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12:59 AM
i put neovim inside stack exchange chat
1:40 AM
@HyperNeutrino You might actually be able to do it in stack cats since stack cats programs are mirrors not palindromes.
Unfortunately this challenge is utterly impossible in languages like BrainFlak :( I like this challenge though :D (also stackcats) — HyperNeutrino Nov 8 at 23:34
1:52 AM
can someone please screenshot the PPCG memes post? I am unable to see it because of rep requirement changes
@WheatWizard Oh, right. Whoops, I don't know how I didn't think about that especially IMMEDIATELY after I was JUST talking about how it wouldn't be possible in BrainFlak because of the mirror vs palindrome issue :/
@dkudriavtsev I highly doubt SE or the mods would be particularly overjoyed with me screenshotting hidden content and posting it publicly when the whole point in the rep limit is so that it's not available publicly...
Q: In Flanders Fields

HyperNeutrinoToday is November 11th, which for many regions is Remembrance Day. If you don't know anything about the history or context of Remembrance Day, you can read about it in the wiki page, but it's not relevant for this challenge. In Flanders Fields is a poem that is pretty well-known relating to thi...

@HyperNeutrino I was previously able to see it though. with the site graduation i lost that ability
Oh right they did that.
Hm. Wait this means I don't have the max perm level anymore lol. I think the top level is just stats anyway? idk
I still don't think moderation ability should be correlated with ability to golf code well
2:07 AM
I feel like all of SE's design and model decisions just sort of barely make sense when it's PPCG or Puzzling and not a standard Q+A.
8 hours later…
10:30 AM
Q: Size Does Matter (at least referring to bottles)

CorsakaIntroduction I have an even number of bottles, all of different sizes. Unfortunately, I only know the size of the smallest bottle: 300ml. I also know the following: Half of the bottles are twice the size of the other half, meaning that the smallest small bottle and the smallest large bottle a...

3 hours later…
1:57 PM
Oh, RIP Stack Exchange
2:07 PM
Annnnd we're back
2:41 PM
@Veskah That’s a valid message even outside of maintenance time tbh
3:27 PM
@WheatWizard so what does that show about the existence of an algorithm to compute the complexity for a language less powerful than a TM?
@dkudriavtsev how did you do it?
3 hours later…
6:16 PM
@KritixiLithos assuming there's a "best" time-complexity-computable language led to a contradiction => there isn't one. Though the proof does rely on every language being extendable, which might be callable circular reasoning?
@PhiNotPi a very important question - is there any limit to how long can the complexity calculator take? :p
6:30 PM
@dzaima so the question is does such an algorithm exist for LOOP?
@dzaima why would the running time of the algorithm matter? unless you're joking
@KritixiLithos Well do you want it before or after the heat death of the universe?
if it halts I don't care when it finishes
@KritixiLithos it's not that hard to define a language whose source code is a turing machine and an equation for the max amount of steps it can take which doubles as the complexity, the problem is in the specification for that equation, which might not be always describable if limited to a non-turing-complete system
having to evaluate the complexity when running any program would mean the complexity calculation must itself take less time than its result, hmm
6:48 PM
@dzaima ah nice model, but I don't understand why it might not be describable
@KritixiLithos what format for describing the equation would you propose that would allow for describing O(TREE(n)) without a built-in?
@KritixiLithos yeah
2 hours later…
8:29 PM
Well. This room seems quite dead compared to days (years?) gone by :(
Hiya Bigtoes. Yeah, some days are more quiet than others, and it seems to be trailing more into quietness, too.
No more Penguin and Menace, I see.
indeed :(
Well hell
8:45 PM
Damn shame
I blame myself. Obviously, my lack of presence has had a devastating impact on morale
You have brought ruin upon us
Not sure what an appropriate punishment would be for this transgression. Obviously exile wouldn't solve anything.
oh hey it's geobits
Exile would only make the problem worse
8:50 PM
i'm amoosed that you're back
"Back" is a strong word ;)
Something along those lines, sure
It's an internal audit of chat practices, assigned by SE Central. I'm going to need all your notes and/or scribbles regarding the last year of chat.
9:06 PM
SE Central? Sounds ominous.
Super ominous. On a side note, I smell burning paper and hear shredders working. I certainly hope those aren't notes and/or scribbles.
9:34 PM
what an udderly ridiculous accusation
9:45 PM
Howdy everyone!
Is that "A_"
No, not at all.
hmm... what did your name used to be
It's always been Jono2906...
not ringing a bell

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