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12:43 AM
@NewSandboxedPosts A reply is posted earlier than the content.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

El'endia StarmanDetermine the minimal indices needed to cover all queries code-golf This challenge is based on Mongo's handling of compound indices and index intersection, inspired by a problem that came up at work, but I'll restate the relevant details here. Background In any database, relational or not, th...

3 hours later…
3:21 AM
@A_ The message was edited after El'endia Starman posted the message
Sneaky mods :P
@Mego Ah yes, very sneaky
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@Mego Who edited the message?
@A_ Guess
(probably starts with M)
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The closest match is 1.
3:25 AM
@A_ That doesn't start with M
A _
I don't want to leak it, although I guess I already knew it.
It has to be this user
who else was on apart from that user at that time?
A _
I was on.
That starts with an M
A _
3:28 AM
@A_ What is this new "Mg" user?
A _
I dropped the vowels. You guess!
There's no person with that name
Maybe your browser is hacked...
Unless you are talking about Maaaaaaaaaaaaeeeuiooguuiuiuiuiiiaeeo
But that's not a mod
A _
Do a search for all users that have M and g in their usernames. The first user that appears in the search is the user, since they (probably) have the highest rep.
Tom Gullen?
A _
(Case-sensitive and no spaces)
3:31 AM
That's quite enough
(my username is now Maaaaaaaaaaaaeeeuiooguuiuiuiui)
Ah yes
it must be me
since I changed my username
Mystery SOLVED
A _
Remember to nominate for being a mod!
(im just messing with you btw)
and now I realize that I actually changed my username
oh well
A _
You can't change it back for 1 month. :)
ah well
Away with MilkyWay90
oh it let me change back
ok, I will never change my name again
And I changed my profile pic instead of my name
"and then the day came, where the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painfult han the risk to blossom" or something
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3:46 AM
@MilkyWay90 Maaaaaaaaaaaaeeeuiooguuiuiuiui: "and then the night gone, where the safety to lose loose in a blossom was less confortable than the safety to bud"
4:10 AM
Good morning!
What the heck happened in here?
A _
4:54 AM
Chatroom dedicated for nonsenical stuff.
5:26 AM
Q: Can we allow hard-coded input for all languages?

A _In languages without any method of input (e.g. ///), programs may get input through an insertion into the source code. However, can we allow hard-coded input in languages that support input commands?

6:11 AM
Anyone here use SageMath? Got a review for either golfing, recreational programming, or production use?
I'm interested in trying it out and if it's actually
> a viable free open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab.
A _
6:26 AM
Sorry, I found it.
6:47 AM
Oh right. Links Sagemath main page
6:58 AM
Q: Unlock your Lock

user2190035You have locked your bike with a combination lock of 3 digits. Now you want to go for a ride and need to unlock it with the help of following program. Input 1st parameter The digit combination of your lock in locked state. It must be different from the 2nd parameter (=the combination of unlock...

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It will take 3 mins for the bot to respond.
7:18 AM
Q: Count the number of paths to n

Peter KageyThis code challenge will have you compute the number of ways to reach n starting from 2 using maps of the form x -> x + x^j (with j a non-negative integer), and doing so in the minimum number of steps. (Note, this is related to OEIS sequence A307092.) Example So for example, f(13) = 2 because ...

2 hours later…
9:12 AM
haven't been on this chat in years lmao
Hi Qwerp-Derp!
Sorry the welcome wagon is also someone who (up until recently) hasn't been on this chat in years
As they own the Nonsense chat
9:50 AM
@Sherlock9 I've been alright
A _
alright i've just ignored the bot
i think i've got a solution to the sudoku challenge in clojure but it's too slow lmao
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@Qwerp-Derp Can you provide a link?
like to finish the entire test set takes over an hour probably since the program solves 10 sudokus per second
A _
Wow, that is indeed very slow.
10:03 AM
exactly yeah
10:41 AM
if it takes >2.5s, it's too slow
11:03 AM
@Sherlock9 no, the recent fastest-code one
11:20 AM
@ngn you mean each individual puzzle or the entire set?
@Qwerp-Derp the entire
you're joking right 2.5s
@Qwerp-Derp Arnauld's js solution runs in 10s, i rewrote it in c
did you get 2.5s?
@Qwerp-Derp yep, ~2.500-2.600s on my i5 cpu, i expect it to be a little faster on maxb's
11:25 AM
nice lmao
wait jesus that's 1000x faster than what i have so far
@Qwerp-Derp it depends a lot on what algorithm you use. search for "knuth's dancing links"
i think what i'll do for now is just make my board representation more efficient since i'm using 2d arrays, i'll just reduce it down to a 1d array with binary numbers
my first attempt at a brute-force recursive solution was terrible - it ran for 15 min, then i saw the other answers and looked up this algorithm
my algorithm rn is just:
1. recording all the possible numbers each cell can be filled with (penciling)
2. filling in all of the cells which can only contain one number
3. repeating that until there are no cells that have a unique solution, then guess based on the cell which has the least number of possible numbers
@Qwerp-Derp exactly the same as what i did the first time :)
11:35 AM
that might be why i can only do 10 sudokus a second haha
@Qwerp-Derp your choice of language is a contributing factor too
c l o j u r e
i might just stick with it and optimise my data structure for now, see where that gets me
clojure shouldn't be that slow, i don't think it's nearly as bad as python
@Qwerp-Derp neither of them stands a chance against c
(assuming the same algorithm is implemented)
@ngn i mean fair enough
1 hour later…
12:42 PM
Ooh I get to learn more ways that my bachelor's thesis was enormously hampered by not knowing any good solver algorithms XD
@Qwerp-Derp Same algorithm I used, but at least you used it in a code challenge, and not in your bachelor's thesis
1:11 PM
Q: Bot Problem.How to solve this problem?

