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12:13 AM
@MartinBüttner @El'endiaStarman I just finished creating the first part of my paper on pdqsort, would love some feedback
@orlp I had always known the acronym PDQ to mean Pretty Damn Quick, so I figured pdqsort would be a play on quicksort as Pretty Damn Quicksort.
@orlp What did you use to make that PDF?
@Doorknob冰 latex
with the tufte-handout document class
and a whole bunch of manual labour
It looks really nice
Ah, okay. It looks very nice ^.^ (although the content is mostly completely over my head)
12:18 AM
@Doorknob冰 why?
it's not supposed to be difficult
I haven't spent much time (read: any time at all) purposefully learning about algorithms, etc. (although I probably should)
12:33 AM
@orlp "Why doesn't some person on the internet instantly understand this random cs topic I threw at them?" - ftfy
I would lean more towards blaming my relative incompetence in these subject areas. :)
Q: Output the Partial Products

DoᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛIn long multiplication, after multiplying the numbers, you are left with the partial products, in this challenge you will output those partial products. Because long multiplication is long, to compensate your code will need to be as short as possible. Examples 34, 53 102, 1700 48, 38 384, 14...

@orlp Reading it now.
@El'endiaStarman you gave me a heart attack
The PLUNK sound? :P
12:42 AM
for some reason the sound notification turned back on on this chat
heh heh whoops :P
@orlp Sounds loud
Was cruising around for low quality answers when I found this
?? ok
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PleaseStandEncode bytes to PGP wordlist format code-golf kolmogorov-complexity The PGP Word List is a set of 512 English words for verbally communicating strings of bytes, such as authentication codes or hashes. It is used in some important applications, such as the DNSSEC Root KSK Ceremonies held four ...

@quartata @Maltysen Uhhhhhhhh
12:55 AM
@orlp I'm quite intrigued. Kinda want to make a visualization of it now.
Is the "Dutch national flag problem" well-known in this area? I've never heard of it before.
So I have no idea what it is...
The Dutch national flag problem (DNF) is a computer science programming problem proposed by Edsger Dijkstra. The flag of the Netherlands consists of three colours: red, white and blue. Given balls of these three colours arranged randomly in a line (the actual number of balls does not matter), the task is to arrange them such that all balls of the same colour are together and their collective colour groups are in the correct order. The solution to this problem is of interest for designing sorting algorithms. In particular, variants of the quicksort algorithm that must be robust to repeated elements...
I should probably add a reference for it
Of course as a Dutch person you'd pick the Dutch national flag problem :P
@El'endiaStarman My algorithm is significantly faster for sequences not containing many duplicates than previous solutions
Funnily enough, the "See Also:" section had a link to...American flag sort.
and it should be nearly as fast for sequences with very few distinct elements
it depends a bit on whether or not you use a comparison model that gives three-way comparison
1:00 AM
huh, okay
(I don't), but even assuming three-way comparison it saves a CPU branch
Is pdqsort entirely your creation?
define 'entirely'
this portion of quicksort is (to my knowledge) novel, and fully my idea
Well, you're the only author, but you use "we" in the paper.
1:03 AM
I know there's usually a tendency to avoid using "I" in academic papers, but it just seems a little weird to me when there's only one author.
I'm not decided either way yet
'I' also feels wrong
and writing everything in the passive voice gets boring
haha, yeah
@El'endiaStarman but does the paper explain the partitioning algorithm well?
1:05 AM
I think that if I tried my hand at it, I'd be able to give a definite answer.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Hipe99Golf A Wiki The Challenge Golf a wiki. A wiki, for the purposes of this contest, is defined as a website with: Content editable by all Easy (i.e. non-HTML) linking Your wiki can be a self-contained HTML file, or a cgi-bin script. Scoring Your score is the size of your program in bytes, di...

