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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly non-latin answer (50): Biconditional proof of odd factors and product‭ by Simnein Morst‭ on math.SE
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Q: Proof-verification request: On the equation $\gcd(n^2,\sigma(n^2)) = D(n^2)/s(q^k)$ - Part II

JOSE ARNALDO BEBITA DRIS(Preamble: This post is an offshoot of this MSE question, and the answers contained therein.) This post complements John Omielan's accepted answer, and attempts to prove that $m \neq 0$ leads to the same desired conclusion, $k=1$. (Note: (August 11, 2022 - 5:10 PM Manila time) The desired conclu...

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I think this should be closed, but for which reason ? Mabe "not about mathematics within the scope of the help center " ?
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Q: An "almost all" result for the binary Goldbach problem

3m0oI have a question. My professor in the lecture said that Vinogradov's method by applying the Hardy-Littlewood circle method (minor and major arc) for the ternary Goldbach problem can be used to prove an "almost all" result for the Binary Goldbach problem. More precisely Defining $$ r(n) = \sum_{p...

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@Peter Six years old? May as well cut your losses.
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Q: Where is the flaw in this argument about difference sets of the primes $p \in \Bbb{P}$ such that $p \geq n$?

Prime gap homology stoner mon.Let $A,B \subset \Bbb{Z}$ be any subsets of the integers. We define $A - B = \{ a - b : a \in A, b \in B\}$ to be their elementwise difference. We define $\Delta A= A - A$. We define $A_{\geq n}$ to be the set of all $a \in A$ such that $a \geq n$. Let $A = 2\Bbb{N} + 1$ be the odd numbers (wh...

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(No Roomba: accepted answer) Low quality question with a relatively highly upvoted answer. If all digits of 9997n9997n (n>1n>1) are odd, the smallest possible value of nn is 33353335‭ - Jon Math Backup‭ 2022-07-01 04:53:28Z
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user (72): What is the solution of $\cos(x)=x$? ✏️‭ by David R. Stoutemyer‭ on math.SE
Is there enough here to save this answer from being "link only"? or is it better converted to a comment (some of the post would be lost...) Answer to: Limit of $x^x$ as $x$ tends to $0$‭ - Stratis Dermanoutsos‭ 2022-07-23 07:55:35Z

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