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6:00 AM
Yeah, seriously.
@phase You should update the index file too so that it shows up
Oh wait I still need to pull
@Mego index.rst?
Ugh why did you do it on master
It should be on docs
6:05 AM
it should be fine as long as you don't modify stuff that isn't on my fork
i think
@phase Can you modify the pull request so that it goes to docs instead of master?
I think so......
I don't want the docs to get merged into master until they're completely done
master is the stable branch
@Mego Do you want it to go to Mego/docs or Mego/master?
6:12 AM
@phase to Mego/docs
I know, I'm impossible to please :P
@Mego hot dog
Why is ideone giving a different sha256 hash for this than my python?
For my commit?
I --amend'd a few times
to condense it
6:16 AM
No not that
A stupid thing I'm doing
That will probably byte someone in the ass later but oh well
Now it's mostly working as intended, except python aborts and dumps stack :/
This working for you?
It wasn't working earlier and I start to try to fix it and it works fine
something with /. I'll fix it tomorrow, night empty chatroom!
6:23 AM
Bye phase
holy crap chrome changes google.com\blah to google.com/blah
so now I have to escape both ;-;
ima just b64 encode it
that usually solves my problems
but, nait @AlexB. @Shmego
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TanMathMake an American Flag Just like the recent French flag challenge, please generate an image of the American flag just like this: The ratio for the flag is 10:19. It must have thirteen horizontal stripes alternating red and white; in the canton, 50 white stars of alternating numbers of six and ...

Super secret stuff added to Seriously. Good luck, and I'm not sorry if it breaks a program at some point in the future.
6:40 AM
Vitsy's better for this anyway. :D
Seriously now has 2 easter eggs. Both can be found with the online IDE, though one is much harder to crack.
@Mego crack 'em with the source code! I saw your commit.
@Hipe99 You can see the source code for both easter eggs in the commits :P Like I said, one is much harder to crack
It requires a lucky guess or breaking sha256 hashing
(or brute force, but good luck brute-forcing a 10-character sha256 hash)
7:26 AM
Mini-challenge: Solve this challenge.
@Calvin'sHobbies That doesn't seem all that mini
Q: Digital Cellular Automata

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program or function that takes in an odd positive integer N and a string of decimal digits (0123456789). The string represents a ten-state one-dimensional cellular automaton. Each digit occupies one cell and the update rule from one generation to the next is that every cell becomes the di...

Mini-challenge: Inform @Mego which animals are better than penguins.
@Calvin'sHobbies []
@Calvin'sHobbies You're missing a 3 in (8+0+3+8+0+3)%10 = 5.
At the beginning, that is.
7:40 AM
@MartinBüttner "Will add an answer later" :P
I have no clue what you're talking about ;)
@Mego eh, 21 bytes is fairly mini :)
@MartinBüttner "mini" means a simple, not-too-complicated task
At 2 AM, that task does not fit :P
Coffee at 9 PM is a bad idea
7:47 AM
Don't do it, kids
8:07 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies: Can I mandate for my program that the input be like 7038?
No wait, that wouldn't work for N = 43. Nevermind.
8:34 AM
starts CPR on chat
Q: make a web engine

SidsyThis is a standard code golf that requires you to make a web engine. The user inputs a search query and the programme prints 5 results, with a title and a 40 word limit body. Leaderboard The Stack Snippet at the bottom of this post generates the leaderboard from the answers a) as a list of shor...

