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12:50 AM
well, the good news is that Windows didn't close my unsaved Notepad when it wanted to restart to install updates
the bad news is that it had already closed everything else first before realising that it couldn't restart
@Neil Windows automatically does that without your approval?
well, it first gives you a heads up that it's going to reboot, which you might catch if you're lucky, and gives you a chance to delay it by a few days, but if you forget when you delayed it to, then that's not helpful
1 hour later…
1:56 AM
@Neil Wait, so if you don't catch the heads-up, it just reboots?
2:08 AM
@Dennis Correct
That's... unacceptable.
There are ways around it, like having a program running that captures SIGTERM and prompts the user for interaction
Skype used to be a very effective reboot prevention method
Should I really need workarounds to be able to decide when my computer reboots?
Absolutely not. I'm just pointing out that they exist :P
No wonder people refuse to "upgrade" to Windows 10.
2:18 AM
The automatic restart behavior in 8 was very similar
I meant from 7. Nobody's using 8.
Nobody's using 8 by choice
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3 hours later…
6:30 AM
@primo New hole on code-golf.io, first 1000 digits of √2. Feels a bit too similar to Phi though...
6:48 AM
I was looking over my Perl 6 Happy Numbers solution and straight up just removed 3 characters
Like, not even refactoring, just "Do I need that? delete. works. Guess not..." >.<
7:24 AM
@JoKing nice!
i had a hard time matching Ton's 33...
ln(2) likely would have been more interesting than √2
Have you seen this? The next two constants will probably be difficult
3 hours later…
10:10 AM
@H.PWiz disappointing python solution is disappointing
maybe someone should open an issue about it
3 hours later…
12:55 PM
CMC: Given two lists A and B, return B reordered such that items of B that appear in A are moved to the end of B, but otherwise preserve their order of occurrence in B. E.g. A=[1,3], B=[3,1,4,1,5][4,5,3,1,1]
@Adám you mean ~,∩? :P
@EriktheOutgolfer That'll work :-)
@Adám fun fact: these three characters carry more information than the whole description of the CMC
@EriktheOutgolfer Yes, which is an example of where abstraction would just hurt readability. What would you call that train?
@Adám 05AB1E actually has a similar function, where you give it a list and an element and moves every occurrence of the given element to the start of the list, but its name ("Filter") doesn't fit exactly
in contrast, APL has 0D to 15D arrays, not just 1D "lists"
1:09 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Right, as a special CMC just for you (and any other APLers that may read this), try to make a version of that which will work for any rank (conforming) arguments (without using Extended, of course).
@Adám I assume that the raveled result should be equal to the result where the arguments are raveled?
like, (,A f B)≡(,A)f,B and ((,A)f,B)≡(,A)(~,∩),B or ((,A)f,B)≡(,B)(~,∩),A, and also (⍴A f B)≡⍴A
Q: Leading and Suffering Numbers

Kevin CruijssenIntroduction: In Dutch, the words leading and suffering, being 'leiden' and 'lijden' respectively, are pronounced the same way. One is written with a "short ei", and one with a "long ij", as we Dutchman would say, but both 'ei' and 'ij' are pronounced [ɛi]. Challenge: Given a list of numbers, ...

1:46 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer No, it should work on major cells.
4 hours later…
5:28 PM
Q: Yes Trump ! No Trump?

bizidenThe voting is done in various phases and media are on the edge of their seats covering the areas where elections are to be held. Exit polls are being conducted in the areas and public opinion is taken to predict the winner of the elections. People are also talking whether the Trump led Government...

6:14 PM
What's the easiest ( as in least code) way to draw i.stack.imgur.com/lAz5K.jpg ?
6:29 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Luis felipe De jesus MunozThinking of a name for this Given array of integers, return the sorted array using (I dont know if this really exist) the alternating sum test. Lets define the alternating sum as $$ f(a) =\sum_{i=0}^n a_i *(-1)^i $$ Where \$a\$ is the input array and \$i\$ is the index. The array is sorted...

maybe it makes a good challenge
6:47 PM
Q: The qvolume of an integer

don brightIt is ancient knowledge that every non-negative integer can be rewritten as the sum of four squared integers. For example the number 1 can be expressed as \$0^2+0^2+0^2+1^2\$. Or, in general, for any integer n, there exists integers a,b,c,d such that $$n = a^2+b^2+c^2+d^2$$ Joseph-Louis Lagrang...

3 hours later…
9:47 PM
Q: Undertaker or Yokozuna Title

bizidenTwo fierce fighters, who will win. Let's predict. In a famous series of battles, where Undertaker is going to save his title against the fierce Yokozuna. The battles are organized in various rounds and tournaments across the world. In order, to keep the title Undertaker should fit into the c...


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