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12:01 AM
Australian politicians are hilarious.
"I'm quoting a poet here!" @samdastyari reads the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" into Hansard 😂😂😂😂😂 http://t.co/xZTdZNOQwz
@jimsug Is it true that Australia has a more casual relationship with profanity than, say, the US or UK? Someone said that to me recently, and I have no idea whether it has any basis in fact.
I think we definitely have a more casual relationship with racism than the US or UK.
Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure what this 'casual relationship' business means specifically.
@jimsug Racism is different in different places around the US.
Heh, I suppose.
12:24 AM
@snailboat The top left ticker thing pisses me off...
12:45 AM
@Catija I personally wish the "post links to questions as chat messages" thing were not a feature.
1:38 AM
@snailboat Really?
3 hours later…
5:04 AM
Good Morning everyone! It's gonna be a big day for me. There are about 35 companies. Best IT companies in Sri Lanka. I am so existed. I was waiting for this day for more than a year
Career day in our college.
5:41 AM
@JudeNiroshan Oh, good luck!
6:15 AM
Q: Can I promote our site by email?

jimsugI've recently started thinking that law students would be a great target audience for our site, and so I'm planning on sending a couple of emails to student law societies introducing them to our site, giving a brief overview of what we do, and asking them to mention us to their members. I've loo...

James your name is out.
@jimsug James James James James James James
Luckily, only @jimsug pings me :P
Yes James @jimsug.
7:06 AM
@Dam we need your doodling designing skills for a chat ad.
Hehe! I wonder if I have time for that. (I'm not a real designer, so it could take me way longer than a real one would need to make one.)
BTW, I just downvoted the template, to make its score lower than +6.
Hmm... the meta post doesn't say anything about the deadline.
There's no deadline.
It just needs 6 upvotes at any time.
Oh! So the template already made it!
The twitter thing?
7:19 AM
I meant a score of 6 :L
I just downvoted it down from +6.
I can't down vote it. :'(
Oh, why not?
7:20 AM
'Cause I've upvoted it before.
quick, someone edit it :P
Can . . . someone edit that?
Down voted!
7:22 AM
Such under-handedness :P
Seriously guys.
Make an ad!
I think it has to be finished and ready to use, not just a sketch.
But maybe we can pitch our sketches here.
I'm not on my laptop, so an nbsp is all I can give you.
8:18 AM
The vast majority of Indian English speakers are non-native, by the way. It would be weird to ask for feedback from native speakers of Indian English.
Indeed, though I believe that there is more or less standard Indian English. Probably governed or standardized somehow by the government and standardized tests.
Well he seems to miss the point, so I won't make this more confusing.
I believe he really missed the point.
In the context, it's more like a learner posted a question, a non-native speaker answered, and then the learner asks, "Are you a non-native speaker?"
Indian English is a natural language and its characteristics emerged naturally through use
It may or may not sound okay, depending on the intention.
8:22 AM
Through language contact, through second language errors that spread and became normal, by missing changes that occurred in other dialects, and so on
In any case, I think we shouldn't forget that when someone claims that he is something, it doesn't mean that he's always right about that thing or anything that that something implies.
For example, if there were a Thai language stack, and I answered a question, with a note, "I'm right because I'm Thai." -- I don't think that's a right attitude.
@DamkerngT. Specially on the interwebz.
I think we have plenty of examples of native speakers failing to describe their own language here on ELL, which is understandable—describing language is hard!
@snailboat Indeed!
8:25 AM
The misconception that being a native speaker means you know everything about your own language is regrettably common…
Should I invite him here?
It's also easy for speakers, native or non-, to underestimate how much variation there is in a language.
Hullo @Rigor! Welcome to the Cabin!
Even an assertion such as, "This is how it's used in Tinglish. I know this because I'm Thai," could as well be shabby.
8:27 AM
I'm not talking about a specific person. I'm just discussing attitudes toward language in the abstract.
@Rigor Hi, skull! (Is that you?)
Hi pals
Would you at least somehow indicate that you're on Patrol?
8:28 AM
aka skullpatrol
@snailboat Me too. I remember that J.R. posted a post asking all answerers to back their answers up with references, and I think that's fair and probably the best.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M da raiders are always on patrol pal :P
True, that!
Ideally evidence of some kind, not necessarily a reference work.
Bah, at least you should make us somehow recognize you.
8:30 AM
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M Just the emblem (logo?) is enough for me. :D
What logo?
the mystic of the silver and black
Bah dum TSS
8:32 AM
Autocorrect, destroying your jokes since 1888.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M raiders.com
can't wait for the world cup of rugby to start on friday :-)
Oh look! A website with pictures that isn't censored!
@Rigor Oh, belated congratulations on the last game!
@DamkerngT. but we lost?
8:36 AM
Eh? I read it the wrong way? Sorry!
we were kicking field goals down by 33 :-/
like I said:
4 mins ago, by Rigor
can't wait for the world cup of rugby to start on friday :-)
8:37 AM
9:36 AM
Q: Morphology or structure?

deniseWhat is the difference in meaning between "morphology" and "structure"? Coming from a physics background and being a native German speaker, I tend to use "structure" when describing an internal configuration, and to use "morphology" when describing an overall outer appearance. I wonder if this ...