Nevermind chat can be dead if that's what we get
@NewMainPosts Looks like that guy forgot to put the leaderboard snippet in a codeblock.
@El'endiaStarman Looks like that guy forgot every important detail in the question
Well, that too...
8:37 AM
And probably some of the less-important ones, too
@El'endiaStarman I don't think your solution works for f(1, '1')
Yeah, it's actually not working for the first example either, as I just found out.
I have a bad habit of testing with only one thing...
Calvin's got a pretty orderly test case format, which makes a test env pretty quick to set up :P
yeah yeah yeah... :P
I'll do that now.
8:54 AM
Who flagged Calvin's question as "unclear"?
To be honest, it is a bit unclear, though mostly in the sense that it takes a bit of time to figure out exactly what's going on.
@Sp3000: Fixed it.
@El'endiaStarman ^_____^
Haha, it was amusing to see that in your challenge. :P
wow 57 chatters!
@phase How can someone go through you? I think only Flash can do that (or ghosts) and both are likely fictional.
Fun fact: N = 31 and digit string 038 is a fixed point.
9:09 AM
@El'endiaStarman f=lambda D,N,i=0:D[i:]and str(sum(map(int,(D*N)[(i-N//2)%len(D):][:N]))%10)+f(D,N,i+1) <-- lot shorter in Python 2, but shrugs
Figures. :P
Wait, I don't see any Python-2-only bits in there. Lemme try it.
That's cos I ported from what I had :P
I got this: TypeError: 'int' object is not subscriptable.
Oh, you changed the order of D and N.
Shame on you!
Other than that, works perfectly. :P
Er... yeah my test cases were the other way around
That was only -6 bytes. :P
9:14 AM
Py 2 is -another 6
@El'endiaStarman There's a difference between "this is unclear" and "I didn't spend the time reading this to understand it"
Maybe they did take time and still didn't figure it out.
Then there's a difference between "this is unclear" and "I don't want to devote the brainpower to understanding this problem"
9:56 AM
@Sp3000 @El'endiaStarman there's a trick I learned from Sp3000 that I think is useful for the automata quetion: sum(map(int,s))%10 can be done as int(s,11)%10, for the same reason that in base 10, the values of a number mod 9 equals the sum of its digits mod 9
that's very nice ^
Oh that's what it was, I was trying to remember that but forgot how to apply it :P
Yep, 80 for Py 3, 75 for Py 2
@Sp3000 And in string challenges those numbers are flipped :P
Wow, this blows my mind
Hmm only if you need input()
10:09 AM
I spend hours working on this, got 11 ups. I spent 2 minutes on this, and it just got 30
The bounties on the former were nice, though
HNQ does that, unfortunately :/
Oh well
Bounties were acquired, rep was farmed
@xnor btw have you seen quintopia's latest "Tips for Golfing in Python"? I'm having trouble finding a reason why they'd ever be needed, but on the flip side I don't think I can show they'd never be needed...
10:13 AM
i have never done a really long golf, so i'm not sure, but i'm skeptical
i'm getting issues in the Python 2 version of automata with L's
Hmm yeah, not sure how long a long golf would need to be for that to help, if at all..
i feel like even long golfs rarely use that many different built-ins, so it would be shorter to save them all to vars
(Oh... it does give an L, darn)
Yeah that's true as well
79 for Py 2 I guess then? Unless it's fixable somehow
10:40 AM
hmm, x div 2 (where x is odd) takes me 7 bytes in J (-:@<:@[). this isn't great :P
out of curiosity, why doesn't Haskell allow let f l = [l] in iterate f []?
it complains "Occurs check: cannot construct the infinite type: a0 = [a0]"
I am not smart enough to understand elliptic curves
I read the wolfram and wiki pages and I understood like 3 words
@El'endiaStarman if you could fill my head with elliptic curve knowledge I would be forever in your debt
10:55 AM
@Mego I had half a course about them and still don't understand it :)
@randomra El'endia is a star, man. I'm hoping he can drop a knowledge bomb
1:35 PM
Q: Opening program on commandline in new terminal with new profile

Mathias Jacob SchreinerI'm using OSX Yosemite and the built in Terminal on my mac. I have quite a few terminal windows running most of the time and it's hard to navigate around in all of them as they all look alike. So what I want to do is run my commands as usual, but in a new terminal window with a chosen profile. ...