I think I understand the single step portion, where the pivot is the leftmost element and at the end of partitioning, it is followed by all of the lesser elements and then all of the greater elements. I think I don't get the recursive step.
Do you have a due date of any kind for this, @orlp?
@El'endiaStarman no
@El'endiaStarman I'm in general pretty happy with my exposition
I still have some loose ends to tie up however
b might be smaller than the >= partition of A
because there are partition steps in between
@El'endiaStarman but once these loose ends are tied up my next section will be really elegant
1:11 AM
Okay, cool. So this is a paper-in-progress?
it's only the first section of many
I screwed up my computer and can't even boot :(
AH, okay.
@El'endiaStarman the elegant part is that it will be easy to show that a certain value can only be selected as pivot value twice
once as p, and once as q
this instantly gives me a proof for O(n * k) runtime for k distinct keys
in other words, when k is a small constant, pdqsort runs in linear time
and scales smoothly to linear time
Yeah, that bit jumped out at me from the introduction. O(n) in most common cases is amazing.
1:13 AM
@El'endiaStarman github.com/orlp/pdqsort
more information about the algorithm there
implementation is fully complete
@orlp I like that chart. :)
Impressive that your algorithm does almost as well as Timsort in many cases.
1:28 AM
@El'endiaStarman which part of the recursive step is unclear?
also, there isn't really a 'recursive' step
I just proved it works for 'Any non-leftmost subsequence'
My brain isn't functioning as well as usual at the moment, so new concepts are not "click"ing as well as they normally would. I'm also trying to make myself hunker down and finish Minkolang.
That's why I asked if there was a due date. Since there isn't one, I can get back to this in a few days.
@El'endiaStarman due date is tomorrow
1:43 AM
boom, 10 stars remaining...
10 stars on what?
I was about to say that this room is almost at 10000 chats with stars.
I just watched The Force Awakens \o/
8 Omar
1:44 AM
My iPad don't want my continuation of not typing my bad char.
Are we star happy, today? :/
along with many of you I think :P
star gazing
history !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
\o/ no mods in the room afaik
quick let's party
1:46 AM
ohh well
@Ampora that's a large number
that's beautiful
@Cᴏɴᴏʀ It in fact has much big to it
1:47 AM
@Ampora needs a space
otherwise... factorial factorial factorial...
Or it's n(n-2)(n-4)(n-6)... for !!
If you want
x = k ?
I bring forth a thing from @Wrong - b/c this room has 10000 chats with stars, all of you who star chats from now on will b BAN'D. Thank you.
1:53 AM
you mean, like that ^ ?
@CSᵠ I͒ͬ̋ͧ ̓̐̓̊ͪ͌w̋̑̍͂̔̒iͮ̍̂l̋͗͋l̐͂̓͛̍̍̌ ͦ̎ͦ͂̾u͑̚s̄ͪȇͥ ͑ͭͨȞ̾̽Tͥ̏ͭ̉Ṁ̐ͥ͒͌́L̋̄̅ͥ ͯ̐tͩ͛̇̚ŏͧ̆̎ ̉̔͗̊̍͆pͣ̄̎ͫͧaͫ̈́̽ȑ̇̾̇͛̚s̉ͬ͐̉̋e̒̄̿ͩͭ̇͛ Reg͗̐ͭE͊̈x͆̑͌ͪ̾̈́̐
@Ampora ?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ 4eva, so will I m8, KTHNXBYE /\R/
Hi Al. @CSᵠ put a star and now this room has 10001 chats with stars. That's an ugly # so ban amiright :P
1:55 AM
@Cᴏɴᴏʀ What is this, LOLCOD*?
@Ampora ... maybe
1:56 AM
@Hipe99 YEA U CANZ
import ERROR, export NO ERROR
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ hmm, this starting to sound like a nice fork to LC
@Ampora *HAZ
1:58 AM
hi I am fun police I have come to kill the fun
... ehhh too much effort. Enjoy your dirty stars. :P
Hey, guys, I have a new esoteric programming language: Brainbash
It's brainf*** with two tapes.
And extra mobility
2:16 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ That'sjust brian&chuck?
@BlockCoder1392 what's that?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ esolangs.org/wiki/Brian_%26_Chuck
@BlockCoder1392 Ah, no, it isn't. Two tapes, not programs.
@Doorknob冰 Can I chat ban @Ampora until they start using the letter e again?
2:26 AM
@AlexA. Ampora used the letter e once, but is still in denial
@ןnɟuɐɯɹɐןoɯ if you don't explain your ESMin answers, we won't understand them, and we won't vote for them.
@ThomasKwa Speak for yourself.
You vote for answers you don't understand?
Granted, I vote for answers that are explained and are proven to work, even if the methodology used is over my head.
2:41 AM
I simply don't vote for answers that use all possible 256 byte values (with a custom charset to be able to access more than the 95 chars of ASCII), out of principle.
Em... I... yeah.
@El'endiaStarman I've got it
I know how I can close the loose end
@ThomasKwa Then learn the language. (meant as a joke, please don't kill me!)
@El'endiaStarman we don't have to worry about arbitrary recursive trees for b at all
Of course, I'll add explanations.
2:43 AM
if q != p in the first iteration, we know that q can never be equal to p since we select q as the median of 3
@Doorknob冰 What about Julia, which accepts a limited set of Unicode input?
@AlexA. Nah, that's fine. Julia uses UTF-8, not a custom charset that gives you more than 95 one-byte characters.
@Doorknob冰 <3
Is there a code golf wiki?
@Doorknob冰 Not sure what that has to do with custom charsets though or why ASCII would have only 95 characters...
2:47 AM
@Hipe99 What do you mean?
Well, there's that ^
@Dennis Right, I meant printable ASCII
@El'endiaStarman actually, you don't even need median of three for that
@Dennis That would be one article.
2:49 AM
Q: Community FAQ for Programming Puzzles & Code Golf

Doorknob 冰Community FAQ For the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf site For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Posting Challenges/Solutions How can I incorporate good-looking mathematical exposition into my question/answer? Posting Challenges What details should always be ...

