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11:01 PM
@rm-rf I get the normal one for 20k after a kernel restart. But on a second run of the function I never get the correct particle arrangement if I change the particle number. For 30k I get a blank rectangle.
@halirutan I had exactly the same problem (I also wrote support, but no reply yet). Try CUDAResourcesInformation[]. If it gives you v8 for Mma and v4.0 for the ToolkitVersion, then you need to remove the downloaded CUDA resources somehow and re-download using v9. I don't know how to remove them though, so I removed the whole Mma config directory
@Szabolcs I seems this does it: CUDAResourcesInstall[]
hum, I just received a mail saying "you can upgrade MMA to version 9", and when I click on the link, the webpage says "Downloads for Mathematica 9 for Windows have been temporarily disabled to correct a rare but serious stability issue discovered after release"
Hello @JohnFultz
@F'x Yep, it crashed some machines when I followed this right. Check the discussions here.
@halirutan the worse part is… I have a Mac, but the Mac version is apparently not downloadable either from the user portal :(
11:07 PM
@F'x Maybe this one: support.wolfram.com/kb/11160 I think it happened to people who forgot to shut down v8 while installing v9
@MikeHoneychurch what link for example is down?
@Szabolcs BSOD for a font issue is amazing
but of course, Windows never fails to amaze :)
@JohnFultz I was wondering, is HiDPI support for the Mac version on the radar? Or is it something difficult to implement, so we shouldn't hold our breath?
@Szabolcs star that, like, many many times :)
non-Retina MMA 8 is ugly on Retina display
@Rojo several ...but try the very first one. click on "MakeProject"
11:11 PM
@F'x I still don't really understand why is should be uglier than on a half resolution display, but it truly is :(
@MikeHoneychurch In the real Mathematica 9
that brings up the MakeProject palette
and not a docs page
It doesn't feel like an accident
@Rojo No this is the online docs. I haven't downloaded 9 yet. Was going to do that in a couple of days. Has anyone noticed any issues with the Mac release?
I mean that Make Project, Paginate, Make Contents, have a smaller font
So I was initially pleased cause it looked like AuthorTools had been updated but when i started getting the broken links I thought otherwise.
@JohnFultz can you answer this question: mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/6961/…
@MikeHoneychurch it seems Sjoerd's answer is what he was referring to
11:22 PM
John commented that he would explain why setting a background image was undocumented
actually correction ...it looks like he did that already :)
@Szabolcs Retina support is definitely on the roadmap. But don't hold your breath. Sorry, you know if I could deliver it to you quickly, I would. We'll get there as fast as we can.
ok just read Johns comment on Oct 21. I guess all undocumented functionality comes with a warning but are there any known issues @JohnFultz ?
@MikeHoneychurch My guess is that the main one is: It might be decided that the function will be changed slightly in v10 for whatever reason, then old code woulnd't work.
@MikeHoneychurch Re AuthorTools...I think something might have happened, but honestly, my memory fails me. Didn't pass directly through my group.
11:31 PM
But of course I don't know. Some things might stay undocumented because it's not yet clear yet if the design is the best possible, so they want to keep the felxibility to change it
@JohnFultz I'll download 9 later next week and try AuthorTools for myself or email Andre. Was just curious after stumbling across the online docs.
@MikeHoneychurch Re background images (which you linked to), there are caveats. We got enough in there to support slide shows, but there are reasons we didn't expose it (yet) as a first-class feature. I'm getting hit with a lot of v9 stuff right now, and it might be a bit before I can fully comment/clarify on this, but I'll try to get to it soon.
@JohnFultz no worries. you guys are obviously very busy now
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