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12:00 AM
@LuisMendo No problem, just noticed it while browsing
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1:00 AM
@flawr Lisp. Specifically MAC or Franz Lisp. Because of significant events around 1970, many programs written at that time still run today, unmodified. Granted, on ITS emulators, but still. Binaries as well as source code, still alive and kicking.
Franz is a later example that even if ITS were to be forgotten, could still run MAC programs with minor modifications. Since BSD has maintained binary and syscall compatiblity back to the v0.x days, Franz can still be run on BSD versions released weeks ago (v8 in NetBSD's case). Plus both MAC and Franz reference manuals have been archived, annotated, preserved and updated for the past 50 years. They're not going anywhere.
KMP has some relevant words re: the future: github.com/PDP-10/its/issues/1493#issuecomment-494053098
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2:24 AM
of course this is how I break 4k rep
2:38 AM
@dkudriavtsev Define "how rotated"?
you get the angles of the hour hand and second hand
and you need to find the angle of rotation of the whole clock
there will be a few variants for each position
this might not work too well though, at least on PPCG
3:05 AM
I don't see why it wouldn't work so long as the specification is thorough
Sounds like a great challenge
Could the input also just be the angle between the two hands?
3:33 AM
@UnrelatedString No. For example, you can rotate the clock to any angle and still have the hands with zero angle between them
But if the input is "Both hands are pointing straight down (180°) then the clock must be rotated to one specific angle
Oh, yeah, lol
5 hours later…
8:27 AM
@LeakyNun A proof that your sequence stops at 9719 (for this challenge). I’m guessing you had something similar? Would have been cool to have it in the challenge description
(Also who are you going to give the bounty to? Erik waited literally years for it but he doesn’t have the shortest answer anymore :p)
@Fatalize well the OEIS sequence stops at 9719 and it is full
and I gave the bounty to the new guy
That was your proof? that OEIS said "full"? ಠ_ಠ
@Fatalize it was 3 years ago and I have no idea what I thought
Wait… I said 2 years late when it was 3 years late ಠ_ಠ
And I said "almost" even though it was october already and it was posted in august
brain not functional apparently
Oh wait nevermind it’s because Erik posted in october 2017, more than a year after the challenge was posted
(brain not functional)²
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9:38 AM
ioccc.org/years.html#2019 The source code for the winners of the 26th IOCCC has been released.
@b_jonas thanks!
how do you actually download the source of e.g. ioccc.org/2019/mills/hint.html ?
I can't find the link
@mınxomaτ are needles so much easier to find in a straw stack than in a hay stack? :D
@b_jonas that code is pretty special!
2 hours later…
12:33 PM
what's the new abbreviation for ppcg?
ah :)
I wonder if the awesomeness of cgcc/ppcg answers has objectively been increasing over the years
A _
12:58 PM
That tends to happen when more experienced users are using CGCC/PPCG.
1:24 PM
@A_ right... I thought the answers to codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/194229/… and codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/194056/… were amazing in different ways
anyone here happen to know how to use scipy minimize?
It is driving me crazy
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3:57 PM
Q: Credits usage to make selections

Sushma WinxI have Question: Total Budget is 100 credits. I have a1 =10,a2 = 10,a3 =5,a4 = 4,a5 = 2,a6 = 2 If i want to select only a1 using 100 I can choose for 10 times, like a2 10 times, a3 20 times, a4 25 times, a5 50 times and a6 50 times If user Selected a1 5 times using 50 credits. the reaming 50 c...

4:09 PM
StackOverflow is not for code writing service, but you can ask this type of questions on CodeGolf, please post it on a: codegolf.stackexchange.comSandeep Kokate 7 hours ago
All you have to add to any question is "Shortest answer in bytes wins"
@Veskah It also makes any answer utterly useless to the asker :'-)
4:44 PM
Last night, I dreamt that I was forcibly removed as a mod here
That was kind of weird
5:00 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AdmBorkBorkMake a haystack (with a needle) code-golf ascii-art (Essentially the inverse of Find the needle in the haystack) Given two tuples, (w, h) and (x, y), generate a haystack composed of a single random printable ASCII character of w width and h height with a needle made of a different random print...

5:21 PM
user image
i fixed today's smbc
@Doorknob The last 40 years have not been wasted
@Doorknob is the original comic about matrix multiplication?
yes lol
Can someone explain the matrix multiplication thing
Because I looked at the original and only got meaningless numbers out of it
@Pavel see the chart here
5:33 PM
ah ty
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8:04 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Purple PDraw the flag of Tennessee The flag of Tennessee is specified by chapter 498 of the Public Acts of 1905. An oblong flag or banner in length one and two thirds times its width, the large or principal field of same to be of color red, but said flag or banner ending at its free or outer end in ...

@DJMcMayhem Crap, how did you figure out our plan? :P

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