@Hipe99 Not sure what you mean. That is *the*/our code golf tag wiki.
3:06 AM
If we were to star every chat message from now on, assuming that everyone here chats at the maximum rate, what is the theoretical minimum łength of time it would take to reach 20000 starred messages?
By "everyone" you mean "everyone in the room?"
Anyway, I think the details of the rate limit aren't public
That's why gnibbler never says anything in here. He's been rate limited to once a year.
So has the lurker Brian guy
Here's an idea: Forbid non-CW answers to one's own question.
Solve a non-issue?
3:10 AM
It could conflict with stuff like KOTH hosts submitting their own bots.
I wish SE got rid of CW once and for all. It never gets used like it's supposed to.
That reminds me, did that whole "community-made documentation" thing ever go anywhere?
As did Teams.
@PhiNotPi hmm, you're right
3:17 AM
@Dennis I think it works fine for what it's used for on our site. If you post something you found somewhere else and it's useful to have as a submission to the challenge, it should be CW as a rep waiver since it isn't the poster's own work. Otherwise they'd basically be rewarded for their Googling skills.
But that's not at all what CW is supposed to do. Using CW as a rep waiver is CW abuse.
Sure, it's not the intended purpose of CW, but it CW works fine in this particular case.
It's better than getting rep for something you didn't do yourself.
Finding a properly golfed solution to a specific problem with Google is probably just as much work as writing it yourself.
Also, forgetting about PPCG for a moment, getting rep for stuff you found on Google ought to be one of the cornerstones of SE.
Um, what's CW?
Community wiki
Q: What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Justin StandardSome questions and answers are marked Community Wiki and are owned by a Community Wiki user. Why have Community Wiki posts? How do Community Wiki posts work? How does a post become a Community Wiki post? How can the Community Wiki status be removed from a post? Return to FAQ Index

3:24 AM
Q: Stop using community wiki as a reputation denial mechanism

Mad ScientistCommunity wiki is one of the most misunderstood and misused features of the SE network. The original purpose of CW was to enable collaboration on a post, it reduces the reputation needed for editing and results in collective authorship of the post instead of having an individual author. But that...

> But that is not how it is used most of the time. If a user that is completely new to SE would look at CW posts, I strongly doubt that they could make any sense of why certain posts are CW. There is nothing "wiki" or "community" about those posts, and that is because in most cases CW is misused as a reputation denial mechanism.
My thoughts exactly.
Also, going back to the rep for stuff did not write yourself topic, I see reputation as a reward for contributing something useful to the site, not a reward for hard work.
That's not how rep works anyway, since you almost always get more rep for trivial answers than for complicated ones.
3:39 AM
@Dennis Granted, that's not by design, that's just an unfortunate fact of life :P
Well, it makes sense for SE's Q&A format. A solution to a simple problem is more likely to help a lot of people, so it gets more upvotes.
How often do you read solution to highly specific and convoluted programming problem just to cast a vote on the answer?
It certainly makes sense for SE's Q&A format, but we don't really make sense for SE's Q&A format.
True dat.
4:03 AM
Does anyone here have experience with GitHub Markdown?
@Dennis Yes
@Dennis Okay
Couldn't get a single backtick between backticks.
Does your interpreter read those exact bytes?
Yes, the Python interpreter uses that code page by default.
4:11 AM
jelly f file uses CPJelly, jelly fu file UTF-8.
Haha, jelly fu. The new martial arts movement.
user image
Jelly logo
That is one tasty looking logo.
@AlexA. too bad that is not the solution anymore
@AlexA. this one is the win
4:17 AM
@quintopia This one is copyrighted though :(
@AlexA. make one just like it but in different colors and fonts and generally better
@Maltysen Did you see my ping from earlier?
nope, my computer is broken thanks to @Dennis
i'm on the live installation media now
i'm running some stuff on a chroot now
4:21 AM
Thanks a lot, @Dennis. Sheesh.
@Maltysen What did I do? Installing KDE didn't go well, huh?
well I wanted plasma 5, so I went and tried installing ubuntu 15, and then that deleted my sbin/init
I didn't even know till I tried restarting a few hours ago
4 hours ago, by Alex A.
@quartata @Maltysen Uhhhhhhhh
lol who's that?
Who's what? The other Maltysen account?
4:24 AM
yeah. I'm pretty sure I didn't make two
When did you first join the site?
@Maltysen In my experience, that's pretty much the expected outcome of upgrading Ubuntu.
@AlexA. \o@
@Doorknob冰 \o@
you should have replaced the @ with a picture of a cinnamon roll
4:27 AM
@AlexA. a year or so ago
It still hurts that that code doesn't work anymore. ;?;
is there any way to tell how close to completion an apt-get command is?
Is there not a progress bar?
I don't think so.
only for the download step
4:29 AM
There's always a progress bar for me
@Dennis Is ;?; an emoticon? If so, what is it? If not, new Jelly logo confirmed?!
@AlexA. That's also not valid Jelly. :(
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
why are there python upgrades when from ubuntu 14 to ubuntu 15?
@Dennis ........ what
@Maltysen new sources.list, I assume
@Dennis ... okay what does that do
Doubling the input doubles the output, so I guess it's linear?
Yes, it seems to be linear
Google tells me that 0.00030461741978670857 is DEG2RAD2, whatever that means
Jelly only supports the 256 characters of its code page. Everything else gets silently ignored. The two °'s perform degree-to-radian conversion twice.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Christian IrwanLipogram Quine Write a program that does this: Read a char Output a program that does exactly same with this but without the input char. Shortest program wins. Sandbox Question How to create a test case. I can't do this without crafting a program that meet this.

