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1:06 AM
Wasted an hour on my linear algebra homework before the realization that matrix dot product isn't commutative :/
1:23 AM
matrix dot product?
Do you mean an inner product or composition?
If the matrices are over R then their inner product should be commutative
I mean the literal . in Mathematica I don't know the technical term
It is probably composition.
My professor's accent is completely incomprehensible, I'm basically self-taught
Often called multiplication (I think this term is bad though)
If you think of matrices as linear functions of vectors (which you should be), then matrix "multiplciation" is just function composition.
That's exactly what I'm doing now
I just composed the functions backwards
Are you wheat wizard btw
1:33 AM
Which transforms it from a bizarre seemingly arbitrary operation to a meaningful term.
I be them
I have no clue how I guessed that, this is the first time I'm seeing this username/pfp
Highish rep + unfamiliar name = wheat wizard
Yeah :D
I wonder if there's a language out there that overrides multiplication on functions to compose them
I think Haskell may
Oh It probably ends up on (<>) instead
The impression I got from my little Haskell knowledge is that it doesn't override anything ever
1:43 AM
How did you get that impression?
@Pavel You almost can in JS :P
It is actually overloaded in Haskell
at least in the Numeric.LinearAlgebra package
@SriotchilismO'Zaic Maybe I just read something wrong and it's been a while ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well for the most part Haskell uses a lot of type classes which abstractions quite nice.
I thought that (*) had to have type Num -> Num -> Num and you couldn't do much about that
1:47 AM
It has type Num a => a -> a -> a
My point that type a -> b is not Num stands
Ah but, (Container Matrix a, Num a, Num (Vector a)) => Num (Matrix a)
That is, a matrix of things that are Nums is itself a Num.
Oh, so you still meant actual matrices and not just functions
Oh yes I did.
Also, your blob of a type just completely lost me
1:50 AM
Yeah it is easier to break it up
the first one Container Matrix a is just fluff and only very technically neccessary
Then next one is Num a or in english a is a Num,
and a is a Vector, and a Vector is a Num?
Not quite
Num (Vector a) means a Vector of as is a Num.
So is this also defining the Vector type at the same time?
It is not
that is defined elsewhere
But you can still give it additional is-a relationships from within a different type definition???
1:53 AM
This is actually an instance declaration so it doesn't define any types, it just gives the compiler a template for making certain types.
Like a generic type in other languages?
@Pavel Thinks on the left hand side are preconditions, that is they are things required to be true for the right hand side to be true.
@Pavel Roughly speaking yes
Ah, got it. The precondition explanation clears it up a lot
If a is a Num, and a Vector of as is a Num, then a Matrix of as is also a Num
You could write an instance declaration of function composition as *.
I think
Now because the definition of (*) is (Num a) => a -> a -> a, all those as have to be the same, so you couldn't, for example, override multiplication to multiply a matrix and a scalar?
1:59 AM
Oh I misunderstood
@Pavel Yes you cannot get scalar "multiplication" with (*) from Num
This is because Num is actually representative of a structure called a ring in algebra, and scalar multiplication is not a ring
In fact I don't like calling scalar multiplication "multiplication" because I think it is misleading, but it is the prevailing term.
It's actually mapping scalar * scalar multiplication over a 2D array. There's probably a name for this.
It can be thought of a little more generally than that.
If a matrix is a linear function, It is multiplying the result of that function by some value
So for matrix A * scalar s, we can think of scalar multiplication as the composition of (s*) and A
Importantly this allows us to do it over black box functions.
2:07 AM
It also might be a neat exercise to prove that this is the case.
So what branch of mathematics is this?
Maybe in a few years I'll be able to take a class on it
Linear algebra
Is there a more specific term
Not really
Because linear algebra is what I'm studying now and I don't think we have the concept of black box functions anywhere
2:09 AM
Linear algebra is a pretty big field and this is sort of the more basic stuff.
Just linear transformations
Well any linear transformation of finite dimension can be represented by a matrix, so you can actually un-blackbox linear transformations
If you want to get into the infinite dimension stuff that would be called Functional Analysis
If you don't mind me asking is this a high-school course or a uni course?
At my uni it's Math 220 - Introductory Linear Algebra
Functional Analysis sounds cool
I never took it, since the prof teaching it passed away, but I touched on it pretty heavily in Real Analysis II
Linear algebra is quite fun though
This is actually my first ever university math course, it's basically exactly like any high school course I've ever had, in the sense that the teacher drones on in the most boring and incomprehensible way while all the actual learning and assignments happen via a pearson online textbook
2:14 AM
That's unfortunate.
In my experience most of my introductory classes were kind of like that
So you tell me about all these absolutely fascinating concepts, and then I discover that actually, they're all basics of the exact subject I'm studying right now
The advice I always give is to take the most advanced classes you possibly can even in stuff you might think you are bad at or not interested in. The professors tend to be more passionate about it and the class sizes tend to be smaller. It makes it more enjoyable and as a consequence often easier.
@Pavel It might have been misleading for me to phrase it that way. Most intro courses to Linear Algebra focus on the useful bits rather than the basic bits. You can teach a lot of the useful stuff without touching on the underlying mathematical abstractions that are essential to mathematicians, but essentially useless to an engineer.
I actually have surprisingly few math requirements for my CS major
I had surprisingly few math requirements for my math major
I have this linear algebra course, an introductory logic course, a more advanced logic course, and some calculus that I already completed in high school
2:21 AM
At my uni logic counted as a humanities course rather than a math course.
