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8:03 PM
@psr I was aiming for Gorgon but this works too
I think the fundamental problem is that we (continue to) see large waves of crap questions that exhaust the available close votes that the active community moderators have within a 24 hour period. Slow closing of poor questions lets in poor answers which increases the amount of community moderation that needs to take place.
We'd hire Oded for full time moderator if we could...
And then we get the hurt feelings from poor answers being downvoted, or from questions being closed after they put an answer in place.
Just send a pager message to him anything something dips below -2.
So... Let's try something a bit less drastic: rolling question blocks
8:05 PM
@psr you're totally wrong!!! it's fully opposite: build tools {should not|should} be kept in version control!
@Shog9 Yep!
Folks with at least two questions under their belts will be rate-limited according to how their past questions were received
Truthfully, it was a thought that started mostly in jest from the other day. Robert Harvey came in complaining about the volume of poor questions on SO. So we recommend he just protect the whole site.
if poorly-received, they must wait between 1 and 7 days to ask another question
there are few users who meet these criteria on Progse
@Shog9 how many questions are actually asked by people in that category, of recent questions here?
8:06 PM
but... They are likely quite annoying
5 hours ago, by GlenH7
Maybe we should just protect both SO and Progs during September. No questions allowed unless you've earned 10 rep on the site...
@Shog9 not at Programmers, this luxury is only for SO (just like 90-min rate limit for new users):
@Seth SO for now, it's still in testing. So far, I like what I'm seeing out of it, but I want to watch it. — Tim Post ♦ Sep 19 at 13:40
@Shog9 That could certainly help.
When they ask 3 awful questions faster than we can close and advise them on fixing one (or even point them to the help center), they are often hitting question bans once we do get around to closing them.
@gnat it's on. Right now.
8:08 PM
Shhhh. Don't tell Tim.
Being able to push that third question out a bit so that they can receive some guidance (please read our help center, look around, look at this meta post that tries to describe all of our common issues)..
@enderland very, very few. But...
@Shog9 I suspect this is 'not SO' thing, but how many other sites also match the rate limit that SO has? We get things like 6:02, 6:32, 7:06, 13:22, 13:50 (what at least feels like) not infrequently. (yes, I know it feels like we're ganging up on you... but we're out of close votes). — MichaelT 8 mins ago
...as I said, likely annoying.
(would be interesting to dig into the does 'time between questions' correlate to score?)
@Shog9 thank you! both of these? I mean suspension for bad received askers and 90-min rate limit?
@gnat no, the 90-minute limit was a stop-gap on SO while we worked on rolling rate limits and that other thing I mentioned. Once we're done testing those, it'll get rolled back.
(It's actually really brutal for folks behind a NAT)
also, congrats on being a guinea pig for a system we're still bug fixing!
8:10 PM
One bad apple spoiling things for everyone else...
@Shog9 Isn't that all of StackExchange? :-)
there are no bugs in the rest of the system. Just features we haven't properly documented / made up excuses for yet.
@Shog9 I see. interesting. Thanks for explaining, this way it seems to make good sense
Back to an earlier point - It's fair to say that we see a decent number of first time questions that are also quite annoying.
And the help vampires generally don't seem to be hitting the site with multiple bad questions. But the ones they do ask are stinkers.
8:13 PM
@GlenH7 yeah, that's a much harder / bigger problem
that's where that cross-network thing comes into play
@Shog9 I really don't mean to beat a dead horse, but that's where I think more close votes would help solve that issue. That would allow for more community moderation in a timely fashion. And I'd like to think it's trivial to implement.
@GlenH7 sure it's trivial - but it's a band-aid
Are rapid-fire questions asked by the same user really the problem on Programmers? Would rate limiting really make any difference?
man I haven't done anything worthwhile at work today
8:16 PM
Stack OVerflow already has a higher close vote limit, I have 50 there with minimal rep (3500ish)
@whatsisname That's because you're here writing on the Whiteboard.
if there are, let's say 3 people using all their votes... And 300 people using few or none... Then we're just burning out those 3 faster by increasing the votes/day
@Shog9 I'll still put a band-aid on even if I know I have to go to the hospital to get it cleaned up. It buys me time.
@Shog9 as to the close votes and people not using them... most of them aren't doing reviews. Thus, the questions that get closed are the stickers on the front page... but as soon as they disappear from easy visibility, the close votes expire (or someone gives a poor answer and it bumps back up... and then that gets down votes and a much less than ideal experience for all involved)
I haven't even been writing anything here
8:17 PM
@enderland If close queue > 1k (IIRC) close vote count goes up.
