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6:28 AM
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8:38 AM
I've yet to come across a genuinely bad CS textbook. Physics on the other hand...
glares at his
@YannisRizos ouch
I bet (s)he had some kind of crawler monitoring the site
@WorldEngineer Well, to be honest, I'm not really sure it's legit, it could be someone master trolling... But nevertheless Brian will now think twice before posting homework assignments on Stack Overflow...
@YannisRizos either way it's why I don't ask homework questions on SE
9:59 AM
Anyone knows how to evaluate a MIT Scheme code?
When on CLISP, i just press Return, but that does not work on MIT Scheme
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12:50 PM
@YannisRizos Is there an on-topic career development question you could recommend as an example?
@Rachel To clarify, are you asking for on-topic or open?
@YannisRizos Preferably both
@Rachel Well, if it's open it's on topic, however on-topic doesn't mean open by default.
@YannisRizos I'm looking for a good example question for a FAQ proposal, and thought I'd see if you knew of one since you recently cleaned up career questions
I can always leave it out for now
@Rachel To be honest I can't find a "good" [career-development] question.
12:57 PM
Hrrrmm ok I'll just pull a random open one with decent upvotes, and we can always change it later
@Rachel Before going through the trouble of writing a proposal have you considered investigating if there's actually need for a proposal? What in the FAQ do you feel needs clarifying?
@YannisRizos Oh there's a lot :) I'm trying to combine a bunch of changes at once, and you guys can pick what you like out of there
@Rachel Don't do that ;)
I think the biggest problem is people not familiar with P.SE don't know what the site is about
I've seen that a lot while browsing MSO posts
I think it would be far more valuable to actually ask questions.
For example: "What's the site about?" and then post your answer on what you think the site is about...
1:00 PM
That will only settle the issue for MSO users though
Please give the proposal a chance
@Rachel No, I meant on our own Meta.
I might not get it done today since I have to start work now, but I'll work on it during my lunch too and hopefully get it up then
That will only settle the issue for our meta users then
I was asking in some other SE chat rooms what people think P.SE is about, and was getting some mixed answers
@Rachel I'm not saying don't do the proposal, just that it would be preferable to keep the Q&A format... for example you could ask: "which parts of the FAQ do you feel need clarifying" and then post your own answer...
@YannisRizos Oh yes I'm definitely going to do that
I learned the hard way not to post your own answer in the body of the question itself
@Rachel Yes don't do that. Also post distinct issues on separate questions.
1:05 PM
@YannisRizos Alright
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3:36 PM
@GustavoBandeira translate.google.com/…
I fed the Edwin help file into google translate to try and make it easier for you to read.
The original
Basically you hit Ctrl-x and then Ctrl-e
It inherits a good many things from emacs.
in translation C-x will appear as Cx
3:57 PM
@CRoss Is it just me, or have you not been around for quite a while?
@Rachel I see him from time to time so I think it's just you. Unless you mean in chat.
@WorldEngineer I meant in chat. I used to see him in here all the time
@Rachel Hard to say, my usage patterns are subject to school work so his constraints may also correlate to life.
oh well, I just wanted to say Hi :)
4:12 PM
Okay, this is cool: tones.wolfram.com
@WorldEngineer There goes my weekend... <sigh>
@YannisRizos sorry, I could be even more of a troll and drop in the algorithmic music thing I saw on HN a few months back
that's much like that but actually code
how to make noises with C or Javascript
@YannisRizos I kinda figured, the generic sigh tipped me off :P
Oh, it needs Quicktime installed... Great, my weekend is free again, I'm not installing that crap for anything...
4:16 PM
@YannisRizos I'm on a mac and you can fake it with VLC though it's made of bugs
The things you can use Wolfram Alpha for...

