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@kuba what are you trying to publicly say about you clients? And that will be on record for the rest of human history?
@halirutan @Szabolcs @b3m2a1 it is not a rumor. It was explicitly said that there's the intention of creating an app market.
and there were no NDA's signed
lately, we are only signing NDA's when going inside WR building (next to the conference)
but there w re not a lot of details discussed on this topic; most likely because there are not yet a lot of details to be discussed yet.
I mean, before creating a market place, the system needs proper rights managements. The work done on the encryption, etc., seems turned to that direction, but it is obviously just a small part of what is needed. (And we all know that priority is currently elsewhere, independently of our agreement or not)
but My personal feeling is different than @halirutan 's one. I don't think that there's a conscious neither inconscious search to the exploit everything as money.
@P.Fonseca What about the "bit coins" you need for your awesome web-projects?
I can't even remember the correct name.
I mean, it is obviously that everything is at the end exploited as money, as there are salaris to pay, and no taxes payers money is going to WR projects, as it happens on many "free" tools (or at least, not more than some eventual research grants or something similar that might be used as resource).
but what I mean is that I have never felt greedy on that direction. The subject of an open source, WL based free to use micro kernel is even discuss more and more.
I really think that the purpose that WR has in mind for the market place is in respect to our eventual use to commercialize our own work.
@halirutan I really which I had bought a few dozens...
Man... reading back what I wrote, really proves, to myself, that I'm either tiered ( just landed...), or that virtual keyboards are really a thing hard to master after a certain age...
(Let's go with the tired version... right?)
12:38 AM
@P.Fonseca Hehe.. night just began here :)
Aren't we just 1 h apart? (0:40 here...)
1:41 here
That's it. Just came from that time zone, and landed one hour earlier... but still lost time...
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