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12:09 AM
Thanks, only 2more dv's needed now. It's truly unfortunate that some high-rep users answer Q's like this when they surely know it is a dupe many times over.
@BillDubuque I know. At times it drives me almost crazy!
1 hour later…
1:27 AM
DV & DEL another dupe of FAQ with nothing novel (and, alas, same high-rep user picking dupe cherries)
2 hours later…
3:44 AM
@BillDubuque Needs one downvote for deletion
@BillDubuque Three downvotes left (it's a recent question , but it's a dupe so I don't care about when it was posted). Also, the answerer common to both this post and the post above has been flagged.
3:59 AM
Note : If anybody finds a question attempting to solve simultaneous linear equations , THIS QUESTION is a super, super duplicate.
@vitamind I'm extremely, extremely confused about what's happened here. Why does the author think that the proof is "strikingly" similar to a proof by contradiction? I do not see anything in that proof that suggests to me that this is the case. The statement "Therefore ... is not equal to 1/3" confuses me even more : is the author trying to make this a proof by contradiction? And then THAT line goes and contradicts the next line, which is asking for a proof of the same fact that was...
@TeresaLisbon any new factors ?
This "contradiction" proof is in fact nonsense on several levels.
... assertively negated in the previous line : and the comments from the OP aren't very helpful either. Answering a question like this should not set a dangerous precedent for future questions.
@Peter No, but this time it's my fault : I shut my laptop down day before yesterday so I had to restart the program. It's going very slowly now (despite the fact that I've got no background things going on).
fleablood's comments on the 0.99999... question grab at the heart of the issue : but where was the OP's reply to that comment? It was the most apt comment.
If you want, you can try a new challenge about $n^{n^2}$. We can then continue in Martin Hopf's room.
@Peter I'll come to day evening, because I was doing work but then I saw the 0.9999... question and had to have a say about it.
Finally, it's not even clear if the user is aware of the whole geometric series part of things. I've voted to close the question, but as usual I'll reconsider.
I've voted to close while having a broader issue in mind as well : that such questions will be accepted with little-to-no OP participation. I'd have had no problem if OP participated, but TOO LITTLE was done for this kind of a question.
4:44 AM
Not exactly related to CURED: Related to this meta post, I am looking at this question. As of this message, it is sitting at (+8/-9) votes. It's almost certainly the case that the meta post influenced this, but even so I don't see any reason to downvote the question.
AFAICT, the question is well researched, clearly shows its usefulness, and isn't lacking in any way. Hence I think it should not be sitting at (+8/-9) votes.
PSQ: 1 and 2
@SimplyBeautifulArt Absolutely right! There's no way anything like that should be on 9 downvotes. This is proper hate, it is. And the point is that a lot of the hate on the meta post was on the moderator, and it got "transferred" to the main post (although I could be wrong, I don't see hate directed towards the OP of this question in that meta post).
I up voted the question (two reasons : to bring it to the level it should be at, and also because it is good enough to warrant an up vote).
@TeresaLisbon In all honesty I wanted to mention something along those lines on the meta post itself, and to some extent I did. But I don't have the energy nor do I want to (re)start an argument. If I may rant for a bit, there was far too much nonconstructive discussion around the issue, and I absolutely hate the amount of finger-pointing that solved nothing there.
@SimplyBeautifulArt I swear! So many up votes for the comments against the mod : the issue got completely, completely blown out of proportion! And NONE of it would have happened if the OP of that meta post was willing to add just a couple of more lines to their answer! I actually wish that this OP doesn't respond to your comment ; I'd rather seek evidence that the OP is now absent from the site, than seek any sort of retribution against their actions on-site.
4:58 AM
Anyways we love you @XanderHenderson (though I do think you could have handled that better :þ)
@SimplyBeautifulArt That was a link-only answer and I support its deletion.
I think this question isn't about mathematics as far as this site is concerned =/
Lol 7 years late, you love to see it.
@SimplyBeautifulArt I didn't see that! Love it, let's just kill it and move on! Besides, I wonder why people don't just type those titles into Google and read all the recent papers : it's that easy!
To at least get context, that is : Discussion is of course a stronger indicator of recent developments.
5:21 AM
@NikhilKumarSingh Not enough infomation to determine the matrix. The question will probably soon be closed/deleted.
@TeresaLisbon Usually , if something is undeserved , then it is upvotes for questions and answers. The above example is an exception. The downvotes are really hard to understand. I occasionally received downvotes I did not understand, but not 9 in a single post !
5:39 AM
@Peter Good point, without doubt the question we looked at was an exception.
Does this question make sense ?
@Peter I linked the same question as not suitable for the site.
3 hours later…
9:12 AM
Q: determine the gradient of g, knowing g(x,y)=f(xy^2,2x^2y)

HyperOniIt's hard for me describe it so i attached a picture, but im not sure about this exam question i had. So, we know that f=f(u,v):R^2->R be a function of class C on R so that gradient f(20,-100)=(5,-2). g(x,y)=f(xy^2,2x^y). How was i suppose to determine the gradient of g?