TIL that "programmer" has a Scrabble score of 17
@Rachel Busy with work and focusing what little SE time I have on RPG
Developers is 15
@CRoss I see, I'll have to visit RPG sometime. I just wanted to say hi anyways
4:32 PM
Engineer is 9, Manager is 10 and Executive is 21
Wait I had that backwards
Executive > Programmer?
That's not right.... :)
hrrrrm do you think a question get more attention if posted on a Friday or a Monday?
@Rachel Monday
though I'm sure you could prove it via the data explorer
@WorldEngineer Why do you say that?
@Rachel Programmers is a heavily professional site, I generally see more questions during the week when people are at work than when they are at home and not working. Friday has a drop off as a well since a number of people are going to leave earlier to start on their weekend.
Hrrrmm matches what I've noticed with technical blog views as well
I'll wait till Monday to post then :)
4:40 PM
Gaming on the other hand
explodes on the weekends
well explodes more than normal
lol I love gaming.SE just for it's sense of humor when posting questions
@Rachel I love it for the generally muppet like levels of derangement whilst still somehow being on topic
Sci-Fi and RPG tend to have similar levels of "What in the bloody hell?!"
I wish I had more time to participate in more sites
@Rachel I wish I had the discipline not to
I like helping people
I just do
I'm this weird borderline INTJ with a very weak T that pushes me into Counselor territory much of the time
@WorldEngineer I agree, I like helping people too. That's why I put up with so many bad questions on SO and try to provide decent answers
4:48 PM
@Rachel I feel like I need to be better at coding before I really get into SO in any real way
I don't like having everything so spread out though. It takes me a few minutes already just to check out the SE sites I'm intersted in
I tend to do Programmers and History mainly
@WorldEngineer Oh I'm sure I'm terrible at coding, but the only way to get better is try code, so I like to find interesting SO questions and figure out the answers
gaming and SO sometimes
I participate on P.SE and SO mostly, but occasionally browse questions on gaming, dba, code review, productivity, and cooking
4:52 PM
@Rachel I made the decision to apply myself to the Java stack for the time being. Learn Java to the point where I can do most anything in it and then learn Clojure so I can get the same stuff done faster and get access to Javascript and CLR cross compilations.
and Lisps are much much easier than Haskell
more C would probably also be good despite my dislike of it
and more Python obviously
I just learn whatever work throws at me. Unfortunately, that's been MS access lately :(
@Rachel I've got a little while till I graduate
I probably should get an internship but it's a hard thing to pull of when you aren't a traditional student and have to actually work for a living.
Yeah, I honestly learned most of what I know while working. School doesn't make you an expert at programming, but it does provide a good foundation which you can use to make yourself an expert
the summer objective is web programming and more math via classes
I was lucky enough to get a tech support job while in school, and started automating stuff I did, so when I graduated they hired me as a programmer
4:56 PM
yeah I'm looking at getting a tech support gig
I'm tired of retail
I like math :)
I've been doing it 5 years
ew retail or service is just not my style
and I'm sick of managing the homeless and general inventory
I worked selling stuff and waiting tables for a few years, and a receptionist and other various admin tasks for a few more
programming is definitely the way to go :)
4:57 PM
the best parts of my job are the helping people and the solving tech issues so I figured go that direction
then segue into programming though I can graduate in the fall if I gun it
Just be careful or you'll end up solving tech support issues forever.... I still do tech support
I'll be that guy who does documentation
since I am good at and enjoy writing
I hate the "will you fix my [insert relative title here]'s computer" questions
Go write some blog articles :) I want a few more so we can start publishing this stuff
yeah I need to find the time
physics like gnawing on my time
Yeah, time is the worst
5:00 PM
given that I also enjoy things like religion and history and the like, I find much of my interest is split but I consider that a good thing. I see too many of my fellow students consumed by technology
Yeah that's a good thing. I actually wish I had more time for programming-related projects though
1 hour later…
6:23 PM
hrrmm... so I just got a call from someone fairly high up in the hierarchy asking me to change someone else's caller ID on their phone to "Wanker". Can definitely tell it's friday today
@Rachel I got you beat, I got reprimanded for a customer finding bugs in software that I single handedly wrote when my manager was too cheap to hire a QA person
I do the work of 10 men but god forbid I make a single mistake
I can tell its friday
6:42 PM
Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday
@Rachel A silly bug got pushed into production... After being "thoroughly" code reviewed and tested. For the past three hours I've been lecturing the dev team on code reviews and the qa team on testing. I can tell it's friday because no one bothered to check who actually wrote the bug (yeap, yours truly)...
@MarkTrapp It's always Friday in Iceland...
@YannisRizos At least you got a team to talk to. I am so very alone... :(
Mark, do not ever sing Rebecca Black to me again..... >.<
@maple_shaft I remember that feeling... Working with a team is great, even remotely (we are split in four locations).
Fridays always feel so unproductive. I don't like to start anything big since I'll forget most of it by Monday, and so after whatever I'm working on is finished, the remainder of the day is full of tedious tasks which I am easily distracted from
6:55 PM
@Rachel Gotta make up my mind which seat should I taaaaaaaake ♫ ♪
omg now it's going to be stuck in my head >.<
Actually it's been stuck in my head since your first line.... whoever showed me that youtube video is a bad person
guess if i want my dose of @MarkTrapp i'm going to have to come in here.
looks around what is this place?
@YannisRizos Oh come on, at least give the question a chance after the edit
Q: What programming language would be the best fit for small browser games?

