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12:14 AM
Q: ASCII Expansion

sugarfiIntroduction Every number can be represented as ASCII. For example, \$0\$ comes in ASCII is \$48\$, \$1\$ is \$49\$, and so on. Using this method of translating numbers to other numbers, it is possible to infinitely expand a number, by replacing all its digits with their ASCII values and doing t...

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6:59 AM
Q: Keyboard spell word mysterious subtract 1

LiondancerThis code produces the "path" to spell out a word in an alphabet of a certain width. For example, with width of 4, the alphabet is like so a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z and to spell "dog" the path produced (starting from a) is R R R ! L D D D ! U U ! where ! is to select...

7:19 AM
Q: Generate square sub-matrices of 1's

jaaqBack again, stealing another question from stackoverflow. You are given a list of integers >= 0. Generate in order square 1-matrices where the side length is given by the list entry of the current index and fill the rest with 0s. So given a list 2,4,1,3 print this to stdout: 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ...

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A _
10:01 AM
tio is ten in Swedish.
It's also Uncle in Spanish
10:43 AM
And in Portuguese.
@WheatWizard I've posted the Klein quine at 330 bytes
@A_ Are you Swedish?
2 hours later…
12:28 PM
Man, perl can do some straight witchcraft
12:46 PM
@Veskah E.g.?
@NewMainPosts So, is anyone going to make that into a challenge or ... ?
@Adám codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/194746/78849 Mostly how wicked strong its regex engine is
1:14 PM
Yeah, just saw that. Well done
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AdmBorkBorkShifted Alphabet Spelling (based on this deleted question) Take the English alphabet a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z, and split it into chunks of X width, padding any leftover lines with spaces if necessary for your language. For example, splitting it into width 4 results in...

1:42 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

The random guyASCII Sum of your code Encoding is nice, adding things is also nice. Let's do both ! Your task will be to create a program that read itself, convert every of its character into ASCII values and return the sum of those numbers. Example Let's say your program is Hello, world !. Convert every ch...