So I hear what you're saying when you call it a band-aid, but I'll take it until a better solution can be found. Because we're bleeding worse without the band-aid.
That U2Answer guy seems like an outlier.
@Shog9 if you're interested to know how it felt like at Programmers today and yesterday, watch this:
@RobertHarvey he was, but he was a very visible one. We've had people who do 3x fast questions in the past who get them all closed.
I recall one guy asking about interviews for Apple, Google, and Oracle... each in a separate question.
8:19 PM
@MichaelT which, of course, the suggestion here won't stop (since the prevoius questions won't be "poorly received" until too late?)
@enderland two things there - one, slow them down to the rate which others refresh close votes... maybe give them a hint they need to do some more research about the site before asking their next question.
Without mod intervention, 3 quick questions represents 15 close votes....
@GlenH7 maybe. But... To really stretch this metaphor... You want that tourniquet when you're bleeding out, but only just long enough to get to the hospital. If you're not gonna die from blood loss and the hospital is days away, it's probably just gonna make things worse.
There are... other potential band-aids.
You're the surgeon... we're the first responders.
@Shog9 True. But if the EMT shows up with a limited tool kit, you don't turn down the (temporary) tourniquet while they are rigging something else together.
8:23 PM
that reminds me, I gotta order me some of those cool EMT pants someone here recommended
It's equally silly to say "well, I'm not going to do anything at all because the exact right solution isn't at hand."
@GlenH7 (tangent - did you read that article about the collapsed lung in flight?)
@MichaelT Nope. That would be a horrific place for a collapsed lung
@GlenH7 politician's fallacy: something must be done, therefore let's do anything
@GlenH7 actually, might have helped save the person since the lower air pressure and such.... trying to find it.
8:24 PM
what's the worst-case here
@Shog9 Worst case? Our fee-fees (feelings) are hurt from seeing all the crap on our site.
where are you seeing it?
@GlenH7 oh come on you can dream up worse worst-cases than this?
Ultimately, yes, this is all virtual and no one's lives or livelihoods are at stake from crap questions showing up on Progs. But we still take pride in the site and are striving for a high quality environment.
you got up to 40 downvotes a day that'll kick questions off the homepage
just sayin'
8:25 PM
@enderland I could, but they involve cupcakes and too many other inside jokes.
only needs 4 of you
less than for closure
Assuming we're not out of down votes either...
that isn't an infrequent happening.
@Shog9 does SE have stats for how many people use programmers.stackexchange.com vs programmers.stackexchange.com/questions ?
Is the Google juice drained out of them as well? Otherwise, it's just putting scarlet letters all over everything.
8:26 PM
I've always been curious
@RobertHarvey And the associated whinging from heavy downvoting
I don't care about that.
Oh, and about downvoting...
Is this being downvoted for being a bad answer, or is it being downvoted over the "no effort expended by the OP" butthurt? — Robert Harvey ♦ 4 mins ago
@RobertHarvey I'm guessing the "don't answer questions you aren't certain of, and if you are certain of fix the question if its an issue"
Frankly, I don't see what the problem is with the question.
The earlier version read like a 'give me the codes' and someone did.
8:32 PM
It's still a "give me the codes," but who cares? It's not like it's a work order.
> I have a list as shown below
I want to take similar key elements and form a dictionary with key name as id(additional key added to the pair) as
Please share some solution
So it's all about the OP's grasp of the English language.
The OP had trouble with english, but its also able to easily read that as 'write some code for me'
1 min ago, by Robert Harvey
It's still a "give me the codes," but who cares? It's not like it's a work order.
And when people do that without fixing the problem statement in the question from 'write some code for me' and writes the code for them, it encourages the OP and others to continue to ask such questions.
8:34 PM
Thus, the down votes to try to discourage that... and combine it with the meta effect and angry people.
When you mix in some mod reopening in there which gives tacit approval of such questions... down votes are the only things that mods can't reverse.
It's an abuse of the voting system. Votes are supposed to be about the quality of the post, not about gaming the system (which, by the way, is what "put 4 downvotes on it so it disappears from the front page" is, @shog9).
(and yea, it makes your job that much harder)
@RobertHarvey +1000 if I could
We get people complaining about all the closed and down voted questions on P.SE fairly regularly... haven't had one in a bit though. Sure we're due for another one. Downvote to hide from one of the front pages seems to abate that a bit.
