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12:01 AM
@halirutan On Wolfram Community? (cool BTW !)
@VitaliyKaurov Nope, here on SE.
@halirutan oh yeah i see, neat! Feel free to crosspost on WC - as a separate post so it can be Staff Picked :-)
3 hours later…
3:03 AM
@Kuba I used some of your dark-mode styles in my beginnings of a dark-mode stylesheet for the IDE, if you don't mind:
Still lots of work to do, but the tedious part is over and I just need to make my nine-patches look nice now
4 hours later…
7:26 AM
@b3m2a1 in contrary :) Looks nice! p.s. I find Black to White contrast to high but that is less than a minor problem.
@Kuba yeah I've been tweaking that
Btw I found a way around the CellInsertionPoint looking ugly
With a dark background
Okay this is what I've currently got for the dark theme
It's set up too so that someone could simply copy the dark theme stuff and make a few changes to define their own
7:41 AM
@b3m2a1 I don't know about mac but on Win in IntelliJ indenting in file explorer is different. So filenames and dirnames should be aligned to the start of the string as opposed to the opener icon above. Then dir contents should be indented with respect to the dirname. Not sure if you've noticed.
@Kuba you mean instead of how the files in mine align with the opener they should be pushed to where the directory names start?
@b3m2a1 yes
@b3m2a1 and dir contents should be indented with respect to the parent dir name too leave space for sibling subdir's opener
So the rule of thumb is that there should (level indent + opener size + name)
@Kuba I can probably do something like that... not perfectly clean since each opener becomes its own Dynamic element, but I can certainly just push files in by 25px
Or like 18 or whatever it takes
And I can wrap the Opener in a Pane to force it to always be 18px or whatever
@b3m2a1 just add Invisible @ Opener[] in front of files :)
Ah good thinking
Easy enough to do and we'll see if it hurts performance of that thing :)
8:46 AM
My current three themes for EasyIDE
@Kuba Invisible @ Opener[] is working great
8:59 AM
@user21 You might know the answer to this one: mathematica.stackexchange.com/q/195279/12
@b3m2a1 perfection :)
9:38 AM
EasyIDE as blogging platform:
(just making sure everything still works right now but I want to write up a post about it in the coming week or so)
Here's what that build spits out:
10:27 AM
What is a natural way to combine regions and graphics primitives?
I struggle a lot with First @ Show @ region, and the result still contains color directives etc -.-
10:57 AM
Is there a way to prevent FrontEnd`ExportPacket[…,"InputText"] from inserting extra whitespaces? The closest I found is TextClipboardType->"Package", but that is ignored by ExportPacket, same for AutoSpacing->False...
@Szabolcs, no I did not know the answer for this one. I had to have a look at the code. See answer there.
Happy Mathematica Version Release Day!*

*Assuming everything goes as discussed
11:41 AM
@LukasLang anything to play with?
2 hours later…
1:57 PM
Outrageously simple question
I'm generating a looooot of symbolic equalities
They're symbolic, so I can use them inside FindRoot
It's nice and all but the generation of these non-linear equations takes up a huge part of the calculation time
I'm using "map" right now, like so:
Subscript[BD, h, array] =
Subscript[BD, h][#, Subscript[l, 1], Subscript[l, 2]] & /@
2:45 PM
just got an email saying "Mathematica 12.0 is scheduled to release soon, and your site will be one of the first to get this upgrade" :-)
@egwenesedai Every ones site will be the first one.. :)
3:04 PM
It's already Wednesday in Tokyo, where's version 12 already
@CarlLange @egwenesedai @halirutan Just checked my Wolfram User Portal (hmmm, that doesn't sound quite right) and 12 is available for download.
@JimB Oh, really? I checked about 30 minutes ago with no luck
Sadly I'm still getting 11.3 :-(
@CarlLange Same here. Just now showed up.
/me shakes fist at sky
ah, I suppose it may be different because I have Wolfram|One on a subscription, so I go through the cloud. (So I should shake my first at cloud?)
3:19 PM
still showing "Mathematica for Sites 11.3.0" for me... on the other hand, looks like release date is today? twitter.com/WolframResearch/status/1118147258334183426
@egwenesedai Yes, it is today :)
I am unreasonably looking forward to it
3:39 PM
@egwenesedai Access for site licenses is typically gradual. It may not be available in the user portal for yet another week.
The release blog post seems to be on S.W.'s personal blog this time: blog.stephenwolfram.com/2019/04/…
@C.E. They are usually crossposted on both. The 11.3 release blog is on the main site and his own blog.
> So in addition to everything else, I suspect this makes Version 12.0 the very first major software release in history that’s been open in this way.
(due to livestreaming of the meetings)
Someone should let SW know about, I dunno, any open source software
I see.
Yeah, on the main site now: blog.wolfram.com/2019/04/16/…
3:57 PM
But it was published first on his personal blog, now that's something to remember for future releases :)
indeed ;)
4:10 PM
> For example, there’s now RandomGeoPosition, which generates a random lat-long location. One might think this would be trivial, but of course one has to worry about coordinate transformations—and what makes it much more nontrivial is that one can tell it to pick points only inside a certain region, here the country of France
Not to bite the hand that feeds, but in fairness, that's pretty trivial
But, I do love it and I'm very glad it exists
funny that they would use planet_osm_nodes and so on for examples of RelationalDatabase, since afaik there's no support for Postgis yet. Maybe there is, I'd love it
posted on April 16, 2019 by Stephen Wolfram

