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12:30 AM
Ho, hum. Not much of interest happening on Programmers.
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5:24 AM
^^^ "Call for volunteers: close voters"
6:08 AM
You may want to try this question on Programmer's StackExchange which in general caters to broader opinion based code design questions. — David C. Rankin 1 min ago
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8:24 AM
Yes, I would definitly split your data into different tables. For your future questions though, please use this site for programming issues (bugs in code). You can check out programmers.stackexchange for "getting expert answers on conceptual questions about software development". — Randy 57 secs ago
9:13 AM
@Kyll would it be on topic for programmers.SE — Mathematics 39 secs ago
9:56 AM
can you use readLine like this- String a = console.readLine(); OR do you have to do- String b = console.readLine("");
10:07 AM
also what does the line JAVA TOO OPTIONS and JAVA OPTION mean in the console?? prntscr.com/c6se9i
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11:58 AM
See this response on another StackExchange site: programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/127624/…Colin Mackay 9 secs ago
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2:01 PM
@AlinMureČ™an Standard answer: acquire "Clean code" by Robert Martin and study it carefully. And: find experienced programmers around you, and ask them to review your code. Or, put up (working) code on codereview.stackexchange.com — GhostCat 1 min ago
2:29 PM
ho hum
3:19 PM
You would make an exception and write a stored procedure when you determine that it solves a problem better than the other techniques available to you, which is exactly what you did. — Robert Harvey 3 mins ago
Why is it that the first instinct of programmers nowadays is to ask others for approval for their decisions?
I'm exactly the opposite. I'll go ask if I can't solve it myself, but I don't generally vet my decisions with other developers because, frankly, I don't like the way most of them code.
Not that my coding style is exactly "Uncle Bob" or "Eric Lippert" caliber. There's always room for improvement. But if I wanted coding advice, I'd ask someone like Jimmy Hoffa.
Or one of my coworkers. The people I work with now are not afraid to make their own decisions.
It depends on what it is. I
Usually, I'll do something first, though. Unless it's time-consuming to do. It's a trade-off between how right I think my decision is and how much effort is required to implement that decision.
The more effort that is required to implement a decision, the more likely I'll spend sketching something out or talking it through with people.
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4:30 PM
can you use readLine like this- String a = console.readLine(); OR do you have to do- String b = console.readLine("");
also what does the line JAVA TOO OPTIONS and JAVA OPTION mean in the console?? prntscr.com/c6se9i
4:41 PM
please answer
and what is a status code?
5:18 PM
@Adi I don't do Java, so I can't help you. I imagine if anyone could help you, they would have by now. Good luck. Maybe try asking questions on StackOverflow, or reading documentation until the answer jumps out at you.
5:41 PM
It seems we're having an early September this year.
cool weather?
Q: I am not sure how to identify whether my program consists of a semantic error or a syntax error?

Seema Prasad Scanner in=new (System.in) Scanner instead of Scanner in=new Scanner(System.in); int a=b c*+d; instead of int a=b*c+d; Are the above semantic errors or syntax errors ?

Q: Is it right to study 2nd Vol. of Unix Network Programming with APUE?

BishnuIs it right to study the second volume of Unix Network Programming - Interprocess Communications (by Stevens) with Advanced Programming in Unix Environment by the same author? I've got the idea that the topics/subjects in the second volume has more to do with non-network programming hence it ...

1 hour ago, by Adi
can you use readLine like this- String a = console.readLine(); OR do you have to do- String b = console.readLine("");
Eternal September or the September that never ended is Usenet slang for a period beginning in September 1993, the month that Internet service provider America Online began offering Usenet access to its many users, overwhelming the existing culture for online forums. Before then, Usenet was largely restricted to colleges and universities. Every September, a large number of incoming freshmen would acquire access to Usenet for the first time, taking time to become accustomed to Usenet's standards of conduct and "netiquette". After a month or so, these new users would either learn to comply with the...
Though, to be fair, beginner questions in chat are just fine.
meh, there's always new users coming in and old ones leaving. i should know, i work at a school
5:58 PM
6:30 PM
I have nothing against newcomers. Just like the wiki article explains, it's a short-lived consequence of the school year beginning. That still doesn't stop it from being annoying when people ask in the wrong place ;P
@Adi, you're fine. Asking in chat is OK.
I don't have anything against newcomers either, they often make for interesting and entertaining conversations. it's amazing just how varied of experiences are out there
7:09 PM
"On September 1st, all should be right with the world again" - hm I thought it's the other way 'round (unless you figured a magic way to prevent homework dumps) — gnat Aug 12 at 7:03
^^^ Shog said this September will be different
Questions posted in September, should be closed by default. We can open the handful of on topic ones manually.
7:42 PM
I voted to close this question because September.
8:00 PM
Maybe this is better suited to the programmers.stackexchange.comKuramaYoko 51 secs ago
3 hours later…
10:33 PM
What's going on here?
public class Bus<T>
            public static readonly IList<IHandler<T>> Handlers = new List<IHandler<T>>();

            public static void Register(IHandler<T> handler)
                if (handler != null)

            public static void Raise(T eventData)
                foreach (var handler in Handlers)
Running this code
            Bus<Person>.Register(new UpdatePersonHandler());
            Bus<Person>.Register(new UpdatePersonHandler());
            Bus<Person>.Register(new UpdatePersonHandler2());

            Bus<Animal>.Register(new UpdateAnimalHandler());

Produces the output
What the hell is it doing? Is it silently creating two Bus classes?
10:59 PM
one for each generic type argument?
Q: C# Generic Static Constructor

Seattle LeonardWill a static constructor on a generic class be run for every type you pass into the generic parameter such as this: class SomeGenericClass<T> { static List<T> _someList; static SomeGenericClass() { _someList = new List<T>(); } } Are there any draw backs to...

I can't remember ever encountering a generic static class...
How did you find that?

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