Design question: I have an idea for a live-action KotH. I want to send regular (fast) map/position updates to each player, but give them more than one frame's worth of time to process each (and not require an action/response for each frame). I'm worried about spawning a bajillion threads for this, though, and am looking for some way to do this smoothly. Ideas?
@Geobits VTC as unclear :P
Can you give some more details?
Yes, I'm trying not to give away the exact game until it's more complete, but let me think...
I need the controller to asynchronously accept input from the players, while feeding them info the whole time. Basically how an online client/server model might work for a shooter or MMO, but I'm hoping not to have to go that far.
Hmm. Actually, I think I have something figured out. Maybe. Thanks, rubber duck/penguin.
1:49 PM
see what you do is you spawn a new process for each client, and have each process spawn a new thread for every input, but make sure not to kill any threads in case you need them later /s
Wise penguin is wise.
Listen to the penguin; he shall not lead you astray, but rather to glorious enlightenment and deadlocks
And fish
or close to them anyway
no fish mine
I'll get it eventually
1:56 PM
But for now, cereal
2:17 PM
I have some python code that is throwing an Integer divide by zero error
but I have no idea where, because it's simply stopping with the 0xC0000094 exit code
how would you debug where its happening?
actually, now that I ask the question, the answer it obvious
Comment stuff out and put print statements everywhere [/expert debugging]
use a debugger
:P or do it properly, that works too
@Sp3000 But what you said is doing it properly
For some definition of properly, they both are :)
2:23 PM
> The most effective debugging tool is still careful thought, coupled with judiciously placed print statements.
•Brian Kernighan, "Unix for Beginners" (1979)
Something I've realised is a fun game to play while watching a friend code is seeing what they choose as their debug print statements. We've had the basic print(1) or print("Here") to the more imaginative print("lololololololol")
The most effective debugging tool is poison.
The most effective debugging tool is rm -rf ./*
Delete all your code, and the bugs magically go away
Only if it was local :/
2:26 PM
that doesn't fix the bug "My system won't start"
@NathanMerrill Sounds like a hardware problem
And the best thing about hardware problems is they're not my problems
They are if it's your hardware.
Nope, I'm a software guy
That's for the hardware folks in IT to figure out
2:33 PM
bah. I'm using python bindings for FANN (a neural network), and I literally just copy/pasted their example, and it doesn't work
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
The Android docs used to be really good about having non-working examples. They've cleaned it up nicely over the years, though.
Half the Android questions on SO used to be something like "example not working. halp!"
Q: Would this be eligible on code golf (to know before writing a contest in Sandbox)?

TensibaiA while ago I ended up on a StackOverflow question which I believe could fit under king-of-the-hill category as it's all about killing the idea a C program could bet any thing else in speed (here the main competitor is mawk for text processing with regexes). As there's already been a wide meta-e...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoClock Hand Syzygy Given a positive integer n and a list of positive integer rotational periods for a number of clock hands (in seconds), output the smallest positive integer representing the number of seconds that must past for exactly n of those hands to be aligned. All hands are initially alig...