a.twitch2 { display: inline-block; width: 200px; height: 168px; background: url(https://blog.stephenwolfram.com/data/uploads/2019/04/livestream-icon1.png) no-repeat; float: right; margin-left: 10px; } a.twitch2:hover { background-position: 0px -168px; background-color: inherit; cursor: pointer; } The Road to Version 12 Today we’re releasing Version 12 of Wolfram Language (and Mathematica)

I followed the instruction: github.com/rsmenon/ColorBar but I am getting this message: Get::noopen: Cannot open ColorBar and Needs::nocont: Context ColorBar was not created when Needs was evaluated.`
@psimeson you need to put the file in $UserBaseDirectory/Applications
@Szabolcs Thanks .. that worked
A: How to install packages?

Leonid ShifrinOne very simple option: install all packages into FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "Applications"}] It is trivial to write a script which will do that, and this is a platform-independent way of specifying a directory which always exists, and where Mathematica will always look for packages. ...

4:22 PM
Ok.. another silly question.... I tried: `DensityPlot[x^4 - 2 x^2 + y^4 - 2 y^2 + 1, {x, -2, 2}, {y, -2, 2},
ColorFunction -> Setting@ColorBar[], PlotPoints -> 150,
PlotRange -> {-2, 2}]` and got this error `$RecursionLimit::reclim2: Recursion depth of 1024 exceeded during evaluation of System`SampledPlotsDump`dataextremes$89150.`
4:40 PM
I hope people find the nonlinear finite element solver useful and I hope I did not mess up too many things.... Enjoy nonlinear FEM and thanks for all the feedback from the SE community on the FEM stuff.
5:38 PM
@user21 I don't really know anything about this field but it looks really great! Well done!
5:49 PM
Very nice indeed!
Bit sad I haven't been able to get 12 yet... I suppose it's to do with being a Wolfram|one user.
6:24 PM
Anyone know what the min supported version of osx for 12 is? I've been running 11.3 on 10.9 even though it's technically unsupported. Have they bumped the LSMinimumSystemVersion in the new release?
6:46 PM
@1110101001 LSMinimumSystemVersion is 10.10
@JasonB. how do you pull the point group out of a molecule?
@CarlLange just download the trial (I just did) to hold you over :)
That's something I've thought about a lot but never thought up a polynomial time alg
@1110101001 Note that the announcement says that they've built a completely new frontend for MacOS. I don't know if it will work for you, but it's just something to consider, that it's not an incremental update from 11.3.
Yeah @kirkus confirmed that they bumped the min version (which means they probably linked to 10.10+ versions of frameworks as well [edit: this seems to be confirmed by the announcement "use of the latest Cocoa APIs"]). Guess it's finally time to upgrade
7:05 PM
@CarlLange thanks for the kind words.
7:39 PM
@b3m2a1 - we use this right now, onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/jcc.22995, I'm not sure how it scales with the number of atoms. The next step is to have it modify the coordinates to a given point group.
7:57 PM
@JasonB. very very cool! I need to check out their "rigorous theorems to narrow the search process" because my exhaustive search (here) gets crushed for low-symmetry molecules with large numbers of atoms
High-symmetry molecules are actually easier because one can rapidly decrease the number of unique symmetry elements
But perturb one of the atoms and everything goes to shit
Do you have a .mol or .xyz file for the low-symmetry, high-N molecule I can test?
Not off the top of my head but I can make one quick
With v12 (which looks really nice on the announcement) is there anything further on a paclet server?
@KraZug No, but the function repository is now official.
8:15 PM
@JasonB. Here's one that would probably kill my stuff:
I just took the coordinates of a polyhedron and added an atom at some random position
My algorithm isn't smart enough to auto-detect the anomaly
Oh that might actually need a number update... I think it should be 25 instead of 24 in the atom block
In any case given that a symmetry element can occur between any two atoms, any two rotation axes, along the plane of any two axes, etc. etc. etc. there end up being like n^(large number) elements to check
Which in the case of symmetric atoms can quickly be whittled down by recognizing the non-unique ones
But when there aren't many unique ones you really do need to check many things
Now I'm sure you could prove something about the maximum number of possible unique symmetry elements for a given number of unique atoms
But I had to get that code written fast and thus didn't have time to
Actually you might want to randomize the atom positions a bit more... there might still be too few unique axes
That XYZ file fails to import - is that a bonds block after the atomic coordinates?
@JasonB. ah wait yeah that's more a .mol file
8:30 PM
I deleted the bonds block and it imports
Sounds good
for that case it finds C1 fairly quickly,
In[18]:= Import["~/Downloads/samp.xyz", "InferBondTypes" -> False][
"PointGroupString"] // AbsoluteTiming