8:38 PM
As long as the downvotes reflect the quality of the post, I have no problem with that.
The downvotes on the initial draft of that SO question are entirely justified. The downvotes on the answer, not so much.
What tools does one have to say "don't answer bad questions?"
14 mins ago, by GlenH7
@Shog9 Worst case? Our fee-fees (feelings) are hurt from seeing all the crap on our site.
if it's crap, downvote it until you don't see it.
If it's not crap, then doing that is abuse.
No argument there.
on the flip side, closing crap because you don't want to see it... While not wrong... Is sort of the long road.
Not everything that needs to be closed is complete crap.
8:39 PM
@MichaelT Comments, and refraining from upvoting.
@GlenH7 well, that's a different issue
We close because it's off-topic for the site
I did ask for worst case...
(thanks for pointing that out)
if "lots of OT not-crap" is a big problem as well, we might be looking at this entirely the wrong way about
8:40 PM
@RobertHarvey flagged as 'not constructive', and, well, they've got a positive score and rep from ignoring those comments.
I think worst case is people get so frustrated they stop community moderating
I'm using "crap" as short-hand for questions that are off-topic for the site and are of varying degrees of quality ranging from absolutely abysmal to "you should have read the FAQ closer"
The worst case is not hurt feelings from the naz... er, good cultivators of the site. The worst case is people come along who might otherwise participate, and don't take the site seriously. The worst case is that damage which you never see.
@Shog9 won't happen to me no matter how much I vote down. Thing is, I don't use your toy link for Googlers (tried it, for active user it badly sucks), I use programmers.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=active (voted down questions stay there)
yeah, we need a filter there too
8:41 PM
@RobertHarvey That's a much more apropos worst case than mine
@gnat until 20ks delete the worst of them...
@gnat also, isn't the home page back to active sort? It should be...
Q: Allow users to optionally filter out low-quality questions

David FullertonLots of people are talking about this, so time to throw my hat in the ring. Note that this is just my idea and hasn't really been vetted by other Stack Exchange employees (probably some of them will chime in here). Background: of "rep addicts" and "help vampires" See this answer to "Why is Stac...

...and follow up discussions, "feedback requested #1, #2 etc" I am watching this series :)
For the really egregious cases, I ask for moderator intervention, even though @ThomasOwens doesn't like it.
I've got a thousand helpful flags on this site. The only reason I don't have two thousand is because Thomas asked me to "let the close system work."
8:45 PM
it's sad listening to that talk from crockford this morning only to sit here all day hearing the web devs sitting 10 feet behind me "ok then I need to create this type, and inherit, and bind the this reference and ..." - I am sad. I did send them the link but it doesn't matter because the things Crockford's saying will sound like Japanese to the uninitiated anyway, still better than me trying to explain it, I'm far less coherent than him.
1566 here... getting deleted by 3x 20ks is easier to deal with (you can edit your post), and less moderator involvement, and cleans up things. Having something that isn't (or can't) get fixed sitting there isn't going to help anyone.
@MichaelT good year, loved the Siege of Szigetvár, and Richard Boyle was a standup guy.
@JimmyHoffa All that moving of tuples around? That's pretty much 99 percent of all work accomplished in web applications.
As oft mentioned, front page space is valuable... be it main page, new, or active... and if something is beyond redemption... clean it.
@RobertHarvey tuples? No, I wish. Tuples are nice primitives, they create types and fake inheritance and crap in javascript instead of using primitives...yuck...
8:47 PM
Because Crockford said so?
@RobertHarvey Nobody listens to crockford
@JimmyHoffa anymore
this was mentioned earlier... unfortunately for crockford:
4 hours ago, by Jimmy Hoffa
Learn an FPL! You too can be marginalized, today!
Ehm... Crockford said that?
8:48 PM
Yes, our front page is slower than SO's... but that also means we hang out dirty laundry for longer too.
@RobertHarvey No, I said that.
Crockford and Eich are both ignored by the JavaScript community and have been for years - they're both Schemers, FP guys and they rebel against all the Java that people are trying to write in javascript.
Oh, I see. OO programmers trying to fit their world view into an FP world.
the javascript community doesn't care though, they demanded the next version of javascript have classes for crying out loud
That would simplify certain problems.
Well, for them it would, anyway. It would ease the cognitive dissonance they feel.
