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1:32 AM
They really need an @moderator flag here.
Anyway, this question (at least by title and first question) is an exact duplicate of this question. Normally, I'd vote to close and be done with it, but it now has a bounty attached which complicates things. Thoughts?
1:48 AM
@rcollyer Ask him if that solves it... if it does, then I'll refund the bounty and close as dupe. Else, I'll let the bounty run its course and then close as dupe :)
2:03 AM
@rm-rf that occurred to me as an option, but I wasn't sure if the bounty could be refunded.
1 hour later…
3:23 AM
@annalear Could you please join me here?
Summoned, I come. What's up?
This is re: some migrations of questions from SO to our site. We had one discussion very early on in private beta here and the general advice was to wait till we either need it or have graduated and are ready to take in the Q&A and curate it
The SO mathematica community has fully migrated here, so the "SO community" is now the "mma community" here
We came up with a way to choose questions that are beneficial here to 1) close as dupes 2) fill in the missing piece in a sequence of important topics (with the rest being here) and let the community vote on them here: meta.mathematica.stackexchange.com/q/744/5
I briefly spoke to casperOne about it and he objected to it solely on principle. I understand with Shog's blog post on respecting the community boundaries and such, they're very reluctant to do anything. I'm not interested in indulging in arguments with the SO mods, but since you were a former SO mod and now an employee, I want to know your take on this
I (we) strongly feel that some of these important ones should be migrated here, because since the community has fully reorganized here, there is no one left to curate and update stuff there.
I'm afraid my opinion isn't going to be terribly helpful to you, because I'm pretty on the fence on this.
Besides, mathematica is not like C#/Java where if 20 people leave, another 20 can easily fill in the spot. Those questions are (will be) neglected on SO...
I'm not asking for a mass migration — no. In fact, 99% of the mma questions can stay on SO. We're only asking for a select few that we've chosen (we, the folks that created that content in the first place) for curation on this site.
What sort of curation are we talking? Are those questions requiring different answers now? Are they changing with Mathematica versions? (I know almost nothing about Mathematica, sorry.)
3:35 AM
@AnnaLear At least two of the top three upvoted questions in the meta thread I linked to, deal with version differences and we have a new version coming out soon (this month, probably). I don't know if it'll change or not
There are some other answers here that complement some of them and it is easier to weave them in and interlink them here (sidebar links don't show questions from other sites)
This is a tricky situation. I can definitely see where you're coming from, but I also see where SO (or, well, casperOne) is coming from.
Worst case scenario: I suppose you could always have info for newer versions up on your site, while older versions are covered by the existing questions on SO (and we can introduce tags or edit the questions to make it clear which versions they cover). It's not ideal, but if all else fails, that'd work.
@AnnaLear Also, the nature of the questions we've requested are not programming specific... it's actually more about the software itself and its quirks, which makes this place a much better home (yes, SO has software that programmers use in its scope, but...)
I would be inclined to migrate if there was a clear benefit from doing so. Establishing that clear benefit is the tricky part. :) Shog's on vacation this week, but lemme talk to him when he gets back and see if we can come up with some sort of guidance/resolution.
I feel like the general guidelines are breaking down a bit here, since you have such a focused and active community.
Hey, what's he doing going on vacation? Downtime is not allowed!
I would agree with that... Also, casperOne's point was that the "SO community" will disagree — but who is the SO community? SO is not a homogeneous community like Arqade or Ask Different or even Super User/Server Fault... Each tag has its own subculture and cliques and sense of belonging to that tag. The mma tag has fully moved here, so the mma community that used to be on SO (i.e. us) certainly don't object :)
3:45 AM
@TimStone We had to allow it so he could move to a new dwelling and acquire internets. He'll be back chained to his laptop before too long.
Looking at the specific examples, I'm not sure that there's as compelling of a reason to leave them on Stack Overflow as would usually be the case, but I don't have much stake in that game.
@AnnaLear Ah right, he did mention that.
@rm-rf That is an interesting point.
@AnnaLear Thanks, that would be fine :)
I make not promises as to the resolution, but I'll let you know when I have something one way or another. :)
Sure, thanks :) You can always drop by in here to discuss with any one of us, if necessary.
3:50 AM
Will do. Feel free to ping me if there are any other developments. As you can see, I'm almost always around. :)
Yup, will do :) Thanks for stopping by
Any time.
@rm-rf Yeah, given the fact that the community has pretty much migrated wholesale, from that perspective I don't think that there's anything to worry over with the questions in...question. The larger concern would likely be the "Hey, you moved my cheese!" issue of the internet community at large looking for such content on Stack Overflow versus Mathematica.SE, but that's probably not a huge problem.
@TimStone Short of people actually searching on Stack Overflow, that shouldn't be a huge deal. Whatever Google has cached will redirect to the new location once the questions are migrated.
Right, exactly.
3:52 AM
And as much as it pains me to say it, I don't know anyone who'd voluntarily use SO search over Google. :)
Depends on what you're looking for, heh.
Yeah, true.
@TimStone This is actually the first serious community for Mathematica. We had several experts refuse to join SO solely because of all the C# and java floating around (it's not easy for a first timer to figure out how to filter out what they don't like). We've attracted so many experts and new users in this short time — experts who would've otherwise never registered on SO.
In a lot of ways, this site is becoming the face of Mathematica Q&A on the internet. The SO tag was just a small band of merry men fiddling around uncomfortably on a general programming site because they had nowhere else to go :)
@rm-rf That's great to hear. (The face of MMA Q&A part, not the SO bit. :))
Yeah, you guys have done a pretty impressive job building up the community. :)
4:00 AM
@AnnaLear :)
@rm-rf Hi! I see you're promoting ... to the wrong audience :D
@belisarius hey now. who you calling "wrong audience"? ;)
No, it's true, I'm mostly just a trouble-maker.
@AnnaLear The nice people out there that don't use Mathematica :)
@TimStone hehe Hi Tim!
by THE TOAD -> "The SO tag was just a small band of merry men fiddling around uncomfortably on a general programming site because they had nowhere else to go :)"
@rm-rf just for you to star it
@belisarius If I wanted to star what I said, I'd pin it :D
4:05 AM
@rm-rf Your humbleness can't allow that
@belisarius what are you talking about? :D
You're getting more and more toady each day
Man, I'm envious of you Mathematica folk...I inconveniently do not have a LongestIncreasingSubsequence function.
@TimStone Check FindSequenceFunction :D...
4:15 AM
@AnnaLear :D :D
@belisarius link bait... also, something up your alley
@rm-rf Too easy
Closing[EdgeDetect[EntropyFilter[i, 1] // ImageAdjust, 10],
100], 10]], "HSB"]][[2]]
@rm-rf If beginners don't answer, I'll post it
@rm-rf I've been analyzing Curiosity photos since the landing. Sand, sand, sand ... and rocks
4:31 AM
@belisarius yeah, Rahul Narain also posted a hint in the comments
@rm-rf The real problem isn't that one. It's isolating the sand.
To get rid of Curiosity itself, the sky, landscape, etc
gotta head home now... see you later
@rm-rf c ya
1 hour later…
5:57 AM
@rm-rf and Heike and me ;-)
6 hours later…
12:03 PM
Damn ... any example of NDSolve answers this.
Q: Need help with solving non-linear differential equation

