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2:33 AM
There's a potential troll who posted the following question. In addition to the text currently being gibberish, there's no real value as far as I can see to keep as there are undoubtedly at least one or two basic duplicates. Please consider deleting this question.
Q: Find two prime numbers p and q such that p-q=3

Christine BayoCode ksjzhvabahsnx Hdjdjkslqjsvvdbsns Jsjdooshgq English jsnnxnsnsnsnsnzmmznvmcmxmxhgahs

2:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer (174): How do I find the projection of a point onto a plane by poop on math.SE
2:58 AM
@SmokeDetector This answer, as I just saw it, just repeated the user's name many, many times, so I down-voted, flagged it as being rude and voted to delete it.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Chinese character in title, mostly non-latin body, mostly non-latin title (245): 嗨你好,这是一个关于微积分的小问题 by user924053 on math.SE
fp feedback on autoflagged post: 嗨你好,这是一个关于微积分的小问题 [MS]
Autoflagged FP: flagged by @SmokeDetector, @Undo, @K.Dᴀᴠɪs, @Sconibulus
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4:36 AM
@AmaanM No worries, when the question opens for deletion, if it's not improved by then, your answer will go with it. Would you like me to suggest alternate questions for you?
5:17 AM
PSQ open for deletion an answer to the PSQ has been mentioned, but apart from that it's pretty much the question.
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1:07 PM
unclear, might remain a psq even if clarified: math.stackexchange.com/q/4128574/29335
1:58 PM
@TeresaLisbon when you're next around these parts, could you check your email. The second one is more somewhat urgent.
3 hours later…
4:35 PM
I flagged this as spam and the flag was declined. What else than promotion is this ?
@Peter SE has a very narrow definition of spam.
Spam consists of posts which serve to advertise a product or service without disclosing the author's affiliation to that product or service.
In this case, the answerer began the post by explaining that they were linking to their website.
This does not make the answer good, only "not spam".
But a link to its own website IS promotion. What can this post be flagged for then ?
It is promotion, but not promotion without disclosure of affiliation.
@Peter Why does it need flagging? If it's a poor post, down vote it.
open for deletion
4:49 PM
Personally, I think that the general form of this answer is fine: "Hey, I have a website, I've talked about this on my website, here's the TL;DR."
Maybe the content is trash (I don't have the energy to read through it), but the basic structure is inoffensive.
I'm pretty sure that I have written similar answers here in the past (e.g. answers which link to my personal website).
Seems that we have a different opinion concerning this.
Yeah, it isn't a very good answer, but none of the flag reasons apply. Downvoting is appropriate, and commenting for further clarification if you think furhter clarification can help the answer is preferable to delete voting immediately.
@Peter About what? The definition of spam, or the structure of that post?
Note that I have not said a single word about the content of the post, which I have not read in detail.
Again, it may be trash. I don't know.
@ThomasMarkov If it isn't a good answer, "very low quality" is a reasonable flag. Downvoting is also an option.
@XanderHenderson Apparently I already VLQ flagged it even though that flag doesnt show up in my flag history
5:04 PM
@ThomasMarkov Are you sure? The only flag I see is Peter's.
Sorry, trying to crop that, one sec
When I try to flag it, it says I already VLQd it.
@Peter, @XanderHenderson: I have also given many answers which contain links to my blog posts, however the answer is self contained and link to blog is get more detailed information
@ThomasMarkov Very strange. I don't see your flag in the history of that post.
@ParamanandSingh Again, without reading the answer in question, it appears that the link is upfront, but they explain it in the answer. The answer might be wrong, or otherwise not very useful, but the basic structure of the post looks fine to me.
5:34 PM
Is this on topic?
5:59 PM
@ArcticChar Open for deletion and definitely off-topic. The answer is good , but unfortunately the question is too opinion-based , so I decided not to upvote the answer.
@Peter Too broad, too opinion based, and not really about math.
6:43 PM
@ThomasMarkov Seems there was a bug. Is it sorted now?
Probably not yet...
Q: I did not flag all these posts as Very Low Quality

Ryan MAnd yet, the flag dialog claims I did: It's not every post, but it's a lot of them. For instance, this question and this now-deleted answer (though it stopped showing up on that answer once I flagged it as NAA). A few other users noticed the same thing, with one person speculating that it might...

