page, if I zoom out to 90%, it looks like your screenshot, but I can only view a tiny piece at a time because the box it's in is non-resizable.
@Deadcode welcome to what browsing leader board snippets is like on mobile (´• ◞ •`)
@Deadcode I'd change the CSS styling of the snippet.
(Also I'm pretty used to browsing a small piece at a time.)
Well, the bug of it's taking the +n as the primary length should also be fixed.
BTW, the view-in-box zoom-out-to-90% thing also happens in both Firefox and Chrome.
@Deadcode that's not a bug.
That's a PEBKAC error
@Lyxal What isn't a bug?
11:13 AM

 The Nineteenth Byte

The Nineteenth Byte: General discussion for codegolf.stackexc...
Are you kidding me? You're blaming the bug on me? Do you even understand my explanation of the bug?
3 mins ago, by Deadcode
Well, the bug of it's taking the +n as the primary length should also be fixed.
@Lyxal Please refer to a specific message, otherwise it's pointless to refer to the same chatroom that others are currently in.
@Deadcode and no, I meant those who place flags after byte count with no full tally
I saw that his message referred to the +n thing, but it didn't make any sense. That's a bug / design flaw in the script, not a PEBKAC error.
Also if you just @ someone's name it appears to refer to their last message, so I accidentally assumed that had been done.
11:17 AM
_If there you want to include multiple numbers in your header (e.g. because your score is the sum of two files or you want to list interpreter flag penalties separately), make sure that the actual score is the last number in the header:

# Perl, 43 + 2 (-p flag) = 45 bytes_
(But I saw afterward that it did use the :msgnum format)
Therefore PEBKAC
I'd still argue that a script should account for common mistakes like that, especially if they're not outright typos.
@Deadcode i guess so
I do agree with that
Phew, thanks :)
11:19 AM
@Deadcode no worries
Anyway, the script is just really buggy. It's seeing "Haskell, 70 bytes" as being 7 bytes
@Deadcode really? (ಠ□ಠ)
Actually, wait: (ಠꔢಠ)
Much better
Q: Make a ;# interpreter

caird coinheringaahingI recently created a new language called ;# (pronounced "Semicolon Hash") which only has two commands: ; add one to the accumulator # modulo the accumulator by 127, convert to ASCII character and output without a newline. After this, reset the accumulator to 0. Yes, 127 is correct. Any other c...

The top 3 in that leaderboard are not real. Finally at #4 it becomes real - the Stax answer. But it doesn't have an explanation
And it has this weird behavior, of outputting spaces instead of NULs. It also outputs space for ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;#
@Deadcode seems to be fixed, but I'll take your word on it
Oh cool, nice work, who fixed it?
The overlapping columns bug is still there though
11:27 AM
@Deadcode a
Anyhow, I'mma gonna go to bed now
It's 10.30pm and I'm tired
See y'all tomorrow!
Aw, @a'_' only fixed it by editing the answers :(
@a'_' Shouldn't the leaderboard snippet be a stub that loads itself from a URL? That way, it could be updated at a central location and its bugs would be fixed everywhere it's used.
It's going to be a monumental task to go through and replace it with the stub in every question it's already been inserted into, but the longer you wait before changing it to a stub, the larger that task is going to grow to
Got CJam tied with Pyth after realizing the instruction e= is available ...
Nope, I haven't verified it yet...
11:48 AM
The 16 byte version would have competed against a 15 byte Pyth version having the same bug ;)
1 hour later…
12:57 PM
@a'_' LOL, would if I could, but pure regex can't do that. And Neil nailed it with the Retina answer.
1:10 PM
@wizzwizz4 Hi. Can you give chat.stackexchange.com/users/444615 explicit write access to chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/52405 ?
1:34 PM
@Lyxal Your guess is as good as mine, lol.
3:04 PM
@DJMcMayhem ^^^ & ^^^^
I can get it in 15 minutes
no rush
3:31 PM
@Adám @ngn Done and done
Q: Can Malicious Code Fit in 14 Bytes

Stud SterkelI was reading this NYT article about the hack of Jeff Bezos's phone. The article states: The May 2018 message that contained the innocuous-seeming video file, with a tiny 14-byte chunk of malicious code, came out of the blue What malicious code could possibly be contained in 14-bytes? That ...

