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12:48 AM
Q: Convert alphanumeric (base-36) sentences into hexadecimal (base-16) sentences

DrQuariusI use "sentence" here loosely to mean "any sequence of words separated by spaces" and "words" to mean "sequences of alphanumeric (hexatrigesimal) characters unseparated by spaces". Conversion is from base-36 (0123456789abcdefg...) or (0123456789ABCDEFG...) Conversion to base-16 (0123456789abc...

1:20 AM
@DJMcMayhem Generic algorithm generation: given m, n, and k at runtime, generate a program that can beat 80% of the other competitors. Shortest program in bytes wins
I am really loving Dlang
I should make that a challenge ^^
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ nice
Something like that, anyway
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ But wait, wouldn't people's answers be randomly invalidated due to some other answer a year later that makes the other answer fail the requirement (beat 80% of the other competitors.)
@MilkyWay90 Well, wouldn't that just mean their answer isn't good?
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ But it'd be annoying, right?
My idea is to make the winning criteria KotH
2 hours later…
3:15 AM
CMC: Given a floating point number r representing a radius, consider the circle with radius r centered at the origin. Return a list of lattice points that lie within the circle but which have Von Neumann neighbors that do not. You must do this in O(N) time.
@EsolangingFruit What is a Von Neumann neighbor?
@MilkyWay90 Neighbors above and below and to the left and right.
3:36 AM
@EsolangingFruit So basically points in the circumference of the circle?
Yes, the points will enclose the circle.
4:23 AM
Not very throughly golfed, but 141 bytes
n=>{for(int i=0;i<n*n;i++)if(i/n*(i/n)+i%n*i%n<n*n&&"".Any(x=>(i%n+x%6-4)*(i%n+x%6-4)+(i/n+x%5-2)*(i/n+x%5-2)>n*n))WriteLine((i/n,i%n));}
Actually 137, n=>{for(int i=0;i<n*n;i++)if(i/n*(i/n)+i%n*i%n<n*n&&"".Any(x=>(i%n+x%6-4)*(i%n+x%6-4)+(i/n+x%5-2)*(i/n+x%5-2)>n*n))WriteLine((i/n,i%n));}
I mean n=>{for(int i=0;i<n*n;i++)if(i/n*(i/n)+i%n*i%n<n*n&&"".Any(x=>(i%n+x%6-4)*(i%n+x%6-4)+(i/n+x%5-2)*(i/n+x%5-2)>n*n))Print((i/n,i%n));}
6 hours later…
10:24 AM
^ That's obviously at least n^2. Invalid.
@EsolangingFruit so, midpoint circle algorithm?
5 hours later…
3:07 PM
@EsolangingFruit do u have test case?
3:46 PM
... who was removed?
4:13 PM
Q: Massive user removal in one night?

Graviton I woke up this morning to find that I suffered massive drop in points across network because of lots of users were removed . What happened to those users? Was there a database cleanup?

ah, well if they were in fact fraudulent votes then I guess I wasn't entitled to them anyway
@Neil You can't be sure if they vote on random posts to try to make their activity seems legit.
3 hours later…
7:39 PM
A: Massive user removal in one night?

animusonThere's no such thing as a database cleanup that would affect reputation, because we don't automatically delete profiles that have voted. One or more users deleted their profiles, and there's really not anything further we can discuss about the topic for privacy reasons.


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