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11:34 PM
@feersum I've added moving pieces around to the jigsaw challenge. I think it should fix both the problem you mentioned and also significantly reduce similarity to Evolution of Hello World.
That being said, I'm taking suggestions for better tasks than just printing N.
@MartinB├╝ttner I don't understand..how could you swap places of d and a?
I moved the df block into the top left corner
and a one cell to the bottom left
I moved the bce block one down. the g block one left and two up. and the h block all the way to the left.
you can move blocks as many times as you want?
yes, "You may move any adjacent block of characters on the puzzle floor around freely as a unit"
let me know if I can make that clearer
if you are are moving blocks around, and in the middle of this process two blocks are next to each other, do they become one block?
11:44 PM
there's no "in the middle of this process"
you just choose a new position for each block, so that they don't overlap
once there are enough pieces I could move the blocks so that they form a continuous piece from the top left to bottom right corner
by that time, I think we'll be down to esoteric languages anyway though
so it doesn't solve the top left corner issue, only delaying it
I never said it shouldn't get harder
any problem can be only delayed
the challenge is bound to get impossible at some point. that's the idea.
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