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7:44 PM
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room topic changed to The Drug Store: General discussion for Health Stack Exchange [health]
Hello Everyone
What's up
7:56 PM
you're a mod
Yeah, on LifeHacks
8:13 PM
@michaelpri re: your answer on craze lines, i found this link as an example of more craze lines:
and this site in general that is really useful for all things dental:
you might want to edit your answer to include them
@Jez Thanks, I did see some pictures, so the ones in your post aren't bad at all
@michaelpri I think you should link to the other link i posted too
@Jez I edited in a different link that explains craze lines very well
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9:34 PM
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@Mooseman Hiya @Mooseman ...enjoying your mod priveleges? ;)
@Shokhet :D
For the good of the internets :D
Of course, of course :)
@Mooseman I was gonna do it, but when I got on my computer everything was already done
You're here too, @michaelpri! Hi :)
9:37 PM
@Shokhet Hey, what's up!
How's LH going? ...haven't been there in a while; but got the private beta email for Health
Ehh, stuff has slowed down a bit
Moderating hasn't been very hard
I don't think there's been any mod flags in 2 day
I looked into the Junk Drawer a few times....I don't think that the "Mr. Hacky" fully oneboxing each new question is very conducive to conversation....but that's chat.
9:38 PM
@michaelpri I've reviewed one this week. :/
@Mooseman You killed that bot? Well done :)
...make it a ticker tape thingy instead
What can I say? xD
What do you guys think the problem is?
9:42 PM
@Shokhet We need more content imo
How does everybody like "The Drug Store" as the room name?
@Mooseman I think it's pretty cute :)
Very good name
@Mooseman I have an LH question I've been meaning to write for a while....maybe I'll do that now
A lot better than Health Chat
@Shokhet uh-oh...
9:44 PM
....though I might finish the HSE Q/A set I'm writing, first
9:59 PM
Glad this site made it. Wasn't sure it would. How is everyone today?
@Mooseman Well, it implies taking drugs is necessary for good health. So, honestly, not that much.
@FaheemMitha I'm good. How are you?
Could we change it to The Yoga Store, perhaps?
@Shokhet Doing ok, thanks.
@FaheemMitha Glad to hear it :)
Less activity than I would have expected, but I guess it is still a private beta.
How long ago did this site go live?
Judging from (what looks like) the earliest question...maybe 3 hrs? ...I just got here, myself
10:03 PM
@Shokhet Ok.
I logged in as soon as I got an invitation in my mailbox.
10:57 PM
Got mortarboard :)
@michaelpri how does one get a mortarboard?
@FaheemMitha It happens when you hit the daily rep limit
@michaelpri Oh, congrats.
I actually haven't hit it yet, it must be a bug
@michaelpri report it, maybe?
11:06 PM
@FaheemMitha yeah, i got a bunch of people signed up when we were over 100 committers, but then there was a total lull in committers. recently, there was an uptick for some reason
Ehh, I don't really think it's that big of a deal
@Jez Yes, I noticed that it has gone quiet for a while. A site like this should really be a juggernaut, rivalling SO in activity. There are 7 billion people on this planet. They all have health questions. Granted, only a fraction have computers.
Contrast that to SO. How many people on this planet are programmers?
@Jez did you propose this site?
No, I see you didn't.
nope, but there was a health proposal before
it died
can't remember whether i proposed that
@michaelpri bugs should be fixed.
but i committed to this one when i saw it had been ressurrected
11:10 PM
@Jez why do you think this one was different?
because i'm pretty sure the old one was closed because of lack of interest
@michaelpri thanks for the reply. And the links.
@Jez yes, but why the difference.
@FaheemMitha No problem
because when you have one closed you have to start a brand new one
@michaelpri what would be really interesting would be to analyze the data.
@Jez no, I mean, why did that site not make it when this one did?
11:12 PM
no idea.
Two different sites, with similar topics. One succeeds, the other fails.
@Jez ok. Yes, I'm surprised it took so long for a site like this to arrive.
Medical stuff is one of the main things people use the net for. It's also high on people's concerns. Yet look at what SE sites are successful.
i guess it's easy to ask health questions, but harder to answer them well
@Jez True, but why would it stop a site for even starting? I can imagine that could be a contributing cause to eventual failure.
it would really suck if they ended up closing Health down
i'd imagine they'd do that if too many "easy" questions were being asked
A lot of the questions have been pretty "hard"
11:33 PM
Now I've hit the rep cap

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