@RobertHarvey Nope. They'll end up thinking they have classes and they will still be in a typeless language
but even at that, classes are garbage compared to arbitrary depth typeless lexical closures
8:52 PM
Isn't a closure really just the ability to access the surrounding environment?
@MichaelT poor Louis De Blois...
It's a complicated term for a simple idea.
@RobertHarvey depends on how much of the environment.
Some closures don't give you everything, others do.
@RobertHarvey all terms are complicated if you don't know what they are, array is a complicated term to non-programmers. It's just a matter of learning the concept then the term is simple and obvious. codewonderings.blogspot.com/2012/09/…
8:54 PM
> Yes, you should always be allowed to extract the environment from any closure.
No, you must indicate beforehand which environments are to be first-class. (The the-environment form in early Scheme implementations and in MIT Scheme is an example.)
Maybe, it depends on the implementation.
Give this a watch... ruby's got the 'anything goes' environment from closures... but they mention some other options.
Don't prototypes fulfill most of the needs an OO programmer fills using classes anyway?
Web developers mostly need bags of values, something that JSON adequately provides.
@RobertHarvey yes but they're also just not necessary, just like classes as a whole. You should listen to that crockford speech from earlier if you'd like to hear the heresy of which I speak
Like I said, crockford explains things far clearer than me, he sounds Japanese, when I try explaining stuff it's usually mistaken for Moonite
9:01 PM
"Like Java, or some crappy thing like that..." lol
@RobertHarvey like I said, they're Schemers... they helped people and were appreciated for it, but then when people take a closer look they just figure they're strange guys with weird beliefs
OK, so...
Tail Call Support
Partial Function Application ("Splat", whatever that means)
Let (block scope)
(More condescending Java bashing)
Weak map
Stop using objects.
Stop using For
Stop using While (when tail calls are fixed).
...and wait for the old guys to die.
Prototypes are better.
...or not.
int overflow
9:36 PM
@JimmyHoffa I've seen that T-shirt.
Don't make bugs.
The end.
@JimmyHoffa I think the reason OO adherents cling to the object-oriented structure is because it's that structure that allows them to carry around records and assign their values to things like UI templates and database tables.
Of course, there isn't much inheritance in those types of systems.
Just data and business objects.
But objects look familiar. I understand that Crockford says that such structures are static and brittle (and they are), but without the structure, there's no architecture.
Maybe you don't need architecture. Maybe all business programs could be amorphous blobs of functions. I do know that it's pretty difficult to see that business structure in a Lisp program, but maybe that's because I haven't done extensive programming in Lisp.
9:59 PM
@GlenH7 apparently a bit of old news (from '95): deseretnews.com/article/460423/…
@RobertHarvey not true. People just haven't been taught how to design architectures without them - people have all been taught one thing, and they actively avoid learning anything else (because learning's hard - truth, it really is, and we're all busy enough with what we already know without trying to fill our heads with even more)
I don't blame people for not knowing FP, the modern life is too damned full. Some of us just happen to shuffle our priorities a bit and end up balanced one way vs. others. People make tradeoffs in their personal lives, and end up better at some things and worse at others, time is limited.
My tub has a leak. Anybody know a plumber? I don't have the time...
Plug it with a Haskell book.
my boss does all that home-fixing shit hisself
(NIH documentation of the procedure: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2626355 )
@RobertHarvey how much architecture do you really see in modern OO business applications though? Is a bunch of glaring problems and things tied together in a brittle fashion to the point you can't see it count as architecture? When you look at a building that's been well architected, can you see the manner with which it functions, or is it usually invisible to the eye? Maybe if you can't see the architecture it's working seamlessly
who knows? all I know is what modern OO business apps call architecture is something we would all be better without.
my boss doesn't really know FP, but he knows how to take apart and put back together his motorcycles. I traded motorcycles for FP. Wait, why did I do that? ugh... I'll just keep telling myself at least FP won't kill me (don't make a liar out of me emergency life support software!)
10:08 PM
You absolutely need field names, and a way to make tuples. Beyond that, I think it's probably mostly ceremony.
@RobertHarvey you just defined literally all Haskell gives you for bundling your data
Crockford says you need inheritance so that you don't have to explicitly cast between similar types, but I think you can even dispense with that, most of the time.