2:41 PM
bah, @Geobits
you sniped me
Aww, I wanted to say ninja'd, but you did first :(
Oh the meta post that I just wrote an answer for :P
@Mego This is basically "find the smallest LCM among size-n subsets", right?
2:44 PM
@Geobits Essentially
K, I thought so, just making sure.
So it's somewhat related to subset-sum
:o mod impersonator
Yea, Dennis is such an uncommon name it can hardly be a coincidence :P
Of course
2:46 PM
It'll make things seriously confusing though
Huh, there are already five Dennis users on PPCG, and more with that as part of the name. I'm just going to start assuming they're all socks.
the problem isn't just limited to PPCG. I'm quite certain that Dennis users everywhere are all socks
Everyone is a sock of Alex. This is known.
@Mego What's the expected output for 2,[3,4,12] if exactly 2 must be aligned?
2:50 PM
@Geobits Why must you ruin everything :(
Moving here as finally answers are bringing others questions ;)
I was just giving a concrete example to Peter's comment :)
I know :P I had actually been on the fence about that, whether to say those inputs are invalid, or have some error value be output. I decided to make them invalid.
Doing people's homework in Java is becoming increasingly difficult as I work in C# :-/
My rep on SO is plateau-ing
2:54 PM
lol @Rainbolt
@Rainbolt Don't do their homework, then
So one more derivated question: is a github+travis test system ok for a speed challenge ?
@Mego You must be very unpopular on SO
I haven't answered anything on SO for a while now. I still get occasional upvotes on old stuff, but that's only been about 2k in a couple years.
@Mego its either "do people's homework" or "do people's employee work"
2:55 PM
Everytime I get that comment "It works, Tank you muchly" I feel a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that my code works.
@Rainbolt I asked one question there 2 years ago, and it technically wasn't homework - independent research is different :P
My rep chart shows very clearly what happens when you start participating in SE sites beside SO (and especially this one ;)
Wow, I complained and then my SO answer was accepted. Haha.
(But I didn't complain on SO)
3:01 PM
geobit's theory confirmed
geolluminati confirmed
@NathanMerrill Who is geobit?
@Rainbolt Geobits's other sock. Geobit, Geobits, Seadrus, and his 5 other socks make up Geobyte.
I'm under the impression that Geobits represents the collective thought of several people
so, Geobit would simply be one of them
Mainly it's me, my kid, and my dog.
3:03 PM
That explains the drooling
Shouldn't Geobits be pieces of earth?
aren't we all a piece of earth?
now where is Unibits?
Unibits feels wrong on some level.
3:05 PM
I Bust In
There's also Aquabits, Aerobits, and Pyrobits. Together, they make Planetbits.
You forgot Cardiobits.
Nathan Merril -> Earn man thrill
now that I think about it, what is a Rainbolt?
3:08 PM
It's my last name
I always assumed it was related to lightning.
a pillar of water travelling at near light speed?
Heartbending sounds like a very narrow skill. Poor guy :(
And already covered by waterbending - bloodbending
3:10 PM
@Geobits Very narrow, very deadly.
Unless it's metaphorical, and he can use it like thought control.
That would be pretty badass.
And make for a nice villain.
reminds me of Heroes
3:11 PM
actually, have any of you seen the new Heroes?\
is it any good?
I've always thought that "fill it up" would be an awesome superpower. Bank account running low? Fill it up. Car run out of gas? Fill it up. Fighting a bad guy? Fill up their bladder.
The Last Heir: Bender
@NathanMerrill Somebody was talking about in in here a while back, said it was IIRC. Haven't seen to confirm.
@NathanMerrill It can't be any worse than the original
Great premise, brutally murdered by the writers strike
the first season was good!
3:13 PM
The first season was of the original was fine, lost interest after that.
I like the new season, and I'm caught up to the most recent episode.
The first season was alright. It felt like another "oh crap we're superheroes now" show. The second season was what would make or break it, and it broke it.
I think people judge the second season relative to the first. They are both good. The second one is just not nearly as good as the first.
That's all too common a problem :/
The second season being not as good, that is.
I really wish there was a super-hero/magic-powers show that was like Mistborn
where the people use powers in ways that you never thought of before
3:16 PM
I was pretty pumped about Lost a few months ago. Then some complete stranger made a single remark that made me completely lose interest: "They never answer your questions."
Had they not told me that, I'd have kept watching.
The last superhero show I really liked was Misfits ;)
I tried to get into Lost. It felt more like an art piece than an entertaining tv show.
I loved Mistfits. Mostly seeing Nathan dance around in his undies.
It's still jarring to me to hear the title song in any other context.
@Rainbolt I'll take things I didn't need to know for 200, Alex.
3:18 PM
y u no misfits?
If you want something that's more entertainment than art piece, it's good for that :P
At least the first few seasons anyway.
You also get to see Simon shirtless and holy crap is he ripped for a nerdy white guy. Another plus for that show. I can see why Geobits likes it.
I meant the "dancing in undies" bit
Also, you'll have a new profanity in your arsenal if you watch Misfits.
It's hard to say whether he is better as Simon or Ramsay.
3:21 PM
Being low on profanities is a problem I didn't know I had
The first step is admitting you have it.
I've got plenty of profanities, like "Java" and "Perl" and "Alex"
Like Cooper says: "Wow. You guys are on like a completely different level of swearing over here."
Those are grade-school level profanity.
drops something What the Alex!
3:23 PM
@Geobits Hey now, despite what you might think from chat, Alex is older than grade school
Grade school has been around for centuries...
I do like "What the Perl", though, since you could probably replace it with "What the !@#$" and make valid Perl.
ideone doesn't like it
Works in Python: repl.it/B1bV
$ perl -e '!@#$'
Scalar found where operator expected at -e line 1, near "@#$
        (Missing operator before ;?)
syntax error at -e line 1, near "@#$
Execution of -e aborted due to compilation errors.
3:26 PM
Sure, ruin the joke :P
As self-proclaimed DFL of Seriously, I decree that all NOP programs are profanities
Geobits outputs a truthy value :D
Well yeah, sgn(exp(rand())) is always 1 :P
Oh I don't care how it gets there, just that it does.
3:31 PM
You have got to be kidding me... urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Rainbolt
Even Seriously agrees,
@Rainbolt totally true
@Rainbolt Wow, harsh.
3:33 PM
Sounds like a disgruntled former employee
No wonder you fired them, their spelling is horrendous
Mego has some interesting entries.
I submitted my own definition. A bolt of lightning made out of water.
I will let you know when it passes peer review, and you guys can all go upvote it and downvote this other guy.
urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Mego&defid=5650641 I didn't know any of my exes were smart enough to use the internet, much less add something to urbandictionary
Granted almost all of the definitions predate my use of the username (which started around 2007 or 2008)
3:37 PM
-1 Avatar is clearly not Timmy.
Must be the coat
@Geobits That's because I'm not the Timmy, I'm just a Timmy. Technically the D'th Timmy, I suppose ...
Can someone test this for me? I can't seem to get it to work on my machine.
A: String to ASCII Art Text