Mafuj ShikderIn BotLand, Robots can understand all words of any combination of letters and letters with leading or trailing (not both) numeric value. Given a word W (string of alphanumeric).Write a function to check if W is Bot word. Don't use library functions/ regex. Example "BotLand Output: Bot word BotLan...

1 hour later…
2:30 PM
Q: Is it checkmate?

scatterWholly surprised this hasn't been posted already, given the large number of chess puzzles on the site. While I thought of this myself, credit to Anush for posting it to the sandbox back in March. But I figured it's been long enough that I could go ahead and do so myself. A checkmate in chess is ...

3:01 PM
@NewMainPosts @scatter have you actually asked for permission before posting the challenge?
@Anush did he ask?
@flawr Nope
But it doesn’t matter
@Anush Then I think this is really an impolite thing to do. And I'd consider closing this question.
@Anush Why?
That’s very of you but I really don’t mind. I should have posted itmyself
Hmm..very kind of you
Typing in chat on an iPad is painful
3:08 PM
I have a typically off topic question...
So you don't mind that he posted a copy of your question in this case without permission. Would you say that this is ok in general?
Just asking because I'd get mad, even if legally nothing is holding anyone back from doing so.
I'd also like to hear everyone else's opinion on this.
I'd be peeved
those are MY internet points
@flawr I think it depends on a lot of factors
If the sandbox post is less than a month old, not cool. If the challenge text is directly (or largely) copied, not cool. If the challenge was very original, or a higher effort post (CnR, KoTH, etc.) Not cool.
Otherwise, it's still kinda rude, but I don't think it's worth doing anything about.
3:21 PM
So you don't think people should ask?
No, I do think people should ask. Not asking is rude. But I don't think it makes the challenge closeworthy
(unless it's one of the three exceptions I mentioned)
@DJMcMayhem but still wouldn't it be difficult to draw a line between the "higher effort posts" and maybe trivial questions that someone still put a lot of effort into?
How often do people put a lot of effort into a question and then ignore it for several months?
It is and he should've asked and should do so in the future. It has lingered in there for 5 months, however, so I don't think there's strong attachment
@DJMcMayhem Many of my challenges were in the sandbox for multiple months if not years, just because I felt some final touch was missing.
3:29 PM
@DJMcMayhem I went and looked for my sandbox posts and uh, there's four from 2015 and five from 2016...
3:40 PM
let me ask on meta and see if we can find any good solutions
Q: What to do with a challenge that is a dupe of a sandboxed one?

flawrCurrently it seems it is not so clear what happens if person B posts a challenge that is a duplicate of another challenge person A had already sandboxed. While any user contributions on SE are licensed under CC BY-SA can legally be copied and altered if attribution is provided, I still think it...

I hope what I've written makes sense
@DJMcMayhem @Veskah @El'endiaStarman @Poke feel free ^
Personally, I'd be very happy if someone would fix the problems in my long-sandboxed challenges and post them.
Q: What to do with a challenge that is a dupe of a sandboxed one?

flawrCurrently it seems it is not so clear what happens if person B posts a challenge that is a duplicate of another challenge person A had already sandboxed. While any user contributions on SE are licensed under CC BY-SA can legally be copied and altered if attribution is provided, I still think it...

Sure, but I'd only feel happy if the person had talked to me first
And alternatively one could also point out those problems/improvements, like most people ususally also do with answers
4:07 PM
Didn't we have a collection of challenges somewhere that people voluntarily offered to give away for anyone to post?
@flawr We do, Secret Santa.
@Mr.Xcoder ah right, thanks for the link!
Np. Btw, about your meta answer: I feel like this should be the "moral" solution if the person who posted to main didn't bother to ask the original author. On the other hand, I think closing the challenge for two weeks would kinda kill it altogether (it would receive a lot less attention that way), so I'm not completely sure if this solution is 100% viable. (I didn't -1 though)
I don't have any solution
It's a rare problem
4:21 PM
Apart from letting it slide (but that wouldn't be good)
because we are supposed to close/vote on the content and only the content
Could anybody review my Malbolge tutorial so far?
5:17 PM
I recently came across this: observablehq.com/@elisk/ji-language . I haven’t looked into it much but it might be interesting for code-golfing. Posting it here in case anyone is interested.
@ComradeSparklePony seems interesting
6:04 PM
Is there a bearable way to use chat on an iPad?
i can’t even see what I am typing as the keyboard is over the text box
@Anush for me on android the text box moves up both in the mobile and desktop site (though in chrome it may require scrolling the page to get it in view, and i wouldn't be surprised if safari is to blame)
@Anush On iPad it seems that the text box moves up for me too
@dzaima Works on Safari for me
I am using chrome on the ipad
@A_ Please don't be obnoxious.
@Anush it's still safari under the hood though (afaik)
6:18 PM
24 messages moved to Trash
7:26 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Sriotchilism O'ZaicHow inprecise can we make floating points? Floating point numbers are known for being a little imprecise at times. In this challenge we are going to see how imprecise we can make them. Your answer will be a combination the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 by filling in arithmetic symbols defined...

3 hours later…
10:53 PM
Does anyone know if the C standard guarantees that int a; will initialize a to be 0?
I believe it does not
Good to know
I was told in Uni that it would not for C++
Although certain compilers may gaurentee it
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Value InkRound away from zero Inspired by Round towards zero. Given a real number input via any reasonable method, round the number "away from zero" - positive numbers round up, and negative numbers round down. why did i think this was a good idea Test cases -1.1 => -2 2.3 => 3 42.0 => 42 -99.9 =>...


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