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7:10 PM
Sorry :(
stars as fave
Now I'm curious as to how many rooms might have "First" as their first message, this could possibly be the first.
7:11 PM
I mean
I've never been a room owner before!
I wonder what I can do.
7:13 PM
That should round out the majority based on activity time.
@StackExchange Lol what?
@GraceNote Define "activity time."
@Tristan Who is online at what time here on the network. You and Fallen tend to be online very often together.
Do we want any feeds in here?
7:15 PM
@GraceNote Ahh, okay.
@FallenAngelEyes Questions tagged
I removed myself because I don't need to be a room owner to help.
@GraceNote This is because Tristan has an extremely broken sleep schedule
Grace Note has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@FallenAngelEyes This... So much this. Also, what can room owners do?
7:17 PM
@Tristan Pin stuff is pretty much the major thing.
I was hoping to be able to ban people, but that appears to be a moderator thing.
@StrixVaria Actually, even mods can't ban people from rooms (if I'm not mistaken)
I think you can still kick people, too
Like so.
you could turn the room into a gallery chat room, which uses a white list.
@GraceNote I was expecting it.
7:18 PM
@GraceNote I don't think that worked.
the window just flashed, that was it.
although my gravatar seems to think I left and re-entered
You probably have an auto-join effect, possibly.
Kicking isn't terribly effective of a tool.
Enough of administration, though, let's get down to summoning. ♪
Sejuani seems really good for a tank.
I tried her out this morning before the game we played together.
That was the nightmare game I mentioned, although aside from the trolls and feeders I had a lot of fun.
well, I'll leave you to your LoL... I hope you laugh out loud!
Tristan gave her a shot, too, but I don't know how well he got to try her.
I still need to try her
7:20 PM
@StrixVaria I tried her out, but I didn't have much luck with her... The guides I found for her are all jungling, and I had no idea what to purchase.
Is there a movement speed reduction cap?
I hate jungling. That kind of makes me like her less, because I don't want to be expected to jungle.
@StrixVaria Apparently current meta is tanks jungle in high ELO
I'm still debating who to buy once I get to 6300 IP
also Phreak just jungles everybody
7:21 PM
I don't plan on ever getting to high ELO so hopefully that doesn't affect me.
@FallenAngelEyes Yes
My choices for next champ are Ahri, Maokai, and Sejuani at this point. For some reason I feel like I must spend 6300 IP in one go.
There's two caps that reduce how much bonus movespeed cap you get.
I'm not sure who I want to get next, if anyone.
so my brother mentioned yesterday something about saving all my IP until I get to level 20 (for runes)
what's all that about?
7:22 PM
@StrixVaria My most recent purchase was Sion. And I loved it.
@IanPugsley You shouldn't save all your IP for runes.
What you should do, however, is not "waste" IP on low tier runes.
@IanPugsley IP is the ingame currency. Runes come in 3 tiers, and you can't buy Tier 3's til level 20.
@IanPugsley Runes give bonuses to any champion you play, but you have to purchase them from the store.
Get champs if you want them, but don't get runes until you hit level 20 and can get the best ones.
And you can only buy Runes with IP.
7:23 PM
When the raw movement speed is greater than 415, there are two soft caps applied:

The raw speed between 415 and 490 gets multiplied by 80%.
The raw speed over 490 gets multiplied by 50%.
Not Riot Points.
@GraceNote I meant reduction to movement speed though, as in a slow cap. Sorry if I wasn't clear!
@GraceNote is that indicating diminishing returns on increasing movement speed?
@FallenAngelEyes No, there isn't a slow cap
@IanPugsley Yes.
@IanPugsley Yes.
@GraceNote Looks like I'm gonna play with slow on Sejuani then!
7:24 PM
The caps are reflected in the actual Movespeed stat you have listed in the bottom left, though.
Despite that, I've gotten my movement speed with Janna over 700 using Shurelya's Reverie, Ghost, and Boots of Mobility
And I think one other thing...
good to know (I wasn't positive that high number there was faster speed)
It was silly, though.
@FallenAngelEyes Oh, wait, nevermind, I'm wrong.
For future reference, Ultimate Bravery, a site which gives you randomized builds for characters to play for fun.
7:25 PM
> If a champion is affected by multiple slows, the strongest one will be fully applied, while the others are applied sequentially with 35% reduced effectiveness down to 65% of its original strength.
@GraceNote Aaah, gotcha.
Anyone have any other suggestions for helpful links? So far I'm thinking LoL Wikia, Leaguecraft, Mobafire, the New User Guide on the main site.
