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1:50 AM
Q: Generate an Image with an Article Headline, Source and a Custom Logo

Siege ReelsI would like to see if there is a way to write a small app, which will allow me to input a URL of an article or enter a RSS link into it and generate a 1:1 aspect ratio post picture (pulled from the article) and add 3 custom elements to the picture (as in the example I have attached): 1) My logo ...

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4:33 AM
@Anush There's a hidden OoB error - at the first iteration of the last loop i-1 == -1.
4 hours later…
8:10 AM
Q: Thinking Hat..!

Rajat RajRohan was asked to solve the following problem: for any given permutation in range(1,2,3...n), rohan calculates two values s1 and s2. where, s1 = number of pairs(i , j) in that permutation such that i < j and perm[i] > perm[j] and s2 = sum(max(0 , i - perm[i])) where perm[i] is the value present ...

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11:36 AM
@Anush you're right. change the range(len(a)+1) to range(1,len(a)+1)
oh wait, ninja'd
11:50 AM
@ASCII-only I feel that should really be fixed given it's meant to be definitive code
@Anush just edit it yourself then :P
"You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:

You must confirm your email address before editing pages. "
boring :)
@ExpiredData that's perfectly fine - just frowned upon
@Anush rip :/
I am wondering if we could have a juggling challenge on ppcg. You have two pinball style flippers and a ball is dropped vertically on to one of them
11:54 AM
the flippers have to move to juggle the ball backwards and forwards
@Anush done
not the juggling I assume ;)
@Anush hmm?
@ASCII-only that's cool
@ASCII-only go on
@Anush what would input/output be
11:56 AM
@ASCII-only does it need input? I suppose the score is the number of flips until the juggling fails
it's not a trivial task
well how exactly would the juggling work
oh the input is where the ball is dropped I dropped
what variables are there
how does the physics work
@ASCII-only when a ball hits a flipper it bounces off using normal physics depending on the angle of the flipper. That is angle of incidence is angle of reflection I think
"normal physics"?
11:57 AM
say the flippers only have two speed. moving or stationary
what about gravity
@ASCII-only right.. there is gravity
I feel like you would be able to solve it for an infinite score?
otherwise you can't juggle :)
yeah right now it isn't well defined :/
11:58 AM
@ExpiredData maybe...I suppose the first answer would win then. But I am not sure that is easy
@ASCII-only gravity is quite well defined :)
will there be friction?
@ExpiredData I think not
if not I think there might be an equilibrium point with the flippers
@Anush it's also much too complicated to put into a challenge
where you just keep them there and the ball goes round them, obviously you'd have to work out how to get the ball to equilibrium
11:59 AM
like this but simpler youtube.com/watch?v=EuXhUC3TS_s
that is that but with one ball and no obstacles and no walls
if you made it codegolf and challenge is to never let the ball drop might work better
yeah you'll need to define things like speed of gravity, motion of flippers and things like that
since i think it will not be hard to keep ball up forever
@ExpiredData oh you don't think it will be hard?
like... where are the flippers at time t
and also that simulation takes into account movement of flippers
12:01 PM
@ASCII-only in what sense?
meaning reflecting off the flippers is quite a bit more complicated then angle of incidence = angle of reflection
yeah does it transfer momentum
since the flippers themselves are also moving (i.e. transferring momentum)
@ASCII-only I guess you are right. But hopefully not too complicated
do flippers have acceleration
12:02 PM
@ExpiredData I think not.. just speed 1 or 0
yeah, that'd be simpler
of course if it's too simple we can add more balls :)
but one ball would already be fun I think if the input is the position it is dropped to start with
nah simpler is better :P
maybe not fun, but certainly it would already be interesting
12:04 PM
I also really want to pose this on ppcg as codegolf challenge open.kattis.com/problems/towers
it's a really nice question
maybe a chat room challenge :)
@ASCII-only I have no idea how to specify the graphical side of the question to satisfy the ppcg requirements
so I don't think I will actually pose the pinball challenge sadly unless someone would like to help
@Anush well i'd recommend against graphics at all
@ASCII-only so how would it work?
pinball without graphics?
can you explain?
you can simulate it without displaying it after all
i mean... is the challenge not to automatically play pinball?
12:07 PM
really to juggle the ball
there is more to pinball than that
well yeah, but my point is, there's no user input needed, so why would you need graphical output :P
how would you know it is working?
there is user input. The position the ball is dropped at to start with
@Anush the output would be the timings, right?
then just have a verifier program that takes the timings as input
I guess so
if anyone can work out a solution to the kattis puzzle above I would love to see it
lol Mathematica can't handle it (by default, at least)
12:21 PM
@ASCII-only right! That's why it's a really cool question
you can't just evaluate them
100^100^100... is a really really big number
it's a regular occurrence once you get to harder difficulties on this kind of website
Project Euler, for example
true.. I just like this one in particular
the trick has to be to take logs repeatedly
but getting it right looks interesting
well, not necessarily taking logs
but yeah, some way of basically decreasing the magnitude
12:22 PM
I think it could make a good ppcg question.
but writing the test cases looks hard without a solution
even 100^100^100^100^100 is too big for a computer
1:22 PM
or 100^100^100 in fact
2:03 PM
@Adám I've submitted a pull request from Brachylog's language bar. I've changed two symbols in the code page recently.
2 hours later…
4:23 PM
Thanks everyone for being so supportive RE: my grad school stuff. I didn't expect 23 stars.
@PhiNotPi I'm a little envious tbh. I skipped University to jump right into the programming workforce, which I don't regret, but it's on my bucket list to attempt a PhD
to celebrate you can give us a solution to open.kattis.com/problems/towers :)
4:48 PM
Q: I am having trouble trying to understand what my professor needs me to do

