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12:18 AM
To the poor mod who handles my recent flag - just decline it and politely laugh at me. :-)
12:36 AM
@GlenH7 ಠ益ಠ
12:56 AM
@Undo Eve Online has a similar system to what I'm describing. wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/API_Security - have SE have a page where you are logged in, through a traditional form and can generate an API key (don't need to go crazy like eve - there you are half intended to be giving away this key to provide some form of "I have this" to other people so they can better manage the guild). One could then enter this API key into another application and do things...
@MichaelT Maybe....
@GlenH7 We don't do anything politely. You should know that by now.
specifically do things without having to reauthenticate. In this situation, consider if you decided to become evil... all you could get would be the api key (that could be revoked by me). You wouldn't have any of my login credentials.
@AndrewBarber It's always Friday when you're a Haskell developer. — Yannis 4 hours ago
To a haskell programmer, the day of the week is a pure function. day of week --> friday;... and so is the time... get time --> beer time; These things greatly simplify time based code.
1:05 AM
This explains much about @JimmyHoffa
2 hours later…
2:51 AM
@MichaelT common misnomer about FP that everything's a function; neither of those are functions, they're both values.
5 hours later…
7:30 AM
Did resume help became on-topic? Per my recollection, it has been explicitly prohibited in old FAQ, but looking through Help Center I can't find it anymore
I plan to ask this at meta, just making sure that I didn't miss something
Help center mentions career advice that looks like related, but upon closer inspection, this turns wrong: referred meta post doesn't even mention word "resume"
8:04 AM
The only guidance I was able to find so far is in resume tag wiki, but even it feels slippery...
> This is NOT for requesting resume reviews, assistance with writing a resume, or other subjective questions related to resumes that would not be on-topic.
"would not be on-topic" - one may ask why? or even just edit it out from tag wiki
3 hours later…
11:13 AM
@gnat - I'm not aware of resume advice becoming on topic. Nor would I want it to become so. When I wrote that tag wiki, there were (and still are) a huge number of questions tagged resume that were closed. The excerpt was to try and prod people away from those types of questions. But it's already been demonstrated that people don't read. :-)
@WorldEngineer, @YannisRizos - pass along my props to whoever wrote that decline message. That made me laugh when I read it. And yes, I walked away from the computer last night.
11:34 AM
I have tried to atone for my sins of paranoia.
A: Using GPL code with MPL code

GlenH7Disclaimer, this is similar to my other answer on MIT & GPL, but there are some nuances involved with MPL. can I included GPL(v3) licensed code(/binaries) in a larger MPL(2.0) licensed project? Short answer: No, you can't*. They'll become subject to the copyleft. * See the longer answer a...

12:09 PM
Unless I miss something, reopen justification doesn't make sense to me. 1. "That question is specifically about TDD, this one is..." surprise! it is explicitly and unambigously tagged tdd from the very beginning!. Those who believe this question isn't about TDD, didn't even bother to clean up that tag (along with appropriate explanation) - that's not how clearing the difference between dupes is expected to work... — gnat 3 mins ago
... 2. "The acid test..." is not acid anymore. The current MSO guidance dropped the ancient requirement of dupes to be "exact / mergeable", so the fact that some answers can't be moved between dupes is totally irrelevant here, as question merges and moving the answers aren't enforced anymore... — gnat 3 mins ago
...And all this massive rework of duplicates system has been done with the purpose to make it easier for site readers to find answers relevant / useful to question asked! Now, why do we deprive site visitors from that here, simply escapes my mind — gnat 2 mins ago
12:20 PM
not that I'm going to hit that close-dupe button right now (need some time to study both questions), but reopen justification really stinks - especially that funny "tdd" part
12:33 PM
look ma, we've got yet another crap-thrower from SO...
StackOverflow say to take this question to Programmers. The people of Programers say it's too opinioned-based. So, where do I get the opinions of other programers? — EasilyBaffled 1 min ago
let's see who could that be? a-ha!
Maybe you'd like to take this question to programmers.stackexchange.com? — 2rs2ts yesterday
okay, BTDTGTTS...
@2rs2ts quoting comment of Programmers moderator from here, "Please do not recommend sites, especially those that you aren't an active participant in. This question is not appropriate for Programmers and has not only been cross-posted, but closed there."gnat 16 secs ago
@gnat He goes to the university I went to.
@ThomasOwens could you contact his professor with complaint about bad advice from their student? :)
@gnat He's a CS guy. I don't know many of the CS professors.
12:51 PM
@ThomasOwens that's too bad. :) On a more serious note, while I have your attention, what's your take on resume help seemingly becoming on-topic (due to recent FAQ changes?)
5 hours ago, by gnat
Did resume help became on-topic? Per my recollection, it has been explicitly prohibited in old FAQ, but looking through Help Center I can't find it anymore
Still off-topic, per this page of the help center.
> general workplace issues, office politics, résumé help (check out The Workplace instead),
@ThomasOwens thanks! I overlooked that (was searching page for resume instead of _résumé _). Quite a relief to know it's not lost
1:36 PM
that's not a résumé help. That's even worse...
Q: to read the phone number from a file and convert like +91