AlisonI want to make small web apps containing little games (muds, TDs and roguelikes) or talent calculators for MMOs etc. After some research I have had people say that ASP.NET MVC would be perfect for these tasks. After looking at it I am unsure as to whether or not this is the right path to to achi...

@Rachel I'm writing a comment give me a second
7:00 PM
Hi @Aarthi :)
What's up, Programmers? :D
It's friday...
@Aarthi It's the Rebecca Black tribute chat room. All Rebecca Black all the time
Gang fight, gang fight, the gang is 'bout to fight! I brought some chicken for us to eat.

The Assembly

You know those boring town council meetings you never attend? ...
7:02 PM
It's TL, but with me.
so i don't have to come in here?
@Aarthi LOL that wasn't borderline racist at all
...racist? it's from here: youtu.be/1GaKaGwch0U
@Aarthi Oh... lol I thought you were mentioning about the Ice Cube Friday movie poster I put up
7:04 PM
@Rachel I've finished writing my comment, check it out and if you disagree with my reasoning let me know...
@Aarthi hey ;)
@YannisRizos I disagree and have left a comment :p
@Rachel A good suggestion is not what we are looking for though...
@YannisRizos The question was what programming language was best suited to writing small browser applications like MMO talent calculators, muds, roguelikes, etc.
I fail to see how the question translates to "what programming language should I learn next"
At the very least, give it some time to see if the answers are any good or not since the correct answer is to use a technology that is built to run applications inside a browser, not to use a technology that is meant to build a website. It's not asking for a list of everyone's favorite web language
@Rachel It still reads us a generic lang suggestion to me... Need to be a bit more specific... just a little bit
@Rachel I'm looking for ways I could edit it to be more specific...
7:18 PM
I am on the fence... I wouldn't personally close it, but I wouldn't reopen it either
I fail to see how that would help. She asked the question because she didn't know if ASP.Net MVC was suitable for small browser apps, so why do you expect her to explain it?
@Rachel She claims to have done some research, though, and I want her to share that research with us... Sometimes knowing why foo doesn't fit bar is all you need to find out what actually fits bar.
@YannisRizos This is why I said somewhere else that I feel P.SE is losing it's usefulness. Questions need to be generalized so much that they are either not useful to the user, or are so general that the answer becomes one of basic knowledge
Yeah - it's still a very broad question. There are a lot of technologies meant to run applications inside a browser, most of which could cross over into websites (canvas libraries, something like backbone on the client) - and many things similar to MVC - even in C# there is some open-source thing similar to MVC (Phylis?), you could write your own IIS handlers, etc.)
Asking if MVC is appropriate would be more answerable than what she did ask, which is what technology would be best.
7:28 PM
I thought that was what this site was for: whiteboard questions
@Rachel Language choice is not a whiteboard question.
a whiteboard question is what kind of technology should I use to write a small, browser based, application
Now look what we've done, we've scared off @Aarthi
I think it is a whiteboard question, but as asked there is no way to determine if a given answer is correct (though I suppose one could be clearly wrong).
@Rachel Not really, a whiteboard question is a question you ask yourself when you are in front of a whiteboard designing a piece of software. What you are actually building is a pre-whiteboard question.
You don't use a whiteboard for the entire software development process. It's a metaphor to describe the high-level decisions that get made before sitting down and writing code
7:31 PM
@Rachel I actually use a whiteboard ;)
I don't... I use pen and paper
@Rachel You mention that questions need to be generalized so much that they are not useful to the user... the problem with questions like these is that they are FAR TOO generalized.
If I go to Breakfast.SE and I ask, "I really want to eat something for breakfast that is quick to prepare, delicious and nutritious" Then I will get 20 answers and several flamewars about the merits of Cereal vs. Toast
@Rachel However what exactly you are trying to build is not a whiteboard decision... You first need to give us the exact parameters if we are going to help you make a sane choice...
@mapleshaft I feel that is comparing apples to oranges. There are many breakfast items that meet the description, while there are very few technologies which would be suitable for a web-based talent calculator
It's stuff like this that drives away new users and makes people question P.SE's existance
JSF, ASP, ASP.NET Node.JS+JSON+Ajax, GWT, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, etc...
need I go on?
7:34 PM
You don't want something to build a website. That's not a good idea for a browser application.
I can build a browser application in any of these
I also don't think you want something primative like JS
