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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer, blacklisted user (245): Which subsets of $\mathbb{N}$ can be the sizes of finite models?‭ by Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap'' Ap''‭ on math.SE
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Q: Is Collatz simplier than we think?

Kelly WattsI can hear the old mathematician who formulated the idea in his mind smilingly " these kids are gonna make this too complex and spend years stumped on this hahaha!" The challenge of something obtuse is worth the rigor of study. A simplified answer is usually the best, because it's easily understo...

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Q: How about this Undirected graph construction of COLLATZ orbit and its SAT analysis

zeng jia ningClassification of COLLATZ orbits Hello, I found that 3n+1 orbitals can be combined in this way, which seems reasonable, to get any legal collatz chain. If we write the odd and even rules as R1 and R0, A small snippet example and then judge the legitimacy of their combination, it is easy to get th...

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Both the question and answer feel like nonsense to me. Gaussian Bell Curve‭ - Tamoghna Paul‭ 2023-03-20 06:20:56Z
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@user250478 This room is for requesting specific kinds of actions on posts. As you do not seem to be requesting any such action, I am deleting your comment here.
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FYI Wolfgang Muckenheim does seem to be back. I encourage folks to not feed the troll in infinity-crankery posts!
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Del low quality bloggy answer by new user attempting to rediscover well-known basic results already proved here in many places.
^^^ gone in 60 seconds

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