Amruthahow do we write a program to read the phone number from a file and convert it to international format i.e adding +91 to it display the changed phone no in C language

A: Programmers.SE and the Summer of Love

gnatWhat kind reaction would you expect to a post looking like this? This question would surely be considered off-topic, but... A friend of mine who lives in France is going to marry soon. And we (his friends) are looking for a nice place to make a geek party somewhere in Central Europe. If someo...

@gnat Already looking at it
@WorldEngineer thanks! that will save us a couple f-words I think...
Robert, does your guidance on extremely bad questions apply here (particularly, on speedy deletion)? In my flags at Programmers, I refer it quite frequently (works like a charm - thank you, thank you, thank you!:) Saved me (and I think many other regulars) a couple hundreds f-words that otherwise would pollute comments... not to mention that without utterly bad questions, site indeed looks more professional — gnat 7 hours ago
@gnat ChrisF beat me to the punch
@WorldEngineer So long as someone took care of it, it's all good.
@WorldEngineer not surprising, he receives flags directly to brain
1 hour later…
3:12 PM
Since I started reading about haskell, my vocabulary has gained some genuinely strange words
Q: how many hours does this project needs to be finished?

Angelo MoreiraReally struggling here to estimate this project (in hours), I can list here the features and any input will be very appreciated. This is a website that is already built and we need to develop in PHP+MySql in what's already there. features: 1 - Sign up new users. 2 - Change user details. 3 - De...

o_O umm... magic 8 ball says... 2 hours.
I finally know why I've failed miserably to come up with a monadic model for this phone system when it felt monadic... I think it may be an arrow
> They serve much the same purpose as monads -- providing a common structure for libraries -- but are more general. In particular they allow notions of computation that may be partially static (independent of the input) or may take multiple inputs. If your application works fine with monads, you might as well stick with them. But if you're using a structure that's very like a monad, but isn't one, maybe it's an arrow.
(emphasis mine)
3:33 PM
@MichaelT c'mon it's 6 to 8 weeks...
A: What is the origin of "6 to 8 weeks" and is it really the Crazy Frog?

gnatSearching web for six to eight weeks leads to Muppet Babies TV series, Episode 603: Six-to-Eight Weeks which sounds painfully familiar: The Babies anxiously await the arrival of a playhouse that Nanny ordered for them, which was supposed to arrive in six to eight weeks... Muppet babie...

@gnat The other pseudo-appropriate answer would be "please give me the contact information for your client so that I can underbid you after showing them you don't know what you are doing."
@MichaelT that would be correct, too. And let's not forget about 42!
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a comic science fiction series created by Douglas Adams that has become popular among fans of the genre(s) and members of the scientific community. Phrases from it are widely recognised and often used in reference to, but outside the context of, the source material. Many writers on popular science, such as Fred Alan Wolf, Paul Davies and Michio Kaku, have used quotations in their books to illustrate facts about cosmology or philosophy. Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (42) In the first novel and radio series...
Well, he the OP deleted the question... probably for the better.
He mentioned that he had no PM experience and I was going to suggest that he read the questions over that pm.SE
4:15 PM
Q: What is the difference between a Solutions Specialist and a Technical Architect?

w0051977What is the difference between a Solutions Specialist and a Technical Architect? I thought I understood the difference, but now I don't think that I do. For example, I have read answers in this question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/524941/whats-the-difference-between-solutions-architect-...

definition of too-localized
4:27 PM
Or is it career advice?
Don't know if there's any advice in there... other than "read the job descriptions."
I've seen something akin to a title of the "Solutions Specialist" that was a Sales Engineer (developer attached to sales department to tweak the solution to what the customer wanted). Tehnical Architect typically (IMHO) sits in a developer organization, produces UML and plays golf.
Q: Desing in one team, coding in another

Carlos GavidiaI will be involved in a project where all the software design is made by a local team and these designs are sent to an offshore team for coding. This is the first time I face a project with this characteristics and for me it feels kind of odd: The managers expects us to make very detailled desig...

