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1:52 AM
Q: Does the ratio of even to odd terms in the Collatz sequence have a lower bound? What is the lowest value known to date?

jonseymourConsider the tuples $(𝑥,𝑛_𝑥,𝑚_𝑥,𝑘_𝑥)$ such that $3^{𝑚_𝑥}x+𝑘_𝑥=2^{n_x}$ where $𝑛_x+𝑚_𝑥$ is the length of the Collatz sequence for $x$. What is smallest known value of $\frac{𝑛_𝑥}{𝑚_𝑥}$? Does $\frac{𝑛_𝑥}{𝑚_𝑥}$ have a lower bound as ${𝑛_𝑥+𝑚_𝑥\rightarrow\infty}$ ?

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7:32 AM
Q: Why doesn't this simple argument work to prove $\Delta \Bbb{P} :=\Bbb{P} - \Bbb{P} = 2\Bbb{Z}$ where $\Bbb{P}$ is the set of odd primes?

MathCrackExchangeLet $M =$ the set of odd numbers. Clearly if we delete one $m$ number from $M$ to form $N = M\setminus \{x\}$, then $\Delta N := N -N$ still equals $2\Bbb{Z}$. Now let $N_X := M\setminus X$ for any $X \subset M$, where for singletons $X = \{x\}$ we just write $N_x$. Then: $$ \Delta N_c \cap \De...

8:36 AM
How is my question : math.stackexchange.com/questions/4776708/… same as proving that k[x,y]/(y-x^2) is isomorphic to k[x]? The people which marked my question as duplicate didn't explained it at all? I think it should be either reopened or people marking it as duplicate explain why it is duplicate. Thanks!
8:49 AM
Please delete my above post. I have solved this question. I made it in naiveity and don't know how to delete post.
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11:47 AM
@DTPW Note that the purpose of a duplicate link is not necessarily to provide the exact answer to the same question, but it is intended that at least one answer on the duplicate target thread provides a sufficiently general answer to address the closed question. I'm glad that you figured out the answer to your question. Note also that there is no issue with having your question marked as a duplicate (unless it is a poor question).
Normally there is also no issue if you still wish to delete your question. But currently there is an answer that you deem helpful, so it would not be too polite to delete your question as it erases the work put in by the answerer.
Sep 2 at 10:21, by user21820
Wrong answer on the HNQ. Please help to downvote and delete before more blind upvoting occurs..
↑ Anyone can help? It's sadly gotten some blind upvotes since I posted about it here..
12:03 PM
Opinion based / not really about math. What are the essential skills for pure mathematics?‭ - pie‭ 2023-09-30 18:01:26Z
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7:05 PM
A: Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2022 - today)

user61794It's inconsistent to close How to become good in Mathematics?, but keep open How do I get good at Math? open. Please reopen the former, and flag it as duplicate of the latter?

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