(other than closures)
@RobertHarvey no he doesn't
he said he doesn't use inheritance at all anymore
Perhaps I misheard that part of the talk then.
he said prototypal inheritance beats the hell out of subtypal inheritance- and is still too wrought with dangers to be worth a damn
10:10 PM
I use inheritance to squirrel away a bundle of functions common to a collection of subtypes, but that's generally all I use it for.
that's why he starts talking about 'classless' or whatever term he used where he just has free functions that return record objects and uses the Object.freeze from ES5 to make them immutable before returning them.
@RobertHarvey which is silly because you could just put them in a separate class, you should really read my anti-inheritance rant - I walk through exactly what you just mentioned as the only real reason people use inheritance and track it back to how it only serves purpose in a base class for augmenting shared state from across your system which is a shit thing to do anyway
Btw, for those who have addresses that resemble '.edu' or '.ac.uk' or the like... JetBrains Makes its Products Free for Students
@JimmyHoffa Broken link.
@RobertHarvey ?? no it's not
Ah, there it is.
So it comes down to ceremony. Java programmers like the ceremony because they can see the shape of a class.
That doesn't mean that it's the best way to do things, though.
10:16 PM
Its a matter of communication.
With Java, I can give you a class and you can look at it and see how to use it.
If I gave you a blessed object in perl, you would have to dig further to understand what it is and how it works.
Java programmers come from the C tradition... where you've got a strut, or a .h file that you can look at and get a pretty good idea of how to use it just from that information.
I meant the use of classes, not necessarily the inheritance.
aye, I'm getting tired...exhausting weekend, 9 hours driving last Friday and 6 Sunday, then last night I was up until ~4am between a few things...it's so time for me to go home...
10:22 PM
In my current app, I created an abstract class for the file readers and writers, because there are a handful of fields that are always the same. There are also some generic reader and writer methods that never change. I could have used composition, but I didn't want to have to write lines like genericReader.Read() and genericReader.Write() when I could just say Read() or Write().
On the up side, pagosa springs was beautiful and awesome, and kenosha pass right now was amazing
I'm going to Hawaii in November. First time.
@RobertHarvey I've hardly gotten to travel in my life, but Hawaii is definitely on my list. Enjoy it!
that doesn't do it justice at all...you can't capture the scale of mountains in 2 dimensions sometimes...
@RobertHarvey Never been, sounds awesome
always wanted to go
also passed the collegiate peaks
10:25 PM
I've wanted to go to Hawaii too
I'm sure i will one of these days
was going to go to Australia this year but didn't have enough money
@whatsisname that's one I've never understood...people are so bananas for the idea of going to Australia here in America, but everything I've seen and heard gives the distinct inclination that it's basically like paying thousands of dollars to fly to AmericaWithAccents
It doesn't seem like all that to me (my sister's boyfriend was working there for 4 months farming and said it was more depressing than anything)
That is part of the reason... its not too dissimilar, but its also a different place.
I could stay here and pretend everyone has an accent and do the same thing... other than the great barrier reef. That's really the only thing we don't have comparable to
Its not part of the 'old world'
10:28 PM
@MichaelT California's a different place from Wisconsin, probably just as different as Australia is from Wisconsin...
australia has a lot of land that is unlike the US
The buildings there are also not older than 200 years for the most part. They've got big fly overland with natives who have a different culture.
with different animals and plants, etc
@whatsisname the US has a lot of land that is unlike the US. We have most climates continentally available here.
And everything in Australia can kill you.
10:28 PM
that's true, but not like australia
That's just me though, I like to travel to see foreign cultures and things
admittedly, NZ is pretty much unbeatable, but I've already been there
@whatsisname sure it is, go to death valley
and while I'd be alright with going back, delta doesn't fly ther
and I have a gazillion delta skymiles
The US has death valley, but its not like australia, and there aren't crocodiles or kangaroos around
have you ever been to Australia or NZ
NZ is really nice because it is small
There's also the "other hemisphere" aspect. November - December... its winter here. Hey, its summer and warm there! You can get a tan!
10:31 PM
@whatsisname nah, but everyone I know who went came back and basically told me it was like here... nobody says that when they come back from really foreign countries. Like I said, I just like to travel for different reasons I guess, I like to see foreign cultures and such, Australia doesn't have one
(related, when skiing in Tahoe I meat a South African skier working at the place I skied... he was there because he was a skier... and alternated between the US (tahoe) and NZ to get about 7-9 months of skiable weather a year)
if you want to go for foreign culture I would have no expectation of Australia being worthwhile
I'm more of a fan of the natural environments
@whatsisname yeah, that's precisely my perspective on it. But people travel for different reasons.
