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1:01 PM
I still haven't sat down and watched RvB through. I really should, though
1:22 PM
Alright, I'm still puzzled by your comment about the dialogue (which is a bit rough in the beginning), @undergroundmonorail, so I want to ask, how far did you get?
Q: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 = 2016 function

rybo111As a spin-off to my challenge over at Puzzling, your goal is to create a function that returns 2016 when it is passed this exact string in its entirety, including spaces: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Use as few amount of Unicode characters as possible. Your code must not feature any numbers. You may w...

I think I'm just upvoting the entire first page of the Best of 2015 answers. They're all good ideas so far
Ok that last comment turned out to be disingenuous, but I think I'm done voting for now, not least because I'm running out of votes after all that.
1:50 PM
@orlp dis look shopd
@MartinBüttner you can tell by the pixels?
I can smell it.
my life is a lie
both are real
1:54 PM
what a weird character
Unicode Character 'LEFT PARENTHESIS LOWER HOOK' (U+239D)
@MartinBüttner I know
I didn't.
here's a moon: ⦅
to screw with lisp users: ⦅

@Sherlock9 it wasn't super far, i should probably give it another shot sometime
2:02 PM
@orlp Mini-challenge there ... "Here at Acme Corporation, our code review team insists on clearly legible parentheses, so they all must be replaced as such"
@undergroundmonorail I recommend it. Also, I have a question. I have a bunch of things on my docket, including but not limited to One Punch Man, Miraculous Ladybug, Anna Karenina, Feynman's Lectures on Physics, Landau and Lifshitz's Course on Theoretical Physics, two dozen webcomics to catch up on, and school starting on Monday. How far up my priority list should I put binge-watching RvB?
This guy can't see the "Yes, that solved my problem" button on the "app". Is that a bug?
@Rainbolt nothing. Im on the app tho — Hurricane996 54 secs ago
no clue. the apps are a bit limited when it comes to fancy things like close votes.
(well, the Android app is, I've never used the iOS app I think)
2:18 PM
iOS app can do close votes now.
2:42 PM
I just released Retina 0.7.2. See the CHANGELOG for details. In short, T-mode got some useful improvements and I've added new substitution syntax so we can finally do unary <-> decimal conversion in a flexible way. (cc @mbomb007, @NinjaBearMonkey, @randomra, @Sp3000, @TheNumberOne, @Dennis, @DigitalTrauma)
Time to golf FizzBuzz.
@MartinBüttner could add some tutorial/guide to run retina with mono?
I've never installed it on Mono.
@Dennis might be able to help.
where does the name retina come from
I was actually trying to come up with an acronym, but failed. the things I came up with were similar to the word "retina" though, so I ended up picking it without ever finding a good meaning for it as an acronym, because I liked the word.
@orlp If you already have mono, there isn't a lot to say. Just prepend mono to your Retina command.
For some of the features, you need Mono 4.0 though.
2:51 PM
@Dennis wait, mono runs .exes?
@Dennis oh, I thought it compiled C# into native linux binaries
You can use mono to compile C#, but it will still generate an .exe that you'll have to run with mono. If there's another way, I don't know it.
I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It's just common sense.
I think orlp just snapped.
@Dennis @orlp IIRC, compiled C# .exe's aren't Windows binaries at all, but just .NET Intermediate Language binaries that have the same extension, and Windows is able to determine whether to run an .exe natively or using .NET. So while it's called .exe, it's not much different from a .jar or something, so it would actually be weird if it created a different binary on Unix than on Windows.
3:05 PM
@MartinBüttner TIL, weird as hell
How is this weird, that's the whole point of IL being a standard. Though .NET 4.6.1 introduced some x64 specific features Mono hasn't even remotely implemented.
In fact, anything >.NET4 throws many many warnings in MoMA
@mınxomaτ IL?
intermediate language
byte code, basically
The IL with an PE32 header is called MSIL.
Mono doesn't have to, but supports MSIL assemblies.
The obvious con of IL is that it can be decompiled to the 1:1 (or at least 95%) original C# source.
3:20 PM
I thought the obfuscator does a fairly decent job?
There is no standard obfuscator.
That I know of.
oh, I thought Dotfuscator was the standard
It would introduce a huge overhead to the (just recently improved) JIT anyway. I always cringe when someone implements a license activation system in a .NET language, because it can be cracked immediately (obfuscated or not, you still get C# or VB code, and a working VS solution). The way to go for sensitive code is native code.
Has there been a reversible source code obfuscator challenge?
3:28 PM
@trichoplax how would that work?
let's oil the car
I was thinking like this but as a golf and for code instead of images, and the code still has to run in scrambled form:
Q: Rearrange pixels in image so it can't be recognized and then get it back

SomniumCreate a program which can rearrange pixels in image so it can't be recognized. However your program should able to convert it back to original image. You can write two functions - for encoding and decoding, however one function which applied repeatedly gives original image (example in math - f(...

