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Q: A silly question doth not a Purim Torah post make

YeZWe have a relaxed off-topic policy for Purim Torah. It is documented here and here. The context of this exception is silly parodies of real Torah discussion - could be a worthy exception to this expectation I think that some users have been abusing this relaxed standard to replace "silly ...

This is going to be hard to implement. Probably easier to just ignore questions that don't look interesting for 2 weeks. It's not that long after all.
@DoubleAA Yes, but I want to discourage people from asking them. If they get closed, they will (hopefully) stop. As it is, multiple people have lamented the watered-down nature of this years PTIJ. It takes away from the atmosphere of the whole thing.
@DoubleAA One thing we should consider is applying some sort of quality filter at the end of the season and deleting, not just closing, everything that doesn't pass.
@IsaacMoses Net score +2? I don't know why. They just sit there closed. No one touches them. What's the problem?
If not for anything else it should for sure disallow heresy. Watered town is one thing. But heresy? That's not my cup of tea. .
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@DoubleAA, so as not to dilute search results, either of the entire Internet or of MY. Part of our brief is to not be a haven for garbage content.
@IsaacMoses If you can elaborate on that consider posting it as an answer
@DoubleAA, OK I'll think about it and probably post an answer tonight, beli neder.
@IsaacMoses perhaps we could use the standards suggested here, and then have a committee (mods, trusted users, or whoever volunteers) go through the list and vote on what to keep. But I still want to prevent them from being asked if we can. It really does partially ruin the fun.
@YeZ, I think mod application of communally-accepted objective (as much as possible) standards would be much preferable to some special, unelected cabal for this purpose.
@IsaacMoses the middle ground would be the elected cabal using jurisdiction within communally-accepted standards. I only suggested alternatives because the pool of mods does not form a very large sample size.
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@YeZ, what would your attitude be toward the following popular PTIJ questions that didn't fit into one of your categories? Math, Werewolf, Tree. (Actually, now that I've gone searching for them, there are fewer than I'd thought.)
@IsaacMoses I think YeZ means something more like this:…
@Nafkamina my question is do we want to distinguish between that and the ones I listed? If so, how?
@IsaacMoses well honestly there is no distinction outside of the fact they were popular. And technicality in the interest of quality over quantity those too would have been filtered out per the standards of YeZ.
@IsaacMoses (1) I think Math only got so many upvotes because of it's answers. I know we don't want to ruin the chance for the good answers, but we all know you can't make questions on topic based on their answers - that one worked out, but I didn't vote for it - it wasn't a clever question and I don't see why it is Purim Torah. If I ask "What does Judaism think about swiss cheese" and label it PTIJ, it's ok?
@IsaacMoses (3) same with the tree - I think it was just using PTIJ as an excuse to say what normally wouldn't pass muster.
@IsaacMoses (2) Werewolf I am unsure about - it definitely isn't a very clever question, but it at least makes use of Jewish laws in posing the question. I wouldn't have asked it, and didn't upvote it.
@YeZ It's my question, and even i don't think it (math) was so good. I posted it basically for the answers. Any suggestions for improvement?
5:31 AM
room topic changed to What makes an acceptable Purim Torah question?: Extended comment discussion from… [discussion] [purim-torah-policy]
@IsaacMoses Mediocre content isn't garbage per se.
@Scimonster @YeZ @Nafkamina ping. this now has a chat room.
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@DoubleAA content with certain measures below certain thresholds is close enough to be more harm than good. For example, a question that is PTIJ, unupvoted by the end of the season, and unanswered can be safely presumed to be of zero or less value, according to the community, and should therefore be deleted IMO.
6:06 AM
@IsaacMoses unupvoted closed qs get removed already by the roomba iirc
@DoubleAA But @IsaacMoses didn't say closed.
6:30 AM
@Scimonster all ptij is closed in the off season
@DoubleAA Ah, right.
@DoubleAA ok, so that establishes a lower bound.
6:44 AM
@DoubleAA @IsaacMoses @Scimonster how much will content factor in to ptij? I don't mean ptij that isn't clever. I mean toilet humor, heresy etc. Even if it was upvoted 50x does that get closed and removed? Even before purimends?
@Nafkamina If it's really inappropriate, i would suggest removing it.
Lets say an answer is inappropriate but the question is within lines, is there Protocol to closing it orvis downvoting the only option?
7:12 AM
@Nafkamina The answer can be deleted without the question going also.
7:52 AM
@Scimonster Understood but is that a poster option or miss can unilaterally close it as well
@Nafkamina What?
8:09 AM
*mods, can they unilaterally close it despite having 50 upvotes
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@Nafkamina technically, a mod can close any question or delete any content
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Q: How long is G-d's nose?