^How to discourage posts like this (a link only question to an image of a problem statement)?

I can't seem to find a post in the comment templates wiki that addresses link-only posts like these other than the "HW question" template.
9:28 AM
@PrasunBiswas What about this one? math.meta.stackexchange.com/a/20529/42969.
10:08 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of body (41): How come the limit at 0 of this function is 0 and not 1. by Biohazard on math.SE
10:18 AM
this answer complains about the question being changed with edits after the answer. I have not read the question and answer, but maybe someone could look into it if any actions are necessary?
10:28 AM
@supinf We cannot do anything (except perhaps to flag the post) since it is bountied.
@supinf author asked whether a new question should be asked. This is a chance.
10:53 AM
For deletion: d-i, d-ii, d-iii, d-iv, d-v, d-vi
For closure: c-i, c-ii, c-iii, c-iv
D , linked question should also be deleted.
11:06 AM
Why was this post so hyped up?
Q: To prove continuity of $\varphi(p) = \int_X |f|^p\ d\mu$ on $E = \{p: \varphi(p) < \infty\}$ where $0 < p < \infty$

epsilon-emperor Suppose $f$ is a complex measurable function on $X$, $\mu$ is a positive measure on $X$, and $$\varphi(p) ~=~ \int_X |f|^p \; d\mu \quad (0 < p < \infty)$$ Let $E :=\{ p : \varphi(p) < \infty\}$. Assume $\|f\|_\infty > 0$. Prove that $\log\varphi$ is convex in the interior of $E$ and that $\varp...

