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7:47 AM
A: Extension cord and power strip safety

Tester101This is one of the biggest problem with power strips (surge protectors)... Overload! The average person does not think about how much power each device is drawing, or how much the system can handle, they just see an open outlet and plug stuff in. If they can't find an open outlet... Oh yeah! ...

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11:23 AM
@ratchetfreak Point taken.
9 hours later…
8:26 PM
I love putting breakers in hot. I'm just that kind of crazy.
9:24 PM
Hello all! This has been flagged for migration to WW.se.
Q: Wood for furniture

user35995I've been meaning to build a desk for a while now. I made a design with millimeter accuracy, but when I went to the home improvement store, I found that all the beams they had were crooked! Some more than others, but the only non-crooked wood they had was chipboard (particle board in the US), but...

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11:12 PM
@NiallC. looks like a good fit; thanks for migrating!

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