Off shoring from Peru to somewhere else?
(and I do sympathize with the question, though its likely opinion)
4:35 PM
@ThomasOwens @JimmyHoffa the way you discuss it, rather suggests unclear what you're asking reason: you can't decide between career advice and TL
5:00 PM
@JimmyHoffa A solutions specialist specializes in solutions and a technical architect specializes in solving.
5:13 PM
Glancing at close votes, I suspect there are a number of people who close vote, but don't review (I see a wider range of names in close votes during the day (when the frequent reviewers have already done their 20) who don't show up in recent reviews).
5:28 PM
Such a fitting error message.
Was worth a shot.
5:46 PM
My Chromecast almost makes me want to do web development. Well, Chrome plugin development.
@MichaelT that's my case and I think I know few other guys doing that. I frequently check the questions bumped to front page which naturally leads to voting from outside of the queue
6:23 PM
@MichaelT That was quick. (Just got my 20 in)
I was looking at
Q: What is the difference between a Solutions Specialist and a Technical Architect?

w0051977What is the difference between a Solutions Specialist and a Technical Architect? I thought I understood the difference, but now I don't think that I do. For example, I have read answers in this question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/524941/whats-the-difference-between-solutions-architect-...

> put on hold as primarily opinion-based by Jimmy Hoffa, Bryan Oakley, Robert Harvey, Dan Pichelman, KeithS
Neither Bryan nor Keith have done any reviews. Just more of an observation.
Harvey has a mere 397 close review votes in. Good example of someone who rolls through the front page / questions page and then closes
6:26 PM
(KeithS recently got to 10k, I wonder if he'll show up in delete votes?)
There's badges for it! Gotta git sum mor badges
@GlenH7 I have 34...
Massachussetts just made things more interesting for Software Devs
Q: Is programming tourism a realistic possibility?

Andrew_BI'm going on vacation to Paris, France for 10 days. Actually, it's my girlfriend's wish to go there but I'm not very interested in visiting, sightseeing, etc. Recently, I came up with an idea of trying to do something like programming tourism. :) I'd like to do something related to programming i...

Digging up ancient things... is that "close and lock" or "close and delete"?
@MichaelT Migrate to Travel.SE?
6:56 PM
@YannisRizos Too old, and it would be a double migration. It came here from SO in the before times.
@MichaelT I think it's a dupe for Travel
@MichaelT It hasn't been active for over a year... How about we just forget we ever saw it?
@MichaelT let's see,

2 years ago


2839 times


1 year ago
Ok. I stumbled across it in an old meta question, when looking at the related questions to my new meta question.
close and lock
6:59 PM
@gnat I'd close it but... I have to read it first. And it's kinda long.
I'm thinking lock too. I notice some of the mods will watch the recent delete votes for "oops, that has historical significance" and lock it.
@MichaelT No, that's @gnat.
@YannisRizos sure, no need to hurry
@YannisRizos @MichaelT guilty as charged
Btw, today was "Free Brat Day" at the local horseradish processor ( silverspringfoods.com ) . That was good. And man... fresh horseradish mustard on brats is hot!
7:02 PM
if one looks into prog-tourism question closer, it appears to fit the topicality (but not other requirements to stay open)...
opinion-based, unclear, too-broad - most of other close reasons likely apply
that makes me feel it's a reasonable candidate to lock (need to check it a bit deeper though)
@MichaelT @gnat Migration cleared, closed & locked.
I decided to take your word for it and not bother reading it.
@YannisRizos So you didn't send it to Travel.SE? (Thank you)
Ghads, thats an epic answer from a new user.
A: How do you put price on your source code?

BrianDHallThe hardest part of doing this sort of thing for the first time is really psychological - there is a very strong tendency to think of what it cost you in man hours, which is usually wildly inaccurate when done retrospectively and ignores the "I wasn't sitting at a desk but I was thinking about th...