Don't Leaguecraft and Mobafire serve the same purpose?
I think only one or the other of those.
I tend to use both, as they have different userbases/guides on them and I like using as many resources as possible.
Fair enough.
I really want to try Sejuani with a kind of dedicated offensive build. Sorcerer's Shoes, Rylai's, Rod of Ages, Huanting Guise, etc.
Her ratios aren't the best but if you throw in some MPen it should hopefully work out.
New to LoL? Check out the New User Guide. Other helpful links: General Gameplay, LoL Wikia Build sites: Leaguecraft, Mobafire.
7:34 PM
Maybe add Ultimate Bravery to that one so we only need to have 1 pinned message.
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Feed attack! tower dives
@StrixVaria I can't edit it anymore. :(
Anywho, dinnertime flees
Hm... how much does Sejuani's Arctic Winds get from AP?
@GraceNote I'm not entirely sure... I was focused more on building health for the bonus than AP.
@GraceNote I think 10%, if that's the AoE around her.
I don't know the names, just the letters.
Her W gets 10%
Q gets 50% I think.
7:39 PM
@Tristan Ooh, I didn't realize it got a bonus from HP
The other ones I didn't notice the ratios when I was playing.
@StrixVaria I got the name, wrong, anyway. It's Northern Winds (with Arctic Assault being her Q)
Wiki says .4, .1, .5, and .8 for QWER respectively
If it comes to damage, I imagine that, based on its amplification on Frost targets, that her W is probably her main damage source.
This is without knowing the actual damage values, though
Her W was significant damage.
But I think if I do go for an offensive build on her I'll be stacking more MPen than AP
To make up for her less-than-amazing ratios
@GraceNote From what I saw, her W was her main damage dealer, as her basic attacks applied Frost to whoever she hit.
Also, I'm still bummed @RavenDreamer declined my friend request. =(
@StrixVaria Not much in that department and a Void Staff seems a bit lackluster to me.
@Tristan Did he know it was you?
7:43 PM
Haunting Guise, Sorcerer's Shoes, and Abyssal Scepter
@GraceNote Probably not, even though I did tell him I sent him a request. lol
Along with probably Sunfire Cape, and situational items
Probably not spectacular, but that's why I'll give it a try.
@StrixVaria It seems like Sunfire Cape would be Sejuani's bread and butter.
@Tristan so I have a feeling I like Sunfire Cape way too much - what types of characters should I get it on?
@Tristan Yeah it seems to pair with her possibly even better than it pairs with Garen.
7:46 PM
I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be getting it on certain characters
@IanPugsley Get it on characters who like to stand next to the enemy for a long time. Garen, most tanks, and some tanky DPS like Malphite.
I've become entirely disillusioned about Sunfire Cape. It used to be something I looked at, but I keep cringing at the miniscule damage it affords without decent MPen and the like.
@StrixVaria Jax and Sion as well.
@StrixVaria been getting it on Mordekaiser
yeah and Sion
I don't think Morde needs it.
7:47 PM
I wouldn't recommend it on Morde
You'd be better off with his W getting the damage to bolster his shield and give you spell vamp.
Get a Hextech Gunblade on Morde
I realized AP meant more damage which meant more shields
yeah, gunblade helped a lot last night
Were you using its active?
probably not?
@StrixVaria Gunblade has an active?
7:50 PM
@Tristan It damages and slows 1 target.
@StrixVaria how do you use it?
A better version of the Bilgewater Cutlass
Here's a question: Would Sunfire Cape's magic damage count toward spell vamp?
@IanPugsley You press 1-6 (corresponding to what slot it's in in your inventory) and use it just like a normal spell.
@Tristan Ask on the site. I really don't know.
@Tristan No
Q: Does Spell Vamp affect magic damage procs from items?

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Spell Vamp is for active abilities, so it will not affect passive damage application.
7:54 PM
@GraceNote Oh, alright then. If it did then I could understand getting it on Morde.
@StrixVaria I had the strangest game the other day as a Katarina where I got more kills with my Gunblade than with my ult.
That's so weird.
I always end up just shy of the kill with Death Lotus, so I either need to Shunpo or shoot (or both) to finish off the target.
@StrixVaria I had a pretty fun custom game with @Zamual05 yesterday. I was at ~360 AD, 1.9 AS, and ~4000 health with Sion. =P
Of all the heroes in the game, I think I know Sion the least.
I really have no idea what he can do.