6:56 PM
@ParamanandSingh Open for deletion.
7:18 PM
@TeresaLisbon Why to delete it? It's closed and it has no answers. Roomba will take care of it.
@JoséCarlosSantos Good point. I often forget about Roomba, so I'll need frequent reminding of this. Thank you.
7:31 PM
PSQ Please leave an improvement comment. It's important that our first action be positive. I can't because I've already left a couple elsewhere and I can't have an inbox filled with replies, my mother thinks this is a matrimonial site so she'll be overwhelmed.
@TeresaLisbon your mother reads your SE mail?
@ThomasMarkov I mean, she doesn't "read" it, but she always says : "you got xyz number of replies or whatever". She's never seen the SE page open, but the notifications tab on Windows 10 for me pretty much has only MSE notifications, so she only sees that number and reports it to me if I'm in the kitchen or something. She thinks this is a matrimonial site, but life is funny, and apart from mat, nothing else matches.
PSQ Improvement comment is present, I also have no clue how first comment isn't an acceptable answer, for example.
@TeresaLisbon Done!
@amWhy Hello, and thanks!
7:48 PM
@TeresaLisbon ;-)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected (78): Very hard geometry problem. by dababyratio on math.SE
8:06 PM
@TeresaLisbon Open for deletion. (I feel powerful, I enter this chat, and now two mods immediately vanishes! ;))
@amWhy AHA! Thanks, and it has two delete votes as I write.
@TeresaLisbon It had been hammered closed, we need two more dv's to open for deletion.
@amWhy Ok, I'd forgotten to downvote so make that one more.
@TeresaLisbon As to how it may be that answers may be posted after a question is closed, please see Submitting an answer to a closed question (and there are other related questions on the Meta site). Its accepted answer states it's a server side check, with a grace period of up to 4 hours allowed.
8:42 PM
2 messages moved to ­Trash
@Peter I agree, @Peter. Furthermore, @Xander, it is an old answer to a post from six years ago, so the standards for answers are higher. The asker already accepted an answer upvoted forty times. A link only comment would be harmless, but what's posted withing the given answer, not counting whatever is at the link, is far less thorough than the accepted answer. This site frowns on depending on links to do most of the work for the answerer.
9:16 PM
@amWhy The question was "Is this spam?" The answer is "No, not as defined by the SE network." I repeatedly said that I was not commenting on the quality of the answer---I was attempting to very narrowly address the question of what is or is not spam.
I agree that new answers to old questions should get greater scrutiny.
I had not even noticed that aspect of this answer.
@XanderHenderson I agree that it is not spam. I added comments as to why I think the post is delete worthy. That's all. And when I said, "I agree to Peter", I meant I agreed that the post should be deleted, and added my justification. Please chill.
I am perfectly chill. You pinged me, I was responding to the ping.
9:44 PM
Please vote to delete the VLQ PSQ. Two answerers, both upvoted, one answerer flagged due to repeated offenses after many comments, and the other answerer getting a warm and fuzzy message from me, including a link to the EoQS. But the question needs to go, to save mods work in handling flags to answerers, to poor quality questions like this, right, @Xander.
@XanderHenderson okay, sure.
@amWhy Thank you for calling this to my attention.
@amWhy "It would be super-duper wonderful if you consider reading the Enforcement of Quality Standards on meta.math.se. Have a wonderful day!" :'D (+1)
@vitamind For the few posts that I see before someone else flags them, I have the copy-pasta
> "This question seems not to meet the standards for the site. Instead of answering it, why not look for a good duplicate target, or help the user by posting comments suggesting improvements? Please also read the meta announcement regarding quality standards."
This question seems not to meet the standards for the site. Instead of answering it, why not look for a good duplicate target, or help the user by posting comments suggesting improvements? Please also read the [meta announcement](https://math.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/33508/) regarding quality standards.
Oh, shoot; I killed the link.
Hang on...
I don't know that this question is unclear enough to merit a mod-hammer, but I am (a) confused by the question, and (b) not convinced that any of the answers actually answer the question. Does anyone else have an opinion?
10:02 PM
@XanderHenderson Thanks for posting it here. I saw you post it elsewhere, but since I no longer feel welcome there, I could not refer to it. So I thought I'd error on the site of saccharine sweet, rather than risk being warned from a particular ummm, someone in a position to flaunt his power. Full disclosure, I am not referring to Xander.
@vitamind Hey! I'm being extraordinarily sweet today! Glad you liked it!!
10:15 PM
@amWhy At least now you are not chasing users away. /S
@vitamind Sorry to reveal my ignorance, but I've never seen that! hah!
@amWhy Should have linked it in the first comment :). It is a common expression in reddit so I was writing without thinking.
@vitamind Note that the text of the reply on meta which formerly mentioned "chasing" users has been changed.
@vitamind I'm glad to know it! Now I can "confuse" other users! ;D
@amWhy ;D
10:27 PM
@XanderHenderson I voted to close the question as "needs clarity and details", but have not downvoted. I appreciate your comments to the answerers, too.
@amWhy Groovy. Thanks.
11:14 PM
@Xander Karibu. Tranlate it ;P (Guess the Language?)
@amWhy Something spoken by someone in Alaska? Probably Athapascan?
(honestly, no idea---what do large mammals have to do with the price of tea in China?)
Swahili! "You're welcome"
@amWhy Man... I couldn't have missed by more.
@XanderHenderson I was surprised, myself.
11:44 PM
@Xander are you around for five minutes yet? If not, no problem. I just flagged a comment that seems suspicious to me, in which the asker replies to my comment to an answerer. I flagged so any connection between the asker and answerer could be examined. See the comments below this post.

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