@YannisRizos no objections. Top two answers and 3-4 other are good fit, "meet Jeff Atwood's 3rd rule..." mentioned in meta.stackoverflow.com/tags/historical-lock/info
7:14 PM
@YannisRizos Yes, but your close votes cause the skies to split apart, haelfire to rain down upon the earths, and renders innocent bystanders to tears. I'm shocked you've thrown down that many tantrums.
@MichaelT When I worked at an MS office out here they would grill off the shipping dock sometimes, according to the folks there who moved from the mothership it's a seattle thing to put cream cheese on your brat instead of mustard (it was really good)
@JimmyHoffa ... so another thing that Microsoft does wrong then? How can one conceive of such an abomination?! Thats just... wrong.
@MichaelT I'm a horseradish mustard and kraut guy, but I can't argue about it because it was really good; give it a try sometime
@JimmyHoffa In Wisconsin, we take our brats very seriously. And asking for cream cheese on a brat at a horseradish processor... I'd get run out of town.
@WorldEngineer That is interesting, no doubt. Generally, I thought services like that weren't taxed, so it's a bit of a change. I wonder what sort of impact that will end up having. I didn't read too closely but I'm curious to know what the rate is too
7:19 PM
@MichaelT I was going to say I thought that was a lynchable by law offense up in your neck of the woods.
"How do you put price..." is reaching top page at collider soon (score 51, attractive title) - beware of lemmings. @YannisRizos would you mind adding "sufficient explanation" notice, so that we would at least have an objective justification to delete crap?
Religious wars are fought over which beer to cook the brats in as well as how the onions and peppers should be grilled.
From a bit further south... bratfest.com largest brat fest in the world. This past year they sold 209,376 brats... in a city that has 236k people.
@GlenH7 kraut > onions+peppers, and the beer depends on the mood. A stout is always good, but if it's particularlly hot a hoppy beer leaves a nice sour flavor that's almost refreshing...mmm I'm grilling tonight...
at 7 hours, question score 19, 4 answers nicely upvoted, reasonably high activity, collider will go mad as usual
Q: How do you put price on your source code?

deviDaveI was asked to sell the source code of small utility app I did years ago with existing users of this app. I tried investigating how to put price on the source code and haven't come up with a good solution so far. I first tried searching the net, but information I found there are somehow far fro...

oops 20
welcome lemmings!
7:22 PM
@gnat how much of an effect do down votes have in cooling off a question
@gnat If it gives that new user a bunch of reward-response chemicals I'm fine with the collider in this instance. We need everyone who writes content like that
@GlenH7 I'm in Eau Claire. There are very few valid answers. kraut and leinenkugels. You might be forgiven if it was a Milwaukee beer.
@gnat Ah c'mon, we wanted the thunderdome image :(
@gnat We always have justification to delete crap.
Let's wait for the first crap answer before we put a notice on the question...
@MichaelT I guess Milwaukee was more liberal then. But generally it was always a Miller beer being used
7:23 PM
@YannisRizos 27 declined flags tell me a bit different story
@gnat That the crap you flagged weren't crap to begin with?
@YannisRizos That invalidates the tautology. If gnat flagged it, then it is crap by definition
@GlenH7 Leineis is the local beer. goo.gl/maps/BM9Z7
@GlenH7 I don't understand using the piss-water beers for cooking, they hardly leave any flavor, it's gotta be something really rich to be particularly noticeable is my experience..
(Hmm... coincidence? goo.gl/maps/ZZVlE )
7:25 PM
@MichaelT I've drunk more than my fair share of Leineis. And did Miller sell them back off when InBev bought them?
@GlenH7 That's true 98.3596597813% of the times.
@JimmyHoffa Wasn't trying to justify it. Just noting the religious wars.
@YannisRizos well it was meh. In smaller doses, meh isn't crap you're right here. In larger doses, well I guess you know what I think already
A: Dealing with "Find out who's going to buy the croissants"

gnatI wasn't going to go out on a limb but since a follow up question has been asked... More importantly, why is it any of your business? ...I would like to address that. I for one am concerned about answers rather than the question. What I see in "Croissants", look painfully familiar to an is...