Knallerfrauen is a German sketch comedy series first aired in 2011. The series stars actress Martina Hill in the main role. The sketches are unrelated and frequently depict absurd situations, often without any dialog. The jokes are similar in part to the French sketch comedy series Vous les femmes. Knallerfrauen was so popular in China that a Chinese version was produced. == ContentEdit == Martina Hill plays herself in various scenes of everyday life. The humor usually arises from the contrast of its occurrence and the more anarchic everyday reactions of the other protagonists. == CastEdit == ...
Might have to be a popularity contest though, depending on whether "sufficiently obfuscated" can be well defined.
@trichoplax using packed strings in Pyth or base encoding in CJam it seems a bit trivial
@MartinBüttner Oh well... I don't suppose taking a key as an additional input would improve things?
not really
although of course, that is not well obfuscated for a human who knows the language
Also obfuscation is just time-consuming, never hard.
@mınxomaτ Isn't it possible to securely obfuscate, so code can be run but never reverse engineered?
@trichoplax No.
3:38 PM
I thought I saw something about it somewhere - I'll see if I can find it
Cause that would be encryption. But for the binary to work, you'd have to have the(/all) keys at access, which would in turn make the encryption obsolete.
Also reverse engineering != deobfuscation.
No I meant it would run without needing to decrypt it. I may be misremembering (it's one of my skills) so I'll look it up
@mınxomaτ depends
When it runs, the code evauluates something to something else. Which you can always do by hand. Hard, but not impossible.
@mınxomaτ white-box cryptography is still an active research area
3:44 PM
@orlp Even if, it would still be non effective. It will evaluate as native Microcode and can therefore be reconstructed. But the discussion is about deobfuscation, which usually applies to languages that do not compile to native Assembly.
> has not yet been thoroughly vetted by the cryptography community. It has, however, already withstood the first attempts to break it.
Such obfuscation has been around for a long time, and I even used a similar algorithm to construct this program here. Still can be reversed, even if not into the original code, at least in an equivalent, readable, code (which is probably even better than the original code).
Unrelated: A neat hack for the C# programmers here: If you want to optimize your code, compile with C#6.0 and then decompile :D
Go go gadget PowerShell MB operator.
4:03 PM
@mınxomaτ I'm out of my depth so I can't guess whether this will turn out to be secure.
@TimmyD error: Go is not a recognized command
@Optimizer ಠ_ಠ
4:26 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhiNotPiLego Gear Train Inspired by the Lego gear ratios challenge by Keith Randall. I, too, plan on building a giant lego robot that will eventually be able to destroy the other robots in the never-before-mentioned competition.* In the process of constructing the robot, I will be using a lot of gear t...

^ ready for posting?
(Also look how long it's been in the sandbox)
3 1/3 years? Impressive.
The sandbox is only effective if you give it time. I think you should wait another year or two...
But Seriously tho... thoughts?
@PhiNotPi obviously its not ready yet.. see you in 2200
@Optimizer ....
4:37 PM
obviously its an HP printer. duh
That must be a troll
Hahahahahahaha, that's just ridiculous
No troll has the imagination to match genuine stupidity
How could any one human being be so stupid though?
I guess I underestimate stupidity
I wonder how, with a name like that...
4:39 PM
It's easy to believe no one could be so stupid, until I start to remember stupid things I've done myself
Shortened FizzBuzz by over 50% to show off some new Retina 0.7.2 features: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/58682/8478
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Sherlock9Capsa, a card game KotH! king-of-the-hillcard-games Capsa, known by many times, including the name Big Two in English, is a popular card game in East Asia and South East Asia, especially throughout China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. There are many variations and...

I'm thinking of posting this tomorrow. Any thoughts before I do?
And it just now occurred to me that I never did work out how I would score that... Something to think about tomorrow.
Welcome to Phi's Lego Gear Train Challenge. After 4 years in the Sandbox, hopefully it will have been worth the weight. — quartata 30 secs ago
> weight
> the meme
4:50 PM
> your head
> the beginning
Q: Lego Gear Train

PhiNotPiInspired by the Lego gear ratios challenge by Keith Randall. I, too, plan on building a giant lego robot that will eventually be able to destroy the other robots in the never-before-mentioned competition.* In the process of constructing the robot, I will be using a lot of gear trains to connect ...

