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This seems like a poor answer. Answer to: Is WolframAlpha wrong? or am I?‭ - p1714825‭ 2022-08-03 23:39:27Z
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Q: Can we come up with a disjoint union of a subsets of the group $\Bbb{Z}$ such that they do not equal the cosets of a subgroup, yet they form a group?

Prime gap homology stoner mon.If this applies to $\Bbb{Z}$ it probably will work for other groups $G$, however, for simplicity and because I'm interested in integers & their primes, let's work with $G = \Bbb{Z}$. Anyway, we all know that the cosets of $G$ can be added and subtracted elementwise. Meaning, although we define $...

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11:20 AM
Q: Is there Hadamard product about large Xi function(Landau-RIemann Xi function)?

비선형편미분방정식While I was trying to translate Riemann's paper "On the numbers of prime less than a given quantity" into Korean, I've found a strage thing in it. Riemann wrote on his paper $$\log\Xi(t)=\sum_{\Xi(\alpha)=0}\log(1- {t^2 \over \alpha^2} )+\log\Xi(0).$$ In fact, he used $\xi$ in stead of $\Xi$, but...

12:10 PM
Q: Questions in Riemann's paper about integral constants during translation

비선형편미분방정식In Riemann's paper, he calculated $${1\over 2\pi i\log x}\int_{a-\infty i}^{a+\infty i} x^s {d\over ds}{1\over s}\log(1-{s\over \beta})ds=\int_0^x {t^{\beta-1}\over\log t }dt+C$$ for $\Re(\beta)>0$ and he set the value of beta to find C. He said " the integral from $0$ to x takes on values separa...

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2:58 PM
CD - and please also downvote the answer. The mentioned idea is from Einstein , not from Gauss.
3:16 PM
@Peter I don't understand: why do you not post your comment "The mentioned idea is from Einstein , not from Gauss." understand the post but here.

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