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12:01 AM
It was cited that the answer was on Wikipedia, although our answer was far better than the Wikipedia answer.
The problem with general reference is it's very hard to draw the line.
And quite frankly, the answer should be on the internet, the question is, why not here?
I was very excited the day that general reference was removed, because I knew I could re-open that question. It was very difficult for me to not abuse my moderator powers to re-open that question...
Yes, I'm glad we got rid of GR. It makes some sense for English.SE, though I feel they're a bit overzealous in applying it sometimes, but not for us.
@PearsonArtPhoto - A good line would be "is the answer instantly available (from multiple credible sources) simply by googling the question title"
It also makes some sense on the programming sites where you gets innundated with "how does I reverse string" questions
but even there it was prone to abuse
That was exactly the logic which was used to close Tom Bombadil.
Who gave Harry Potter the Invisibility Cloak? or scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/4027/…
12:05 AM
Q: Why the Tom Bombadil question is not closed as a General Reference?

DavRob60Agreed, this question is the must voted of the whole site. Who or what was Tom Bombadil? But it fit perfectly the "General Reference" pattern. Typing "Tom Bombadil" in Google lead to Wikipedia and the second link is LOTR Wikia How this question could remain open and the Sifo-Dyas question clo...

That question is pretty easy to deduce, but it's not explicit.
In principal, I would be okay with closing a very very basic question.
I think the criteria I used was "Will I remember that detail after having read the work once a year later".
The single best explanation I ever saw was the chart on this question: meta.scifi.stackexchange.com/a/330/98
another good criteria here would be "Is it possible that somebody who's read a zillion other things by this author/in this universe would know more information?"
But even then...
A question that is obvious to an expert isn't always so obvious to a non-expert.
@PearsonArtPhoto - That's why the general reference question needs to have pre-agreed boundaries. You also need to avoid falling into the "well I know it, therefore everyone knows it" trap.
over on SO/PSE I usually go with "does it sound like this person at least tried to figure it out for themselves?"
Where do you draw the line? That's the hard thing...
If you look at the famous questions, there are several that seem trivial. scifi.stackexchange.com/help/badges/37/famous-question
12:12 AM
you can say that about any criterion really
in the end it's up to how people vote
@Ixrec - The downvote button has a mouse-over for "poorly researched". I think general reference goes one stage further, not merely poorly researched but nil research.
Where any level of research whatsoever would have led them instantly to the answer.
Basically where they're using the site as a glorified search engine.
@Richard That's pretty much how I interpret it
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3:17 AM
Discreet (in private) vs. discrete (one at a time). — Keen ♦ 28 secs ago
Because two answers made the same mistake.
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4:34 AM
@Keen Autocorrect/spellcheck didn't catch it, so it can't be wrong!
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9:27 AM
According to internal sources, @Richard is winning.
@Richard Party?
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4:39 PM
hi all. it says theres 2 mod positions open on the election page. it doesnt seem to indicate who is stepping down. intentional? anyway, which mods are stepping down?
@vzn @PearsonArtPhoto is stepping down and there's one additional vacancy.
A: 2015 Community Moderator Election

PearsonArtPhotoNote that I've decided after being a moderator on this site for about 3 years, that I'm stepping down. It's been an exciting time, but I've got enough other commitments that it's time to let someone else manage this site. Good luck to all the candidates!

ok, in other words there will be 1 more moderator total than before the election? se is adding a new mod position to the site with this election?
Same as last time

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