Out[18]= {0.056645, "C1"}
@JasonB. yeah that suggests they're probably being pretty smart about the choice of what to test
8:51 PM
@user21 I haven't downloaded 12 yet, but those examples on the page you linked look awesome!
@1110101001 10.10 I believe.
@1110101001 All I know is that CreateLibrary now uses the compiler option -macosx-version-min=10.10, so likely the kernel is compiled like that too.
Are there any Windows users around who have 12.0? Please ping and I'd send you a test notebook ... The test would take less than 5 (basically evaluate notebook).
9:12 PM
@Szabolcs sure, happy to help
@kirkus Are you on Windows? (Uploading the test package, 5 min...)
@Szabolcs 12.0.0 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit) (April 6, 2019)
@kirkus Could you download this zip file? Instructions are within. dropbox.com/s/69227mlracexv7q/IGraphMTestPack.zip?dl=0
@kirkus Let me know when downloaded as I don't want to keep this link public.
Tests run: 1767
Passed: 1767
Failed: 0
Messages: 0
@kirkus Excellent, thank you! An independent Windows test was the last one I needed. I'll publish this version then.
9:22 PM
@Szabolcs great! do you care about any other info from the notebook output?
@kirkus No, if nothing failed then I do not need any information about your system. Thanks again!
finally the Wolfram Desktop 12.0 download has appeared
IGraph/M 0.3.109 released. Please upgrade now if you use Mathematica 12.0!
I promise 0.4 is not far away but I must get full test coverage for all functions first ...
@b3m2a1 Could you rebuild the paclet server for the above?
@Szabolcs was just about to :)
it's funny that when you sign up for a trial and also have a product, you gain the CloudCredits that your trial gives you on top of your product
9:37 PM
@CarlLange Download fails for me
oh man, do't show me that, my network is so slow it'll take me a day to just get that error
"1d left" :(
@CarlLange I paused and resumed and that seemed to work, resuming from point of failure but now says "6d left". Nice!
I just downloaded the whole thing without the Download Manager. Was there in 3 minutes or so
@SjoerdC.deVries fast connection... it's taking like 15 mins or so for me
@Szabolcs rebuilt it and @KraZug I'm now having the download for your paclet point to your releases page
9:53 PM
@b3m2a1 150 Mbps
Figure it's nice for you to be able to track downloads
@SjoerdC.deVries I average 15 :)
@b3m2a1 The actual install took longer than the download :-)
Happy I have it, unfortunately it's bedtime now...
10:40 PM
The best part of a new Mathematica release is deleting the Documentation directory for my old version
That's 6GB I get back so the new one is only like a 3GB cost
1 hour later…
11:44 PM
@b3m2a1 @CarlLange we're working on better SEO of cloud notebooks
not sure when you last checked, and when the cloud notebooks you checked were last uploaded/edited... but one thing that should help already (at least for any newly uploaded/edited content after 1.49 was released) is that we include HTML for any simple, textual cells in the page itself (based on our server-side "prerendering" of notebooks)
However, more complex content "below the fold" (after the first ~2000 vertical px) is not included right away on the page, since there's a trade-off between a fast initial response and getting the whole content at once. But we're thinking about ways to mitigate that further... maybe even by serving special responses to search engines (which doesn't seem to be the tabu it used to be anymore, for dynamically requested content).
There are also improvements to metadata coming (page title, keywords, description).
(sorry, didn't mean to take attention away from the exciting v12 release, just saw your comments from earlier and thought I should respond)

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