I was about to VTC before I realized which site that was on
I'm tempted to answer "Code Golfers: Yes."
3:58 PM
Thanks, DJMcMayhem
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

QuinnTic Tac Toe Can't believe this hasn't been done (unless it has and I just couldn't find it) Write a program that will play an entire game of tic tac toe Requirements The game must ask for player inputs one after another The game will be played by two players and go back and forth between the...

4:45 PM
Sorry I wasn't able to respond to those pings earlier; my browser decided to mark me as "present" when I wasn't.
1 hour later…
5:59 PM
Q: Bucket and Minimize

scrawlThe challenge - given a numeric list L and an integer N as inputs, write a function that: finds the bucket sizes for L such that it is split into N whole buckets of equal or near-equal size, and returns for each element in L the minimum of that element's bucket. Example - L=[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

6:49 PM
please do not golf other people's answers made literally 4 years ago for a different version of the language codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/73798/revisions
@a'_' Never golf other people's answers without their explicit permission. Leave a comment instead.
seeing a notification from this site makes me grump
7:10 PM
@a'_' editing many challenges to add the leaderboard snippet also isn't the purpose of editing
7:21 PM
I dislike leaderboards in general because it seems to encourage inter-language comparisons
2 hours later…
2 hours later…
11:09 PM
Really, this site discourages any sort of editing, perhaps excepting some spelling mistakes. Leave a comment instead
And on mobile the leaderboards; a) Don't work, since they can't be run, b) aren't hidden in a dropdown, instead they're just three giant code blocks you have to scroll past
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dustin G. MixonHow predictable is popular music? The McGill Billboard Project annotates various audio features of a random sample of songs from the Billboard charts. I scraped this data to produce the following file of chord progressions: chords.txt Write the shortest code that outputs the above file. code-...

@El'endiaStarman Can you give chat.stackexchange.com/users/444666/user691534 explicit write access to chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/52405 ?
@JoKing unless one forces the browser to use Desktop mode
@JoKing They're three giant code blocks to scroll past even on desktop
11:36 PM
@Deadcode They're usually hidden under a dropdown that says Show code snippet though
@Lyxal Who's using Desktop mode on a phone though? I only really use that when I need to edit an explanation and need to see the preview for indentation
@JoKing me
That's who
But really though
I sometimes switch to desktop to see the leader board snippets work
@JoKing I always use desktop mode. I hate the mobile mode... it hides lots of information I want to see (or at least makes it much harder to access). This is on a Google Pixel XL though, so it's deals with desktop mode quite smoothly. Much older phones/tablets might not do so well?
11:47 PM
It might be okay without the right sidebar, but with it the text is too small. And my phone isn't that old, so maybe it's just me
Well I zoom in
Isn't that bothersome though? What information am I missing out on, really?
That's another annoying thing about mobile modes... they disable double-tap+drag zoom, so the only way to zoom is the standard two-fingers method
@Deadcode you get used to it after a while though, of course.
After writing ~30+ answers and ~3+ questions on mobile, it seems to get better.
@Lyxal You're referring to the lack of double-tap+drag zoom?
11:50 PM
@JoKing detailed vote counts for a start
@Deadcode yep
I don't want to get used to not having that. It's a wonderful thing
Would like to force the browser to ignore mobile modes' telling it to disable that.
@Adám Alas, I do not have mod powers anymore. (I resigned because Shog9 and Robert Cartaino were fired.)
@El'endiaStarman Oh, I'm sorry for bothering you then. The lack of moderators is becoming noticeable. Anyway DJ to care of it.
I didn't mind the ping. Just letting you know that I can't do what you ask anymore. :)

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