Tavia Baisy After reading the n+1 values, there will be one more integer (k) read from the keyboard. Search the array for the value k. If found, print the location where k was found. (1 = data value, n = last data value). If k is not found, print "not found". This is not an error. If there are more than one...

5:20 PM
@Fatalize Thanks. Pulled. What happens to existing code?
@Adám as long as the old version is available somewhere, by ppcg standards it's fine
@dzaima Sure, I know that, but all the TIO links…
@Adám it seems the changes didn't remove/change existing functionality, just added new chars replacing unused ones
@dzaima Oh, I see.
6:30 PM
Bleh, posting an answer that technically works but uses a garbo method
6:46 PM
@Skidsdev I suppose it depends on what you want to do. I'm getting my PhD in computational neuroscience because I want a career in neuroscientific research. Computer science has never been my primary area of study and I never intend on joining "the programming workforce."
As I understand it, the things that you get out of a PhD are (1) the ability to write grants and independently author papers, (2) the content you learn in your classes, (3) the dissertation itself, and (4) teaching experience and other experience that preps you for an academic job.
@PhiNotPi and the title itself can also have some impact in totally unrelated areas
(5) credibility that comes with being called "doctor"
trust me, I'm an engineer doctor
btw is this common that you can go from undergrad straight into a phd program?
Yes in the US.
It might have an effect on program length though? Maybe PhDs are different lengths in countries where a Masters is required. Overall I'm looking at 4 years undergrad + 5 years (planned) for PhD.
But anyways... if you look at that list and realize only one of those things is important to you, then it's probably not worth getting a PhD. Especially in comp sci, there's lots of ways to learn advanced content and get your name on papers without doing a whole PhD program. But if you want to get a high-ranking position in the research division of a big tech company, then those other skills matter.
Finally... I think the phrase "attempt a PhD" is a poor choice of words. As Yoda (who is CGI and therefore qualified regarding computational subjects) says: "do or do not, there is no try."
7:07 PM
@PhiNotPi at least in my country it isn't really limited how long it takes you to get whatever degree you're aiming for (there is a hard limit of like 15 semesters or so) - and there is also not such a big pressure to finish quickly as tuition is relatively low and for a phd the limit is usally determined by the funds:)
@PhiNotPi Ack, my Frank Oz-loving heart.
@PhiNotPi 2 and 5 are my focus points
Can one get a PHD in code-golf so I can call myself a "golf-doctor"?
@flawr yeah it's pretty common in the scientific fields for sure. The way it was explained to me when I was applying for Stat PhD programs was, it's typically 4 semesters of foundational coursework, followed by a comprehensive exam, which grants you a Master's degree when you pass. Then your focus is on research until you finish your thesis; most places I interviewed at said 4-6 years with 5 being around the "usual" length.
@DJMcMayhem PhDPCG
or PPCGhD?
7:27 PM
Better than a PhPCG
Dr. Golf, PhDPCG.
@DJMcMayhem oh god
what have you done
1 hour later…
8:41 PM
When @Riker is hiding from his mod responsibilities:
9:15 PM
@flawr I miss my boxer :c they're great
1 hour later…
10:31 PM
@flawr I'm in this photo and I don't like it
Let me guess: You're not the dog?
no, I'm the weird broom-plant next to the door
ah right, looks very fluffy
11:02 PM
@Riker found you
man I wish I had video editing skills like that
If you had my video editing skills you would almost surely be worse at editing videos than you are now.
11:30 PM
@flawr hah, beautiful

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