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2:28 AM
@Kuba I don't know about tags, but the docs teach you how to extend the functionality of Import[], the Random* functions, and NDSolve[]. And now we have Anton's tutorial for NIntegrate[].
3 hours later…
5:16 AM
guys, I can't seem to find it in the manual anymore: how do you suppress the output of Graph[] so only an elided form is shown and not the graph layout?
found it: GraphLayout -> None
annoyingly, the example was in the page for GraphLayout, but not in Graph[]
5:37 AM
@J.M. yep I know, and Anton's recent answer made me think maybe we need a tag. To easily find this answer or the one about custom graphics primitives etc. Unless there aren't so meny of them.
5:57 AM
@Kuba here's a rule of thumb I used to use in math.SE: if we have ten or more questions with a certain "theme", only then shall we start considering making a tag for them.
@J.M. I will find them and ask again :)
Unfortunately, has become too broad, I think.
@J.M. yep, it's wiki doesn't fit. Maybe would be good? Referring to class extensions in programming in general.
@Kuba The fact that I'm not sure whether to agree tells me that we should prolly be discussing this in meta. Wanna write a proposal?
@J.M. not yet, I will try to first gather candidates, in a free time, maybe in the evening.
6:08 AM
Okay, I very much appreciate your initiative, @Kuba. :)
@J.M. it is driven by an inability to understand how to use the search engine effectively :) Thanks and you are welcome :) See you later.
sometimes selfish reasons turn out to be the best reasons. ;)
6:38 AM
Q: How to change the registered mailbox

yodeI register the SE account by ***@gmail.com.But now I want to change my mailbox to ***@163.com.This action is admited in this site?

3 hours later…
9:16 AM
Q: How cancel certain account in Stack Exchange

yodeThe first time to Stack Exchange,I make a account in module of Chinese Language.I can check it in this page. But now I want to delete this account completely.How to do this?

5 hours later…
2:11 PM
posted on June 14, 2016 by Emily Suess

Wolfram Community members continue to create amazing applications and visuals. Take a look at a few of our recent favorites. Wolfram Language animations make it easier to understand and investigate concepts and phenomena. They’re also just plain fun. Among recent simple but stunning animations, you’ll find “Deformations of the Cairo Tiling” and “Contours of a [...]

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6:04 PM
Agent Navigates Maze

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