Feel free to ping me for things needing moderator intervention.
@mods Uh, I don't think your new username is well-intended. Same goes for @all. I'd advise you to change it before you get in trouble.
What will happen if I don't change it? (I am currently trying to change it though.)
@mods The mods may roll it back.
I don't think you can change you name so often.
Ha ha, memed on yourself
1:55 PM
@A_ Are you by any chance russian?
@Fatalize I am not quite sure, I need A _ to come here to answer this question.
@Adám Indeed. I rolled back my username.
@mods Uh, no you didn't.
I mean on the website. I guess it will take some time to load into the chat.
@Fatalize Nope, I am not Russian.
2:16 PM
honestly it's to his own detriment if people ping him. don't shame him for the name change
A _
@Poke This in fact helps me stay on the site and answer questions (saving time for useful stuff) instead of wandering around the Internet and wasting time.
If I get pinged at midnight I will realize that I need to answer questions on the site.
sure ok
The way you write your messages suspiciously sounds like Zyabin a few years ago
but that’s probably me…
i remember him
interesting lad
A _
ladder = a piece of equipment for climbing up and down a wall
I can infer that the verb form is to climb up and down.
2:26 PM
Suspicious dodging of the subject with fairly non-sensical discussion
A _
So a lad is someone who climbs up and down.
That's exactly what I meant
A _
@Fatalize Suspiciousy trying to guess what is happening now.
What makes you say that
2:28 PM
I mean your account is 9 months old so there’s no way you would know who they were
I think he left the site before you joined
You might be on to something, Fatalize
Anyway, your last few messages really make it seem like you’re them. Which is fine btw, I don’t care. I also don’t care whether you deny or reveal yourself, or if I’m totally mistaken
Also, suspicious deletion of a message, which is something Zyabin used to do all the time :p
A _
What should we call it? Deletion-spamming?
Scrollback mutilation is my vote
A _
@Fatalize I would be glad if that is you.
(Is that scrollback mutilation?)
2:33 PM
I was only referencing deleting chat messages. I think it's a silly feature
I actually quite like the ability to link previous chat messages in order to respond to someone
I like it better than slack/Teams threads
I like most things better than Teams, though
Thanks for another frustrating product, Microsoft
It seems like you're trying to annoy him now with excessive pings. That is something I suggest you stop
Seems perfectly in line with what I remember tbh :p
He might have his sound off and not care, but why take the risk
Glad to have you back (if I’m really right and you’re not trolling)
@Poke I do. SE chat ping message sound gives me heart attacks
A _
I play the sound repetitively whenever I am solving a challenge.
I'm on my work lappy. The sound is almost always off for me too
A _
2:40 PM
It makes me concentrate better.
^ weird
@Fatalize BWONG
6 messages moved to Trash
A _
@Poke Playing the ping sound repetitively makes me relate to traveling in outer space, especially when I play it 2.0x. (And it is rather rhythmic.)
2:54 PM
A _
3:11 PM
: 52259178 They were definitely nouns.
Does anyone have experience with BF-Crunch? It claims to have found a 45-byte program, but doesn't show me the full program, only the initial segment and a path. I can see what kind of pointer move commands I'd need to follow the path, but from what I can tell, BF-crunch doesn't output the tape right after running the initial segment, so I don't know how much to increment/decrement each cell by. How do I reconstruct the full program from its output?
A _
Is there a link for BF-Crunch?
3:30 PM
You could ask @primo
I figured it out by reading its source code, the tape segment in the 3rd line of the output starts at the smallest used offset. I wrote a python script to convert the results to a full program, I can upload it somewhere if anyone's interested
@randomdude999 You need need to run the tape segment through a brainfuck debugger, then create the rest of the code by hand.
well, i just made a python script that doesn't do that, and it seems to work, so...
Yeah, you ninja'd my response.
now back to shortening that polyglot of 16 languages...
3:37 PM
@randomdude999 I'd happily have a program for that.
in the first line, enter the exact text you ran bfcrunch with, and then copy-paste the 3 lines of output from bfcrunch in the correct order (and press enter after the last one)
Cool. Thanks!
3:53 PM
Java bashing CMC: In Java, read a line from stdin, then call bash with the entered command, then print the result of that command.
4:24 PM
Ruby: puts `#{gets}`
(caveat: it calls the containing shell, not necessarily bash)
what's a CMC?
chat mini-challenge
in python that would be import os; print(os.system(input()))
The challenge was actually for Java only, but since we're at it; APL, 4 bytes: ⎕SH⍞ Try it online!
4:53 PM
V or vim, 6 bytes: D!!<C-r>"<CR>
Perl, also 4 bytes: `$_`
wait no that doesn't print
7 bytes
CMC: Write a program that prints any string. Submit a poorly golfed version of that program, and keep a well golfed version hidden. If another user is able to golf your public submission, your submission is cracked. An uncracked submission is worth len(public code) - len(private code)
You do not need to publicly state any details (including the length) of your hidden submission, but you may choose to do so if you want.
Hmm ... I don't know of a way to golf "string" ...
5:08 PM
@DJMcMayhem it seems like seeded prngs break this challenge
Yeah, cryptographic functions break every CnR
I'm pretty sure that's literally a banned loophole
is it? There goes my submission.
I'm not certain but I feel like I read that on meta somewhere
print "31bca02094eb78126a517b206a88c73cfa9ec6f704c7030d18212cace820f025f00bf0ea68dbf3f3a5436ca63b53bf7bf80ad8d5de7d8359d0b7fed9dbc3ab99"
print "4dff4ea340f0a823f15d3f4f01ab62eae0e5da579ccb851f8db9dfe84c58b2b37b89903a740e1ee172da793a6e79d560e5f7f9bd058a12a280433ed6fa46510a"
print "3c11e4f316c956a27655902dc1a19b925b8887d59eff791eea63edc8a05454ec594d5eb0f40ae151df87acd6e101761ecc5bb0d3b829bf3a85f5432493b22f37"
print "74a49c698dbd3c12e36b0b287447d833f74f3937ff132ebff7054baa18623c35a705bb18b82e2ac0384b5127db97016e63609f712bc90e3506cfbea97599f46f"
Hint: require'digest';0.upto(10){|l|print Digest::SHA2.new(512).hexdigest(something)};0
5:20 PM
my submission: e2 30 a0 ff 62 09 00 c8 b3 01 99 00 00 d0 f8 60 68 69 00
65816 machine code, outputs the string "hi" at memory $0000 (with null terminator)
what does that run on
a 65816 CPU
which was used inside the SNES, so you can run it in a SNES emulator
5:21 PM
65816, really? I at least gave you a fighting chance! :P
@JohnDvorak look, i gotta abuse this advantage until the other snes hackers start visiting this place
sure :D
@JohnDvorak Golfed by 76 bytes:
If I could figure out how to post the link
Fair win
@DJMcMayhem lol, ruby doesn't have a special meaning for """
this just concatenates the empty string with that giant block of text with the empty string
5:25 PM
he wrote it in python though
but it still produces the correct output :P
Yep. Invalid cop submission. Wrong language.
You never specified a language
And it still produces the correct output lol
It clearly wasn't python though :P
that is valid python 2 code, actually
your hint was in ruby but the code itself may aswell be py2
5:28 PM
Are cops really allowed to switch languages?
close-vote the answer as unclear
ugh, how do you post those really long tio links without having the message be too long
@randomdude999 He was giving a Ruby hint to throw us off the trail :P
@randomdude999 Shift-enter to make it a multiline message
Unless you're on mobile in which case RIP in peace
here's my golf of it in actual ruby, 82 bytes shorter than original
Are Ruby strings multiline by default?
5:32 PM
i've never actually written any code in ruby
@DJMcMayhem string literals can contain newlines, yes
just noticed that the original didn't even have any linebreaks. 9 bytes shorter again for a total of 91
btw, my golfed 65816 solution is 9 bytes, the one i posted is 19
*10 bytes with the return opcode too
4 hours later…
A _
9:56 PM
@DJMcMayhem Really easy one to golf.
so do we consider the CnR to be over now?
A _
(There are some side effects in the golfed program.)
side effects similar to running it through google translate? though that looks like actual welsh, not translated hashes
A _
Side-effects that does not output the string individually.
SPOILER: After including a library a string will be outputted automatically.

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