This post has been attracting unnecessary downvoting. I have clarified how it is NOT a duplicate in my recent edit, and also in the comments. Please help.
11:23 AM
You got 5 upvotes and only one close-vote. Far from the worst case. I do not want to judge in this case since I am not familiar with this kind of integrals.
Does it make sense to consider every point critical in the case of a constant function ?
@Peter Also 2 downvotes. I am afraid this may lead to unnecessarily closing when the post is actually helpful. Maybe someone who's familiar with abstract integration can take a look. @robjohn or @TeresaLisbon maybe
This is still a +3-score. Why should it attract additional close-votes ?
LOL I guess it won't then. Maybe I was overthinking. Serial downvoting is a crazy thing on here :P
11:44 AM
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
@TeresaLisbon Ready for my new question about $n^{n^2}$ in Martin Hopf's room ?
1:38 PM
@TeresaLisbon Maybe worth adding to the list?
@SimplyBeautifulArt Yeah, I don't get the hate for that question. It seems perfectly reasonable to me. The intransigence of the answerer, on the other hand, is annoying.
Thank you for the support on the meta thread, by the way. Personally, I would like to see the comment thread under my answer deleted, but I won't do it myself (as I was a participant in the thread). :\
@Saad A number of us use a userscript which expands links to something human readable, assuming that the link is formatted like [C](link) or [C#](link) (replace C with D for deletion, rather than closure; replace # with a number, as user21820 does).
There is a link to this userscript in the room topic.
In any event, using this link format will provide some benefit for a lot of the rest of us.
@Saad It is a "difficult integral". I would suspect that a majority of the users on this site have seen integrals before, and have suffered through classes where they have been asked to evaluate troublesome integrals. As such, a lot of folk are familiar with that kind of problem. Familiarity breeds warm feelings ("This is UNIX! I know this!"
On the other hand, the problem is difficult, so folk who are familiar with integration (but likely little beyond that, e.g. real or complex analysis) likely don't see any obvious "tricks" for solving the problem.
1:57 PM
here the author followed my advice to add the attempt in the question instead of writing a self-answer. This deserves a good score. Please upvote.
You've got quite a bit of teaching to do today, @Xander, if I remember correctly.
So it sits in that happy place between what people know, and what people can't do.
It is a kind of nerd sniping.
@amWhy Yes. I am trying to get some business done on Math SE right now, and won't be back until this evening (or maybe tomorrow morning).
@Peter Nice work, @Peter !
@XanderHenderson Of course.
@epsilon-emperor Please do not include meta commentary in a question or answer post. Discussion of downvoting or close voting belongs in the comments, if anywhere.
@Peter It depends on one's definition of a critical point. The definition I usually see is "a point in the domain of a function where either the derivative is zero, or the derivative fails to exist."
@XanderHenderson So, it is actually common to consider a constant function to be "critical" everywhere ...
2:05 PM
Yes. Also, every point of a constant function occurs at a maximum, so even by your definition, every point is critical.
Okay. I'm out now. I am not likely to be back until this evening, or maybe tomorrow morning.
2:17 PM
@XanderHenderson Got it, thanks for pointing it out
@BillDubuque Now it is gone!
2:48 PM
shocked that this is not in the internet This should be countered, any good idea how ?
3:20 PM
@MartinR: Thank you. I guess I missed that template. Btw, I wanted to ask: is there a simpler (automated) way to use those comment templates other than just to visit the meta page, copy the template text and paste it into the target question like I have been doing?
3:32 PM
Looks like we might be capping 300 votes in the reveiw queue for close votes.
^^^^ Soon, not yet!
@vitamind Me too!
4:44 PM
@PrasunBiswas Possibly with custom user scripts in your browser, but I have no experience with that. I have a local file with the most frequently used comments, so that I can copy/paste them quickly from there.
1 hour later…
6:04 PM
o/ @JyrkiLahtonen !
Hi amWhy!
@JyrkiLahtonen Hi! How warm does it get in June/July in Finland? You must have a lot of light throughout the day, too!
@amWhy 70 degrees Fahrenheit is a normal daytime high, but it varies. We are expecting something close to 85 this coming weekend, but most find that excessive. You see, we have A/C in cars. Homes not so much :-)
And the midsummer (=solstice) is just around the corner. Sun sets around 11:30 and rises around 3:00. Stupid Daylight Saving :-)
6:19 PM
@JyrkiLahtonen Ahh, yes. Wow! Did you ever see the television show "Northern Exposure"? The setting was Alaska. Quite interesting, though of course, fiction. Their were episodes on insomnia in summer, low mood in winter... Especially for transplanted folks/new arrivals.
@amWhy I remember that show. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
@JyrkiLahtonen I enjoyed it very much, too!
Can't say that I would handle the excessive light too well either. The worst is, if you accidentally wake up at, say 4 a.m. It is not easy to get back to sleep. Thick drapes/curtains do help.
How are things here? I haven't checked out the chatrooms much lately.
Yes, Joel Fleischman, (Rob Morrow) was the Dr. sent to Cicily!
@JyrkiLahtonen Pretty good. We have some new faces, and some older faces. I think the meta post by Xander & Co Enforcement of Quality Standards lifted some spirits. What's your impression?
The early episodes with him getting surprised by a number of things were funny. I kinda hoped he would end up together with the pilot lady. IIRC they had a fling, but it didn't work out.
I hope the EoQS will change the site culture a bit. I think some of those served short suspensions. Not optimal, but may be the only way?
6:32 PM
@JyrkiLahtonen Yes. But as the activity of high rep users slowing down a tad, (or suspended), lower rep user see that absence as "open hunting season". It's harder for me to remember their frequency, because the names are less recognizable to me.
I'm sure I could not handle moderating now. Some old grudges would come to the surface and cloud my judgement. It's not clear to me when to raise EoQS flag. I accompany my flags with walls of text :-)
If new names answer those questions, in my opinion it is less of a problem. I don't know how to justify that sentiment, but it is there.
@JyrkiLahtonen Me too!
@JyrkiLahtonen I agree, unless one or two earn points as quickly as..... better not say. I certainly agree with you on that. No one, after earning 20 or 25k in rep, needs to dominate as an answerer. In my earlier days, I was oblivious to wisdom in that.
Nobody's gonna stay here forever, so the really long term health of the site requires new users earning significant amounts of points. Ideally by answering new quality questions, but...
Me too, actually :-)
Wife calling. Gotta go! Take care, @amWhy!
@JyrkiLahtonen Take care!!
2 hours later…
9:02 PM
DEL dupe answer posted one year later by new user
DEL dupe of FAQ (modular proof of first two terms of binomial theorem)

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