This is probably better on the Linguistics stack.
I've noticed people coming from other SEs tend to think of ELL as a place where nonnatives belong, rather than a place for questions nonnative speakers happen to have.
Morphology is a technical term in linguistics. It's also a technical term outside linguistics. I don't see any indication that they have the linguistics sense in mind.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M I think it's a little worse than that. I think there seems to be a tendency to think of ELL as a place where nonnative speakers with moderate fluency belong.
@snailboat When someone is talking about morphology in the context of language, it makes me think of linguistics.
Oh, right. They said, "an overall outer appearance".
I think the first comment threw me off a little.
in biology they use it like the word "form"
or the study of form
In computer science too. (Like, shape recognition.)
9:49 AM
Or biology.
I just left the Title Editing room. I think we've made something happen. Title of new questions appear to be improved. Thanks go to the man behind the movement (yes, @inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M, that's you!) and everyone who's helped edit the titles!
10:38 AM
@DamkerngT. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Thanks!
I'm back to the laptop. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
10:56 AM
inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M has removed an event from this room's schedule.
^ Removed the TCE event.
If people are getting into the habit of either improving titles, or writing better titles, then I would consider TCE a huge success.
Might need to wait until the next data dump to see if editing patterns have changed.
I think it's good enough. We just need to remind ourselves to link to it next time we catch a crappy title.
We might also go off editing some stuff when we've got the time.
For now, we can see good titles.
CopperKettle also seems to help fix a bunch of titles every day. ^^
@Copper thanks for that.
11:53 AM
Oh, hey!
A: "There IS/ARE rice, meat and potatoes on my plate"

John BIt really depends on whether you're referring to the "rice, meat, and tomatoes" as a collective unit or separate items. From the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (2002): Typically the subject and verb should agree (pg 499). There are however "sematically motivated overrides." The per...

That gives me a link to an online version of The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language! (And on a specific page at that!)
@DamkerngT. I again remember why I love ArXiv.org
I wonder if we, as a site, should do anything about it.
12:27 PM
Q: Is my example the same case as the link I gave?

오준수Does"She went into the home and left shoes on the floor" equal "she went into the home , leaving the shoes on the floor". Plus,many people of this site said it was not the same thing. But I wish you guys could check the link below out.

Hmm... it looks like the OP asked the 2nd question because of this comment (in the first question):
"She went into the home and left her shoes" does not equal "She went into the home, leaving her shoes" Is the question still valid? — Maulik V ♦ 4 hours ago
So, the best person who should answer the question would be Maulik, because he stated it firmly, that the question is (probably?) not valid because the two aren't equal.
12:48 PM
@DamkerngT. I also did that until I discovered, with @snailboat's help, that that version is pirated.. (0:
So called reputed companies are suck! Believe me. It's true
talking about WSO2
@JudeNiroshan companies suck. Although I've seen it often enough to wonder whether it's not a subcontinental English idiom.
they need only old grads to work in their company. Poor interviewers; sorry for them. They lost an exceptional 2nd year student as were putting glasses to hunt 4th year students.
I'm really disappointed as it was my main target today.
3 hours later…
3:39 PM
@JudeNiroshan Don't let it get to you.
4:00 PM
I have no more hopes for them
Company policies are there to maintain the quality of the workers. But why those people cannot understand that some people are there who can maintain that quality without fit into those policies?
Wierd... but true
How are you?
4:18 PM
If I had a penny for everytime I have changed my avatar...
I'd be rich.
Hey, I have a formatting question.
4:34 PM
When we give a list in the answer and press "numbered list" or "bullet points" button it only does the job for a single line.
@Arrowfar - will turn into a bullet.
If we already have a whole list saved somewhere and we are just pasting it in the answer what's the best way to make it all numbered or bullet points without pressing enter on every single line?
And you can just try 1., 2., 3. etc. for ordered lists.
You have to press enter on every single line. :/
So we have to type it by ourself eachtime?
Depends on how compatible that website's code is with SE editor.
@Arrowfar What are you trying to paste?
4:36 PM
Oh! Bummer.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M I gave an answer and it seemed like a hassle to arrange all the points.
I'll edit like lightening.
Yes you are pretty fast. Our fast and furious MA :)
I'm curious, not furious. Well, most o' the time.
Yeah that's me.
4:42 PM
Our fast and curious MA :)
A: Things required for nice beach experience

ArrowfarThere are zillions of items that you can take with you for a nice beach experience. If you are expecting rains then you must take a beach umbrella or a simpler one with you, to keep your phone and other small stuff from getting water and/or moisture keep them in a zip lock sandwich bag. You can...

So you want a numbered list?
No, bullet points are okay.
Someone already edited it.
7:28 PM
Hello, @Pulkownik! Welcome to the room! :D
hah Hello :)
i just want to return to the previous room and say to you that here the last message was 3 hours ago ;p
Well, that's true!
do you know any sites where i can find people to talk by skype?
Hmm... Freddy mentioned something a couple days ago...
yesterday, by Freddy
It's only yesterday! :D
ok thank you
7:31 PM
No problem. I haven't tried it myself, so I can't say what it's like.
1 hour later…
8:36 PM
Q: Do prescriptive but not descriptive rules find more favor on ELL than on ELU?

vstrongI've just begun using this site and ELU. As far as ELU is concerned, I think I know that at least some prescribed conventions aren't going to be the most favored answers. As in this case. So far, so good. But is ELL at all different from ELU in this respect? If an ELL questioner asks abou...


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