7:57 PM
I know Evelynn the least. Never turns up on free rotation, so few people use her.
Also she's terrible.
Even @Fallen has her but I've never seen her use her to my recollection.
Because she's terrible.
@StrixVaria That's why so few people use her, so I hear.
They nerfed her really hard shortly after I started playing in...April or May last year I think.
And I've seen her in 2-3 games max since then.
7:58 PM
It was sometime in the summer when they nerfed her stun into a slow, I think.
April/May is when I started and she still at least had a stun back then.
But I don't even know what she does other than that, haha.
I had to play Sion to learn just what his E was, though. The rest I learned from his axe on my face.
The funny thing is, I have actually used Sion.
It's just like a hole in my memory where his mechanics should be.
@StrixVaria Sion gets a passive ability that increases his health by 3 for every kill he gets (minion/monster/champ). Stack that with Warmog's Armor (3.5 health per minion kill), and Atma's Impaler, and he can be a bit ridiculous.
@Tristan If you like stacking health, you should play as Cho'Gath.
I look forward to the new bot season if only to finally test "What happens if I grab Storm Shield and use Surge while at max stacks?"
@StrixVaria I did enjoy Cho'Gath when I used him... But I don't know if that's because I thought he was fun, or if it's because I got my first Penta Kill with him.
8:02 PM
I think Cho'Gath is really fun.
You got your first Penta with Cho? Nice
Cho is one of my favorites and I'm not saying that just because it's my A51 avatar. I've considered buying him at several points, but then Kog'Maw week came out. And then Ahri came out.
@GraceNote Strix was just as surprised, I think... Zamual might have recorded it. I need to ask him, as I'm not entirely sure how I did it.
I actually like AP stacking on Cho, or at least a Mejai's. With the health stacking and a Guardian Angel that I want anyway to not lose the health stacks, it's not too hard to keep the AP stacks.
@GraceNote Cho is only 1350 should pick him up.
@StrixVaria Oh yeah, they did reduce his price. I should look into grabbing him when my reserves open up.
8:06 PM
I'm going to go back and forth 100 more times before I actually save up 6300 IP, but it's not going to stop me from constantly obsessing over figuring out who to buy.
@StrixVaria Go back and forth?
Pick a champion that I'm going to save up for, then change my mind the next day and pick a different champion.
The end result is saving up for someone but I won't know who I actually wind up buying until I get there.
@GraceNote I like getting it on Leona for flavor reasons
Most recently I had 3150 IP and was about to buy one at that price and then bought about 6 cheaper champions instead.
@FallenAngelEyes That's like getting in on Vladimir for flavor reasons.
8:13 PM
@GraceNote Also, this is because I've found she's hard to use effectively :(
@GraceNote It's so shiny on her though!
@FallenAngelEyes This rings in with the "She's terrible" that Strix has been stressing, hah.
@FallenAngelEyes But... sparkly vampire!
@GraceNote ...nooooooooooooo
@GraceNote I don't dare bring her to actual games because of people just think of her as a liability :(
@FallenAngelEyes That was actually in the Champion Spotlight for Vladimir, by the way.
8:14 PM
@GraceNote That's... scary...
He almost benefits from it, too, since he gets bonus AP for his health.
I feel like this room needs some tags added to it...
room topic changed to Summoner's Rift: Because no one likes Twisted Treeline [league-of-legends]
Now it seems like a real room. =P
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10:46 PM
room topic changed to Summoner's Rift: Because no one likes Twisted Treeline [better-nerf-irelia] [league-of-legends]
@RavenDreamer I have no experience with Irelia...
@Tristan I tried her last free week, her Ult is neat
@FallenAngelEyes She was free last week?
@Tristan Nay, meant the last time she was free
Oooh, okay.
10:49 PM
Irelia is fine.
No nerf necessary.
Raven must just be raging.
11:09 PM
@StrixVaria It's a forum meme.
11:21 PM
@RavenDreamer Not terribly active on the forum :/
@StrixVaria I've made a single post there and it was only to comment to the artist who made the image @Raven linked to me
I don't even think I have an account.
I generally just browse for Riot posts to see if they're doing anything useful.
@StrixVaria I think it's bound to your actual account. I don't remember signing up for a separate forum one.
In that case I have an account but I've never logged in on purpose.
Tribunal: Report for Intentionally Feeding. Stats look pretty good until the player spams the chat with "u mad bro?". Punish.
@StrixVaria I want to be level 30 so I can participate in the tribunal. =(

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