DanFOne of the 13 attributes of G-d is that he is ארך אפים - one with a long nose. How long is HIS nose? This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.

People aren't liking that.
I don't see the problem actually. We all know God doesn't have a nose.
How is this different from "If God used his strong hand to get all the jews out of egypt, how much could He bench-press?"
And then go calculate how many people there were, plus a kezayit of matza in each of tehir stomachs, be machmir for the chazon ish, etc etc get some number for the force applied in Newtons.
@DoubleAA 1) Ain hachi nami, I guess. 2) Saying that someone has a long nose sounds much more mocking to me than saying that someone is strong
8:47 PM
@Nafkamina You can flag something as rude/offensive if you believe it to be so.
@IsaacMoses Neither sounds offensive to me or not offensive to me in a vacuum. It's all about context. Inappropriate answers should of course be removed.
9:02 PM
@DoubleAA We're not talking theoretically here. The context is jokes about God. I think that joking about God having a long nose is excessively irreverent. I guess you don't. I'm not sure how either of us could convince the other, but more community members seem to be on my side at the moment.
@IsaacMoses Neither answer has said that God has a long nose, fwiw.
Perhaps such an answer would indeed be inappropriate.
@DoubleAA The question does!
@IsaacMoses Not in the absolute sense of long.
THat's the only one that is problematic presumably
He asks "how long?" and the answer could be "appropriately long" for instance (not very funny)
Similarlly, "how strong is God's hand" and teh answer could be "He's so weak he couldn't pick up a feather" for instance (offensie answer not question)
@DoubleAA Are you referring to the first sentence of the question post?
@IsaacMoses the whole post, I suppose.
9:13 PM
@DoubleAA The first sentence is a declarative sentence in which the word "long" is used in an absolute sense, and in which God is defined in terms of possession of a facial appendage which is qualified by that unflattering adjective.
nice... :)
@DoubleAA <woosh>
@IsaacMoses I think you are looking overly narrowly at the post. It's all basically the same line.
The second half clarifies that the first half is undefined.
Would it be better if it said "Seemingly God's nose is long. But it can't be very long at all because God is not a Jew. So how long is it?"
@IsaacMoses @DoubleAA thank you. In terms of the post under debate. I think the issue is compounded by the fact that long nose is both a derogatory image and stereotype of Jews as well as lying...but maybe I'm reading wayyy to into it
9:23 PM
@DoubleAA I suppose that's slightly less insulting. I'm not really comfortable with any joking about anthropomorphism of God.
@DoubleAA The first one's pretty funny, but excessively crude. The second, I suspect, was only deleted for fear of inviting unfortunate attention from "submitters"
@IsaacMoses If the community approves that rule it will be easily enforceable.
@IsaacMoses I assume the second was deleted due to the comment discussion there.
@YeZ Oh, I see. NARQ
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10:33 PM
a mod imposed limit on posting questions (eg. 4 per season per person) isn't a bad idea either.
10:47 PM
well i posted an answer
isaac you can suggest content based limitations in answers too. i don't know if such rules are necessary above and beyond my answer's.
11:01 PM
@IsaacMoses I thought this one had potential… just not sure it could get a second answer.
11:12 PM
@Yishai FWIW that question prompted at the time.

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