TFeldPython 2, 3383 bytes Homemade compression, via lots of replacing of substrings. x,y,z='123456789abcdefghi','ABCDEFGHIJKL','MNOPQRST' k=dict(zip(x[9:],'10 11 12 13 14 17 21 24 25'.split())) for c in x[:9]:k[c]=c k.update(dict(zip(y,'2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 16 17 18'.split()))) k.update(dict(zip(z,'2...

3:43 PM
@TimmyD Hmm. Okay, I guess the random outburst of your own name had me confused. It seems like something the Timmy would do.
But if you want to be Delta Timmy, that's cool.
@Geobits Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Delta Timmy
@Mego If the code is AlexA. or Alex A., it should output "false".
@VoteToClose No such thing
0 seems falsy enough to me.
3:48 PM
You have to surround the input string with quotes
Awesome. Thanks.
No problemo
That problem relating to keys sounds a lot like this:
Q: A game of locks and keys

ghosts_in_the_codeThere are 100 boxes, numbered 1-100. Each box is locked, such that it can be opened by only one corresponding key (also numbered 1-100). These keys are randomly scattered in the boxes (one box may have any number of keys), and then all boxes are shut. A treasure (numbered 0) has also been locked ...

Q: The days count since a year begins

edemInput: a date in format 'YYYY/MM/DD' Output: an integer number Examlpe: '2015/11/19' -> 322 Conditions: language Perl without using any auxiliary modules and using 'localtime' function. Leap years must be taken into account.


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