The question is not what language should I use, but which one is ithe best fit
The best fit is Flash, Flex, or Silverlight
@Rachel Actually only a handful of people question P.SE's existence, and more people are coming to the site each day...
@Rachel ... only if you are asking about RIA. There are hundred page papers discussing the merits of that architecture decision
@Rachel Plugin based web development is obsolete, those dark days will be over soon...
7:36 PM
@YannisRizos HTML5 will kill them
All hail canvas...
I'm not going to argue about the answer. I disagree because HTML5 doesn't even exist yet
@Rachel ???
The point was, I didn't think the question should have been closed as off-topic. I thought the question clearly outlined the projects that the technology was for
I need to get back to work >.<
7:40 PM
@Rachel Did you notice there was another answer?
@YannisRizos Did you notice that almost every question on this site has more than one answer?
@Rachel Why would that be important?
Well why are you pointing out that there is a 2nd answer?
Yes I noticed it, and it makes a good point about the complexities of ASP.Net MVC
@Rachel Actually I think it's a very poor answer...
"The learning curve is very long, I mean very long." Yes, it's true because I say it is...
I'm just saying, as a programmer browsing the site I would rather see a question asking for the best technology for "small browser-based games like muds, roguelikes, and talent calculators", than a question asking "what technology should I use to make a talent calculator for this mmo"
The question is much more re-usable by other programmers in it's current form
7:44 PM
@Rachel - Only if the answer would be the same in each individual case.
@psr The answer is the same.... use a technology that is built for running applications in a web browser. I suppose it might change when HTML5 does get released, but as of right now it's not released. I interjected my own opinion at the end my answer to suggest silverlight to the OP since I thought it would be well suited for her, but it doesn't change the fact that the answer is to use a technology built for running applications in a browser, not one that is built for running websites
@Rachel HTML5 has been around for a while...
and quite well supported in most modern browsers, amazingly...
What is not complete yet is it's standardization. That's a different process, but that doesn't really mean it's not "released"...
@Rachel What is your definition of a web application then? IMO ASP.NET, JSF, and any Ajax based toolkit could comprise a web application
when I think of a web site I think static HTML, content, and hyperlinks
@Rachel - I probably wouldn't do it that way myself. Also, did you see the Google demo of Doom in a browser? I believe it uses canvas. Anyway, I think your answer is an answer, but not the answer.
@YannisRizos I'm looking for a question I saw a while ago stating that HTML 5 isn't complete, and really shouldn't be used for production stuff until it's officially released and supported by all major browsers
7:49 PM
well yeah... my blackberry won't render it, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist yet
@maple_shaft However the fact that my android phone doesn't support flash means that flash is dead ;P
@mapleshaft I see a web application as an application run in a browser. For example, TurboTax uses a web application to take data from you and spit out your tax forms. In comparism, a payment website would be a website
A web application usually has a single URL which runs the application, while a website spans multiple URLs
@Rachel Where do you get your definitions from? ;P
A Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a Web application that has many of the characteristics of desktop application software, typically delivered by way of a site-specific browser, a browser plug-in, an independent sandbox, extensive use of JavaScript, or a virtual machine. Adobe Flash, JavaFX, and Microsoft Silverlight are currently the three most common platforms, with desktop browser penetration rates around 96%, 76%, and 66% respectively (as of August 2011). Mobile phone penetration of these plugins, however, has remained low even as internet traffic from these devices has grown. Althoug...
@YannisRizos: The other day you said you had an idea... care to elaborate in the Contest room?
7:51 PM
You are describing an RIA not a Web Application
@Jae I'd prefer not to right now... I want the STCI to be over first, so we can all join forces at full strength for the contest. Right now my idea is very rough and I don't really have time to research it and see if it's even feasible.
@Jae And with all the mod stuff I've really haven't had any time to work on the blog... And I really want to have the blog ready before even thinking of starting a discussion on a new contest.
@YannisRizos Yes, I suppose RIA is another name for it. I wasn't aware there was an actual term for it. But I don't think it changes the fact the question was asking for a suitable technology for a RIA project, even though the OP didn't know of the term RIA