kernel_panicI am new to using Mathematica, i have a problem at hand, i need to solve y(x)''+ a Sin(y(x) = 0, and plot the output, i need a "manipulate" thingy for the two initial conditions, help needed, thankyou

is this too localized or not
Q: Need help with solving non-linear differential equation

kernel_panicI am new to using Mathematica and have a problem at hand: I need to solve $y(x)''+ a \sin(y(x) = 0$ and plot the output, I need a "manipulate" thingy for the two initial conditions. Help needed.

or exact duplicate
@acl I think it's just a monument to lazyness
@belisarius or haste yes. I am oscillating between "too localized" or "exact duplicate"
do you have an ED link? I'll vote with you
12:20 PM
@belisarius I couldn't find anything that answered the question "how do I solve this ODE and then animate it", so I voted to close as too localized.
anyway something like this would probably have been useful
but no, let's dump the question on the internet. someone'll answer
@acl Do you think this one could fit?
Q: Animation of Differential Equations from NDSolve with ParametricPlot3D and Evaluate

DelphiI have a system of differential equations (referred to as "s") and use NDSolve to obtain the solution. I substitute the interpolated functions for the original functions in order to represent the trajectories of two objects in 3 dimensions. Here is the system that I am working with: (I added thi...

I guess so as it's a generalization. But the question actually is really basic and each part (how to solve it, how to manipulate the plot) answered in the docs, so there wouldn't be any questions on that!
@acl so, it's a NARQ
yep, voting like that
@belisarius I don't know, I thought NARQ is for questions that are rants and so on. Or NARQ also used for "this question shows zero research effort"?
it's a shame fizzics answered as I was writing up an answer manipulating the analytical expression. Would love to see the "educator"'s reaction to that
@acl No, I think the "this question shows zero research effort" is expressed as a downvote, but I don't like to use those
It's SO clearly HW!
12:30 PM
@belisarius I don't know, maybe he just got up this morning and wondered "hang on, how does a nonlinear pendulum move? I need to plot this!"
_i need to solve
y(x)''+ a Sin(y(x) = 0, and plot the output, i need a "manipulate" thingy for the two initial conditions, help needed, thankyou_
@belisarius yes I was joking. Obviously they were asked to do this
yup, sorry
@acl If they are already learning manipulate and NDSolve, they have been with Mma for some time. The OP doesn't have the slightest idea about writing Mma code. Sometimes being a teacher stinks
@belisarius it's to be expected: half the population is less than averagely intelligent :)
12:47 PM
"actually yes, my "educator" wants to see the solution in 20 minutes." - I'd vote to close out of principle, but since I am handicapped by this diamond, I'd wait for a third vote before I drop the axe...
@J.M. be my guest
1:17 PM
I wonder what the motivation behind upvoting that question is!
@acl well, if you don't like to read manuals ... anyway, those who don't read manuals don't know how difficult it is to get a grip on Mma without constantly going to the help :)
@belisarius Damn kids can't be bothered to read the docs these days. They just want the damn results on a silver platter...
@J.M. You 're starting to sound old
I have hypertension already; no need for more reminders. :)
I can't understand the fuzz on some questions
the mars one, for example
It's sand
pretty easy to find something there. Now, take a haystack ...
1:30 PM
Still, you managed to eke out a sizable amount of rep from it... ;)
I'm pretty sure this is a dupe...
@J.M. the real problem with image discovery solutions is to get them work on two images. People asking those questions usually don't realize that
These are likely the same people who think Photoshop is mostly made of voodoo. :)
@J.M. I don't remember that one
@belisarius I mean, I think this is the umpteenth question about some unfortunate soul using Set[] instead of SetDelayed[]...
oh, yeh
@J.M. we should have a tag
1:36 PM
@Rojo hey, red guy
@belisarius Qué tal
@J.M. Hey there
3 hours later…
4:29 PM
Hey @Vitaliy! I posted a comment on the xkcd blog entry you did, but it seems to have been lost...
3 hours later…
7:03 PM