To be honest, this sounds like an argument for dropping the hot list entirely. — Shog9 Jul 25 at 18:03
^^^ This.
Anytime someone asks you the weight of a plane, it's pretty obvious what the intent is. This person intends to lift a plane, high-ball the estimate because you really don't want them trying, they could hurt themselves and sue you. — Jimmy Hoffa 7 secs ago
7:29 PM
@Shog9: Works for me. — Robert Harvey Jul 25 at 18:04
@YannisRizos This makes me want to ask on MSO for a feature request "Remove the hot list", I'd be well on my way to a q-ban in MSO but y'know, worth it.
@JimmyHoffa your rep there can't get below 1. :-)
@GlenH7 Can't I get q-banned for multiple negatively scored questions?
(regardless of rep)
@JimmyHoffa The q-ban algo on MSO is way more relaxed than on ProgSE.
@JimmyHoffa If I'm ever in the area, I'd be tempted to go in and ask for a free lunch from Shog now.
7:32 PM
@GlenH7 let's see, ((Qanswers * Qscore)/5) at 4 answers, every downvote drops 4/5 points from upper part of the formula. Seems not much but as amount of answers increase, the cooling effect increases proportionally: at 10 answers, every Q-vote leverages to 2 points
@MichaelT Yeah, unfortunately he's about a 25 minute drive and I already had lunch
Bit longer drive for me, and my lunch was free today.
I had...
@gnat so a down-vote on the Q will have an increasing cooling effect as answers come in. Offset, of course, by any additional upvotes.
@JimmyHoffa Yeah, but who cares? It's just MSO. :-P
7:34 PM
@YannisRizos Shog misses the point. Throwing the whole thing out, without even trying to see how it would work with a bugfix, doesn't make sense. I have no idea why he pumps my idea up to delete the list
@GlenH7 Precisely why I asked for a free lunch, nobody really got that but that's fine, MSO is like some kind of torture dungeon anyway
@gnat Because he wants to delete it, and then blame you for it when everyone complains?
@JimmyHoffa I don't get free lunches, but I'll be getting a free hat soon(ish).
@GlenH7 that's correct. Once you know the mechanics it's quite easy to manipulate
> indication of issues with current formula is how easy it is to manipulate hotness score. In my recent experiments with a particular typical hot question, it looked like changing direction of a single question vote (up->down->up) has been causing changes in score by 10-15 points. This is because any question vote is leveraged by amount of answers. ..
@GlenH7 I am officially dying to write that tag wiki...
7:37 PM
I'm thinking at least one of my questions deserves that last tag
@GlenH7 Should just try to find an online version of the book death march and paste it in as the tag wiki
I think the tag wiki can accept an image. Just saying.
@YannisRizos that's a nice conspiracy theory. Or because he wants to avoid doing the fix by representing it harder than it is. I can't read people minds
@GlenH7 words are separated by hyphens.
too late to edit. :-( And I'm a closet pascal case anyway.
7:40 PM
@gnat In actually, does Shog9 code? I thought he was like a community manager type socialite/evangelist for SE
camelCase is too hip for me
(granted he can code, I just mean does he at SE)
@gnat Simpler explanation may also be that it generates too much pain for the perceived benefit. Simpler to get rid of it.
@GlenH7 It's never too late to edit.
@YannisRizos some days I want to be a mod just for the fun tricks like that.
7:44 PM
and I think my name would look better in blue instead of black. But now I'm just being snobby.
@GlenH7 You, @MichaelT and @gnat should run in the next election.
@YannisRizos But... then one of our close votes and deletes would be binding... and that would make someone sad.
Its much more fun to complain about the evil mods than to be one of them.
If the close vote queue keeps backing up, I might ask SE to splurge on the payroll and add a new mod. Flag queue seems manageable though.
@GlenH7 if you mean getting rid of hot list, well I track related MSO discussions quite closely and so far it doesn't look like pain involved would justify its removal
7:48 PM
@MichaelT I think Yannis is tired of my paranoid troll spotting and wants me to have access to find out on my own that the user really isn't a troll.
@YannisRizos You moderate 3 sites and you're getting a hat?
@GlenH7 I wonder what my Troll spotting rate is...
I guess it's a fitting gift, they just want you to get a new icon with a different hat
@JimmyHoffa 2 sites. I wonder if I should ask for a second one...
you don't moderate history?
7:49 PM
@MichaelT I'll own up to a number of false positives. But I'll also acknowledge flagging on suspicion in the hopes of catching them early. A declined flag is not a big deal to me.
@JimmyHoffa No, I'm just a regular troll there.
@YannisRizos You're that everywhere else too