@Rachel - In practice the bits and pieces of "HTML5" (scare quoted because a lot of it is in separate specs) are getting added to major browsers at various speeds, but some of it has been out for a while on major browsers, and could be considered ready for production depending on how broadly you want to support older versions.
@Rachel Well some minor research is mandatory... Anyways, not convinced I should re-open and we are going in circles. You'll need 4 reopen votes or to convince another mod... Or the edits I've mentioned in my comments to the question.
8:08 PM
@Rachel - I think it's close to being answerable. I'd even re-open "is there any reason ASP.NET MVC is unsuitable as a choice for these kinds of applications?" Though I think the answer is not that exciting ("no, it can work, though lots of other things would as well").
We just need 54 more people... come on! Let's help end the plague of generic workplace questions on P.SE...
@YannisRizos Are you saying it would be on-topic if it asked "What would be the best programming language to use to create a Web-Based Talent Calculator for a MMO?"
@Rachel No. As I wrote in the comment to the question you need to tell us a bit more about the project itself other than a generic label that can mean anything really. For the question in question the trick would be if Alison told us why her researched showed that ASP.Net wouldn't be suitable, which would unravel some of the actual parameters of the project for us... You can build a "Web-Based Talent Calculator for a MMO" in every web oriented platform.
Would it help if I decrypted the examples? I think it was TD = Tower Defense, MUD = Multi-User Dungeon, and roguelike is basically an RPG
@Rachel Still generic labels, saying nothing about the project themselves.
8:19 PM
And specific projects can be written in multiple languages. We're going in circles
@Rachel Yes but when we have some parameters we can actually explain why the language we suggest would be suitable.
@Rachel Right now the question has two answers suggesting competing technologies, yours in favour of plugin based technologies and the other one in favour of HTML5 & JS
Well I can tell you now that an ASP.Net Tower Defense game would suck
There is nothing in the question to break the tie.
@Rachel Yes but it wouldn't suck if build on HTML5 & JS, or browser based technologies.
I don't think HTML5 should be recommended for production anything right now
@Rachel I don't see Stack Exchange suffering much from using HTML5 on production right now ;P
8:26 PM
Stack exchange has alternatives for older browsers
@Rachel [citation-needed]
I don't see anything on the list of technologies SE uses that say HTML5
@Rachel But you can always view source and check the doctype ;)
Do it in an older browser
@Rachel I don't keep older browsers around...
8:30 PM
PS. mine says <!DOCTYPE html>
@Rachel Which is HTML5 ;)
They use WebSockets for chat and inbox notifications, which is part of the family of HTML5-related specs
Right, so is tower defense going to support older browsers? Do they need to have flash or Silverlight?
I still don't understand why you're turning this into an argument.... I don't think SE forgot to account for non-html5 compliant browsers, and my point was if you're doing a web-based game, I wouldn't recommend html5 until it's fully released because you will need HTML5 for game components, and it is not fully supported on older browsers
@Rachel However I'm messing with you a bit ;) Obviously they don't use the parts that would make sense in an online game because there's no need for them, so my point was moot.
@Rachel ;P
8:35 PM
Wait, I think you just admitted that something you said wasn't true!
@Rachel Yes and you called me out on it just as I was writing that comment...
@Rachel However, that doesn't change my argument on needed quite a few more parameters to make a sensible language choice.
(where can a poor mod troll people, if not in chat... argh, leading by example is harder than I thought)
tell you what, re-open the question and consider it as having 3 close votes. If it gets two more, close the question. And in return, I'll forget what just happened ;)
If you want, I'll even change my answer to a community wiki. I'm not in this for the rep, I'm in this because I think the question is a decent one, and it's one I can see helping other programmers. I even learned something from it, because I wasn't aware that was the definition of RIAs
@Rachel If it gets 3 re-open votes...
@YannisRizos Alright, but I get to make a post on meta about it :)
Darn, my FAQ proposal is taking up my "Ask Question" box on meta....
8:44 PM
@YannisRizos He even got an upvote for it...
@Rachel - Never vote to re-open on a Friday! (hope Mark doesn't read this...).
@YannisRizos - I'd like a pint of social media to go please.
@YannisRizos Hey, i was interested in the answer to that one!
@Rachel Me too! However I'm more interested in keeping crap questions out of the site...
too many edits..... lol
Hello all!
Maybe you came across (y)our first Programmers syndication installment on Ars Technica:
We want to do more!
But i'm not all that familiar with your content and what's helpful and still cutting edge
a couple candidates for the next:
Q: Moving from windows to linux

