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4:38 AM
Unit tests don't help if they're written by the same <insert your fav 4 letters here> as the unit code. — ott-- yesterday
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9:19 AM
Q: Answers quality in hot questions

gnatFor few recent months, I've got a habit of downvoting answers which quality doesn't look OK to me. These probably can be generally described as low effort and/or these lacking relevance to question asked. Opinionated slogans, claims that are not backed up by appropriate references or by ...

would be interesting to try adding "explanation" notice to every post that becomes hot. Wonder if this would help community members to bring to mod attention low quality answers where moderators could exercise notice statements
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9:10 PM
Q: What are the pros and cons of cocos2d-x and Game-maker studio?

user19645201)Which has better performance(crashing ,fbs ,battery usage , loading time ,etc)? 2)Does Game-maker studio really save 80% of the time taken to make the game? 3)Does Game-maker studio limit my options? I want to make games in the complexity level of monster shooter or hungry shark or subway sur...

How many ways is this question awful?
the answer is "loads"
where do I even
9:28 PM
4)How much time does it take to master each one? (Note: I am really good in looping but I have no idea what are the arrays, memory stuff and data algorithms that some people said I should know first, but if I have to I will learn them, I love the logical stuff)
@MichaelT that question makes my brain want to just quit
it's nearly a Goma but it's too detailed
Its the "I'm really good at looping but I have no idea what the arrays...." that gets me.
@MichaelT while x < 100 { x++}?
that's a loop without arrays
that tells me that he's an afternoon programmer
aka "I have studied programming for exactly one afternoon!"
I so want to feed the definition "An array is a loop that has been made longer" to someone sometime
it's technically correct, you've taken the states of a loop and laid them out in a linear fashion but it's so very very wrong
10:05 PM
It vaguely reminds me of when I was but a wee basic programmer (Apple ][+) trying to figure out how to store a bunch of numbers in variables (I can't name the AA, AB, AC... that just isn't practical)
10:19 PM
@MichaelT the question got double modded
@WorldEngineer Triple modded actually, casperOne took care of the SO version.
@YannisRizos I have this insane theory about stack exchange questions actually being computable. The bad ones are provably intractable.
10:52 PM
Hm, I managed to click delete instead of edit in one of my answers, I wonder if there's a subconscious message there...
@YannisRizos rofl
@pdr I killed off my answer as I misread the question.
11:30 PM
@WorldEngineer He won't get a notification for that since he hasn't been in chat recently, you should probably post a comment under his answer letting him know you've deleted your answer (or perhaps just remove the reference to your answer from his, right now it's a dead link).

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