(Now I need to find one of @YannisRizos 's questions so I can flag him as a troll on history)
@JimmyHoffa Not everywhere. Sometimes he gets to wield the diamond.
On Programmers and Politics, I'm a mega troll.
7:50 PM
And don't even count on MSO... there he trumps most trolls.
@YannisRizos I won't run in the election. One day I'll maybe put a detailed explanation of why (still composing it in my head0, but in brief: as a amod, I would mostly act on others flags - instead i prefer to be flagging things for mod review myself. i wouldn't want to act unilaterally on the stuff I tend to flag,...
The two-man rule is a control mechanism designed to achieve a high level of security for especially critical material or operations. Under this rule all access and actions requires the presence of two authorized people at all times. Nuclear weapons Per US Air Force Instruction (AFI) 91-104, "The Two Person Concept" is designed to prevent accidental or malicious launch of nuclear weapons by a single individual. In the case of Minuteman missile launch crews, both operators must agree that the launch order is valid by comparing the authorization code in the launch order against a Sealed Aut...
typos above indicate that I am prone to mistakes - would better act under review :)
Btw, anyone poked at vim-adventures.com before?
@MichaelT For someone of your vim skills, isn't that kind of cheating?
That would be like me playing visual studio adventures
@JimmyHoffa There are some I've seen who have even more vim skills than I.
@gnat Hm, we rarely act unilaterally when we aren't 100% certain (or when we know the decision will be controversial). You may only see one of our names on a close/delete vote, but that doesn't mean we haven't talked about the decision amongst ourselves and/or with other SE mods in TL.
7:54 PM
"What is this? I never have touched this thing before! Promise!"
My vi skills are mostly based on ed skills, which has a different mindset. I more easily do line or file transforms than word transforms.
My top tags this quarter on History are... interesting:
@YannisRizos Tequila, Girlfriend, Greece (almost and maybe in the future)
@YannisRizos yes this is it, "we rarely act unilaterally", that perfectly matches my observations. And so would I if I would be a mod, rarely act unilaterally. Which raises the question, who will raise the flags then? At prior elections, Manishearth mentioned an effect of electing two active flaggers at Physics, that made me think of it
@gnat What? You want me to raise some flags? I'm on it!
8:03 PM
@gnat That's true, there'll be a considerable drop in flags if you get a diamond.
Don't raise flags just to raise flags
@YannisRizos yes, and this, in turn, will likely cause respective drop in janitorial activities. That's... not quite the thing I'd want. Bye bye diamond
@WorldEngineer too. late.
I finally ran across some questions via google that made me wish I had 10k on SO.
fortunately, they were still in the cache, so it was just a fleeting wish.
8:18 PM
My top tags on History totally make sense
Medicine (former Hypochondriac), Japan, Buddhism, Christianity, Religion (I have that other degree)
@WorldEngineer I think Yannis' top tags are better conversation starters at a party though
@GlenH7 Well duh, Yannis is better at parties than I am
I think it's because he's Greek.
probably, the Welsh aren't well known for being party people.
nor are congregationalists which make up the other half of my family.
Just not a fair comparison then
8:22 PM
@WorldEngineer its because they run out of space (or breath) when they say "The party is at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch"
@MichaelT No, it's more that they insist on bringing sheep to the party.
I can't recall ever drinking Welsh booze either
@WorldEngineer Umm... too many options to go from there.
Now, Scottish... all their food was based on drunken bar bets...
I bet you won't eat a sheep stomach stuffed with stuff.
I bet I will! But you need to give me another bottle of whiskey first... and after.
{ guy ate it }
Ok, so... what should we call it?
H.. H... Haggis.
Haggis is nowhere near as horrible as people make it sound
it's white sausage
that's it
it's apparently quite tasty
also there will be possible drunkeness
this weekend
for me
@WorldEngineer - you're still chronologically close enough to University that drunken weekend aren't necessarily exceptional. You gotta get old before they become an exception case.
8:31 PM
@GlenH7 my first time drunk was over D&D.
me + drunk + party didn't occur till I was in the neighborhood of 25.
as good of a first drunk as any I can think of
My drunken parties were all described in detail in usenet... to the best we could remember.
It's been way too long since my first bender to ID my first