rincewindI need to reconcile these 2 facts: I don't feel comfortable working on Linux; I need to develop software for Linux. Some background: I have a 10+ years of programming experience on Windows (almost exclusively C/C++, but some .NET as well), I was a user of FreeBSD at home for about 3 years or ...

Q: On developing deep programming knowledge

Robert HarveyOccasionally I see questions about edge cases and other weirdness on Stack Overflow that are easily answered by the likes of Jon Skeet and Eric Lippert, demonstrating a deep knowledge of the language and its many intricacies, like this one: You might think that in order to use a foreach loop,...

Q: How can I find a good open source project to join?

Lord TorgamusI just started working a year ago, and I want to join an open source project for the same reasons as anyone else: help create something useful and develop my skills further. My problem is, I don't know how to find a project where I'll fit in. How can I find a beginner-friendly project? What at...

Think those are good? (The last is 1.5 years old. still relevant?)
Got any other suggestions?
9:01 PM
@YannisRizos Is your first name actually Yannis?
@Rachel Yes ;)
Ok :)
@SamTheBrand I'm not sure I understand what you're asking...
Q: How to Mentor a Junior Developer

Josh JohnsonThis title is a little broad but I may need to give a little background before I can ask my question properly. I know that similar questions have been asked here already. But in my case I'm not asking if I should be mentoring someone or if the person is a good fit for being a software developer....

@sam ^^^
@Rachel He's looking for GOOD content for this: arstechnica.com/author/stack-exchange
Like, something that shows off the best of what Progse can offer
@Rachel - Well, Ars Technica wants to republish some of the most helpful Programmers content that has been published here
Broadly applicable
9:04 PM
yup, thx @Shog9
@Shog9 Oh, I'd actually have to click stuff :)
@SamTheBrand I like the idea :)
BTW, @sam - that page I just linked to looks horrible
@YannisRizos I want to answer this programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/139024/… with this: Why people keep asking overly broad unanswerable questions about software development.
@WorldEngineer Your close vote would be enough ;)
@WorldEngineer I am going to make a FAQ proposal on Monday that I hope will address questions like this
I want to wait for Monday because A) it will get more attention, B) I'll have time to review what I have so far, and C) Maybe yannis won't see it right away? :)
9:06 PM
questions on SE are like series in calculus, they should converge to a single answer or a small range of answers.
otherwise you can't do much with them.
@SamTheBrand I could assemble a list of recent questions for you if you can give me a couple of days...
@WorldEngineer - you're totally right about that. single answer questions that are answered in a succinct way are probably our most useful content. but it isn't necessarily our most readable or syndicable content
id hate to represent us as a discussion forum or a hey voice your opinion here site
but they want to publish content that is 500+ words
i guess that's the gist
@YannisRizos - that would be very very helpful
@Rachel Nope, Monday's good for me ;)
K I need to go, talk to you Monday :) I'm sure you'll have plenty to say about my proposal @YannisRizos
PS: Can we re-open this question? :)
Q: Is the Waterfall software development methodology dead?

CFL_JeffIn my experience, it seems as though the Waterfall model has proven to be too inflexible and non-responsive to requirements changes to be considered a viable method in the modern world of software development. The growth and proven track record of more agile, iterative methods seems to indicate t...

@SamTheBrand Ok then, I was going to go through a lot of questions during the weekend, so Sunday evening I should have a list for you.... I'll ping you here and just post the questions I've found
9:11 PM
@SamTheBrand I've 0 issue with writing 500 word answers if so required.
did my last comment came through? I lost network for a couple of minutes...
@Rachel Of course we can! It will only take 5 re-open votes...
@YannisRizos that's great! super helpful.
@world - ha, i hope you don't do it just for that reason, but if you've got an amazing answer or question out there that you think the readers at Ars want to see, pass it along! let's see if it sticks with editorial over there
@SamTheBrand It will likely be at least a year before that goes down
I wait with bated breath
Hmm, one answer mentions the mythical waterfall process, and it's been years since I've talked to anyone that didn't describe their development process as "agile", even when that's clearly pretty mythical.
@YannisRizos - Would "Which mythical development process should I pretend I'm using" be a good question?
9:19 PM
waterfall is what we did in Software Engineering
@psr If there's a picture of a unicorn in there, I'd probably let it slip through the cracks...
@WorldEngineer Would you be interested in answering this Meta question? It's about the madness of choosing a language...
9:52 PM
@YannisRizos Answered
it involves unicorns
10:51 PM
@Rachel "Dead" in title == dead question.

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