@Dennis Oh. That makes sense, then.
ಠ_ಠ seems to take any input and output 0.
Correction: 0 for integers and 0.0 for floats.
4:36 AM
For a single argument, yes. With to arguments, it will perform subtraction.
_ seems to be the active component of that
Actually, it performs subtraction with a single argument as well, subtracting the argument from itself.
oh, haha
@Dennis that seems useless
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ seems to... output nothing.
Yet nothing but the _s are in atoms.md
4:38 AM
That's a compile time error. It will show if you tick debug.
Implement the disapproval operator
@Doorknob冰 The problem are the slashes, which aren't atoms.
They're molecules
Don't mind me, just contributing absolutely nothing to this discussion
It's not like the discussion is in any way productive, anyway. :P
4:40 AM
@Maltysen It's far from useless. Say you want to calculate x**x - x. That's just *_ (2 bytes, jelly.tryitonline.net/#code=Kl8&input=&args=NA). The _ performs a hook, calling subtraction with the previous result and the initial argument.
yeah, but as a monad, shouldn't it do something else?
Jelly's atoms (built-in operators) are either monadic or dyadic, never both.
4:43 AM
Fool, there is no smiley face in the alphabet! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
That's a major reasons why Jelly is golfier than J/APL. It doesn't waste that many characters on currying/composition, since the interpreter never has to "guess" if you're trying to use an operator monadically or dyadically.
There is.
is the nth triangular number divisible by n for all odd n?
(╯ಠ□ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻
4:44 AM
@AlexA. You should know by now that :) is hidden between r and s.
@quintopia yeah
@AlexA. Everyone knows that :) is a special letter.
the formula is n(n+1)/2
which is clearly divisible by n for all n
@ןnɟuɐɯɹɐןoɯ My life is a lie ;-;
It's okay, the truth is found in the :).
We must all worship :) !
4:46 AM
@Maltysen *odd n
my dog just spent a full minute going in circles inside his beanbag thingy before lying down in it
@quintopia if it works for all n, it works for odd n
@Maltysen but if it doesn't work for all n and only works for odd n, you should say so
@Doorknob冰 I read that behavior is left over from their wolf heritage, when they would trample a circle of grass or whatever to lay down in.
But they no longer need to do that, so it just looks foolish.
It looks very foolish. :P
4:49 AM
@Dennis trying the kubuntu install
because I don't have gnome
Did GNOME not survive the upgrade? o_O
a lot of things did not survive the upgrade
like the ability to boot up
@Dennis lightdm or sddm?
Is kdm not an option?
4:52 AM
Never heard of sddm, never tried lightdm with KDE.
btw the prompt is "Configuring ssdm"
oh ssdm looks to be the new thing for Plasma 5
Oh, Plasma 5 doesn't come with KDM anymore.
Q: Visualizing Words

geokavelGiven a word consisting of lowercase letters only, do the following: For each letter, get the prime factorization of its position in the alphabet. For each prime factor, p draw a diamond of side length p and stick the letter in the middle of the diamond. The biggest diamond is in the middle, su...

yay dependency screw up again
this time its something called whoopsie
4:57 AM
@Maltysen You don't need whoopsie. Nuke it.
I can't
purge isnt working
Sounds like you need ipecac syrup
The joy of upgrading Ubuntu is pretty much why I switched distros.
what's that website where you can search for real numbers and find out interesting things about them
4:58 AM
purge just tells me that libfreerdp-plugins-standard and remmina-plugin-rdp have unmet dependencies and I should use install -f to fix it
then, install -f complains about whoopsie

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