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4:31 PM
rcollyer has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
There is a MathematicaTip twitter feed. I added it as an RSS message feed into this room. If it gets annoying, let me know. But, they generally only post once a day.
5:04 PM
Attach a progress indicator to long computations: Monitor[Table[Integrate[1/(x^n + 1), x], {n, 20}], ProgressIndicator[n, {1, 20}]]
Vector and stream plots of vector fields: StreamPlot[{1 - x + y/2, 1 + x}, {x, -3, 3}, {y, -3, 3}]. http://j.mp/ni6qNZ
Be the first to hear about the latest additions to Wolfram Finance Platform. Join us May 22 at the virtual conference.http://j.mp/131oSWD
Split a list into sublists according to a specified function: GatherBy[{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}, PrimeQ]. http://j.mp/lTExfI
Partition a list into consecutive triplets: p=Partition[Range[8], 3, 1]. Apply a function to each triplet:Times @@@ p http://j.mp/kOeT9X
5:16 PM
@rcollyer It's good practice to add the new feed as a ticker feed, wait for the initial flood, and then change it to a message feed. (Just for the future, I made the same mistake myself.)
@rcollyer Since you're working with this, here are two very annoying things:
Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 10}, AxesStyle -> Arrowheads[Small]] <-- bad image padding
Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 10}, AxesStyle -> Arrowheads[0.05]] <-- good image padding but I wanted absolute arrow sizes in printer's points ... this gives relative sizing. Still, it appears to be a good workaround until you do ...
g = Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 10}, AxesStyle -> Arrowheads[0.05]]; GraphicsRow[{g, g}] <-- bad image padding again
I can use Row instead of GraphicsRow, but then I can't do this: Export["figure.pdf", Show[graphic, ImageSize -> 12 centimetres]], i.e. adjust the final figure size while keeping font sizes constant (e.g. a constant 12 pt to match the text's 10 pt font, and not something arbitrarily rescaled for every figure)
Q: Why do Arrowheads interfere with ImagePadding?

David CarraherIn a recent posting, Belisarius solved a problem related to the display of arrows on the x and y axes by setting ImagePadding->None. My question is: why do the parameters of Arrowheads interfere with the default settings of ImagePadding? Or is something else going on? The following illustrates...

the chat got another symbol ?
I don't have to prove that I like Mathematica, but looking at problems like this one I can't help but wonder if these are really the result of some fundamental design deficiency of the core language. One needs a lot of discipline to write a high quality and bug-free package. It's just so easy to shoot oneself in the foot.
And so difficult to see where even mildly complicated solutions might go wrong.
@DominicMichaelis I don't think so.
i got the stack exchange chat symbol on the browser tap instead of the mathematica stack exchange logo
@Szabolcs You might be interested in this here chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/9417686#9417686
@rcollyer You are probably interested in the above link too.
6:06 PM
@Szabolcs Wow, that is messed up... also, the arrow head is not centered on the line
6:24 PM
@rm-rf You there?
@Rojo What's up?
@rm-rf Alo, I just wanted to ask
if it is a good idea or frowned upon to eventually cross post my image processing question to dsp.stackexchange
given that I don't mind a Matlab answer, or a general one that I can translate to MMA
@Rojo You can cross post by changing the focus from mma code to algorithms/ideas/implementations
6:28 PM
@belisarius Evening
@Rojo Nikie is the resident expert there as well, so if he has seen it here, it's as good as hoping to get an answer on dsp (but certainly, there are others who can throw out ideas)
@Rojo Hi red
@Rojo You too, traitor
@belisarius Why traitor?
@Rojo "I don't mind a Matlab answer"
@belisarius Ok, ok, only answers with TextRecognize
6:32 PM
@Rojo Have you seen this:
Solve[E^( a w) (f - e) == E^(b w), {w}]
try it
Tried it
Now this
Solve[E^( a w) (f - g) == E^(b w), {w}]
and ? ...
@belisarius Well, they only implemented the methods for letters up to e
They need to copy paste some more for v10
@Rojo curious, isn't it?
@belisarius Lame
6:36 PM
@Rojo I can't understand why that is happenening
And i have fiaca to follow the trace
@belisarius I gotta go, I should have left 10 minutes ago
So what better time to trace that
Let's see
@Rojo :D
@Rojo Isn't 10 minutes ago equivalent to being early by 20 minutes in Argentina? :P
@rm-rf For everything except the time to leave my job, that's true
Ok, gotta go, cound't trace it this fast
@Szabolcs I was not aware of that. Sorry. :(
6:43 PM
If I can make the Earth rotate from E to W for half hour, I'll be in time
Bye people
@Szabolcs that's interesting, I'll look into it.
@halirutan I saw that. Do you have a new jar file up, yet?
7:01 PM
@rcollyer Your IDEA should automatically indicate an update (and yes, the jar is up)... halirutan is sleeping, apparently.
@rm-rf I had pulled down the git repository, and the jar had not been updated. And, I did not want to pull down the java sdk, yet, to rebuild it. But, I had not thought to run "Check for updates ...".
@Szabolcs the workaround is to adjust the ImagePadding yourself.
Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 10}, AxesStyle -> Arrowheads[Small], ImagePadding -> 11]
g = Plot[{Log[x + 2], 1}, {x, 0, 8.5}, AxesStyle -> Arrowheads[Small],
ImagePadding -> 11]; GraphicsRow[{g, g}]
It's not perfect, as GraphicsRow will clip the Ticks, but with minor fiddling, it should get you where you want to be.
7:18 PM
@rcollyer It is now... anyway, the check for updates would probably be more convenient
@rm-rf I pulled it down from git as I wanted the latest, and I like to poke at the code. Not that I can tell you what I've been doing with it ...
and, that whole lack of a java sdk ...
@rcollyer I've never understood the reasons behind the seemingly arbitrary image padding that is applied in GraphicsRow/Column/Grid and in a few other places, but it is almost certainly the main reason I still go back to LevelScheme — I just don't want to fiddle with stuff that is fragile
@rm-rf I understand, your frustration not the image padding algorithm.
@rm-rf per this comment, are there one sentence questions that require a lengthy explanation in Mathematica? (in physics: why is the sky blue? is the usual suspect)
@rcollyer "What is the difference between Module/With/Block?"
7:44 PM
@rm-rf that's a good one. I wasn't coming up with one, but figured their were several.
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8:47 PM
Visualize HSB color space: Graphics3D[{Hue[#], Cuboid[#, # + .1]} & /@ Tuples[Range[0, 1, .2], 3], Lighting->"Neutral"].
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10:11 PM
Alex Miller on May 14, 2013

We’re Back!  It’s been a while since our last podcast (why you ask – listen to find out!) but we’re back now and “stronger” than ever.  It’s Joel, David and Jay (plus producer Alex and Abby) coming to you from the brand new SE Podcast Studio (check out the picture below)

News of the day: we’re finally in our new office (and podcast studio). We’ve got hexagonal offices (and therefore crooked hallways), and a cool café area. AND HEATED TOILET SEATS. And a kitchen with a giant walk-in refrigerator, for our interns (which we don’t have). …

2 hours later…
11:42 PM
@rcollyer Yes. It's even in the Jetbrains repo so a simple update in the settings should do it.

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