@DavidZaslavsky Yes, that is what I have always had. But this time around, after one mathematica script ended running, the next one in line DIDN'T start. In fact, although MathKernel showed up on pgrep MathKernel, it was not attached to my script as checked via lsof -p MathKernels_Process_id
1 hour later…
8:20 PM
Some time out sure did do him some good
8:32 PM
@J.M. I will check it out, let you know.
@rm-rf I thought it was not he, but they, like the plague
@VitaliyKaurov Hi Vitaliy!
@belisarius Heay
@J.M. hey, we pushed some new comments through - let me know If you can see your comment there
9:08 PM
posted on October 10, 2012 by Wolfram Blog Team

The recent Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference was a tremendous success! The free event included two tracks of talks covering applications of Mathematica in industry and research and in education, Q&A with experts, and access to virtual networking. From building graphics and dynamic visualizations to learning creative ways for using the Computable Document Format (CDF) in [...]

9:21 PM
@drN How do you invoke Mathematica from your bash script?
9:40 PM
@DavidZaslavsky I ./bashscript.sh. bashscript.sh has a series of mathematica scripts..
Yes, I mean, what is in bashscript.sh?
`#!/bin/bash `
I'm asking what kind of a command is ./mathscript1?
@DavidZaslavsky Its a mathematica script. Its opening line is /path/to/MathematicaScript -script
hm... well, I was thinking that might suggest something about why you were having the issue, but nothing comes to mind at the moment. I'll keep thinking about it.
9:48 PM
@DavidZaslavsky Thanks. I am quite flabergasted.
I would suggest putting echo statements between the scripts (like echo 'done with script 1' etc.) to get some more verbose output. Or try adding set -x (IIRC) at the beginning for bash to trace the commands it runs.
@DavidZaslavsky I am certain that the first script run. Then the MathKernel process just "hangs around" without going to the second math script
Maybe also try putting in a Print[] at the end of your first Mathematica script
If all the Mathematica code in the first script finishes running, but it never returns to bash, then without having access to the code so I can run it myself, I'm stumped. I've run a number of Mathematica scripts myself and never had that sort of issue
10:13 PM
you guys are killing it: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4638095
@Jin I think you linked to the wrong HN link... you probably meant the mars one :)
yes! sorry. editted my link. the #1 and #2 HN links are both from SE today
@rm-rf We should keep posting questions with weird titles.
@belisarius our Gaming site is so good at this :) out of context titles ftw
Q: How can I kill my wife discreetly?

CHARLOI am married to Camila from Riverwood, and I realised I would prefer being married to someone who acts as a follower. I don't want to get a bounty or be confronted the guards of Whiterun whatsoever, so how do I kill her discreetly? I'm not going to slaughter her in public.

@belisarius This one will fetch best question/best answers too :)
10:25 PM
@rm-rf That one should have been posted at DIY
10:39 PM
I'd go for killing whoever decided that Factorial shouldn't be compilable
(or at least causing them great discomfort for extended periods of time)
1 hour later…
11:47 PM
I need two votes in the next ten minutes to hit 200 today. Anyone feeling charitable?
@Mr.Wizard done, even though we're competitors on one of the ones I voted for :)
@acl Yes, very odd. I suppose it should not be too hard to write a routine that multiplies integers appropriately for small nonnegative integer argument, and uses the Lanczos approximation in other cases...
Thanks acl. You know I vote for competing answers too.
@J.M. yes that's the plan. although I was thinking of stirling, since my numerical sophistication is only visible on log-log plots.
all this assuming I can't get the thing fast enough just by running on lots of machines though.
@Mr.Wizard right, I voted for those answers because I thought they deserved a vote. I don't see much point in competing here (for what? also, it's a losing game for me :) )
@acl Blah, I hate Stirling for numerics; too finicky (unless you're sure you'll only give the thing large arguments).
11:58 PM
@J.M. OK, what do you suggest?

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