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9:14 PM
This blows my mind. I understand special relativity better now than I did before, and this guy is only a teenager! I hope he decides to become a teacher at some point!
@Optimizer +1 for entertainment value but seriously do not do this to Venus Flytraps
Triggering their traps like that is not good for them
@El'endiaStarman TI-ACIDIC should be written in TI-BASIC... I will write an ACIDIC esoteric language maybe!
@TanMath Oh, no way. I'm doing it in Python. :P
There are many other Basics, so no reason to call it TI if it doesn't run on a TI.
@TanMath Writing things involving strings in TI-BASIC is like rubbing a cat's tummy: it looks OK until you start doing it then the cat murders you
9:23 PM
I have high goals for the language.
So many choices - QACIDIC, Visual Acidic, ...
I am looking forward to dad=)
Hmm. Blitz ACIDIC?
Is @TanMath a play on TanMom from the Howard Stern show?
9:23 PM
^ =)
@El'endiaStarman PACIDIC
Dartmouth ACIDIC
BBC Acidic
Fox Acidic? Better not.
@Rainbolt no! O have no idea what you are even saying!
9:24 PM
O don't know oither!
@flawr lmao
@El'endiaStarman can I help you write PY-ACIDIC?
You can see the acid spewing out of your computer
9:25 PM
2 mins ago, by feersum
So many choices - QACIDIC, Visual Acidic, ...
@feersum Oh rats
@TanMath Thanks for the offer, but I'll decline this time. :)
@Rainbolt now I can't fix my O mistake...
Tactile Acidic?
The question is, what does ACIDIC stand for?
9:26 PM
Auditory Acidic?
@TanMath Sorry that you had to see whatever you Googled.
Advanced Constructed and Interpreted Demonic Instruction Code?
Does it have to stand for anything? It'll be like "xkcd"!
Hm it needs to be an acronym. sorry.
wow no one liked my acronym
9:27 PM
@El'endiaStarman oh... I love python, I guess I will help by pull requests and posting issues...
@quartata I like it but I think there's room for improvement.
@quartata because the language is not demonic!
@quartata "Demonic" would be rich coming from a Christian. :P
@flawr You're right. It isn't Cthulhu enough.
9:28 PM
How about Divine instead of Demonic?
@flawr How about Dastardly?
@El'endiaStarman remember that I will always able to help with your language
I mean, we are making an esolang here right? And that's what esolangs are.
@flawr Ah, Divine...I like that. :P
I like "Dastardly" better.
9:29 PM
what are you guys talking about?
ACIDIC acronyms
@quartata but is it stack based?
@anOKsquirrel Secrets
The first letter stands for Acidic and the other letters don't stands for anything.
9:29 PM
@quartata k
@Rainbolt cheater
@Rainbolt makes sense
Acidic Cidic Idic Dic Ic Compiler.
Recursive acronyms are so 90s
Get that shit outta here
9:30 PM
It's not purely recursive. It's like recursive, notimplemented, notimplemented, ... etc.
@flawr 90s
@flawr !!!...is terrible
@quartata I'm actually planning on making it more than an esolang. Maybe better. I'll be including file and image operations, so it'll be significantly more powerful than a typical general-purpose esolang.
@quartata RAAS9
9:31 PM
I thought it stood for Programmable Hyperlinked Pasta.
<3 PHP , PHP 4-ever
@TimmyD well played
@Rainbolt So it's like ngn APL?
puts on sunglasses
@flawr Really? It's so nasty though...
Change of topic
@AlexA. you mean sick nasty
9:32 PM
@AlexA. PHP was my first "real" language=)
@quartata I do not
Why has my sandboxes post got negative feedback?
@TanMath link?
Ask the downvoters.
@AlexA. ;_;
Also no one liked my sick ngn APL burn
9:32 PM
@quartata If this had a hundred upvotes it wouldn't be cool anymore. But it only has six, so it's cool to know about it.
@flawr I can understand the nostalgia behind liking your first language but I can't relate; my first was VBA. :P
@Rainbolt The joke was APL uses recursive functions a lot, and half of the stuff in ngn APL isn't implemented
Well the very first was TI-Basic, but that is not real..
Don't get me wrong ngn APL rocks
9:33 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TanMathMake an American Flag Just like the recent French flag challenge, please generate an image of the American flag just like this: The ratio for the flag is 10:19. It must have thirteen horizontal stripes alternating red and white; in the canton, 50 white stars of alternating numbers of six and ...

But it just fit the joke perfectly here
@TanMath what output? file? ascii?
@quartata I thought the joke was "I know an obscure language. HAH!" Whoops.
@Rainbolt ngn APL isn't really that obscure.
Or at least I don't think it is.
If you like APL you know about it
Is that pronounced Engine Apple?
9:35 PM
@anOKsquirrel not ASCII
@TanMath then specify that
@Rainbolt I pronounce each letter.
So n-g-n a-p-l
But who knows
I could see engine ay pee ell
@Rainbolt Works.
@anOKsquirrel actually color ASCII is allowed...
9:36 PM
@TanMath You need to specify where the stars go
@TanMath then specify that
It's kinda underspecified
@quartata meaning?
@TanMath what pixel?
@quartata what should I add?
9:36 PM
@TanMath Like specifically mention the dimensions of the blue part of the flag and where it is on the flag, then mention the distance between each of the stars and all that
It needs more details
The way it is now I could put the blue field anywhere
And the stripes could have different thickness
@anOKsquirrel should I take Geobits's description?
@TanMath sure?
> an ancient programming language adapted to a JavaScript-dominated world
apl stands for ancient programming language confirmed
Also, just noticed that ngn got rid of all the CoffeeScript parts ;_;
Now the whole thing is in eye-catching eye-bleeding JS
I added some info
Is it better?
You still need to specify the dimensions and position of the blue field I think
Huh. 99BB got marked as a duplicate of the HQ9+ interpreter, even though the HQ9+ answers on the 99BB challenge don't meet specs. Funny.
@TimmyD really?
That's kinda hilarious actually.
Q: "99 Bottles of Beer"

GamrCorpsWrite a program that outputs the lyrics to 99 Bottles of Beer, in as few bytes as possible. Lyrics: 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall. 98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass i...

Oh it was Peter he dupe-hammered it
9:50 PM
github.com/an-OK-squirrel/scg needs a lot of work, but still :D
Only one person voted?!
Q: Dupe Hammer too powerful?

Erwin BolwidtI see this quite often - people who have a gold badge on a tag may know a lot about the tag, but they still fall victim like any other person to thinking they can mind-read other people and close questions as a dupe purely on some unverified assumption about what the poster intended. Another pro...

dupe hammer 2 strong volvo nerf pls
@TanMath ?
@quartata Peter was the fourth dupe vote so five was probably not far off anyway
@Calvin'sHobbies I was kidding.
9:59 PM
hm... what is next for scg?
i should probably add lists and multiplication lol

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