At mine the introductory one counts as philosophy and the advanced one is actually math
It was actually quite similar for me, more advanced ones got cross-listed into math and CS
Oh and Discrete Structures
Forgot about that one because I have no idea what that might mean
My guess would be that it is a discrete math course.
Discrete math is basically just a branch of CS
I still don't know what that is
2:24 AM
Does your uni have separate CS and CE majors?
Yeah so discrete math is the really CS stuff.
In my discrete math course I wrote no code.
Well I wrote my homeworks in LaTeX but you get the idea.
So like automata theory and stuff?
That's what I think of when you say "Computer science but not the coding part"
Yeah pretty much
I just looked at the CE requirements, it sounds bloody awful
2:27 AM
It also for me had a lot of the proof technique + logic stuff thrown in, but if CS majors are required logic then it might not play as heavily
You have to take art classes in user interface design
I like to point out that while at uni I was introduced to basic logic in 6 different courses.
I found the actual name of the "more advanced logic", it's "Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning"
Ah see to me more advanced logic actually meant something a little bit different from that.
Well introducion to logic is literally just basic predicate logic
We learned what a truth table is last friday
2:33 AM
I had assumed that "more advanced logic" was just more advanced predicate logic.
Apparently the direct continuation of my current logic course is basic propositional logic
Ah yeah that would be the sort of course I was expecting.
This is what I assumed mathematical reasoning would end up being
So basically, course descriptions are only useful once you've already taken the class
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6:20 AM
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7:40 AM
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10:06 AM
Petition to storm Area51.SE with random posts on 20th September. They can't flag us all.
Anyone down?
10:24 AM
goodbye, see y'all on 20th
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12:09 PM
@Arjun Gotta clap moderator cheeks
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1:22 PM
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2:00 PM
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3:20 PM
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4:25 PM
For this question:
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The intent appears to be that we're supposed to actually calculate the output via some in-memory process of virtually fitting shapes together or something
But it appears we can produce valid output via a simple lookup table, because the range of inputs is so small (n between 1 and 10)
Is this a valid strategy? Should the question exclude that option, and if so, how exactly would you go about excluding that pretty obvious strategy in answers?
1 to 10 is required to complete on TIO, but it appears that any input is valid, so unless you have a very large lookup table I don't think that approach would work.
so, input is not limited to n<=10. I don't understand why it was mentioned at all then
So you're suggesting he actually meant "your (presumably complex) code has to accept all inputs, but for the purpose of online testing on TIO, I'm only requiring that you ensure that values under 10 complete in a reasonable time"
(because of some possible constraints on TIO speed or allowed complexity)
It's a method of eliminating a complete brute-force approach that simply enumerates all possible tilings. There are other challenges that have a similar time restriction.
4:42 PM
I still think we'd need a fixed range of valid n; according to the estimate page the numbers get impractical to calculate for n>20
In which case we're back to the original question: can I return a value from a lookup table, unless/until the author adds "you can't just return a value from a lookup table" to the original question?
@BradC In general, that's kind of a tacky add on that doesn't really fix the problem. If a question can be solved by a lookup table, it's usually a bad question (unless it's a kolmogorov complexity question), and saying "don't hardcode answers" is kinda subjective (what if I hardcode some of them to make it simpler, etc.). That's an even bigger problem for challenges.
But in this case, a lookup table doesn't solve the question. Even if it becomes impractical for n>20, your algorithm must work for any n, which is pretty easy to prove a lookup table doesn't.
@DJMcMayhem Except that "it must work for any n" might mean "it can toil away forever and not return a value" for n>20?
I'm still not seeing that is a precise specification
Depends on what your definition of "work" is
So I think I'm agreeing with your first sentence, that because this question requires a "you can't just use a lookup table", this isn't a great question
@BradC 9 hours is very different than "toil away forever"
Maybe its an interesting abstract programming experiment, but not a great challenge
Obviously, some n's are so impractical that you'll never see your program finish for them, but that doesn't mean they can't finish
Basically, your program has to actually work for any input, given enough time. You don't have to wait around for years to see what n=30 gives you, but it has to still theoretically work if you did
4:55 PM
@DJMcMayhem But do I have to pre-allocate enough memory (depending on language)? or enough temp table space for literally any n? Again, I think I understand the intent, I just think the vagueness of the specification makes this not a great question
That's a problem that does come up from time to time. Generally it's allowed for submissions to fail because of memory restrictions. But "There's not enough memory to give a result for some N" isn't an excuse to hardcode up to N and call it good
Although to be fair, this particular challenge doesn't explicitly say that you have to handle n > 10 off of TIO, so idk
Is hard-coding output one of the generally-excluded no-no rules? Can't recall
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

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yep, Arnauld just posted that to the original question
That's the reason I found it so quick haha
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6:01 PM
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6:54 PM
@Arjun This is just causing work for no good reason.
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7:26 PM
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2 hours later…
9:19 PM
@wizzwizz4 so is :P
9:32 PM
CMC: This question is impossible in brain-flak without using comments. If instead of just reversing, we also swap opening/closing brackets, (so ({}()) becomes ((){})) it becomes possible.
Soo, do that I guess?
Same thing works for this one
I've got 12 for the first one
10:14 PM
@DJMcMayhem In my case, better yet: somebody writes a random rip-off of a challenge of mine that happened to receive a lot of attention
Happened again today.
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11:44 PM
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