NZ's culture of people wasn't anything special, but the outdoors there was incredible
@whatsisname I like both - Peru was awesome, the andes blew my mind having lived my whole life next to the rockies, the rockies are a joke in comparison (at least the part by me)... and the culture there was pretty cool
10:34 PM
Then there's that 'north of the border' thing... they like hockey and put strange things on their french fries and speak a foreign language (all the signs are in two languages)... You get what I'm saying 'eh?
^--- I will never forget this, and every chance I get at a peruvian restaurant I go for it
...that doesn't read well at all pointing at seals
10:37 PM
and the arroz con pollo - I read somewhere they use orange juice to marinade and break down the chicken somehow or another, either way I've never had such juicy delicious chicken
Everything's better with poutine.
@JimmyHoffa I've heard that about lemon juice... The citric acid breaks up the muscle fibers.
everytime I look at my NZ photos I want to go back
@RobertHarvey it does genuinely sound like a good dish. cheese + bbq sauce I can vouch for as whenever I make my BBQ ribs at home I've gotten in the habit of a mac'n'cheese or shells'n'cheese side, then the leftovers I just strip the rib meat, toss it in a tupperware with the rest of the side, shake it up and nuke it the next day, is awesome bbq pork + shells'n'cheese
@RobertHarvey I use orange juice on my BBQ ribs for this, works magnificently
or rather, I got the recipe from @MichaelT...
is awesome
I do 4 hours @ 290, it says you can do shorter but my experiments have shown anything less really doesn't do the trick as well
11:06 PM
@JimmyHoffa this as a thing makes me twitch a bit. Were it like self in Python that might be cool.
Word of the day:
Adhocracy is a flexible, adaptable and informal form of organization that is defined by a lack of formal structure. It operates in an opposite fashion to a bureaucracy. The term was first coined by Warren Bennis in his 1968 book The Temporary Society, later popularized in 1970 by Alvin Toffler in Future Shock, and has since become often used in the theory of management of organizations (particularly online organizations). The concept has been further developed by academics such as Henry Mintzberg. Adhocracy is characterized by an adaptive, creative and flexible integrative behavior based on non...
11:37 PM
@MichaelT Valve (buggy implementation)
@MichaelT my niece's name is Sophia, she was born 2008... friend named his daughter Sophi in 2010... funny how accurate those things are
@JimmyHoffa There's a question about the GHCi on the main page right now
My name's popularity exploded in the last 10 years
@WorldEngineer I'm still #1 if you look at overall history: wolframalpha.com/input/?i=Michael+vs+Jimmy
11:41 PM
mine never has, and my son's never will, Bodhi (@WorldEngineer ought get the reference)
@JimmyHoffa After the Skier?
gods no
that's bodie or something
yes, I get the reference :P
...I'm so tired of hearing that though
Another neat bit with the baby name voyager visualization - as Michael became popular, so did Michelle. babynamewizard.com/…
11:42 PM
figured it's nice and sets him apart while still being very normal sounding
plus having a meaning we appreciate
@JimmyHoffa You live in Colorado, it's like programming in Java and not wanting to have null pointer exceptions
I guess...
My granda's name was Michael, but he was german so the pronunciation was much funner.
My grandfathers had the same middle name
my grandpa gave all 4 of his children the same middle name: Jo. 4 daughters, I feel sorry for the man..
My father's father's father was Andrew Jackson Hopkins: Drunk, thief and butcher (of animals only as far as I know)
11:45 PM
if the first name was Anthony you'd get to make jokes about Fava beans
@JimmyHoffa I've got one better, I was waiting to be picked up in the atrium of my store. A man walks by me and I'm all "He looks really familiar" and then he gets into a black SUV and rides off. Then a thunderbolt hits the bank right across the street. Thor must have been angry at daddy. It was Anthony Hopkins.
@MichaelT That baby name graph is deceptive as to overall popularity
@WorldEngineer its a linear scale by count, rather than percentage. Furthermore, its only the 1000 most popular each year. This creates an interesting artifact in the visualization that causes recent years to appear to have fewer births, but rather its because the names of the children are more likely than before to not be in the 1000 most popular.
If you look for stereotypical names, you can see some interesting bits there like immigration and naturalization/assimilation: babynamewizard.com/…
@WorldEngineer that's crazy
btw, ever read American Gods?
11:57 PM
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