I vaguely recall trying to do the regex for brown eyed girl on a napkin...
@GlenH7 my roommate sophomore year...
8:32 PM
excellent times then
he was at a party that was so hardcore it collapsed the balcony they were on
he got away with a few cuts
/Sha (la)+ dee dah/
put enough bodies in a small enough space with cheap college housing construction and that'll happen
@GlenH7 wasn't on campus
the university would have had a fit if it had been
my impression is that housing surrounding campus is usually pretty shoddy
8:34 PM
this is midtown atlanta
it was less shoddy and more "old"
designers probably didn't expect 30 people mingling in the same 6 x 10 area. And jumping up and down to the beat while chanting.
I once mixed rum and scotch...
this ended with my shoulder length hair attached to my face.
@WorldEngineer You got what you had coming then
bet that went down just fine
@GlenH7 came back up just fine too
8:37 PM
@WorldEngineer Insti-beard?
you get used to the burn after a while...
well at least one beer has been selected for the weekend, I may get more than one but I've got scads of wine at my aunts anyway from the various gatherings my family does.
some of the best booze is when it's free
Mod types, there's a cross site... I'm not going to say spammer, but certainly misunderstander that you might want to make sure its dealt with consistently.
8:40 PM
I can presently hear a couple colleagues talking about how they could take a combinatorial problem from a seed of choices to spit out a structured string of the many permutations, I'm imagining myself mentioning it's clearly a list monad problem and seeing the looks on their faces like I just started speaking cockroach
Oh wait, yea... spam. Home page is in the answers too. Wasn't there before.
Keeping my mouth shut is a well honed useful skill...
@JimmyHoffa roaches click
@MichaelT he pushed an edit that I rejected adding in that link
on him
His SO, Arcade, and Skeptics answers also had that link.
@WorldEngineer - does deleting the user account cascade through their answers too?
@GlenH7 no but destroying does
@MichaelT Yeah that's clearly a spammer
He is being roasted as we speak
8:46 PM
Cool. Was curious to know how everything was removed so quickly. Saw the Community deletions
@JimmyHoffa His initial profile didn't have the site name in it at first... so it wasn't quite clear. Likely took some time for the profile to populate through the network.
@WorldEngineer mmm roasted spam...
@JimmyHoffa not my thing but I hear Hawaiians in particular are fond of it.
many a campout where I've dined on that not so fine dish
8:46 PM
@JimmyHoffa Surprisingly, not that bad. Or maybe its "not that bad while camping and eating only freeze dried meats for awhile..."
grilled spam and eggs is good. But I also like scrapple, so...
Spam sushi was on the menu of a hawaiian place that was open for awhile in Mountain View.
@WorldEngineer There is a very significant part of the pacific islander culture that deals with pork.
@GlenH7 NY Strip + Salmon every time I car camp
8:49 PM
@MichaelT East Asian derived culture in general has this thing for pork.
@JimmyHoffa our budget as scouts kind of precluded those niceties
I'm not sure how to link it (its a pdf from google search) - look for "The Importance of the Pig in
Pacific Island Culture"
@GlenH7 This is the trick to salmon while camping...
@GlenH7 Aye well, backpacking means pastas + a variety of those dry pasta-helper package things and apples+cheese
8:52 PM
I was able to get people to put their tents further away from mine when I was cooking that in Glacier NP.
Anyone got good recs for a teach yourself android book?
@MichaelT It's probably been historically very significant for survival since a minimum of non-fish meats are very possible on islands like that
and nobody wants to eat anteaters
@JohnP Hello Android was recommended to me. I'm very partial to O'Reilly stuff.
I don't know any android so...
uhh, learn haskell instead? Oh wait..
@JimmyHoffa lawl
8:57 PM
Thanks @WorldEngineer I'll check it out. I know a few other languages, and I have an idea for what is probably a very simple app to build, but I always hate learning the new structures. :/
@JohnP Androids not terribly complicated
@JohnP - I have heard high recommendations for the google provided tutorials with the android sdk. So I wouldn't rule those out. I also like O'Reilly books too
@JimmyHoffa I'd temporarily chat ban you if I could... :-P
Yeah, O'reilly is good. I like wrox as well, just haven't had a chance to skim through them yet.
I get theory books from all over the place but 90% of my code books outside of school are O'Reilly
I hear that Murach is good too
8:59 PM
I'll probably still have to hire out the graphics stuff. I have the graphical capability of a stunted carrot.
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