@quartata After 5 minutes of reading, I now get your reference. Thank you :)
5:41 PM
Thank you @NewMainPosts.
5:55 PM
┳┻| _
@Opt An owl perched on a brick wall?
a person peeking
Looks cute
not sure why the last brick is wider.. its the same set of characters
It looks exactly the same to me
oh dear god
We have jumping spiders here. They're a bit smaller, I think. I don't know how they measure 25 mm.
Where? I didn't even know this was a thing!
Paraguay. I've seen a few in my house.
Or are they rather a pest?
6:10 PM
I've been told that they're rather poisonous, but that's just hearsay.
As long as you do not eat them.
@flawr beautiful. I could watch this all day.
@Dennis umm, you don't know how to measure 25mm?>
@orlp I love that video. Jaboody Dubs makes quality Internet content.
@Dennis They probably use a ruler like anyone else would
@Optimizer Is that body length, largest diameter with contracted legs, largest diameter with extended legs?
@AlexA. Good luck using your ruler with a jumping spider.
6:16 PM
> I don't know how they measure 25 mm.
They're the ones using the ruler
@Dennis its not like you can't catch them
1 min ago, by Dennis
@Optimizer Is that body length, largest diameter with contracted legs, largest diameter with extended legs?
That ruler does most certainly not measure mm.
It also has no legs
6:19 PM
@AlexA. Ewww, inches.
Filthy 'murican inches.
Those look like centimeters to me
@Dennis Alex is murican
You have no idea what centimeters look like.
Sure I do. They're on the wrong side of every ruler in the US.
6:20 PM
@AlexA. Not a single metric ruler would divide the centimeters in quarters.
@plannapus, got your time capsule entry
@AlexA. 4 level markings only in inches
My life is a lie
> murican
6:21 PM
@Doorknob gasp a superping. Doorknob == moderator confirmed?!
@Dennis Nor would a standard ruler worthy of the name. Default is 16ths.
quarters -> inches
16ths    -> inches
inches   -> ewww
Q: Tic-tac-toe with only crosses

AdnanIntroduction Everyone knows the game tic-tac-toe, but in this challenge, we are going to introduce a little twist. We are only going to use crosses. Also known as the misère tic-tac-toe, the first person who places three crosses in a row loses. An interesting fact is that the maximum amount of c...

@NewMainPosts I watched those numberphiles too. I even looked up the paper with the optimal strategy. This is just another implement-a-table-lookup challenge
6:29 PM
Anyone here uses arch? My system clock just overflowed out of nowhere and is now stuck at 1970. If I try to sync again, it insist it is correct.
@NewMainPosts oh wait, nvm. this is something else.
@mınxomaτ What
@mınxomaτ That sounds like a reset, not an overflow. Couldn't you adjust it manually?
timedatectl list the date as 1970-01-01 and insists that it has successfully synced with NTP. I don't want to override it manually, I just want the sync to work...
I switched from systemd-timesyncd to sntp and it works again.
6:48 PM
@Dennis nineteenths -> yay
Q: Tic-tac-toe with only crosses

AdnanIntroduction Everyone knows the game tic-tac-toe, but in this challenge, we are going to introduce a little twist. We are only going to use crosses. The first person who places three crosses in a row loses. An interesting fact is that the maximum amount of crosses before someone loses, is equal ...

heh I was just going to post something similar
@Adnan math.stackexchange.com/questions/1548710/… we discussed this a bit over a month ago
(except we were looking into how densely the entire plane can be tiled)
6:55 PM
@MartinBüttner You and your tilings
yeah i was going to mention...the difference between nxn and infinite is pretty wide. (I wonder if the sequence converges to a fixed proportion, and whether that proportion is actually the real proportion)
@AlexA. that was Nathan's problem...
@quintopia feersum's conjecture was that for any finite size you can keep the ratio above 1/2, but for an infinite tiling you can't
based on the empirical data we have, that seems plausible
@AlexA. Where exactly did you find the formula on OEIS?
6:57 PM
@MartinBüttner frankly i find it surprising. I can't wait to see a proof.
neither can I :P
the OEIS page says that the proportion is always above 4/9. That lends it some creedence too.

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